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Hayes family reunions - Trumbull Co OH

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Hayes family reunions - Trumbull Co OH

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Surnames: Hull, Hayes, Rumbaugh, Trumbull, Hawley, various others
about 30 pages of 75 that I transcribed from a PDF file; I am interested in specifically the HULL family:

History of the Hayes family –

The Hayes family are of Scotch decent, coming from George Hayes who came from Scotland in 1680.
Daniel was the eldest of five sons, from which whom the Hayes familys of Fowler and surround townships descend. He was in Queene Anne’s war and taken captive by the Indians, carried to Canada, where he was kept in captivity for more than 5 years. They were nearly 30 days on the journey and at night he was secured by being placed on his back with each arm and ankle strongly fractured to a sapling, and with sticks so crossing his body as to be lain upon by an Indian at each side.
His sufferings and hardships were terrible but he possessed the faculty of making the best of everything. His kindness to an infirm squaw brought him better treatment until sold to a Frenchman from whom he purchased his freedom, and returned to his own people who had given him up as lost, married Abigail and settled a farmer at 27 years.
His eldest son also named Daniel left 7 children and his youngest son Enoch born in Jan 14, 1763 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, married and had 4 sons and 1 daughter. (Enoch married Mercy Holcombe)
Enoch, Helon, Beuonia (Benjamin?), Solon & Hadessah
Enoch, the eldest was a farmer and soldier, married Asenath Gillett, and then were born 7 children, the first dying in infancy.
The second Orlin Helon married Mary Hand (Hard?), both died in Hayesville Iowa and left 7 children, Third Morgan Enoch viz Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Joel Winthrop, Mary Roberts, Sarah Ann and Elvira
Beuonia moved to Chenango NY about 1820, married Nancy Bray, 1 child is all we could learn of, Richard Hayes.
Solon, born about 1795 in Granby, Hartford Co., CT, was a wagon maker, married Martha Eno – 2 children, Solon and Edward, died young. Solon had 8 children, some settling in Farmington and Middlefield
Hadasseh married Truman Alderman.

The Hayes reunion was organized and meet for the first time in reunion at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Chaffee, Greene Ohio, Aug 1886 with about 100 present, and they decided to hold a reunion every year after at the homes of it’s members.
Meeting the last Thursday in August next year 1887 at Richard Hayes, Mecca O.

The second annual reunion was held August 1887, Richard Hayes residence, Mecca O

Third reunion was held at Hugh Hayes, Hayes Street road, Aug 1888

The fourth annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at Geo. P. Hayes, Fowler Ridge, 1889

The sixth annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at Pictor Hayes, Aug 23, 1891

No Name Age Date of Birth
1 S. H. Chaffee 54 July 15, 1837
2 Ester 43 June 7, 1848
3 Orin D 22 Mar 2, 1869
4 Abbie G 20 Mar 26, 1871
5 Armenia 13 July 14 , 1878
6 Truman H. 3 Oct 7, 1888
7 Pictor Hayes 49 Aug 18 , 1842
8 Sharlotte 48 June 1, 1843
9 Bertha 24 Sept 29, 1867
10 Mary B. 8 July 3, 1882
11 Orlin H. Hayes 33 Mar 11, 1858
12 Saretta M. 28 Sept 26, 1863
13 Frankie M. 8 Sept 15, 1883
14 Maud 2 Feb 5, 1889
15 Syman T. Granger 31 Jan 28, 1860
16 Perlia 31 Sept 6, 1860
17 Clayton 10 Sept 28, 1881
18 Clyde 8 Nov 26 , 1883
19 Mary Hayes 71 May 6, 1820
20 O. H. Hayes 79 Mar 23 , 1812
21 Hiram H. Hull 20 Feb 2, 1871
22 Alvira H. 20 Apr 8, 1871
23 Alford Gillett 60 May 10, 1841
24 Roena 40 May 10, 1851
25 Savina 16 Sept 17, 1875
26 Virgil E. 14 Nov 12, 1877
27 Ester 8 Oct 7, 1883
28 Reba 6 Nov 27, 1885
29 Frank 4 July 7, 1887
30 Alvira C. Hayes 71 June 24, 1820
31 Hiram Hayes 43 Oct 27, 1848
32 Mary 44 June 15, 1847
33 Hawley 23 June 21, 1868
34 Barton 21 July 6, 1870
35 Savanus Hayes 49 Jan 7, 1842 (census says Luranns J.)
36 Elizabeth 47 Oct 22, 1844
37 Walace 29 Jan 3, 1862
38 Homer 21 Mar 8, 1870
39 Cleon H. 5 Dec 10 , 1886
40 Earl W. 4 Jan 17, 1887
41 Hulda Hayes 61 Oct 16, 1830
42 George 50 Feb 28, 1841
43 Rosa 21 July 7, 1870
44 Chancy 23 Feb 23, 1868
45 Richard Hayes 62 Jan 29, 1829
46 Julia M. 57 Mar 9, 1834
47 S. P. Nichols 48 Apr 4, 1843
48 Savina 46 May 10, 1845
49 Frank J. 23 Dec 14, 1868
51 Guy Barker 27 Oct 9, 1864
52 Jennie 25 Jan 25, 1866
53 W. R. Gardner 39 Feb 13, 1852
54 Nellie 23 Dec 17, 1868
55 Bertha M. 7 mon Dec 28, 1890
56 Georgie 3 Mar 17, 1888
57 H. H. Hayes 38 June 17, 1853
58 Eva 35 Nov 29, 1856
56 Floyd 8 Oct 11, 1883
60 Earl 6 May14, 1885
61 Ruby 1 Sept 12, 1890
62 Horis Burt 74 Sept 23, 1817
63 M. J. Walker 46 July 12, 1846
64 Selia 14 July 31, 1877
65 William Hayes 9 Jan 2
66 Eliza Meadley
No Deaths
Two births a son to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar D. Hayes
A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rardon
Wedding Miss Norah Tucker – Daily

