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James Hendrick & Kesiah Gardner

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James Hendrick & Kesiah Gardner

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Surnames: Hendricks Hendrick Mansfield Clarke Thompson Gardner
I am researching my ggggrandfather, William Hendrick, born about 1798 in KY (according to all census records that show a birthplace). He married Mary H? Unknown last name, born about 1798 in VA. William and Mary had two sons in KY according to census records, Hezekiah H, 1818 and William Henry, 1819. By 1824, they apparently had moved to the Pearl River (Lawrence, Marion & Copiah Counties) area of MS where they had two more sons, James Daniel, 1824 and Marion H, June 1834. There are supposedly some daughters, one of them possibly named Elizabeth, but this is not confirmed and we do not know any dates or places or other names of daughters.

There are two KY marriage records that we've been able to locate where a William Hendrick marries a Mary or Polly. One is in Barren County KY, a marriage record of a William Hendrick marrying Polly Mansfield on 16 Feb1818.

The second marriage record shows William Hendrick marrying a Polly Clark 23 Jan 1817. I don't remember the county, but it was either Barren or Warren.

Both of these marriages occurred at a point in time which coincides with Hezekiah's birth in 1818.

I've been researching this for several years and have found some gedcom files that show some contradicting possibilities. I have narrowed this down to two lines of Hendrick(s) that both happen to hit Barren and/or Warren Co in the 1790-1820 range, where my William would fit. However, there is a problem. These lines claim to be distinct and separate, but both of them claim that James Hendrick, born bef. 1852 Louisia Co. VA, who married Kesiah Gardner, born bef 1764 Virginia, have the same children, including one named William, who just happened to marry Mary Polly Mansfield. Obviously, one of these lines is incorrect. The Hendricks DNA study shows these lines to be separate and distinct from each other, so that James Hendricks cannot match with both lines. He is one or the other.

One of the lines shows James' father to be William Hendrick (sometimes noted as Jr. or II) born bef. 1722 King William Co, VA, died bef. 9 May 1791 Louisia Co., VA who married an unknown 1st wife and secondly Ann Henderson.

The other line shows James' father to be Henery or Hendrick or Henry Hendrick, born 20 Jun 1730 Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ, died 28 Jul 1783, who married Sarah Thompson, born abt 1732 Monmouth, NJ, death estimated 1757-1826.

The group claiming James, who married Kesiah Gardner, is the son of William (II) of King William Co. VA show this documentation for James:

