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Hobson, May, Rowland-AL and MS

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Re: David Pugh/Sarah A. Hobson

Ronald L. Hughes (View posts)
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Surnames: Hobson, Rowland, Garrett, Bobo, Hughes
Here is the 1840 Tippah Co., Census index, for most of the families related to the Rowland / Hobson line.

197 31 Asbury William pg0190.txt, is this where Calvin Asbury Rowland got his name? He was a war hero.
176 11 Buchanan William R. pg0174.txt
196 3 Buchannan *ary pg0190.txt, probably Mary.

195 14 Burleson Benj. pg0190.txt, this Benjamin Burleson is thought to be the brother of Eleanor (Nellie) Burleson, and the brother in law of William Thomas Rowland.

184 27 Carter Green B. pg0182.txt-why was Green such a popular name?
175 9 Carter James pg0174.txt
196 29 Carter John pg0190.txt

178 23 Clark James M. pg0174.txt
178 28 Clark Joseph pg0174.txt

188 15 Collier James pg0182.txt
209 7 Collier Thomas pg0206.txt

201 20 Cowland Benjamin pg0198.txt, I have not seen the census but maybe these should be Rowland. RLH-2000.
201 19 Cowland John D. pg0198.txt- as above, could this have been Rowland?

176 8 Craig James pg0174.txt
194 20 Craig James pg0190.txt
194 19 Craig John L. pg0190.txt

193 4 Curren John pg0190.txt

194 27 Ford James pg0190.txt
186 8 Ford John pg0182.txt
194 25 Ford Loyd pg0190.txt
204 13 Ford Pleasant P. pg0198.txt
199 26 Ford William pg0198.txt
211a 9 Ford William pg0206.txt

192 6 Frederick Lewis pg0190.txt

204 26 Freeman Alfred pg0198.txt

197 30 Garrett Alfred C. pg0190.txt
188 19 Garrett George W. pg0182.txt
198 28 Garrett Lewis pg0198.txt

196 27 Gatlin Andrew pg0190.txt
192 15 Gatlin Dorcas pg0190.txt
188 26 Gatlin James pg0182.txt
188 14 Gatlin Nathan M. pg0182.txt
197 1 Gatlin Riley pg0190.txt
203 9 Gatlin W. B. H. pg0198.txt

211b 3 Hargrove John B. pg0206.txt
195 26 Hargrove Stanley M. pg0190.txt
180 8 Hargrove W. W. pg0174.txt

192 20 Hines Hiram pg0190.txt
192 17 Hines James pg0190.txt
177 13 Hines Joseph pg0174.txt

193 28 Hobson John pg0190.txt

183 15 Hodges William D. pg0182.txt

196 28 Honey William pg0190.txt- could this have been a Honeycutt?
203 20 Hood A. T. pg0198.txt
175 1 Hooker Samuel pg0174.txt

196 14 Hopkins Benj. pg0190.txt
196 5 Hopkins James H. pg0190.txt
196 7 Hopkins Silas L. pg0190.txt
184 29 Hopkins Thomas pg0182.txt
174 1 Hopkins William pg0174.txt

187 17 Hopper Thomas pg0182.txt

204 3 Hopson John pg0198.txt
204 6 Hopson Nathaniel pg0198.txt

185 21 Hudson James pg0182.txt
196 16 Hudson James pg0190.txt
194 10 Hudson Zudock pg0190.txt

183 1 Huey Joseph pg0182.txt- is it from the Huey family that Huey Isaac Rowland got his name? (Note sometimes it is spelled Huey and other times Hughey!)

179 31 Hughes Mary pg0174.txt
205 13 Hughston John pg0198.txt
205 17 Hughston Joseph pg0198.txt
205 12 Hughston Thomas pg0198.txt

190 3 Knowland William pg 0190.txt, I have not seen the census but could this also be Rowland? If this is our William Rowland it presents us with many new questions. Notice he lived right in the middle of all our future family! I think the above 190 3, in front of Knowland, William, means Page 190 line 3. This puts him near the Looney, Mohundro, May, Mitchell, Northcross, Norton and Shannon families. RLH-2000

189 24 Looney John pg0182.txt
191 31 Looney John pg0190.txt

190 29 Mahundro Thomas pg0190.txt

179 26 Martindale Elizabeth pg0174.txt
191 18 Martindale Mary pg0190.txt
191 10 Martindale Thomas pg0190.txt

208 16 May Gabriel pg0206.txt
190 24 May James pg0190.txt
208 15 May John pg0206.txt
208 18 May Susan pg0206.txt
204 11 May William pg0198.txt

200 3 Mitchell Elijah pg0198.txt (maybe one of these is the father of Nathan)
206 4 Mitchell Isaac pg0206.txt
191 3 Mitchell Robert W. pg0190.txt

189 15 Northcross John M. pg0182.txt
197 18 Northcross Katy pg0190.txt
197 17 Northcross Richard pg0190.txt

188 27 Norton Edward pg0182.txt. Note in 1836 Tippah County, William and Edward Norton lived in some Indian Huts.
177 24 Norton Jacob pg0174.txt
194 18 Norton John H. pg0190.txt
188 22 Norton Mills H. pg0182.txt
188 30 Norton William pg0182.txt. Note in 1836 Tippah County, William and Edward Norton lived in some Indian Huts.

185 6 Ragsdale Abel pg0182.txt

179 10 Rainey Hiram pg0174.txt
206 16 Rainey Jesse pg0206.txt
204 16 Rainey Josiah pg0198.txt
200 29 Rainey Thomas pg0198.txt

197 2 Read Allen pg0190.txt
196 31 Read John pg0190.txt
192 19 Redfern John pg0190.txt

193 13 Reed David pg0190.txt
193 14 Reed Michael pg0190.txt
211a 29 Reed Samuel pg0206.txt
184 30 Reed Wadsworth B. pg0182.txt
194 30 Reed William pg0190.txt

198 1 Shannon Aaron pg0198.txt
191 21 Shannon Moses pg0190.txt
191 20 Shannon Polly pg0190.txt

207 2 Thomason John pg0206.txt
184 10 Thompson James pg0182.txt
176 22 Thompson John W. pg0174.txt
201 1 Thompson Robert pg0198.txt

174 21 Thornton Elijah pg0174.txt
182 23 Thornton Nathan pg0182.txt

174 24 Webb Berry pg0174.txt
174 23 Webb Henry pg0174.txt


Eleanor Burleson b. Jan. 1, 1789 in Rutherford Co., TN, was the daughter of David Burleson
b. 1750 Montgomery Co., Nor. Car. married Usurla Weatherford. They (David and Ursula) moved to Rutherford Co., TN, where they had 11 children:
(1) John b.1774; Could this be the "John" found in the 1810 Census of Rutherford Co., TN?
(2) Moses b. 1776 m. Eddy Hobson;
(3) Sarah b. 1778 m. Sherrwood Rowland;
(4) Mary b. 1780 m. Thomas Brooks;
(5) David b. 1780 m. Ruthie Hobson;
(6) William b. 1785 m. ? His son Dr. Rufus Burleson, helped found Baylor University with Emmet Bledsoe Baylor in Waco, Texas in 1845; Is he the same as the Wm., found in 1810?
(7) Margaret b. 1787 m. Ezekil Pope.
(8) Eleanor b. 1789 m. William Rowland;
(9) Hilkiah (Hill K.) b. 1790 m. Penelope Pope, Hilkiah d. by 1860 Marion Co., AL.
(10) Usurla b. 1792 m. Nathaniel Self;
(11) Issac b. 1795 m. 1st. Francis Morton, 2nd Julia A. Holliday.

Usurla Weatherford Rowland b. Montgomery Co., No. Car., died in Anson Co. No. Car. David Burleson, d. Aug 13, 1832 in Rutherford Co., TN, buried at Burleson Cemetery, near Murfreesboro, TN.

XIII. CALVIN ASBURY ROWLAND, was born Dec. 2, 1850 and died March 27, 1914. (It is unknown where the middle name Asbury came from, it could have been a corruption of Aushburn or Ausbum, see children of Augustine Rowland, but more than likely it was used as a tribute to Francis Asbury, the great circuit rider Methodist preacher, or as a tribute to Mr. William Asbury who died as a hero in the War Between the States and served with Isaac Madison Rowland)

Calvin Asbury married Martha Elizabeth Hobson, b. July 5, 1854, d. May 4, 1913. They were married on Jan. 10, 1874 or 1876, or most likely on Jan. 16, 1878.

ROWLAND, CALVIN A. (Obit. SENTINEL April 9, 1914) died March 27 / leaves three children.