Register of 1891
1 Minnie H. Hall 27 Feb 29, 1872
2 Pheba Granger
3 Ransom Williams
4 Julia Williams 50 July 23, 1841
5 Addie 9 July 10, 1882
6 Daisy Apr
7 Earnest 12 May 9, 1869
8 Daisy Fox 9 Jan 8, 1882
9 Bertha Sittle 13 July 27, 1878
10 Wilson Trumbull 53 Sept 1, 1838
11 Jane 49 Apr 9, 1842
12 Andalinea Dray
13 A D Hayden 28 Apr 25, 1863
14 Sireia 23 Sept 13, 1869
15 Myrtle 3 Oct 19, 1888
16 Carry Oattey 29 Apr 6, 1862
17 Myrt 6 June 30, 1885
18 Loyd 3 Apr 29, 1888
19 Antie Woodard 26 Feb 23, 1863

A. D. Hayden, Pres
L. T. Granger, As. Pres
Bertha Hayes, Sec

Table Comm.
Savina Gillett
Abbie Chaffee
Rosa Hayes
Burt Hayes

The sixth annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at the residence of Mr. Pictor Hayes
Aug 20, 1891
The day was beautiful and enjoyed by all of the family. About nine o’clock people began to come with filled baskets and boxes of good things, of which, when the time for Diner was called, each and every one was anxious to see the table which was loaded with good things to numerous to mention. Diner was called to order and Mr. Chaffee returned thanks after which each and every one tried to do their part.
After dinner meeting was called to order by Mr. Frank Nichols after which officers were elected for the coming year as follows:
Mr. Abbie Haydon, Pres
Mr. Lyman Granger, Vice
Miss Bertha Hayes, sect/treas

Table Com
Holly Hayes
Savina Rumbaugh
Abbie Chaffee

The seventh annual reunion of the Hayes family was held Aug 20, 1892 at Mr. Lucious Nichols, Fowler OH
1 Hugh Hayes 25 38 Orlin Hayes 35
2 Mary 39 Laretta
3 Holly 41 Frankie
4 Burt 42 Maudie
5 Alford Gillet 43 Effie Hayes
6 Roena 44 Arthur
7 Frank 45 Rupert
8 Ruby 46 Norman
9 Esther 47 Watson Hayes
10 Virgil 48 Laura
11 S. H. Chaffee 49 Nevel
12 Ester 50 Eva Hayes
13 Armena 51 Floyd
14 Truman H. 52 Earl
15 Orin D. 53 Ruby
16 Abbie G. 54 Laranns Hayes
17 Guy Barker 55 Elizabeth
18 Jennie 56 Henry
19 Glade – thad 57 Walace
20 Charlie Hayes 58 Cleon
21 Clara 59 Earl
22 Edgar 61 ??????? Tucker
23 ???????? 62 Mrs. Tucker
24 Lyman Granger 63 George Hayes
25 Perlia 64 Hulda
26 Clayton 65 Chancey
27 Clyde 66 Rosa
28 Pictor Hayes 67 Lucious Nichols
29 Charlotte 68 Lavina
30 Mary 69 Lucy Baldwin
31 Bertha 70 Birdie
34 William Gardner 71 M. J. Barker
35 Nellie 72 Adelia
36 Bertha 73 Alvira Hayes

74 Horace Burt 82 Mary Hayes
75 Sarah Ann Burt
76 Richard Hayes
77 Julia
78 Sarah Hayes
79 Willie Hayes
80 Walter Trumbull
81 T. J. Nichols

Visitors of 1892
83 Hathe ?eity
84 Florence Batey Births 5
85 Earnest Williams a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. August Trumbull
86 Truman Tyrrell
87 Lucia Hayden a son to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barker
88 Myrtle
89 Maud a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hayes
90 Malvina Heiner
91 Mr. Heiner a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Abbie Hayden
92 Mrs. Tyrrell
93 S. E. Barker a son to Mr. and Mrs. Daily
94 L????? Tyrrell

Mr. Frank Nichols, Pres
Mr. Lymon Granger, Asst
Miss Bertha Hayes, Sec

Table Committee Deaths
Chancey Hayes Mr. George Hayes
Homer Wedding
Silva Wallrey Miss Lovina Gillett
Abbie Chaffee Mr. Porter Rumbaugh

