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family tree back to 802 a.d.

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family tree back to 802 a.d.

lorne wagman (View posts)
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for all you ironsides out there, i thought i'd post this family tree i found in a booklet i aquired from a used bookstore. the list starts with 7 of the last saxon kings of england ---the ones with nicknames are the kings:
egbert (the great) ad 802-839
ethelwulf ad 839-858
ethelbald 858-860
ethelbert 860-866
ethelred1 866-871
alfred (the great) 871-889
edward (the elder) 899-924
athelstan 924-940
edmund 1 940-946
edred 946-956
edwy 956-959
edgar 959-975
edward(the martyr) 975-978
ethelred (the unready) 978-1014
edmund ironside 990-1017
alfred (the aethling)
edward (the confessor) half brother of edmund ironside
the scot's (main) ironside line:
john ironside born 1666
john born 1669
francis 1733-1816
william 1776-1843
william born 1806
william 1836-1881
william edmund first baron of ironside born 1880
edmund oslac born 1921

the dorset line
robert ironside minister of long bredy.dorset died 1625
sons: gilbert bishop of bristol
ralph 1590-1683
gilbert 1649-1715
thomas 1768-1845--marriet harriet,a lady of lyme regis died 1856
whose eldest son was thomas 1793 - 1891 married amy helyar
thomas had six chirldren besides theadore
theadore 1847-1921 married herriet berry 1848-1901
ernest thomas eldest son of theadore born 1878
ernest thomas 1878-born, married fanny perry 1901
ernest william born 1903 hale end essex and married margaret jane sherman robinson 1926
ernest thomas had four other chirldren
the only son of ernest william was
leslie edmund born at farnborough,hants 1930
list a: comprimising the other chirldren of thomas ironside:
mary matilda born 1843 , married william sangster of airdrie and had several chirldren
julia helyar born 1850, and had several issue
francis herbert 1853-1874 died a bachelor,buried at birkenhead
sarah ann born 1857
tom 1860-1860
henry 1861-1861

list b: also chirldren of thomas ironside
amy sarah born 1876 married charles henry perry 1900 issue:
constance amy born 1903 married edgar a. mcniel 1829
edward ironside born 1905 married doris v. griffen 1929 issue:
marjorie 1932
arther payne born 1881 married annie cooper 1905-1922 issues:
gladys emili born 1907 married william george evans issue:
elizabeth ann born 1937
christopher john, born 1940
herbert theadore born 1910 married phyllis m. kenniston 1934 issue:
jean born 1935
susan born 1943
dennis arthur born 1914 married rosa dixon harris 1938
phyllis annie born 1914 married walter griffin 1939
reginald sidney born 1917 married inez elizabeth rose 1942 issue:
david john arthur 1943
rosemary jane born 1947
william henry born 1882 married elizabeth wells 1911 issue:
audrey mary born 1912 married arthur sydney jaques issue:
brenda elizabeth 1943
olive born 1913 married percy frederick edwards issue:
micheal ironside born 1943
wallace berry born 1884 married margaret james died 1929 (he) issue: donald born
olive mabel victoria born 1887 married edmund frank white issue:
benard john born 1914 married majorie joan powter 1945
howard james born 1890 married gladys elizabeth nicholls (otherwise collis) issue:
howard, born 1941 married muriel grace silcock 1939 issue:
howard john born 1941
kathleen grace born 1942
list c: chirldren of ernest thomas ironside:
leslie cecil born 1905- 1933, died a spinster
wallace leonard born 1907 married nellie scaman 1937
peter john born 1940
john leonard born 1944
marjorie born 1946
howard perry born 1910 married margaret woodstock issue:
richard born 1947

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