Martha Elizabeth Hobson, was the daughter of Nathaniel Briggs Hobson, b.1824AL-d. 1882MS, and Sarah L. (Note some say her name was Sarah Rocinda, or Lucinda?) Buchanan, b. 1823TN. Nathaniel Briggs Hobson was the son of Nathaniel Hobson, b. about 1790 in SC and Nancy Briggs, b. about 1800 in VA. (Note; he had a son named Nathaniel Briggs Hobson, Jr., see below)

HOBSON, N.B. dec. (PR 592, 619) 1. Bill filed April 17, 1882. N.B. Hobson Sr. died Jan. 9, 1882, leaving widow, Winnie A. Hobson, and children W.A. Hobson, M.J. Thornton, Martha Elizabeth Rowland, J.N. Hobson, T.H. Hobson, Leticia Hobson, N.B. Hobson Jr., Winnie Ada Hobson, and L.E. Hobson. 2. Petition for letters of administration, Feb. l, 1883, by L.A. Wolfe. Children are Mary, wife of W.H. Thornton), Martha (wife of C.A. Rowland), W.A. Hobson, Jasper N. Hobson, Lou F. Wolf (wife of L.A. Wolfe), Thomas H. Hobson, Winnie A. Hobson, Luther B. (Briggs?) Hobson. Mary, Martha, W.A., and Jasper are his children by a former marriage. 3. Receipt for marker for Winnie A. Hobson, daughter of N.B. and W.A. Hobson, born May 25, 1876, died January 17, 1890, for delivery at Walnut.

HOBSON, NATHANIEL (dec. PR 1854) W. B. Hobson and William A. May, Admins.

Note the 1840 Census for Tippah Co., lists three Hobsons. They were;
1. John Hobson, is this John Jackson Hobson, born 1778SC?
2. John Hobson, is this John S. Hobson, born about 1811TN?
3. Nathaniel Hobson, is this Nathaniel Hobson, born 1789SC?

HOBSON, T.H. (101735) died Monday at Walnut, age 70 / buried at Harmony / Son of late Briggs Hobson / married Mollie Frederick / children are Mrs. L.A. Gunn, Mrs. Will Byrd, Mrs. Lillian Jackson, Mrs. Ed Miller of St. Louis, Roy Hobson of Ripley.

Martha Elizabeth's siblings were, A. L. Hobson; Mary Hobson; and Thornton; ½ siblings were Henderson; Bud; and Lucian Wolfe Hobson, who moved to Florida.

Nathaniel Briggs Hobson, married two times, because there exists a record showing that Winnie A. Hobson was the widow of N. B. Hobson, or maybe there was another N. B. Hobson.;

Note that the Hobson family was related to the Burleson family through the marriage of David Burleson to Sarah Ruth/Ruthie Hobson in Abt. 1805. Note that Edie/Ada/Edy Hobson, b. abt. 1779, married Moses Burleson.

Also note that, Nathaniel Hobson, b. about 1790, lived in Tennessee from at least 1815 to 1821 (a known nest of Burleson's), having moved there from SC. He moved, in about 1821, to North Alabama, Marion Co. (another nest of Burleson's), and to Tippah Co., on a Land Patent received in 1837-39.

Also, I found the marriage of a Marie J. Hobson, who married W. H. Thornton on Oct. 27, 1870.

A Note about Walnut, Mississippi. According to Andrew Brown's book, "History of Tippah County Mississippi: The First Century";

In February 1880 the Board organized and bounded ten beats or election princints in the county. These were: Sand Hill and Jonesborough in the First District......... Although some changes were made in boundries, no new precincts were formed until 1900, when Chalybeate precinct was created. The Tipplersville precinct was established in 1903, and in the same year the voting place of the Sand Hill precinct was changed to Walnut. Note, later in this report you will see my uncle mention the Sand Hill Church as the burial place of one of our families most loyal cooks Susie Lee Spight. This is a African American church and is located just a few miles Southeast of the New Salem Church. This may well be the center of the old voting district and is very near the land of William, Harrison and David Rowland. RLH-2001

The following is found in Connecting Tippah Families, by Steven Rutherford;

Page 1 of 2
First Generation

1. Nathaniel HOBSON
Nathaniel HOBSON was born SC Abt 1790. Nathaniel died 1853 at 63 years of age.
He married Nancy BRIGGS in TN. Nancy was born in VA 1800.

Nathaniel HOBSON and Nancy BRIGGS had the following children:
i. James F. HOBSON was born in TN Abt 1815.
ii. Elizabeth HOBSON was born in TN 1816. She married George W. BATES. (See George W. BATES for the continuation of this line.)
iii. William L. HOBSON was born 1818.

iv. John P. HOBSON was born 1819.
v. Winniford HOBSON was born 1821. She married John POWELL.
vi. Nathaniel Briggs HOBSON was born 1824.
vii. Sarah Ann HOBSON was born in Ala 1825. She married William Alin MAY. (See William Alin MAY for the continuation of this line.)
viii. Martha J. HOBSON was born in Ala 1826. She married Samuel S. SMART.
ix. Mary E. HOBSON was born in Ala Abt 1828. She married T. S. MAY.
x. Tillitha HOBSON was born Abt 1830. She married A. P. MAY.
xi. Jacintha HOBSON was born Abt 1830. She married John H. WILLIFORD.

The above is from;

Here are the May family that were enumerated in the 1840 Census of Tippah County;

208 16 May Gabriel pg0206.txt
190 24 May James pg0190.txt
208 15 May John pg0206.txt
208 18 May Susan pg0206.txt
204 11 May William pg0198.txt (is this William Alin?)

Note the May family is also related to our Garrett family. See more on this family later.

Now see my version;

THE HOBSON FAMILY LINEAGE, by Ronald L. Hughes. Jan. 2000;

Mourning Hobson, born about 1755 in SC?, spouse unknown, but it believed she may have been a Musgrove.

Their children were;

A. John Jackson Hobson, born 1778SC, married about 1810, died 1847MS, married to Winnifred (Sullin?), she was born abt. 1785VA, died after 1870.

Children of John Jackson and Winnifred Hobson were;

1. John S. Hobson, b. Abt.1811TN, married Mary Carpenter. John S., is shown as age 39 in the 1850 Census, Mary as age 35.

2. Francis Hobson, born abt. 1818TN, date of death is unknown, married William Neal.

3. Sarah A. Hobson, born abt 1821TN, married July 12, 1845 to David Pugh.

4. Ann C. Hobson, born Dec. 24, 1828AL, married Joseph B. Morgan in AL?

5. Nathaniel Perry Hobson, born Dec. 24, 1828AL, married Dec. 24, 1848MS to Eliza Jane May. He died in 1904TX. Their children were; 1. Ruben Briggs Hobson; 2. Martha Licity Hobson; 3. Nancy Jane Hobson; 4. Robert Newton Hobson; 5. Sarah Alkestar Hobson; 6. Sophia Emeline Hobson; 7. Marion Haywood Hobson; 8. William Leander Hobson; 9. John Wilson Hobson; 10. Jacinthy A. Hobson; 11.Tillman young Hobson; 12. Nathaniel Edmond Hobson.

6. Thomas J. Hobson, born abt 1830AL, married to Elizabeth S. May. Their child was John Gabriel Hobson.

7. Unknown Female Hobson, married Alexander Humphrey.

8. Edmond Briggs Hobson, born about 1833AL, married Isabella Ann May. Their children were; 1. William C. Hobson; 2. John Hobson; 3. Nathaniel Hobson; 4. David Hobson. (note, the Briggs name here is a problem-RLH-2000)

9. Sinthy M. Hobson, married John W. Britnell.

10. Winifred C. Hobson, married James M. Britnell.

11. Serena Angelina Hobson, married Elisha Davis.

More information on John Jackson Hobson and Sarah Pugh.
On Jan. 10, 2002, I found information on the Hobson Message Board page at Ancestry.Com.

This information was written by Vivian Nichol, in reply to a query by Thomas Pugh. Vivian is a researcher of her ancestor John David Pugh, b. abt. 1844. John David Pugh's partents were David Pugh, b. abt. 1819. He married Sasrah A. Hobson, b. abt. 1821, on 12 Jul 1845. David Pugh died at Aubrey, Denton Co., TX on 1 Nov 1892.

The parents of Sarah A. Hobson were; John Jackson Hobson, b. abt. 1778 in the Edgefiedl district of South Carolina, he died about 1847 in Mississippi. He married Winnefred Sullins about 1810. Winnefred Sullins was born abt. 1789 in Halifax, VA, and died after 1870.

The father of John Jackson Hobson was Mourning Hobson, b. 1752, Edgeville District, SC, and died after 1820 in Tennessee.

Children of Mourning Hobson, continued;

B. Edy/Ada/Adah Hobson, born about 1779NC, married in NC about 1795NC, to Moses Burleson. Edy/Ada Hobson, died Dec. 26, 1838AL. Their children were;

1. Bernard/ Bennet Musgrove Burleson; 2. Martin Burleson; 3. Ezekial Burleson, m. Rachel Hartgroves; 4. Michael Burleson; 5. William Burleson; 6. John Burleson and, according to another researcher, 7. Mary Burleson, m. William Self; 8.David Burleson; 9. Rhoda Burleson; 10. Peggy Burleson.

C. Sarah Hobson, born about 1774, married David Burleson, Jr. on March 8, 1805TN.

Note on the name "Sarah Hobson". While I do not know if the Sarah Hobson below, is a relation, I will include this information in this report. RLH-2000

In the book Heritage of Tippah County, Vol. I, page 658, is the family record of Josiah Wallis. Josiah appears in the 1840 Census of Tishomingo Co., Josiah was born about 1774NC, and lived for about 20 years in Tennessee. He and his family (his wife was Sarah Hobson, b. 1775 NC) are listed in the 1820 and 1830 census of Lawrence Co., TN. Josiah and Sarah had the following children; Bennett, Joseph Hobson, Rebecca, Isom, Sally, Jane, Charity, Virginia and five other daughters.