Records showing James Hendrick:
June1768 - Tithables: Charles Barret's List of Tithables in Trinity Parish, Louisa County: William Hendrick, JAMES HENDRICK, Shell, Hannah, 4 tithes, 600 acres.
June1769 - Tithables: Charles Barrett's List of Tithables for Trinity Parish, Louisa County: William Hendrick, JAMES HENDRICK, 2 slaves,4 Tithables, 600 acres, also William Hendrick, Jr., 1 Tithable.
June1770: Tithables: Charles Barrett's List of Tithables for Trinity Parish, Louisa County: William Hendrick, JAMES HENDRICK, Hance Hendrick, 2 Slaves, 5 Tithables, 600 acres.
June 1771 - Tithables: Waddy Thompson, Gent., List of Tithables for Trinity Parish, Louisa County, included: William Hendrick, JAMES HENDRICK, Hance Hendrick, 2 Slaves, 5 Tithables, 600 acres.
June 1774 - Tithables: William White[head]'s List of Tithables, Trinity Parish, Louisa County, included: JAMES HENDRICK, 1 Tithable.
7 Apr 1786 - Land Patents; 3 patents, each for 1,000 acres in Monongalia County (now West Virginia), to JAMES HENDRICK, as assignee of John Allison, of Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrants # 8650, 8654, and 8672, all issued 9 Nov 1781. [Is this James of Louisa?]
18 Jan 1784 - JAMES HENDRICK along with brother Byrd named executors under Last Will & Testament of father, William Hendrick of Louisa County; will probated 9 May 1791 (Louisa County, VA, Wills 3:403)
1787 Taxable Property - Louisa County HENDRICK, JAMES 0 1 1 4 8
22 Dec 1788 - Witness Fee: On motion of JAMES HENDRICK, a witness for Evans & Hendrick against Nelson Patteson, ordered the said Evans & Hendrick pay the said James 245 pounds of Tobacco for one day's attendance at Court and coming and going 53 miles. (Cumberland County, VA, Court Orders, 15:52)
9 May 1791 - Probate; Estate of William Hendrick of Louisa County, Decd., "loving son" JAMES HENDRICK and Byrd D. Hendrick named as executors and qualified, with the two of them and William Garrett as surities (Louisa County, VA, Wills, 3:403)
9 May1791 - Probate; Estate of John Gardner, of Louisa Co., Decd. The Last Will and testament of the Decedent was exhibited by JAMES HENDRICK, Jeramiah Chandler and Stephen Hiett, the executors named therein and proved by witnesses thereof. Said HENDRICK, Chandler and Heitt qualifed as executors, with James Hendrick, Bryd Hendrick and Charles Barrett as surities. (Louisa County, VA, Wills, 3:408)
Mar 27, 1793 - Probate, Accounting (partial) by JAMES HENDRICK, Executor of Estate of John Gardner, Decd. (Louisa County, VA, Wills, 3:365)
4 Jan 1796 - Chattel Mortgage: JAMES HENDRICK, of Louisa County, to Byrd D. Hendrick, of Amherst County, for £140, mortgage on Slaves, Horses, Cattle, Furniture, etc... /s/ James Hendrick. Wit: Abraham Davis. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds I:145)
4 Mar 1797 - Probate, Division of Estate of John Gardner, Decd. After distribution to widow, "balance in account with JAMES HENDRICK" executor to be divided between seven legatees James Hendrick, Thomas Gardner, John Gardner, Wm. Gamon, David Allen, Elizabeth Thompson, and Sally Howeitt, and after division "there remains in the hands of the executor £21.7.3 (Louisa County, VA, Wills, 4:14)
6 Apr 1797 - Deed: JAMES HENDIRCK, wife KESIAH, to Lewis Johnson, all of Louisa County, for £[?], 150 acres in Louisa County on the North side of Contrary Creek, adjoining Byrd Hendrick and up the north side, adjoining Carter, Pointer... /s/ James Hendrick, Kesiah "X" Hendrick. Wit: James Holland, Richard Mantlo, John Hendrick. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds I:277)