Reunion of 1892
The seventh annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at the residence of Mr. Lucious Nichols Saturday Aug 20, 1892
The day dawned bright and beautiful and not a cloud was to be seen.
Along in the early hours of morning people began to come until they numbered 94.
Was seated at a bountiful report of good things and I must say our folks never looked better before then.
It did this year, there was one death, one of oldest members of the Hayes family awakened away on the other shore and we all hurt, feel that it is but few years when we must all follow, and we hope to have a Heavenly Reunion their.
As to births there is five on the Roll. The Hayes’ are increasing some over last year or their ????????????? too.
But as to Marriages they mostly all believe in Single Blessed. As our Reunion was called to order by Mr. Lymon Granger after which the secrnary report was read, after which other business was seen to.
Officers were elected and after that we small much of the afternoon. People all returning home felt that they had ????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? all feel that it is a grand thing ???????. Dan in the years we can all ???????????

Of 1893
1 Richard Hayes
2 Julia Births, 5, 1893
3 Orlin Hayes a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
4 Ett Rupert Trumbull
5 Frankie
6 Maud a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
7 Pictor Hayes Lymon Granger
8 Charlotti
9 Bertha a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
10 Mary Hyrma Hull
11 Hugh Hayes
12 Eva a son to Mr. and Mrs.
13 Floyd Barton Rumbaugh
14 Earl
15 Ruba a son to Mr. and Mrs.
16 Susanna Hayes Watson Hayes
17 Betsy
18 Walace Weddings of 1893
19 Earl
20 Cleon Miss Mary Jane Wolls (?)
21 Homer Hayes Mr. Cal Barnes
22 Florence
23 Chaney Hayes Mr. Homer Hayes
24 Rosa Miss Florence Bates
25 Cal Barnes
26 Mary Jane Mr. Burt Hayes
27 Julia Miss Blanch Hayes
28 Charlie
29 Ida Mr. Frank Nichols
30 Selia Walker Miss Hattie Victor
31 Walter Trumbull
32 John Daily Death of 1893
33 Nora
35 Lyman Granger
36 Perla 68 Hyma Hull
37 Clayton 69 Alvira
38 Clyde 70 Ivy
39 Madge 71 Guy Barker
40 Frank Nichols 72 Jennie
41 Hattie 73
42 Hugh Hayes 74 Roena Gillet
43 Mary 75 Ruba
44 Nellie Gardner 76 Ester
45 Georgei 77 Frankie
46 Bertha 80 Vergil
47 Lucious Nichols 81 Holly Hayes
48 Lavina 82 Abbie Hayes
49 Chancy Hayes 83 Lucia
50 Amerett 84 Myrtle
51 Blanch 85 Maud
52 Vern 86 Horace Burt
53 Effie Hayes 87 Mrs. Burt
54 Arthur
55 Rupert
56 Rupert Trumbull Visitors of 1893
57 Minnie 1 Jessie Tait
58 Ward 2 Curtie Hall
59 Elza
60 S. H. Chaffee
61 Ester Mr. Frank Nichols, Pres
62 Orrin Mr. Lyman Granger, Vice
63 Abbie Miss Bertha Hayes, Sec
64 Armena
65 Freeman
66 Lucious Tucker
67 Lector

The eighth annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at the residence of Mr. Cal Barnes, Cortland, Aug 19, 1893

The eight annual reunion of the Hayes Family was held at the residence of Mr. Cal Barnes, Corltand, Aug 19, 1893. The day dawned bright and beautiful and everything seemed to pass in a very quiet way, whistling was the order of the Day and after Diner we had some fine music rendered by some few that could sing and play.
Our reunion was called to order by Mr. Frank Nichols after which officers were elected for the following year.
There was one death, five births, four marriages.
This year you will see what we have gained by Grover Cleveland being our president on last year only. To begin this year we are gaining four instead of two. It is not for me to say which Party we shall represent the year of 1894.

We have five births
Too marriages and
Too deaths

The ninth annual reunion of the Hayes Family was held at the residence of Mr. Alford Gillette, Johnstonville OH

1 Pictor Hayes 35 Lucious Tucker
2 Charlotte 36 Lector
3 Berth 37 Wilson
4 Mary 38 Edward Daily
5 Eva Hayes 39 Nora
6 Floyd 40 John
7 Earl 41 Frank
8 Ruba 42 Lavina Nichols
9 Arthur Hayes 43 Cal Barnes
10 Orlin Hayes 44 Mary Jane
11 Ett 45 Julia
12 Frankie 46 Selia Walker
13 Maud 47 Howard Chaffee
14 Walace Hayes 48 Ester
15 Cleon 49 Orin
16 Earl 50 Armenia
17 Porter Hayes 51 Freemon
18 Sadie 52 Alford Gillett
19 Carlton 53 Roena
20 Paul 54 Vergil
21 Carrie 55 Ester
22 George Hayes 56 Ruba
23 Huldy 57 Frank
24 Rosa 58 Lavina Rumbaugh
25 Chancy 59 Frankie
26 Laranns Hayes 60 Himey Hull
27 Betsy 61 Alvia
28 Homer Hayes 62 Ivy
29 Florence 63 Guy Barker
30 Richard Hayes 64 Jennie
31 Julia 65 Thad
32 Frank Nichols 66 Lyman Granger
33 Hattie 67 Perlia
34 John Infant 68 Clayton