D. Nathaniel Hobson, born Nov. 13, 1789SC, he married Martha James on Oct. 27, 1812TN, he died in 1853MS. (Martha may have died young, other family indicate Nathaniel married Nancy Briggs about 1815, See below for children)

E. Margaret (Peggy) Hobson, born about 1791, she married Soloman Pope on Dec. 20, 1808TN. Is Solomon Pope the brother of Penelope Pope and Ezekiel Pope, that married into the Burleson family?

F. Ezella Hobson, born about 1794NC, she married Hezekiah Frederick on May 17, 1808TN, she reportedly died in Alabama. Hezikiah Frederick married Ezilla (Ezilly, Ezella) (did they mean Elizabeth?) Hobson in Rutherford Co., TN, May 17, 1809. Ezilla was the daughter of Morning Hobson (1757-1820) and ?? Hobson. Ezilla's mother may have been a MUSGROVE but no one is sure.

G. (Unk) female Hobson, married Jonathan Whitley. No further information.

H. Ruthie Hobson, born about 1797, married, March 11, 1819TN, died Jan. 5, 1873, she reportedly married David Burleson on Jan. 27, 1847AL. Child was: Elizabeth Burleson, born May 13, 1836AL, she reportedly married T.C.H. Thorn, she reportedly died in Alabama. (Note; there is a potential problem with Ruthie and Ada/Edy Hobson. There may have been another David Hobson in Alabama who married Ruthie or Ruthie is Ada/Edy Hobson. The Burleson family has a different course of events for the two (or one) ladies.)

D. (From above) Nathaniel Hobson, (son of Mourning, see above), my line, born Nov 13, 1799.
He is reported to have married 1st to Martha James, 2nd to Nancy Briggs.

The children of Nathaniel and Martha (James)Hobson were; (please note the Hobson daughters in this line married heavily in to the May family as did one of the sons. Probably an entire line of May men married Hobson women, see below).

The lineage report above, from Mourning Hobson, to this point, was found on the Internet and I cannot be certain of its accuracy. RLH-2000

In the Tippah County Heritage book, Vol. 1, is found an account of Nathaniel Hobson that disagrees with the above. This account, written by Nettie May Ketchum, indicates the wife of Nathaniel was Nancy (Briggs), born about 1800VA, and only about 15, when the first child was born in Tennessee, where they lived until about 1821. In November of 1821, Nathaniel Hobson received a Land patent in Marion County, AL, near the town of Brilliant. According to Ms. Ketchum, the first five of their children were born in Tennessee, and the rest in Marion County Alabama. (I place credence in this account, RLH, 2000)

Prior to 1840 the family moved to Tippah County, MS. Nathaniel Hobson died in 1853 and is buried under a Cedar tree near "May Creek". (I guess the creek was named after the May family. RLH 1999) Nancy is thought to have been buried beside Nathaniel.
HOBSON, NATHANIEL (dec. PR 1854) W. B. Hobson and William A. May, Admins.
Hobson, S. B., 3/04/1823, 12/17/1866, Martindale, wife of E. N.
Hobson, W. B., 5/05/1842, 12/20/1920, Shady Grove
A lot more on this family is found in The Heritage of Tippah County, Vol. I, with items, including a lot that is mentioned above, written by Nettie May Ketchum, Lillian Hobson Newman and Eloise Richardson. The Hobson family of Tippah County married into the Luna, Gunn, Wolff, Wilbanks, Frederick and Byrd families, as well as the Rowland.

The children of Nathaniel and Nancy Briggs or Martha James Hobson were:

1. James Fisher Hobson, born Aug. 24, 1813TN. , He married Mary May, about 1842.
Their children were;
Robert L. Hobson,
John Porter Hobson,
Sarah E. Hobson,
Mary J. Hobson.

2. Marion Carolina Hobson, born Nov. 11, 1814TN, died abt. 1849MS. She married John Gabriel May. She died about 1849MS.
208 16 May Gabriel pg0206.txt, in 1840 Census

3. Elizabeth Leona Hobson, born Jan., 21, 1816TN. She reportedly married in MS?, to George W. Bates.

4. William Lightly Hobson, born Nov. 15, 1817TN, married in Mississippi. Married to Elizabeth ?. Note, William Lightly and Nancy Taylor, below, were both reportedly born on the same day, maybe they were paternal twins? (0ne family says yes)

5. Nancy Taylor Hobson, born November 15, 1817TN she reportedly married in MS to Alexander Clark Townsend. She died in AR. (May be paternal twin of William L.)

6. John P. Hobson, born Oct. 4, 1819TN. He was age 30 in the 1850 Census of Tippah Co. He died July 15, 1875. He married 1st to Lucinda Morgan, 2nd to Rebecca Ward. See the John P. Hobson obituary on the next page.

HOBSON, JOHN P. dec. (PR 498) 1. Petition for sale of land, Oct. 12, 1880, Hobson died July 16, 1875. 2. Petition for letters, Oct. 25, 1879. J.A.C. Hobson, admin. Widow: Rebecca Hobson. Children are William Hobson, Sarah Harris, J.C. Hobson, Thomas K. Hobson, Martha Thomas, J.D. Hobson, Frank Hobson, Mary Frances Pool, Robert Hobson, N.J. Hobson, 3. Notice of Mailing of Citation, August 25, 1885, to T.K. Hobson of Star City, Arkansas, R.H. Hobson of Texarkana, Arkansas, Frank Hobson of Clear Springs, Arkansas, Jeff D. Hobson of Aubrey, Texas. 4. Citation to Sarah Harris, Mattie Thomas, and Ellen Godsey of Benton Co., July 31, 1885. 5. Citation to Rebecca Hobson, William B. Hobson, M.E. Poole, and N.J. James of Tippah, July 31, 1885.

HOBSON, William B., 5 May 1842 - 20 Dec. 1920, buried Shady Grove Cemetery. Served in Co. A 23rd Mississippi Inf.
HOBSON, William B. - William was born May 5, 1842. He was the son of John P. and Lucinda Morgan Hobson. According the the Partial List of Confederate Soldiers on the Tippah County Page, he probably served in Co. "A" 23rd Miss. He was allowed pension for his service Sept. 6, 1916 according to Court Records. William married Josephine Ellen Persons, daughter of Joseph John and Nancy Persons Dec. 26, 1865 in Tippah County. They lived near Antioch Primitive Baptist Church near the Benton County line. William died December 20, 1920 and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery in Tippah County. Fred Cox

HOBSON, JOHN P. (dec. Admin. Bond Oct. 25, 1879) Bondsmen: J. A. C. Hobson (Admin.), C. J. Frederick, John Y. Murry.
Hobson, John P., 1819, 1879, Antioch

7. Winifred Musgrove Hobson, born Jan. 10, 1821TN, she married about 1838TN. She married John A. Powell.

8. Martha Jane Hobson, born Feb. 4, 1823AL. (Note the family moved to Alabama between 1821 and 1823. She married Samuel S. Smart.

9. Nathaniel Briggs Hobson, (my line), born March 8, 1824AL. He was age 26 in the 1850 Census of Tippah Co., MS. He died on Jan. 9, 1882 in Tippah County. He had two wives. The first was Sarah Buchanan and his second was Winnie A. Cox Smith.
More on this line is at the end of this lineage string.

10. Sarah Ann Hobson, born June 23, 1825AL, she married William Alin May, b. Nov. 11, 1820VA, about 1848 in Tippah County. Sarah Ann died Feb. 13, 1890MS. This family lived in Tippah County in 1850.

204 11 May William pg0198.txt, in the 1840 Tippah County Census

They are listed in the 1850 Census as;

2 81 Wm. A. May 29 M Farmer VA. (Wm. Alin May, b. 11/11/1820)
Sarah 25 F AL.(Sarah Ann Hobson, b. 6/23/1825)
Mary 4 F MS.(M. J.)
Nathaniel 2 M MS.(Nathaniel Gray, b. 6/3/1848)
William 8/12M MS.(b. Abt 1849, d. 9/29/1909)
Born after the census of 1850 was;
David Briggs May, b. 12/26/1849, d. 6/9/1890

11. Talitha Joanna Hobson, born June 8, 1827AL, she died Nov. 23, 1907AR. She married Ambrose P. May.

12. Mary Elizabeth Hobson, born Jan. 15, 1829AL and died 1909AR. She died 1909 in AR. She married Thomas Still May.

13. Jacintha Mandonia Hobson, born Jan. 22, 1831AL, married John H. Williford.

14. Lucinda Saffronia Hobson, born Jan 22, 1831AL, (note this may be a mistake or Lucinda and Jacintha, see 13. above, may be twins.) She married Oliver C. May. This Family lived in Tippah County and are listed in the 1850 Census.

They are listed as;

3 582 Oliver C. May 38 M Farmer TN.
Lucinda 33 F KY.
William 17 M TN.
Hiram 13 M AK.
Almonte 11 M AK.
James 9 M AK.
John R. 7 M MS.
Mary M. 4 F MS.
Amanda 4/12 F MS.