18 Nov 1797 - Quit Claim Deed: William Hendrick, son of William Hendrick the Elder, late of Louisa County, Decd., to Malcolm Hart: Whereas Thomas Poindexter the Elder and William Hendrick the Elder did make an exchange of land from which William the Elder did receive from the said Poindexter 160 acres, adjoining James Nelson, Byrd D. Hendrick, William Anderson, Decd., and land purchased by James Dickerson from Patrick Barclay, and whereas the said Poindexter the Elder and said Hendricks the Elder did re-exchange the said lands, now to satisfy the said Hart who bought the said land from Poindexter, Quit Claim Deed by William Hendrick, eldest son and heir-at-law to said William Hendrick the Elder, renouncing all claims and rights to said land... /s/ William "X" Hendrick. Wit: David Bullock, Robert Harris, Wm Pettit. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds I:423)
10 Jan 1798 - JAMES HENDRICK surety fo rmarriage fo Christopher Henderson and Susanna Brown [Louisa Co., VA, marriage records]
15 Jan 1798 - Quit Claim Deed: JAMES HENDRICK and Byrd D. Hendrick to Malcolm Hart, Quit Claim Deed to same tract released by William Hendrick to said Hart... /s/ James Hendrick, Byrd Hendrick. Wit: Elijah Dickerson, Thornton Gibson, Samuel Cole. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds I:529)
16 Jan 1798 - Deed: Byrd Hendrick, late of Amherst County, to Mary Hendrick and Patsy Hendrick, both of Louisa County, for £50 Virginia, 180 acres in Louisa County on Contrary Creek, adjoining Baker, Hendrick, Anderson, the Main Road... /s/ Byrd Hendrick. Wit: Elijah Dickerson, Thornton Gibson, Saml Cole, JAMES HENDRICK. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds I:421)
10 Apr 1798 - Deed: JAMES HENDRICK, Jeremiah Chandler, and Stephen Hiett, executors of John Gardner, Decd., to Malcolm Hart, for £210 Virginia, 175 acres on North Anna River in Louisa County, where said Gardner, Decd., lived, adjoining Boxley, William Gammon, the South branch of North Anna, Isaac Freeman... /s/ James Hendrick, the only acting and qualified executor. Wit: None. Acknowledged
5 Mar 1799 - Witness Fee: On motion of KEZIAH HENDRICK, a witness for Gardner against Ford Executors, ordered that she be allowed three days and 30 miles for Court attendance. Not to be lodged. (Spotsylvania County, VA, Court Minutes 1799-1801, 18)
18 Jun 1801 - Deed: JAMES HENDRICK, wife KISIAH, to John Hendrick, all of Louisa County, for £150 Virginia, 150 acres on both sides of Middle Fork of Contrary River, adjoining Charles Garland, David Lipscomb, Mary Hendrick, the said James Hendrick, the head of Watkins Spring branch... /s/ James Hendrick, Kisiah Hendrick. Wit: Saml Cole, George Boxley, Thornton Gibson, Skelton Smith. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds J:168)
8 July 1802 - Land Patent to Nathan Harris, Louisa County, 136 acres on the head waters of Contrary River adjoining JAMES HENDRICK, Richard Mantlow &c (Virginia Land Patents, 50:85)
12 Nov 1803 - Deed: JAMES HENDIRCK to John Hendrick, both of Louisa County, for £200 Virginia, 241 acres in Louisa County, on both sides of the North branch of the South Fork of Contrary Creek, adjoining James Hendrick, Charles Garland, Bradley... /s/ James Hendrick. Wit: Saml Cole, Richard Harris, George Harris. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds J:629)
13 Feb 1804 - Deed: JAMES HENDRICK of Louisa County, to Vivion Ferguson, of Spotsylvania County, for £518 Virginia, 279 acres in Louisa County on Contrary Creek, adjoining Bradley, Nathan Harris, John Hendrick... /s/ James Hendrick. Wit: None. Acknowledged by Hendrick in Open Court same day. (Louisa County, VA, Deeds J:667)