69 Clyde Granger
70 Madge
71 Norman Hines Visitor
72 Rosell Wedding
73 Fannie Mrs. Effie Hayes
74 Bettie Mr. Levi Jackson
75 Jennie Stoddard Miss Inez Baldwin
76 Laura Mr. Henry Hall
77 Elick Flickney L. H. (Flickinger) Births
78 Maggie Buck a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
79 Leslie Sheldon W. P. Gardner
80 H. C. Mahon a son to Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Daily
Deth a son to Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. O. H. Hayes Frank Nichols
Mrs. Alvira Hayes a son to Mr. and Mrs.
Himey Hull
Pres Mr. Porter Hayes A son t o Mr. and Mrs.
Sec Miss Bertha Levier Buck
Treasurer Mr. Pictor Hayes

The tenth annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at the residence of Mr. Lucious Tucker, Aug 17, 1895
1 Pictor Hayes 36 Paul Hayes
2 Charlotte 37 Carrie
3 Bertha 38 O. H. Hayes
4 Mary 39 Mrs. O. H.
5 H. H. Hayes 40 Frankie
6 Eva 41 Maud
7 Floyd 42 Lyman Granger
8 Earl 43 Perlia
9 Ruba 44 Clayton
10 Gladace 45 Clyde
11 Loranns Hayes 46 Madge
12 Betsy 47 Mrs. Lavina Nichols
13 Cleon 48 Mr. Guy Barker
14 Earl 49 Jennie
15 Watson Hayes 50 Guy
16 Laura 51 Mr. Wilson Tucker
17 Newel 52 Maggie
18 Guy 53 Mr. Burt Weor
19 Charlie Hayes 54 Lena
20 Clara 55 Miss Edith Fergson
21 Dwight 56 Eloy
22 Edgar 57 Mr. S. S. Buck
23 Herman P. 58 Julia
24 Homer Hayes 59 Ethel
25 Florence 60 Hellen
26 George Hayes 61 Earl
27 Hulday 62 Louisa
28 Chancy 63 Blanch
29 Rosa 64 Mr. Lucious Tucker
30 Hiram Hayes 65 Electa
31 Mary 66 Mrs. Gillett
32 Mrs. Richard Hayes 67 Virgil
33 Porter Hayes 68 Ester
34 Sadie 69 Ruba
35 Carlton 70 Frankie

71 Mrs. M. J. Barnes
72 Miss Julia
73 Miss Selia Walker
74 Mrs. E. Daily Births of 1895
75 John
76 Frank a son to Mr. and Mrs. Barton Rumbaugh
77 Baby Daily a son to Mr. and Mrs. Holly Hayes
78 Mr. Chaffee a son to Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Chaffee
79 Mrs. Chaffee A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hayes
80 Armena a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Hinry Hall
81 Freeman a son to Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Hayes
82 Mr. Abram Ruder a son to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daily
83 Mrs. Ruder
84 Mr. Henry Seming
85 Abbie Seming
86 Miss Stewart
87 Dora Sampson
88 Joe Cottle
89 Mr. Rupert D. Gates

Weddings of 1895
Mr. Wilson Tucker
Miss Maggie Buck
Mr. Holly Hayes
Miss Pearl Tuttle
Mr. Orin Chaffee
Miss Bell Casterline

Deths of 1895
Richard Hayes
Grant Slough
John Nichols

Miss Bertha Hayes, Sect

The Eleventh annual reunion of the Hayes Family was held at the residence of Mr. Guy Barker on Aug 22, 1896

1 Mrs. Julia Hayes (Rutledge)
2 Orlin Hayes 36 Louranns Hayes
3 Ett 37 Betsy
4 Frankie 38 Walace
5 Maud 39 Earl
6 Chancy Hawley 40 Clem
7 Amrett 41 Limon Granger
8 Blanch 42 Perlia
9 Fern 43 Clayton
10 Cal Barnes 44 Clyde
11 Mrs. Cal Barnes 45 Madge
12 Charlie Dawson 46 Hugh Hayes
13 Selia Dawson 47 Eva
14 James Mecusley 48 Floyd
15 Beman 49 Earl
16 Watson Hayes 50 Ruby
17 Laura 51 Gladys
18 Newell 52 Pictor Hayes
19 Guy 53 Charlotte
20 Eliza Meciley 54 Mary
21 Daisy Fox 55 Will Gardner
22 Olli 56 Nellie
23 Angie Barber 57 George
24 Phebe 58 Bertha
25 Rupert Trumbull 59 Edith
26 Minnie 60 Lucious Nichols
27 Ward 61 Lavina
28 Elsa 62 Guy Barber
29 Ida 63 Jennie
30 S. H. Chaffee 64 Thad
31 Ester 65 Frank Nichols
32 Freman 66 Hattie
33 Lucious Tucker 67 Onita (?)
34 Mrs. Tucker 68 ?????? Tucker
35 69 (unreadable)