By my count, five "May" men and one "May" woman, married into this line of Hobson's. RLH, 1999. The above May's, may all be brothers and sister or brothers and cousins, etc..
In the 1850 Census is also a listing, for the man who may be the father or uncle of the above. He, and the family he lived with are;

2 838 John May, Sr. 64 M Farmer NC.
John S. 32 M Farmer TN.
Malissa 21 F VA.
Elizabeth 6/12 F MS.

208 15 May John pg 0206. txt, in the 1840 Tippah Census.

Thomas 23 M Farmer TN. (Note, this may be Thomas Still May, that married Mary Elizabeth Hobson.)
Luzena 22 F TN.
Lavina 21 F TN.

I received the following information on Feb. 17, 2000.

I descend from Hezekiah Frederick and Ezilla Hobson. They had 10 children including my gg grandfather James Andrew Frederick(1814-after Civil War) and Mary A. James(c.1820 in NC to aft.1880 Tishomingo county MS).

My g grandfather was Nathaniel Hobson Frederick(1859-1905). My grandfather was James Stinson Frederick(1880-1957) and my father was Lonnie Holland Frederick(1912 to 1995). I found it interesting that the MUSGROVE name did appear once in your genealogy string. I only wish that we could solve the mystery of the name of Morning Hobson's wife.

Several with whom I have corresponded believe that she was native American probably Cherokee but that is really looking for a needle in a haystack. The Chickasaw Nation's headquarters are here in my town and in talking with them I have come to realize that native Americans were not as careful to record family genealogy as we know it.

The removal of them to Oklahoma on the "Trail of Tears" in the early 1800's was catastrophic and no written records seem to exist until the Dawe's Commission beginning in 1896.
Many Musgrove names appear, but tracing them back to a connection with Morning Hobson is daunting. Thanks for all of your information and let us keep in touch if we discover anything new.

Jeff Frederick
Ada, Oklahoma

Another note sent to me by Jeff Frederick, who had read my description of a cotton gin in this report;

My g grandfather, Nathaniel Hobson Frederick, who died in 1905 was killed in a gin accident so the description of just how dangerous gins were was appropriate. Nathaniel and his family lived at Booneville, Mississippi, having migrated from Marion county AL. Jeff

Frederick, Confederate dead, buried in Tippah County.

FREDERICK, J.P., 2/02/1831-1/25/1909 buried Mt. Moriah Walnut Served in Co. C 23rd Mississippi.

FREDERICK, M. J., 9 June 1833 - 24 May 1910, buried Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Walnut. Served in Co. C 23rd Mississippi.

See above: Nathaniel Briggs Hobson, born March 8, 1824AL, age 26 in the 1850 Census of Tippah County Mississippi. He married twice. His first wife was Sarah Buchanan, she was 27 in the 1850 Census. His second wife was Winnie Cox, whose first husband was a Smith. She had one child by that marriage, Dotson Smith. Winnie and Briggs had six children.

Obit. for Nathaniel Briggs Hobson;

HOBSON, N.B. dec. (PR 592, 619)
1. Bill filed April 17, 1882. N.B. Hobson Sr. died Jan. 9, 1882, leaving widow, Winnie A. Hobson, and children W.A. Hobson, M.J. Thornton, M.E. Rowland, J.N. Hobson, T.H. Hobson, Leticia Hobson, N.B. Hobson Jr., Winnie Ada Hobson, and L.E. Hobson.

2. Pet HOBSON, daughter of J. N. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 18, 1898) died Aug. 9 at the home of William Johnson in west Tippah, age three years / buried at Shady Grove cemetery. Petition for letters of administration, Feb. l, 1883, by L.A. Wolfe.

The following must be a list of the children of Winnie A. Hobson.
Children are Mary wife of W.H. Thornton), Martha (wife of C.A. Rowland), W.A. Hobson, Jasper N. Hobson, Lou F. Wolf (wife of L.A. Wolfe), Thomas H. Hobson,

HOBSON, T.H. (101735) died Monday at Walnut, age 70 / buried at Harmony / Son of late Briggs Hobson / married Mollie Frederick / children are Mrs. L.A. Gunn, Mrs. Will Byrd, Mrs. Lillian Jackson, Mrs. Ed Miller of St. Louis, Roy Hobson of Ripley. Winnie A. Hobson, Luther B. Hobson. Mary, Martha, W.A., and Jasper are his children by a former marriage.

3. Receipt for marker for Winnie A. Hobson, daughter of N.B. and W.A. Hobson, born May 25, 1876, died January 17, 1890, for delivery at Walnut.

Sarah Rocinda Buchanan-The Buchanan family line has been graciously provided to me by our cousin, Leslie (Buck) Buchanan.

William Buchanan, the son of Samuel Buchanan and Sarah ? (Silas?), was born in Mecklenburg Co., VA, abt 1790, and died after 1850 in Madison Co., TN. He married Mary S. Hall about 1800VA. They had the following children:

1. Samuel Isaac Buchanan, b. SC 1802, died 1862 in Tippah County, MS. Married Mary Jane Vance in 1845.

2. Eliza Buchanan, b. SC 1810, died 1864 in Tippah Co. Married Hiream Caldwell Spencer in 1833.

3. Margaret Buchanan, b. SC 1814, died in 1817 in SC.

4. Jane Silas Buchanan, b. SC 1817, died 1896 in Tippah Co. Married Silas Travis Hopkins about 1839.

5. John Hall Buchanan, b. SC 1819, died 1886 in Tippah Co. Married Elshimere M. Rogers in Tippah Co., in 1848.

6. Samuel T. Buchanan, b. SC 1821, died 1850 at sea on the way to California.

7. Sarah Rocinda Buchanan, b. SC on 3/4/1823, she died in Tippah County MS on 12/17/1866 age 43. She married Nathaniel Briggs Hobson.

8. James Miller Buchanan, b. SC 1825

The children of Nathaniel Briggs Hobson and Sarah Rocinda Buchanan Hobson were;

1. Nathaniel J. Hobson, age 3 in 1850 Census, died young.

2. Mary Jane Hobson, age 14 in 1850 Census. Married William "Billie" Thornton. Their children were; Jim Thornton, who married Cynthia Luna; Christopher Thornton; Lizzy Thornton; Lola Thornton; Dell Thornton; Beatie Thornton; and Andada Thornton.

3. William Allen Hobson,

4. Martha Elizabeth Hobson, married Huey Isaac Rowland.

5. Jasper N. Hobson, see obit below.

6. T. J. Hobson

Children of Nathaniel Briggs Hobson and Winnie A. Cox Smith Hobson were;

7. Thomas Henderson Hobson, married Mollie Fredrick, see obit below.

8. John C. Hobson

9. Luther Briggs Hobson

10. Winnie Ada Hobson

11. Luciah E. Hobson

HOBSON, T.H. (101735) died Monday at Walnut, age 70 / buried at Harmony / Son of late Briggs Hobson / married Mollie Frederick / children are Mrs. L.A. Gunn, Mrs. Will Byrd, Mrs. Lillian Jackson, Mrs. Ed Miller of St. Louis, Roy Hobson of Ripley. (He was born about 1865, this is Thomas Henderson Hobson. RLH-2001)

HOBSON, WILLIAM (122320) died Sunday at Shady Grove home of his son-in-law, John Simpson, age 78 / C.S.A. veteran. Born about 1842. Does this indicate he died in Dec. Of 1920? Is his full name William B. Hobson? Yes!

HOBSON, daughter of J. N. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 18, 1898) died Aug. 9 at the home of William Johnson in west Tippah, age three years / buried at Shady Grove cemetery. See Jasper N. Hobson above.

HOBSON, MRS. W.B. (060320) died March 10 / born April 13, 1848 / married W.B. Hobson Dec. 29, 1865 / had 12 children, 8 living / a daughter is Mrs. E.B. Houston of Lonoke, Arkansas. Is W. B. the son of John P. Hobson?

Note a relative and great friend of my mother and father was Houston Frederick.

The following is from Tippah Connecting Families, by Steven Rutherford.

7. Nathaniel Briggs HOBSON (Nathaniel), was born 1824. Nathaniel died 1882 at 58 years of age.

He married twice. He married Sarah Rocinda BUCHANAN. He married Winnie COX.

Nathaniel Briggs HOBSON and Sarah Rocinda BUCHANAN had the following children:

i. Nathaniel J. HOBSON.

ii. William Allen HOBSON.

iii. John C. HOBSON.

iv. Winnie Ada HOBSON.

v. Loutishia HOBSON. She married Lucian WOLFF. (See Lucian WOLFF/Wolfe for the continuation of this line.)

vi. Luther Briggs (Bud) HOBSON.

vii. Lucian HOBSON.

viii. Mary Jane HOBSON was born 20 Oct 1850. Mary died 1900 at 49 years of age. She married William Henry THORNTON 27 Oct 1870. William was born in Tippah Co. MS 17 Oct 1851. William was the son of Christopher Columbus THORNTON and Elizabeth Jane MCCOY. William died 7 Sep., 1930 at 78 years of age. His body was interred in the New Salem Cemetery. (See William Henry THORNTON for the continuation of this line.)

ix. MARTHA ELIZABETH HOBSON was born 5 Jul 1854. Martha died, 4 May 1913 at 58 years of age. She married CALVIN ASBURY ROWLAND. Calvin was born 2 Dec 1850. Calvin was the son of Isaac Madison ROWLAND and Rebecca CLARK. Calvin died 27 Mar 1914 at 63 years of age. (See Calvin Asbury ROWLAND for the continuation of this line.)

x. Thomas Henderson HOBSON was born 3 Apr 1865.

