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Hagerthey DNA project

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Hagerthey DNA project

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A Y-DNA project has been established for any Irish surnames that are remotely near the name Hegarty, Haggerty, etc., and it is now online. Because of the limit in the number of characters allowed in the title of the project, I was unable to list more than two of the variant spellings in the title. My apologies to those of you who spell your name differently.

If you are already a participant in FamilyTreeDNA I hope you will have your records added to our project. To do so, simply login to your personal page and click on "Join Projects" (upper left side of the page). It may automatically bring up a link to our project, in which case you simply click on the link: "Haggerty/Hegarty." If it does not appear automatically, then search by surname for either of the two spellings in the title: "Haggerty" or
"Hegarty." Then click on "Join." There is no charge to join additional projects. I have added the records for the donor from my Haggerty family which lived in Cork in the 18th and 19th centuries (John Joseph Haggerty).

If you are not already in FamilyTreeDNA but would be interested in joining so that your family's DNA is being tested, go to the project home page:
Given the current pricing (while the current sale is on), I would recommend the Y-DNA test for 37 markers.

I do hope we can get many of you participating. Once people are in a common project we can much more easily compare their profiles and start speculating on how closely we are all related. Remember, these tests are only for males who have Hagerty, or something similar as their surname. If you don't fit that, then perhaps you can find a male Hagerty relative who is willing to donate a few cheek cells! That's what I had to do. The test required only a swab from the
inside of the cheek (similar to what they do on CSI, etc.)

To date three people have signed up and the webpage showing their DNA results is at:
So far John and Richard are quite similar and Kenneth is very different!

Hope to hear from you!

Sharon Haggerty
Bowen Island, BC Canada
smhaggerty (at)

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