71 Roena Gillett
72 Esther
73 Frank
74 Armenia Chaffee

Deths of 1896 - 1
Mr. Astin Wier died July 23, 1896

Births - 4
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Trumbull Dec 10, 1896
(probably should be 12/1895 because
the reunion was in Aug of 1896 –
can’t have a baby yet?)
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nichols, April 21, 1896
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Himey Hull, July 8, 1896
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Simmon Flickinger, Aug 20, 1896

Miss Rosa Hayes to Mr. Simnol Flickinger
Was married Dec 25, 1896 (again probably should be 1895)
Miss Bell Oswald to Mr. Walter Trumbull
Was married April 27, 1896
Miss Selia Walker to Mr. Charlie Dawson
Married July 3, 1896

Mr. Orlin Hayes
Sec L F. Granger
Treasurer F. J. Nichols

Minutes of the 12th annual reunion of the Hayes family

The 12th annual reunion of the Hayes family was held at the home of C. D. Hayes, Chadwick, Aug 21, 1898. The day dawned beautifully and continued to be for all that could be desired for a pleasant family gathering.
At an early hour friends began to gather from near and far until the yard was filled with a merry company.
While every new arrival was welcomed right heartily by those already gathered, by the time all had arrived the dinner hour was drawing and well filled baskets were brought forth which were found to contain all that was needed to refresh the inner man.
The call to dinner was responded to by 68 members of the family and their friends who did ample justice to the good things set before the. Still when all had finished there was many baskets full might ?????? been gathered up.
After dinner the meeting was called to order by the President Mr. Orlin Hayes and the following officers were elected: President, Orlin Hayes; Vice Pres, Mrs. C. M. Barnes; Sec., Mrs. C. D. Hayes; Treas., R. S. Trumbull
An inquiring into our financial condition, we find Aug 22, 1897, 50 cts in Treasury Rec’d by collection Aug 22, $1.40, making a total of $1.90 remaining in Treas. But while we see so many happy faces, still we see some sad ones too; sad because of vacant chairs and we write ??????????? of deaths and, one more name, that of
Mrs. Roena Gillett, who had gone since our last meeting to join that other reunion on that other shore.
In our list of births we find
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Tucker (Herold)
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Chaffee
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Edd Daily
A son to Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hayes (Carl)
A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Beach
A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dawson
A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Gardner
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Orlie Hayes

There was only one wedding during the year, that of
Mrs. Austin Wier and
Mr. Lem Robbison

As the sun was setting in the western horizon, the friends separated going to their separate homes hoping to meet the dear ones again on the second Thursday in Aug 1898 at the home of Lyman Granger, Fowler O.
And so we passed one more mile-stone on life’s journey and looking forward can but say with saddened hearts, shall we all meet again this side of the river?
The following is a list of the names of those present:
Mrs. Hannah Hayes Laura Hayes
Pictor Hayes Guy
Charlotte Julia
Bertha Orlin
Maliery Hayes Horace Burt
George Hayes Mrs. C. M. Barnes
Hulda L. T. Granger
Chancy Pearlia
Frank Clayton
Etta Clyde
Maud Madge
Mary Rupert Trumbull
Hiram Minnie
Charlie Ward
Clara Elza
Dwight Edgar
Edgar ???????Chaffee
Herman Armenia Chaffee
Carl Louis Beach
Floyd Blanch Beach
Earl ????? Beach
Newel Baby Beach
Watson Freeman Chaffee
Lucious Tucker
Lemuel Robbison
Asenat Robbison
Elsie Fergason
Edith Fergason
Vinnie Nichols
Guy Barker
Frank Gillett
Ester Gillett
Ruby Gillete
Mervette (????) Hayden
Nettie Dray
Daisy Williams
Clara Williamson
Curtis Hall
Lucious Nichols
Orlin Hayes, Pres.
Mrs. C. D. Hayes, Sect.

Minutes of the 13th annual reunion of the Hayes
Someone has said that time and tide wait for no man and daily do we see the truth of that saying demonstrated and again we find ourselves welcoming the dawning of the second Thursday in August which by common consent we have chosen as the day of our annual reunion; this time the home of Mr. Lyman Granger is chosen as the place of meeting and at an early hour friends began to gather from near and far with glad, joyous greetings for each other.
Passing through the yard into the spacious orchard, we find long tables ready to receive the contents of the baskets, brought forth from each buggy as they drive.
Soon those same tables are groaning (literally sleaking) with their weight of good things prepared by the ladies of the family. The call to supper was responded to by 84 members of the family and their friends. After dinner the company indulged in social entercourse and pleasant, cheerful conversation until the afternoon was well spent when the meeting was call to order by the President Mr. Orlin Hayes after the reading of the minutes of last meeting by the secretary, the following officers were elected: Pres, Orlin Hayes; Vice Pres, Lyman Granger; Sect and Treas, Clara Hayes. The Treasurer’s report shewed only 20 cts in the treasury after paying for the bananas and oranges bought for the day. A collection was then taken which amounted to $1.47. The treasurer was instructed to use her own judgement with to the treat for next year.
A table committee was chosen for the coming year as follows: Miss Beach, the Misses Gillett, Mary Hayes.
Even upon the most beautiful day, we see some clouds and the sun is veiled with shadows, so our lives are full of shadows and we find that there are as always some vacant chairs since our last meeting together.
In our list of deaths we have the names of:
Mrs. Hannah Hayes
Mr. George Hayes
Mr. Horace Burt
Esther Gardner