TIPPAH CO. CONNECTING FAMILIES Page 1 of 1, by Steven Rutherford.

Luther Briggs (Bud) HOBSON (Nathaniel Briggs , Nathaniel, birth date unknown.
He married Laura GLOVER.

Luther Briggs (Bud) HOBSON and Laura GLOVER had the following children:

i. Rufus HOBSON.

ii. Ellis HOBSON.

iii. James HOBSON.

iv. Lassie HOBSON, Note, the following information is written by Ronald L. Hughes.

Lassie Hobson, daughter of Luther Briggs (Bud) Hobson and Laurea Glover, married Henry Everett Wilbanks. (H. E. Wilbanks, went by Everett, was called Mr. Everett)

Wilbanks, that are known to have served for the Confederacy, buried in Tippah County.

WILBANKS, Jeremiah, 26 July 1836 - 8 Nov. 1908, buried Providence Cemetery. Served in Co. C 23rd Mississippi.

WILBANKS, W. A., 11 Dec. 1845 - 9 Feb. 1922, buried Union (Chalybeate) Cemetery. Served in Co. G 7th Miss. Cavalry..

The only child of H. Everett and Lassie Wilbanks was, Jack Wilbanks. H. Everett Wilbanks, became a successful lumberman and cotton gin operator in Walnut. Their son Jack Wilbanks, married Mildred Thompson, their son is Phillip Wilbanks.

My father, Leroy Hughes married Ruth Rowland the eldest child of Huey Isaac Rowland. He lived with the H. Everett and Lassie Wilbanks family, as a young man, and he became, as an older brother to Jack Wilbanks.

My father, Leroy Hughes and my mother, Ruth Rowland Hughes, lived next door to Jack and Mildred Wilbanks, on the ridge line, north of the H. I. Rowland and H. E. Wilbanks homes, on old Highway 15, South of New Highway 72, and across the street from, and facing east toward the railroad.

H. Everett Wilbanks and Lassie Hobson Wilbanks (I grew up thanking of them as my grand father and grand mother, I called her Mother Lassie and H. E. Wilbanks, I called Dad Everett), lived on property that had a large lumber yard just to the South. This also was the location of the city water supply and water tower, and, in the 1960's, the city swimming pool. According to the book, "Tippah County Heritage, Vol I";

In 1938, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wilbanks had the first deep well dug and a water tank installed. This tank was located where the swimming pool is now. It had a capacity of 30,000 gallons.

This water system was for their own private use to serve as a prevention against fires in their businesses. After some time other people wanted to use the water and were allowed to do son at a flat rate of $1.50 per month.

Across the street, on the Railroad tracks, was the Cotton Gin, owned by H. E. Wilbanks, where I would play as a young child. As South of the Gin was the stockyard.

"Mother" Lassie (Hobson) Wilbanks, was at one time, a school teacher at the Brownfield School. Other teachers at this school, that were probably related to the Rowland / Hobson families were; L. B. Hobson, Ruth Thomas Gatlin, Homer Gunn, Lloyd Hopkins, Sadie Thornton, Monroe Street, Robert L. Mohundro, Johnnie Luna Tomlinson, Joe Byrd, Mary Hopkins, and Valca Mitchell.

"Dad" Everett and "Mother" Lassie Wilbanks, reportedly had the first telephone in the community. According to Carol J. Smith's article, written about Walnut, in the "Heritage of Tippah County, Vol I", this telephone was...known as a "check station". Phones were later installed with service from the Ripley exchange. The Shannon family owned the telephone lines at one time.

The H. E. Wilbanks home was one of the finest homes, in the town of Walnut. It was of brick construction and had two or three bedrooms up stairs, as well as three bedrooms down stairs. It had a separate home for Myrtle, the family cook and maid. Myrtle was the finest cook I have ever seen as well as one of the nicest people. She treated Phillip and me like her own sons. She made the best fried okra and a form of "baked fat back" IE; Salt Pork, that you would kill for. Her desserts were from heaven.

The house also had a large wash house and stable, as well as a large garage, which had a large power mower with tracks, like a tank and long control levers sticking out everywhere..

The home had a large flower garden area with a large gold fish pond. The entire front of the home was surrounded by a sandstone fence. A large Willow tree and a large "scaly bark", otherwise known as a Sycamore tree, dominated in the front yard. These trees provided Phillip and me, with many good days of play.

When I was about 9 and Phillip about 16, we climbed the Old Water Tower, Which sat on the old lumber yard, on the South side of the house, where the swimming pool was later built. Phillip Wilbanks climbed to the very top and sat on the Ball on top of the cone roof, I just made it to the edge of the roof. There was a hole in the side of the ball, in the hole was a birds nest.

The most dangerous part of the climb was the connection of the leg, by ladder, to the catwalk. It is normal for catwalks of this type to have a hole cut in the floor. On a "normal" water tower the connecting ladder, from the legs to the catwalk, would enter the catwalk thru this hole, on the inside of the catwalk railing. This was not the case however on the "old water tower". In this case the ladder veered out from the legs to the outside railing of the catwalk. This made anyone
(who was stupid enough to get on the catwalk, like us) have to climb out, away from the legs, with the hands a little overhead and outside the feet. This was, looking back, very dangerous and not a lot of fun.

Every one living in Walnut today can see the property on which "the big house" once sat, I think there is just a big vacant lot, the Walnut Swimming Pool was just South of the house. The house, finally became rental property, when Mother Lassie, moved to Theodore, Al, and it burned to the ground a number of years ago. The property was totally razed. I have no idea what happened to all the old sandstone that was used to fence the yard.

The city took over the water system in the 1960's, I think. Until then it was a private utility owned by Lassie Hobson Wilbanks.

It is fair to say that, H. E. Wilbanks, was one of the wealthiest men in the area, especially from 1935 to 1950. He even printed his own script, which he paid to his employees, during the Great Depression.

My father, Leroy Hughes, who was a lumber yard overseer for H. E. Wilbanks, told me that, even during the worst days of the depression, H. E. Wilbanks paid his employees 50 cents per day, even though times were so hard, some men were willing to work for 25 cents a day. (Note, a day, at that time, was sun up to sun down, six day a week.)

The H. E. Wilbanks Cotton Gin

The Gin was located right across the street from the Wilbanks home. It was also a place to go, to explore and to play. It was probably crazy to play in the Gin, because many men were probably killed and maimed in cotton gins over the years.

The whole place was run by a big steam engine. From this big boiler there came a huge piston that turned a large wheel. The wheel was used to turn a large belt. This belt was probably two or three feet wide, as I remember it. This belt in turn was connected to other wheels, which were, in turn connected to other belts, etc. to power all the machinery in the Gin.

Some of the belts were connected different pieces of equipment sometimes 20-50 feet away.

I used to watch the men operate the giant vacuum that pulled the raw cotton from the cotton trailers that were pulled under it by trucks or tractors. This vacuum would suck the cotton out of the trailers into a dumper, which dropped the raw cotton, (note raw cotton means that the cotton seeds are still emeshed in the cotton) into a shredder or separator, with large wire teeth. These teeth, stuck on the outside of a large metal rod, rotated while the raw cotton was forced over them. The teeth removed the seeds from the cotton fiber. The seeds and a lot of cotton were then dumped into a large pile, which was good for jumping into.

The cotton was then sucked into or transported by conveyor belt to other ginning operations until in ended up at the "Compress". The compress was a large steam operated contraption that turned 400-500 pounds of loose cotton fibre, into a dense rectangle of cotton measuring about three feet by five feet.

The cotton gin, as you might imagine was a loud and dangerous place, with all the heavy moving equipment and belts going everywhere. But nothing was a loud or as dangerous as the cotton press.

The cotton was dumped a few pounds at a time into the press, the steam would build up and the heavy steel plate would come down and compress the cotton into the mold. As it was compressed it would be held in place until more loose cotton was placed under the press and the process repeated.

A completed bale was wrapped in mesh burlap, and kept under pressure by the use of large metal bands. These bands, as I remember, usually two on the long end and three on the short side, kept the compressed cotton in its small size. You must imagine that 400 pounds of raw or fluff cotton would probably fill a room, 20 feet long by eight feet high, maybe more.

It was at the end of a press, that the real danger would take place. This was when the gin compress operator would try to compress all of the remaining loose cotton into one very heavy bale instead of having one light bale.

I assume, the one heavy bale, would save on the cost of compressing one small light weight bale. This "last bale", was very dangerous, and I used to watch the men as they nervously watched the bale as the banding took place. The extreme compression of the cotton made this bale very dangerous to band. If the bands broke men could loose arms or legs or die.

The Auction Barn and corrals.

The Walnut livestock acution facility was also located across the street from the H. E. Wilbanks property. I wondered the area often. I remember all the cattle and horses that were brought in and the frantic auctioneer. It was quite an exciting place.

My cousin Phillip Wilbanks, the only son of Mildred and Jack Wilbanks, now lives near Mobile Alabama, where Mother Lassie died and was buried. Phillip had one daughter by his first wife..

Children of "Uncle Bud" Hobson continued;

v. Maggie HOBSON.

vi. Valca HOBSON. I knew Valca.

vii. Ileda HOBSON.

viii. Earlene HOBSON. I knew Earlene.