The identification of James as a son of William of Louisa is about as definiate as can be. William's will refers to him as a son, and he and Byrd gave a quit claim deed in 1798 to supplement the deed already given to Marclom Hart from WIlliam, son of William. Family history of Joseph H. Hendrick says "Jim Hendrick married a Gardner."

Information from Emma Lou Eason Wolfe, March, 1999: James, along with his five brothers, served in the Revolution. "James Hendrick married Lucreita "Kesiah" Gardner, daugher of John Garnder, in Louisa Co., Virginia. James and Kesiah had a total of twelve chidren, all born in Louisa Co., Virginia. Again, about the year 1805, James and other members of his family, along with the Gardner family, left Virginia and moved to Warren County, Kentucky. It is know that other relations of James Hendrick were already residing in Warren County by 1805. In fact, the Hendrick name is in mention among the very first settlers of Warren County in the Draper manuscripts. James Hendrick died in Warren County sometime between 1821 and 1830.


The line that claims Henry (Henery) is the father of James who married Kesiah Gardner have multiple gedcom files offer the following as documentation:

James HENDRICKS : This is probably the James HENDRICKS found in the 1800 census of Rockingham Co., NC (on the same page as Henry HENDRICKS). He is listed with a wife and two small children. He had a land grant of 160 acres in Warren Co., KY, so he may have gone west with the rest of the family. SOURCES: !BIRTH: 1800 Federal Census, Rockingham Co., NC; FHL

Henry (Hendrick) HENDRICKS(ON) HHFO: 00-(01) 1991 ID: 1 1963 ID: 1 Henry and Sarah lived at Middletown Point (north of Middletown) until 1761 or later when the sixth of the their twelve children was born. In 1761 Henry Hendrickson advertised 500 acres of land for sale "near Middletown". The family does not appear in local church records after that year, so apparently they were successful in disposing of their land. Despite diligent searching, no further record has been found for Henry and Sarah until they appear in the Rockingham Co., North Carolina 1790 census with 3 males between ages 16 and 60 and four white females. Where the family was between 1761 and 1779 remains a mystery, except for clues which come from the pension application records of two of their sons, Albert and William. Both sons stated they joined the Maryland Flying Camp unit on their first enlistments in the Revolutionary War in Fredericktown, Frederick, Maryland in 1776 and 1777, and both stated they were residents of Fredericktown at the time of their enlistments. Henry and Sarah were not found in the records of Frederick or surrounding counties. Albert does state his third and fourth enlistments (1779 and 1781) were from North Carolina, indicating the family had moved south by then. In the 1800 census of Rockingham County, Henry is listed with persons in the household consisting of 1 male and 1 female over age 45. Neither Henry nor Sarah appear as head of a household in the 1810 census, and as Henry would have been 70 and Sarah about 68, it would be reasonable to assume that both probably died between 1800 and 1810. Early in the 1800's their sons began disposing of land in North Carolina and moving west. The demise of their parents may have precipitated their willingness to move on. No disposition of land, cemetery records, or probate court records have been found for Henry. He apparently used the Hendrickson form of the name earlier in his life and dropped the "son" at some point in North Carolina. Nothing is known of the four daughters except for the christenings of the first two in Middletown. It is a good possibility they married into some of the same families their brothers married into, and that their identities were lost. Perhaps some or all of them went west with their brothers. SOURCES: !BIRTH-CHRISTENING-MARRIAGE: Henry Hendricks Genealogy; p. 1; FHL !CENSUS: 1790 Federal Census, Rockingham Co., NC LOCATION: Revolutionary War Pension Records for Albert Hendricks and William Hendrickson, National Archives, Washington, DC. Duplicate Ordinance: STS 15 JAN 1949 LOGAN.


The first group above, the one that claims that James' father is William of King William Co, VA, offers some documentation that William, son of James and Kesiah Gardner, married "a Mansfield". In a document passed out at a family reunion, written by an 83 y/o descendant of James and Kesiah, it said that "William Hendrick married a Mansfield". This presumably is the William that married Polly Mansfield in Barren KY in 1818.

The second group makes the claim that William, son of James and Kesiah married Mary Polly Mansfield, but offers no documentation.

Now, one of these groups is incorrect. I'm about 98% sure that James and Kesiah are the father of my William. If my William's grandfather was William II, of King William Co, VA, then the likelihood that my Mary H is Mary Polly Mansfield is much much higher.

On the other hand, if my William's grandfather was Henry (Henery) Hendrick, then my Mary might have been a Mansfield, she might have been a Clarke, or she might have been someone else I haven't discovered yet.

I would appreciate any documentation you might have regarding the father/mother of James and/or Kesiah, their children and spouses, anything you might have on Mary Polly Mansfield or Polly Clarke.

I guess I'm challenging both sides to prove to me why they think James and Kesiah belong in their line and not the other. I have much information which will be immediately available regarding my William and Mary H and their descendants. We have much research on this line and would love to make a connection and share what we have. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

Thanks so much for reading all this and for any information you might have. This is a brick wall that has been up for wayyyyyyyy too long.

Rod & Denise Hendrick

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