A son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Orin Chaffee
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nichols

Mr. Wallie Hayes and Miss Abbie Chaffee
Mr. Eugene Thomas and Miss Armenia Chaffee
Mr. Henry Hartman and Miss Birdie Baldwin
Mr. Fred Burger and Miss Bertha Hayes

To end such meetings be they eire so plea are but for a day and the time for parting came when with fond goodbyes we again sought our homes with hopes to meet again the second Thursday in August at the home of Orlin Hayes, Mecca O.

Pictor Hayes Mrs. Lucy Baldwin
Charlotte Will Gardner
Mary Nellie
Ranus George
Mrs. Ranus Bertha
Orlin Mary
Etta Mr. Lemuel Robbison
Maud Mrs. Lemuel Robbison
Frank Mrs. C. M. Barnes
Grant Mrs. Rumbaugh
Mrs. Mary Alfred
Pearl Francis
Burt Armenia Thomas
John Ruby Gillett
Watson Esther
Lury Frank
Julia Mrs. Granger
Floyd Lyman Granger
Charlie Pearly
Clara Clayton
Edgar Clyde
Herman Madge
Carl Mrs. Lucy Hall
Aunt Mary Earl
Mr. Chaffee Eva
Mrs. Chaffee Dewey
Freeman Chaffee Birdie Hartman
Orrin Guy Barker
Orrin Jennie
Adna Thad
Alda Cassius Reeder
Cloyd Mrs. Julia Beach
Lucious Nichols Helen
Mrs. Lucious Nichols Blanch

Ethel Beach
Dorothy Green
Wilson Trumbull
Mrs. Burt
Rupert Trumbull
Earl Hayes

Mrs. C. D. Hayes

Minutes of the 14th annual reunion of the Hayes family

Thursday Aug 10, 1899 rose clear and sunny and promised to be a fine day for the reunion of the Hayes family which was to be held at the home of Orlin Hayes, Mecca OH.
Tho the day was hot and dusty, the attendance was very good, number 82.
A bountiful dinner was served to which all did ample justice finishing with some very fine ice cream which our host had been so fortunate to secure for the day.
Dinner was scarcely over when the rumblings of thunder was heard and a dark cloud was seen in the west coming nearer the remainder of the provisions and dishes were hastily taken from the tables and carried to a place of shelter. This was fully accomplished before the storm first upon us with full force.
Some were fortunate enough to reach a place of shelter while others stood under the trees and what umbrellas were to be had and even crawled under the tables as affording some shelter while the rain came down in torrents. At last thee clouds were lifted and the rain ceased and all repaired to the house as the ground was so wet as to render it very imprudent to remain out of doors.
We were called to order by the Pres. Orlin Hayes and the following officers were elected:
Pres Orlin Hayes
Vice Pres Porter Hayes
Sec & Treas Mrs. Clara Hayes
The Treas reported $1.67 in the treasury while the expenses of today was $3.00. A collection was taken which amounted to $3.10 which $1.67 already in the Treasury making $4.87. After paying the expenses of the day we have in the treasury $1.87 with which the Sec is instructed to provide whatever is thought best for next year.
We have to record but one death this year, that of Dewey Hall, infant son of Henry and Lucy Hall. There were two marriages this past year, Virgil Gillett to Emma Graves and Beaman McCurly to Winnie Meek. Also but one birth which was a son to Mr. and Mrs. Burt Rumbaugh.
As some time yet remained those who were musically inclined gathered ‘round the organ and sang some of the grand old gospel hymns closing with the beautiful hymn “God be with you till we meet again.” We know not when that meeting may be; it may be in time, it may in eternity; and sometimes though we long to look into the future God kindly veils our eyes and makes each step of our onward way a new and glad surprise. Not glad it may be for the time, but when the mists have cleared away we shall see that Our Father knows best. And so we separate and go back to our homes fearing not the dark clouds that are towering over some of us but hoping God willing to meet again the second Thursday in August at the home of Rupert Trumbull, wherever that may be.
The following is a list of the names of those present:
Mrs. Chaffe Mr. Thomas
Adna Chaffee Mrs. Armenia Thomas
Orrin Chaffee Belle Chaffee
****** List incomplete *******