WILBANKS, HOMER (111517) died yesterday at Camp Pike / son of Bud Wilbanks / was first Tippah countian to die in W.W.I.


According to my mother, Calvin A. Rowland, was a farmer and ran a livery stable, on property now occupied (1981) by Walnut City Hall and Library. He was also identified, by the Southern Sentinel paper, as a Hotel manager in 1906.

His son, Huey Isaac, purchased the property which became downtown Walnut, MS in the early 1900's. Huey put up travelers for many years as a result of his fathers business. Isaac Madison or Calvin Asbury may have been the first Rowlands to move near the Railroad, which was built in 1870.

Isaac Madison Rowland is believed to have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan, as was Calvin Asbury Rowland (my mother told me this) and probably many others of the family.

The children of Calvin Asbury Rowland and Martha Elizabeth Hobson were:

A. Effie Z.(Evie V. or W. (Welles?) Rowland, born Feb. 28, 1879, d. Aug. 4, 1879 (infant)

B. Charles Briggs Rowland, born, 08-18-1880, d. Oct. 14, 1971. He married Maude A. Shannon on May 7, 1905. He got the Briggs middle name from the Hobson family. Maude A. Shannon was born June 15, 1885 and died Jan. 13, 1952

Information on the Shannon family;

SHANNON, MRS. JULIA (041129) died April 6, age 76 / buried at Tiplersville / wife of R.J. Shannon / children are Marcus L. Shannon, of Pontotoc, Robert L. Shannon, of Mathiston, Laron Shannon, of Forrest, Va., Walter Shannon, of Helena, Ark., Mrs. Charles Rowland of Memphis, Mrs. J.D. Pitner of Ripley, J.B. of New Albany, Lester, Mrs. Tip Thornton, Mrs. Will Wright / deceased children are John, Billie, and Mrs. O.T. Horton / was daughter of late John W. Street / was a sister to J.W. Street, Sarah Patterson, and Asa J. Street of Fort Worth, Texas.

SHANNON, R.J. SR. (081733) died Sat., age 85 / wife died 1929 / deceased children are Billie, Mrs. O.T. Horton, and a small son / living children are M.L. of Pontotoc, J.B. of New Albany, R.L. of New Albany, Walter of Helena, Ark., Laron of Norfolk,Va., Lester, Mrs. Will Wright, Mrs. J.D. Pitner, Mrs. Maude Rowland, Mrs. Virgie Thornton.

ROWLAND, CHARLES E. (121626) murdered in Tipton Co., Tenn., Dec. 15 (by Roy Ray, who was later sentenced to life in prison), age 21 / buried at Tiplersville / son of C.B. Rowland of Memphis, (and Maude Shannon, RLH 1999) formerly of Tippah / grandson of R.J. Shannon / nephew of Mrs. J.D. Pitner of Ripley. (Charles Briggs Rowland, the brother of Huey Isaac Rowland, is the C. B. Rowland listed above.) He died on Dec. 3, 1926. (Note Charles Ewell)

Children of Charles Briggs Rowland and Maude (Shannon) Rowland; (note, Uncle Charlie, as all the family called him, worked for the Post Office for many years, he and Aunt Maude, lived in Memphis for many years before her death.

Their children were:

1. Wilson Rowland, b. d. ,

2. Charles Ewell Rowland, b, 1904?, died Dec. 15, 1926. Murdered.
Rowland, C. Ewell, 1/27/1906, 12/03/1926, Tiplersville

3. William (Billy) Hugh Rowland?, b. d. , Career in U. S. Air force, spent many years in Bangor, ME, retired in Melbourne, FL area.

4. Robert C. (Christopher) Rowland, served in the U. S. Navy, lived North of Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL until his death. He went by his initials "R. C.". He was born Dec. 21, 1921 and died of a heart attack Nov. 19, 1960. He is buried at Tiplersville.

C. Huey / Hughey / Hugh Isaac Rowland, born, 03-12-1883, d. Feb. 26, 1950, my line. He is found listed on the World War I, Draft Registration list as Hughey Isaac Rowland, in the 1860 Census he is shown as "Hugh G.".

D. Montie Elizabeth Rowland, was born Jan. 20, 1885, died 1944. She married Edward H. Frederick, note the marriage records show her as "Mollie" Rowland, who married E. H. Frederick on Sept. 28, 1913. The 1860 Census shows her name as "Mattie E. Rowland". The Fredrick family lived in the Rowland home for many years, and they have the old family Bible. She was known as, Aunt Montie! Note the 1900 Census has her listed as Mattie E., born Jan. 1885.
She helped raise my Uncle, Jewel Rowland, after the death of his mother. My family and the Fredrick family remained very close for many years.

Note, since Montie Elizabeth was a part Hobson, then the following is interesting. Jeff Dickerson Frederick of Ada, OK, sent me the following message;

I am related to the Hobson family. My GGG Grandfather, Hezikiah Frederick married Ezilla (Ezilly, Ezella) (did they mean Elizabeth?) Hobson in Rutherford Co., TN, May 17, 1809. Ezilla was the daughter of Morning Hobson (1757-1820) and ?? Hobson. Ezilla's mother may have been a MUSGROVE but no one is sure.

E. Brucy (died as infant) b. Sept. 23, 1887, d. Oct. 15, 1888

The following is a new entry for this family, and has been inserted here over a year after much of the rest of this report was written.


F. Earnest Rowland, born August 1881, he was listed as age 18 in the 1900 Census. I had no record of Earnest until I saw the 1900 Census record on August 17, 2000. No one else has listed him as a son of Calvin and Martha Elizabeth Hobson Rowland. I will have to find more information on him. RLH-2000.

The following is the 1900 Census of Tippah County, Mississippi.

Rowland, Calvin Head b. Dec. 1850, age 49, M22, MS, TN, MS
, Martha E. Wife b. July 1854, age 45, M22, MS, MS, MS
, Charles B. Son b. Aug. 1880, age 19, (Same)
, Hugh G.? Son b. Mar. 1883, age 17, (Same) Hugh I.?
, Earnest Son b. Aug. 1881, age 18, (Same)
, Mattie E. Dau. b. Jan. 1885, age 15, (Same)
Note, even in the 1900 Census our family initials are still messed up.
Who is Earnest Rowland above? He has never been heard of before this census. Notice he is listed out of order, but he is listed as a son, but maybe he is a nephew, etc. Mattie E. above is really Montie Elizabeth.

Rowland, Harrison Head b. Aug. 1852, age 47, M30, MS, TN, TN
, Delilah Wife b. Jan. 1851, age 49, MS, MS, MS
, Hardy Son b. Sept. 1886, age 13, (Same)
, Vigia C. Son b. Sept. 1889, age 10, (Same)
, Bama E. Dau. b. Feb. 1897, age 3, (Same)
Harrison Rowland, above, is John H. Rowland in the 1880 Census and his wife Delilah C. Holley.

Rowland, Henderson Head b. Aug. 1872, age 27, M8, MS, MS, MS
, Mary J. Wife b. Sept. 1870, age 29, (Same)
, Sallie Dau. b. Oct. 1892, age 7, (Same)
, Ora E. Dau. b. Aug. 1895, age 4, (Same)
, William T, Son b. Dec. 1899, 6/12, (Same)

Rowland , Jeff A. Father b. Apr. 1848, 52, widower, MS, TN, TN

I need to look at the 1900 Census for more info on Jeff A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary J. Rowland, is also known as, Mary Josephine Miskelley, the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Ann Steward Miskelley. Mary J. was the sister of Martha Etta Miskelley, who married Wiley Rowland, of the New Salem Community; and the sister of Thomas Jefferson Miskelley who married Elizabeth Abigail Rowland, the sister of Henderson Rowland.

The 1900 Census of Tippah County, continued;
Rowland, Isaac Head b. June 1826, age 73, M30 , TN, NC, NC
, Amanda Wife b. Apr. 1848, age 52, M30 , MS, NC, NC
, Florence Dau. b. Feb. 1885, age 15, , MS, TN, MS

The 1900 Census continued;
Rowland, James Head b. July 1863, age 36, M15 MS, TN, MS
, Julia Wife b. Aug. 1867, age 32, M15 MS, AL, MS
, Edgar Son b. Sept. 1887, age 12 MS, MS, MS-Edgar F.?
, Carl Son b. Mar. 1891, age 9 (Same), did he marry Mamie Hill?
, Ethel Dau. b. April 1893, age 7 (Same)
, Bryan Son b. Feb. 1898, age 2 (Same)

The children of David Burleson, Sr., and Ursula Weatherford were;

1. David Burleson, Jr., , b. Aug. 17, 1785NC, d. April 8, 1856 in Leon County, TX. He married Sarah Ruth/Ruthie Hobson.

2. Hilkiah (Hill K.) Burleson, who married Penelope Pope

3. John Burleson, b. Sept. 3, 1775NC, d. April 25, 1845, Marion, Perry County, Alabama. He may have married Keziah Case?, or Mary McGeha.

4. Moses Burleson, b. abt. 1776, d. March 27, 1836 in Marion County, AL. He married Eddy / Ady / Adah / Eddie Hobson. According to some researchers she was born abt. 1780, in NC or TN. She died Dec. 1, 1838 in Marion County, AL. She married Moses about 1795.(See Hobson family line later, and consider if there may have been a Musgrove relationship)

5. Mary Burleson, b. abt. 1803-09NC or TN, d. March 9, 1883 inn Zepher, TX, married William Self on Nov. 23, 1882 in Jefferson County Alabama; their child was Jane Virginia (Ginny) Self, b. 826, d. 1910 in Freestone, TX.

In the fall of 1869, Jesse Thomas and Jane Burleson Weatherly, moved to Itawamba County, MS and in 1879 they moved to Tippah County, MS.

They bought land in the Antioch Community, north west of Ripley. (Note this puts them but a few miles from most of the Rowland family. RLH-2000) They worshiped as the Antioch Primitive Baptist Church beginning in 1881. Jesse Thomas Weatherly was a preacher and healer. (Note; J. B. Huddleston also preached at this church- RLH-2000)
They had eleven children. One child was William Thomas Weatherly (b. July 24, 1856AL, d. April 4, 1934). William Thomas Weatherly married Amanda Jane Huddleston (b. March 14, 1857, d. Dec. 23, 1948. A sister of William Thomas Weatherly was Marjaner?(is this Marjorie?) Weatherly (b. Dec. 5, 1862, d. July 16, 1946). Marjaner Weatherly married John A. Huddleston. Much more on the Weatherly family can be found in the Heritage of Tippah County, Vo. I.


The land around New Salem Primitive Baptist Church and cemetery land, located about two miles west of Walnut was also owned by the Rowland family. I also surmise that the Enon-Rowland Cemetery was located near another old church called Enon Church or meeting area. Both of these cemeteries may be located on old Rowland property. It is almost certain that the New Salem Cemetery is located on the Land Patent property acquired by William T. Rowland and Elleanor (Nellie Burleson) Rowland in 1847.

On May 28, 2000, Guy M. Rowland, his wife Kay (Ford) Rowland, Linda (Brazelton) Hughes and this writer, Ronald L. Hughes, the husband of Linda and the nephew of Guy and Kay Rowland, made a trip to the New Salem Church on Memorial Day and attended the worship service. The trip was to say hello to a fellowship of Christians and to show them the deeds, etc., and other family material related to the Rowland family and the New Salem Church.

After the worship service we were invited to attend a small Sunday dinner with the membership. Many in attendance were found to be relatives. Our news was not really news for these folks, to our great surprise, they knew all about the Rowland history in the Church and had even published a small brochure for the celebration of the 150th Anniversary Celebration, which had been held in October, 1998.

Here is a short synopsis of the church history;

The Constitution of the Church was adopted in October 1848. The original name of the constituted church was The Baptist "Church of Christ" at New Salem. Note this indicates the general area was know as the New Salem Community.

This church was "..constituted by Elders James Childers and Nathaniel Hobson on the 4th Sunday in October, 1848 on these principles..."

The members of the church were listed as;

William Rowland and Eleanor Rowland
H. T. Rowland and Margaret Rowland
D. B. Rowland and Nancy Rowland
J. B. Huddleston and Merica (Rowland) Huddleston
Newberry James
Abigail Garrett
Jane Kerr
Polly Patterson.

The Rules of Decorum, for the church was "read and received in Church Conference Saturday before the 4th Sunday in April, 1851. J. B. Huddleston, Clerk"

But let me let the brouchure tell the story.

"On January 17, 1855, William Rowland and his wife, Eleanor deeded land to John B. Huddleston and his successors a certain tract or parcel of land consisting of two acres known as a meeting ground for the use of he Primitive Baptist called New Salem meeting house. This was were the first church was located.

New Salem Church was originally affiliated with the Regular Baptist Association for the first time on record in August, 1849. D. B. Rowland, H. T. Rowland and J. B. Huddleston were the delegates appointed to attend the Association. The Association met with a different church each year with each church sending delegates. There were usually a large number of ministers to attend these meetings. Meetings began on Friday morning with services on Friday morning with lunch being served around the noon hour and then services again in the afternoon. Services were held all day on Saturday and continued through Sunday morning services.

It must be remembered that the Southern Baptist Church was an invention created by the movement toward secession, and the War Between the States. RLH-2000.

In July, 1851 was the first record New Salem Church attending the Union Meeting. William Rowland, H. T. Rowland and J. B. Huddleston were elected the first delegates to attend the Union Meeting held with the church at Enon (Middleton, TN)....
It would be interesting to see if there is or was a Enon Church in Middleton. It is possible they meant the Enon Church just a half mile down the road. RLH-2000

On December 19, 1914, E. J. Martindale deeded a tract of land consisting of 4.54 acres to the Deacons of New Salem Church and their successors, now known as the land were the present church stands.

In November, 1945, Tolbert Rowland. Burton Martindale and Johnny Graham were elected to serve as building committee for a new church building. The building was moved across the road from the original building site of the original church."

Former Pastors of the church, called Elders, included;

J. B. Huddleston
H. T. Rowland
J. A. Rowland
Calvin Reed, note the Reed family is related to the Rowland!
S. E. Reed

"Former members of the New Salem Primitive Baptist Chruch"

I have included family groups and date joined.

Carter, Davis Aug. 1903
F. J. Aug. 1903
Florence Aug. 1910, this is Florence Rowland, daughter of Amanda
George Aug. 1910, this is the husband of Florence
John May 1903
Loyce Oct. 1903
Mary Mar. 1886
Morris Sept. 1918
Nellie Unk.
Sally Sept. 1918

Colyer, Elizabeth April 1872, the mother of Amanda Colyer Webb Rowland
James May 1872, the father of Amanda Rowland

Garrett, Abigail Feb. 1856, do not know?

Higgins, Amanda Sept. 1902, some of the Higgins relatives?
James July 1902
Morgan H. Oct. 1853, the father of Philemon Higgins who married Marilda
Rowland and the father of James W. Higgins who married Jarushia A. Rowland.
Ruthie Dec. 1867
Sarah Sept. 1902, daughter of James W. and Jarushia
William Sept. 1902, son of James W. and Jarushia

Hobson, Winny Sept. 1868, probably the daughter of Winnie (Cox) Hobson and Nathaniel Briggs Hobson.

Huddleston, J. B. Oct. 1848, John Branch Huddleston
Merica Oct. 1848, Ursula Amanda (Rowland) Huddleston, she was the daughter of William T. and Eleanor (Burleson) Rowland, and the wife of John Branch.

Newberry, James Oct. 1848

Kerr, Jane March 1850, she may have been the sister of Emerline (Kerr) Rowland.

Luna, Elizabeth June 1892, some of our Luna relatives
Margaret Aug. 1854
Mary Aug. 1867

Martindale, Burton Sept. 1918, some of our Martindale relatives.
Dan July 1906
Dave Aug. 1908

Norton, Reather Aug. 1903, a Norton relative?

Paseur, Ada March 1905
G. A. March 1905
Viola July 1947,

History note; Robert C. (Cooper) Rowland married Sarah A. Tudor, 10 October 1877. Their daughter, Viola married Lonnie Paseur 24 September 1916 (b 1889), son of John L. Paseur.

Perkins, Roy June 1954
Ruby June 1954

Porter, Fredonia June 1872, "Fredonia" was the daughter of Isaac Madison Rowland, and the name was shortened to the nickname "Donie"!, her actual date of birth is 2/24/1878.

Amanda and Isaac Madison Rowland probably named her after M. Fredonia Colyer, b. Nov. 27, 1848, d. June 29, 1926, Fredonia "Donie" Colyer married Oliver A. Porter, b. Aug. 4, 1843, d. Sept. 26, 1935.

Prince, Gilbert March 1856

Pulliam, Amandy A. Aug. 1880, Amanda A. Rowland b. 1855-56, d. 1916, married Charlie W. Pulliam, b. 1859, d. 1933, on Nov. 6, 1878, the son of Vachel Pulliam, b. 1826, d. 1912., and Martha M. Murphy.

Rainey, Winnie Oct. 1923, A child of John Thomas and Fannie (Newsome)

Rowland, Winnie, b. Sept. 14, 1884, d. Sept 18, 1931, Winnie married first, Henry H. Rainey, second John N. Summers; you will find more information on Winnie later in this report.

Rowland, William and Eleanor Oct. 1848, William T. and Eleanor (Burleson) Rowland.

Rowland, David B. and Nancy Oct. 1848, David Burleson and Nancy (Turrentine)

Rowland, H. T. and Sarah Oct. 1848, Harrison Talley and Sarah, well it looks like we have a problem here. Harrison T. Rowland was reportedly married for the 1st time to Margaret Turrentine. Margaret Rowland is listed next in this list, and she did not join the church until November of 1849. Is it possible that Harrison Talley Rowland had another wife named Sarah? Did she die shortly after October of 1848 and leave Harrison T., free to remarry? Or, was her real name Margaret Sarah or Sarah Margaret? RLH-2002

Rowland, Margaret Nov. 1849, wife of H. T. ? or daughter of William Thomas?