Minutes of the Hayes family reunion
We have heard it said that the older we grow, the faster the years flow. And indeed it does seem true for the second Thursday in August had come again. And it being clear and bright, friends and relatives to the number of 64 gathered at the house of Rupert Trumbull to hold the 15th annual reunion of the Hayes family. As the dinner hour arrived, we wended our way to the orchard where we found tables well filled with an abundance (as we always do at our reunions) of chicken, pie and other good things with very nice watermelons which our sect treas Mrs. Clara Hayes had provided us with.
After dinner was served we were called to order by Pres Orlin Hayes, following officers elected: Pres Orlin Hayes, V. Pres Walter Trumbull, Sect & Treasurer Mrs. Winnie Trumbull. Amt in treas $1.87. Collection $2.20 totalling $40.7. Expenses $1.98. Amt left in treas $2.32.
We look about us and miss some of the faces that have usually met with us, but we look in vain for they never again will meet with us here, but we know we may meet in the greater reunion above. We record the death of Clayton Granger, Herman Hayes, Mary Gardner and little Alfred Gillett
Blanch Beach & Cassius Reeder Blanch Hawley & Claud Gillett

Henry and Birdie Hartman and Will and Nellie Gardner each a boy.

We had with us Rev. Bro. Wood of Cortland, Rev. Evans of Mecca and Wm. Rosser of Mecca. Also Rev. Trumbull of Hiram; Bros Wood, Trumbull and Rosser giving us some fine speeches on the enjoyment we receive from attending the reunions and pointing us to the great reunion in the better world. We then gathered around the organ and enjoyed a number of good gospel by us. When we say good by until we meet again at the home of Lorannus Hayes on the second Thursday of Aug 1901.

The following is a list of the names of those present:
Wilson Trumbull Walter Trumbull
Jane Bell
Rupert Mary Hayes
Minnie Ettie
Ward Orlin
Lucy Grant
Elza Frank
Ida Maud
Rev. Evans Lucious Nichols
Wm Rosser Mrs. Lucious Nichols
Mrs. Wm. Rosser Guy Barker
Julia Hayes Jennie Barker
Rev. Wood Thad
Mrs. Rev. Wood Austin Beach
Margaret Effie Jackson
Charlie Hayes Lyman Granger
Clara Perlie
Edgar Cloyd
Carl Madge
Homer Ruby Hayes
Mrs. Homer Arthur
Watson Rupert
Laura Ester Gillett
Guy Ruby
Earl Frank
Loranus Mrs. Barton Rumbaugh
Mrs. Loranus Francis
Dwight Ray
Earl Alfred
Cleon Mrs. Lucy Hall
Floyd Eve

Minutes of the 16th annual reunion of the Hayes family
The second Thursday in August 1902 (should be 1901, see note at bottom about next year’s reunion). The friends and relatives of the Hayes family gathered for the second time at the ever welcome home of Lorannus Hayes of Fowler Ridge. The day was all that could be wished. And the dinner hour brought the good things in an abundance. The remark was made that the Hayes’s were good cooks and well that was proven by the way the table was relieved of its burden. There were 82 present.
Officers for coming year:
Orlin Hayes, Pres
_______________, Vice Pres
Minnie Trumbull, Sec/Treas.

It was decided to have bananas for treat the next time we meet.

We record two births, daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gillett; also daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.
As we look about us we miss the smiling face of Mrs. Lavina Nichols who passed from our sight to her home in heaven, Mar 22, 1901. Also little Oneta, daughter of Frank and Hattie Nichols died April 12, 1901. And little did we know that so many of our number had met with us for the last time. But we wish we may all gather around God’s table in one greater reunion in the great beyond, And again meet those we miss here.
Adjourned to meet the second Thursday 1902 at Watson Hayes’ in Vienna.

Those present were:
Watson Hayes
Mrs. Howard Chaffee Mrs. Watson Haye
Orrin Guy
Mrs. Orrin Hubert Hayes
Adna Mrs. Hubert
Floyd Ruby
Cloyd Gladdys
Ida Floyd
Jennie Rose Earl
Mrs. Lucy Hall Mrs. Rosen
Eva Mr. Rosen
Earl Mamie
Lucy Baldwin Mamie Bolston
Mrs. Birdie Hartman Chancy Hawley
Birdie Mrs. Chancy
Lyman Granger Fern
Perlie Mrs. Julia Hayes
Clyde Orlin
Madge Ettie
Mrs. Mary Hayes Frank
Mrs. Huldah Hayes Maud
Beeman McCurly Grant
Mrs. Beeman McCurly Wally
James McCurly Mrs. Wally
Mrs. James McCurly Porter
Mrs. Barton Rumbaugh Mrs. Porter
Ray Paul
Alford Carrie
Francis Loramie
Barker Mrs. Loramie
Guy Barker Willie
Jennie Chancy
Thad Mr. Thomas
Frankie Gillett Mrs. Thomas
Freeman Chaffee Theda Ester Thomas
Wilson Trumbull
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Rupert
Homer Hayes
Mrs. Homer
Mrs. Effie Jackson
Ester Gillett
Mrs. R. S. Trumbull, Sec.

Minutes of the 17th annual reunion of the Hayes family

The second Thursday in Aug was great as appointed for the 17th annual reunion of the Hayes family at the hospitable home of Watson Hayes, Vienna OH.