Rowland, Thomas Aug. 1867, This may be Thomas A. Rowland

Rowland, Elder J. A. Aug. 1869, Joseph A. Rowland, b. 1836/37 MS, He, probably, married Emiline / Emeline / Emerline Kerr, b. 1835-36. This may be the same as the J. A. Rowland CSA card I received from the Mississippi Department of History and Archives, in August of 2001. On this card, which is hard to read, is the name J. A. Rowland, his date of birth which looks like 12/15/1836, his date of death which looks like 7/1/1894. His next of kin is listed as Albert Rowland of Ripley, MS. His war record says he was in Co. C (could be G) 34th Miss. Reg. Inf.

Rowland, Eareline Sept. 1869, this is probably a miscopy of the name Emerline/Emeline (Kerr) Rowland the wife of J. A. Rowland. Notice they joined at about the same time.

Rowland, Sarah May 1870, Who is this?

Rowland, H. P. Nov. 1872, H. P. Rowland, b. 8/31/1852, d. 2/8/1922. This is Harrison Parish/Paris Rowland, the son of Harrison Talley and Margaret Rowland. Harrison Parish/Paris Rowland married Delilah (Dillie) Norton in 1871. Dillie Norton Rowland died in August 1921.

Rowland, Amandy April, 1879, this is probably Amanda (Colyer) Rowland, the second wife of Isaac Madison Rowland.

Rowland, Mrs. E. F. June 1884, is this the date she joined the church? Who is E. F.?, are the initials those of her husband or her? I found the following but they are too young.
Burial record-
Rowland, Joe Everett, 9/05/1918, 11/08/1919, Pine Hill, son of E. F. and S. V., he is probably the son of Sallie Cross and E. F. Rowland, below.

Rowland, Sallie V., b. 3/11/1895, d. 11/23/1960, Pine Hill; Rowland, Edgar F., 9/02/1887, 10/21/1970, Pine Hill.
The Tippah Co., marriage records has E. F. Rowland married to Sallie Cross on Dec. 29, 1912.

Rowland, J. F., 8/17/1867, 3/26/1910, Pine Hill, wife of J. V.

ROWLAND, J. V. (021534) died Sun., age 72 / buried at Pine Hill / children are Edgar, (is Edgar the same as E. F. ?) Carl, Bryan, Mrs. Walter Mayes, Mrs. Wade Rich, Mrs. Velma Mayes, Lena. Note the J. V. above would have been born about 1861-62, and would be on the 1870 Census. (Note, this could be the father of E. F. Rowland);

Cemetery record- Rowland, J. V., 7/22/1861, 2/10/1934, Pine Hill. (Note, could this be the same as Joe L. or V. Rowland, born about 1862-63, that I have listed as the son of Joseph A. and Emeline Kerr Rowland?- found in 1870 census as Joe L., found in 1880 census as Joseph V. RLH-2000)

The wife of J. V. Rowland, from cemetery records, appears to be - Rowland, J. F., 8/17/1867, 3/26/1910, Pine Hill, wife of J. V.
The marriage record of Tippah Co., shows that a J. V. Rowland married Mrs. Dovie Richardson on Jan. 18, 1920. Since J. V. Rowland, above, died in March of 1910, it is no problem to figure out that J. V. Rowland remarried in 1920 to a widow, Mrs. Dovie Richardson. RLH-2000

Just who is the above listed J. V. Rowland? The 1870 Census offers almost no help and the 1880 Census of Tippah County offers us little help. The following is what I have found in the 1880 Census, note we can see from the above cemetery record that he was born on July 22, 1861, thus he should be about 18 to 20 years old in the 1880 Census.

1. John T. Rowland, age 19 - a son of Harrison Talley Rowland. Note it appears he is listed as Thomas Rowland in the 1870 Census, he is believed to be John Thomas Rowland.

2. Joseph V. Rowland, age 16 - a son of Joseph A. Rowland, note he is listed as Joe L. Rowland in the 1870 Census. This is the correct initials however, even though he appears too young, maybe the age was copied wrong?

There appears to be no other choices, maybe the J. V. Rowland above moved to Tippah County after 1880, maybe he was living in Benton County or Alcorn County in 1870 and 1880? As of right now he is a mystery Rowland. RLH-2000

Former members of the New Salem Church, continued;

Rowland, Fannie June 1902

Rowland, G. W. Unknown, this is probably George Washington Rowland, b. 1848MS, married Macey/Macie/Mary/ Marie (E.?) Guthrie on Jan. 16, 1870. Note George W. Rowland is listed as the fourth son in the D. B. Rowland Obit.

Rowland, Thomas Sept. 1902

Rowland, Sallie Feb. 1912

Rowland, Annie July 1914

Rowland, Viola July 1814, this may be:Viola/Violla Rowland, born 1879, she married Carroll Kendrick.

Rowland, Putnam Oct. 1914, This is believed to be Henderson P. (Putnam?) Rowland, who was probably the son of Tolbert Rowland. RLH-2000

Rowland, Lottie Sept. 1920

Rowland, Ed Sept. 1921

Rowland, Mattie May 1922-this is probably Mattie/Mat/Nattie! The wife of Will Jake Rowland.

Rowland, Ola Aug. 1937

Rowland, Manola May 1962

Shannon, Rhody Aug. 1880

Shelton, Elizabeth Sept. 1853

Thornton, Jane July 1851
Jim July 1857

Treas, Green L. July 1854
Letha Aug. 1854

Weatherly, Jessie Nov. 1889

Webb, Franky Nov. 1885- Webb, Frankey A., 14F, MSTNMS, (this is another daughter of Amanda A. Colyer and Watson Webb), estimated date of birth is 1866.

Whitley, Elizabeth Nov. 1853
Wright, Elizabeth Aug. 1903

Well, above I listed some of the members, both those related to our family and those who became early members. For most of these members it meant they lived within a couple of miles from the church. From the look of the history of the church and the membership, it is apparent this is the "church" of the Rowland family.

THE 1910 CENSUS OF TIPPAH COUNTY MISSISSIPPI- this information was obtained on June 24, 2001. Parts of it may be found in other sections of this report.
Ronald L. Hughes

Home 146

Rowland, Will age 36, married 16 years- makes his dob as about 1874.
, Mattie age 34, wife- makes her dob as about 1876.
, Earnest age 14, son- makes his date of birth as about 1896.
, Lottie? age 12, dau.- her date of birth about 1898.
, Etta age 10, dau.- dob about 1900.
, Lee age 8, son- dob about 1902.
, Viola age 6, dau.- dob about 1904.
, Grover age 4, son- dob about 1906.
, John age 3/12- born in 1910.

Home 199

Curl, Eugene Age 37, married 15 years.
, Donie Age 33, wife- born about 1877. Daughter of Isaac Madison and Amanda Rowland!
, Autry Age 15, son.-born about 1895.
, Lillie? Age 13, dau.- born about 1897.
, Vera Age 11, dau.- born about 1899.
, ? Age 7, son- born about 1903.
, Minnie Age 6, dau.- born about 1904.
, Lee Age 2, son- born about 1908.

Home 219

Rowland, Tom Age 51, widowed- born about 1859.
, Iva? Age 24, dau.- born about 1886.
, Vistie? Age 23, dau.- born about 1887.
, Olivie? Age 18 or 19, dau.- born about 1892.
, Mabell Age 16, dau.- born about 1894.
, Broddin? Age 13, dau.- born about 1897.
, Annie Age 8, dau.- born about 1902.

Home 220

Rowland, Albert Age 28, head of household, single- born about 1882.
, Viola Age 30, sister, single- born about 1880.
, Donald? Age 19, brother, singel- born about 1891.

Living in the same household were;

Kindrick?, Wilford age 7, nephew- born about 1903.
, Kadie? Age 4, niece- born about 1906.
, Caliline? Age 3, niece, born about 1907.

Home 222

McCoy, Matt Age 39, head of household, married 13 years- born about 1871.
, Mattie Age 32, wife- born about 1878.
, Helen? Age 11
, Charlie Age 6
, Elizie Age 69, mother

Home 223

Craig, James Age 47, married 25 years. Is this James Lee Craig?
, ? Age 46, born about 1864. Is this Olivia?
, Iola? Age 21, dau.- born about 1888-89, is she the same as Iola Katherine?
, Troy Age 18, son- born about 1892. This is Troy R. Craig, family historian.
, Himelle? Age 14, dau.- born about 1896 This is the same as Remelle?
, Kadie? Age 12, dau.- born about 1898- is this Katie or Katherine?

Home 305

Luna, Powers Age 42, married three years, to his second wife.- "Henry Powers Luna"
, Abbie Age 33. Wife- she is Rachael Alvie/Avie/ Abbie Wright, born, 9/3/1876, the daughter of Sarah Thornton Wright and John Wright.
, Luther Age 21, son, single
, Ward? Age 14, son
, Vearner Age 11, son
, Annie Age 8, dau.
, Johnie Age partial year
, Mat? Age 4/12?

Home 309

Rowland, Calvin Age 59, married 32 years, a farmer, MSVATN- note father born VA?
, Martha Age 55, wife.- Martha Elizabeth Hobson.
, Hughey Age 24, son, single, a mail carrier. Hughey Isaac Rowland
, Montie Age 23, single. Montie Elizabeth Rowland.

My Mother was Ruth Rowland the eldest child of Hughey Isaac Rowland and Alpha Talulla Garrett of Chalybeate, MS.

Hope you can use some of this. I just sent you bits a pieces where the Hobson name came up.

Ron Hughes
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