The day was a beautiful one but the attendance was small there being only 28 present. Not withstanding there was no lack of good things with which to refresh the inner man and the dinner table fairly groaned under its load but was speedily relieved by those present.
After dinner the meeting was called to order by the President Orlin Hayes and after listening to the report of the previous meeting, the following officers were elected:
President – Orlin Hayes
Vice President – Guy Barker
Sec & Treas. – Mrs. C. D. Hayes
Marriages were:
Mer???? Hayes and William ?????
Sadie Hood and Ambrose (?) Hayes
Mrs. Henry Hayes died Nov 18, 1901
Mrs. Eva Hayes died Aug 27, 1901
Fern Hawley died March 6, 1902
No Births were reported
After spending sometime in visiting we peperated to leave, God willing, to meet again the second Thursday in Aug, 1903 at the home of Guy Barker.
Mrs. Barker
Guy Barker
Orlin Hayes
Aunt Julia Hayes
Loranus Hayes
Mrs. Loranus
Clyde ???????
Rupert Trumbull
Eva ???????
Nearmis ???????
Olive ?????????
Mrs. C. D. Hayes, Sect.
Minutes of the 18th annual reunion of the Hayes family

Note: the actual minutes are hard to read. . .will fill in sections that I can make out.
. . . this year we find five additions to our numbers being namely
a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barker (Esther, written off to side)
a son to Mr. and Mrs. Watson Hayes
a son to Mr. and Mrs. Beeman ??????
a son to Mr. and Mrs. Watson ??????
a son to Mr. and Mrs. Verge Gillett

Only one marriage was reported, that of Miss Eva Bolster and Mr. Will Clark
And one death being Mr. Hiram Hull
It was suggested that we change the date of our next meeting and after much discussion as to this, it was decided that we meet the last Thursday in June 1904 at the home of Mr. Howard Chaffee, Greene O.
There were 57 present at this meeting who seemed to feel that it was a day spent in a very pleasant way cementing the ties that bind us together as a family, making us better acquainted with each other than we would be without these annual gatherings.
As the sun began to go down in the western sky we separated and sought our homes with the ?????????? in our hearts that we might all meet again if not at our next reunion, in ????? ???? at the grand reunion up yonder when the clouds have cleared away.

Names of those present
Mr. Lucious Tucker Mr. Orlin Hayes
Mrs. Lucious Mrs. Orlin
Mr. Virgil Gillett Maud
Mrs. Virgil Grant
Alford Mr. Charlie
Mr. Hugh Hayes Mrs. Charlie
Ruby Dwight
?????? Edgar
Julia Carl
Mr. Loranus Hayes Ida Trumbull
Mrs. Loranus Mr. Will Hils
Earl Mrs. Will
Laura ???????
Guy Eliza Fox
Avorey Mrs. Lyman Granger
Mr. Howard Chaffee Clyde
Mrs. Howard Madge
Mr. Orrin Mr. Guy Barker
Mrs. Bell Mrs. Guy
Cloyd Thad
Herbert Esther
Adna Gen
Ida Wilson Trumbull
Freeman Mrs. Wilson
Theda Thomas Rupert Trumbull
Mrs. Lucy Hall Mrs. Rupert
Blanche Ward
Eva Elza
Amount in Treasury, Aug 1903, $1.98
Paid for bananas 1.00
Postals .25
Candy .75
????? .25
coffee .13
Leaving us in debt 40cents
Collection - $1.80
After paying the 40 cents, amount in Treas, Aug 1903 $1.40

Mrs. C. D. Hayes, Sec’t

The 19th annual reunion
Deaths – E. E. Thomas, Warren OH
Marriages Frank Hayes
Maud Scoville
Births A son to Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hayes (Norton)
A son to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Remalia
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Bart Rumbaugh
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gillett
A son to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hayes
A daughter (adopted) to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hayes
A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Will Hill

Porter Hayes Virgil Gillett
Sadie Emma
Paul Alford Jr.
Carrie Lucious Tucker
Loramie Hayes Mrs. Lucious
Betsy Pearlie Granger
Orlin Madge
Etta Arthur
Maud Mrs. Arthur
Frank Arbutnes
Maud Eugenie Thomas
Orin Chaffee Armenia
Belle Theda
Adna Julia Hayes
Ida Chancey Holly
Cloyd Emerett Holly
Herbert Grant Hayes
Mrs. Barnes Clyde Granger
Charlie Hayes Lucious Tucker
Clara Mrs. Lucious
Carl Freeman H. Chaffee
Norton Visitors
Esther Chaffee Rev. E. A. Burroughs
S. H. Chaffee Rev. Wiseman
Freeman Mrs. Wiseman
Guy Barker Ruth and Harold Wiseman
Jennie Mr. and Mrs. Maxfield
Mrs. S. Barker W. H. Carter
Esther Barker H. L. Lobdill
Thad Barker
Picton Hayes
Bertha Burpie (?)

The twentieth annual reunion of the Hayes family
Lavina Gillett Rumbaugh
Born Sept 187 –
Died April 5, 1906, age 31 years
Hulda A. Hayes
Born Oct 18
Died May 25, 1906, age 76 years
Charlotte Hayes
Died June 14, 1906
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