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News from Earl Andrew Hasley, Jr. (Andy Hasley)

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News from Earl Andrew Hasley, Jr. (Andy Hasley)

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Surnames: Häßle, Haessly, Haessley, Hasley
9/30/01Letter from Andy Hasley to his brother George Hasley

George Hasley
1101 North Hastings
Hastings, Nebraska, 68901 USA
Phone 402-463-4474

Dear George,

I have just this week returned from a visit to the Deutschland home of our ancestors. Catholic Church records there, verify that our ancestors spelled their name Häßle. Amazingly, the church records also note our Great, Great, Great, Grandfather Philipp's July, 1832 emigration to America.

I stayed with, Thomas and Diana Häßle, who continue to spell their name in that way, though some in their family use a double s rather than ß . I have their address and phone number as well as e-mail and other contact information for many others in the Häßle family if you would like to get in touch with them. Thomas and Diana have a web site where products they manufacture may be purchased.

Regarding your inquiry, our Hasley ancestors came from Jungholz, Germany. Pronounced yoongholz, it is the Germanic term for young wood. Jungholz is a small village situated high in the Black Forest, seven kilometers north and 420 meters in elevation above the town of Bad Säckingen, Germany. Jungholz is located in the extreme south of the German Province of Baden Württemberg. The general area around Jungholz is referred to as the Hotzenwald (High Forest) of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). Bad Säckingen is in Germany, just across the Rhein River on the Deutschland/Switzerland border, about an hour's drive from Zürich. Thomas and Diana Häßle and their two children, live on the same property once occupied by our Great, Great, Grandfather, Johann Häßle.

N.B. Church records are no longer available in Jungholz. Häßle records are located in the churches of the nearby villages of either Rickenbach or Willaringen. If you are interested, another good source for Hasley history would be the books written by Dr. Helmut Faller. I recently spent an afternoon with him learning about the area and how to use his books. Dr. Faller is an 84-year-old local scholar who was commissioned many years ago by the local governments to document the genealogical history of the area. His work is contained in 34 volumes and organized by village. He has also written several local history books, all of which are available at the bookstore in Bad Säckingen.

I will eventually be sending you a disk, which will contain our family tree traced to the 1700s in Ireland and the 1600s in Germany. Actually, church records trace the Brechts to the 1500s in Philippsburg, Germany. Over the next several weeks, I will be working on recording the information I have obtained about our Hasley Ancestors in Germany.

As a conclusion to my work, I will enter biographical information about people I have personally known and scan in all the photographs, obituaries, correspondence and vital records etc. I have obtained. These digitally stored records tend to enlarge a computer file significantly so I am waiting until the data entry phase of my work has been completed before launching that project.

So far, I have documented and entered more than 7,500 individuals into our family tree. Compiling the data has taken thirty years. It has been a long and fascinating journey, which has introduced me to many wonderful people and carried me to the outer limits of recorded history about our family.

I intend to continue tracing our Mothers' Konen family in the Netherlands and her Reihmann family in Meeranne, Germany, but for the most part, I intend that my work on our family's history will be completed within a year from now.

By the way, the generations long controversy with respect to the pronunciation of our name is easily resolved with a quick study of the German pronunciation of the German town of Bad Säckingen. The town's name contains two pronunciations of the letter A; one with an umlaut, one without. The people of Germany pronounce the name of this town "Baud Sackingen". There are many other Germanic words, which confirm the pronunciation of our name, words such as Baden.

Regarding the German Language character ß , it is simply a sharp s. The immigrants often translated it by utilizing a double s… ss as do many German Hasleys today. The family I visited continues to spell its name Häßle, but in this age of computers and word processors, there is pressure to change the ß to ss. The umlaut, however, is needed to direct the pronunciation of the vowel and will remain.

The long and short of it, George, is that Hasleys in Germany may spell their name as their ancestors; Häßle, or more recently Häessle, or in some other way, but all Hasleys of Germany pronounce their name as we do, with the same "A" sound we use in the English Language word "Apple." They also tend toward a bit stronger S in pronouncing their name than we do and there is no hint of a Z mixed with the S.

Given the controversy about the pronunciation of our name, I thought that some Hasleys in America would wonder how the Hasleys of Germany pronounce their name so I tape-recorded many of the Hasleys of Germany as they pronounced their name. This sound track will be included in my completed work. While my research will resolve the question as to the Germanic pronunciation of our name, I respect the fact that anyone may choose to call himself or herself by whatever name, spelling or pronunciation they wish.

In conclusion, let me just say that meeting the Hasleys of Germany was for me, a dream come true. They were as true, friendly, beautiful, warm, hospitable, educated, family oriented, self sufficient, creative, entrepreneurial folks, as you would ever hope to meet. It had taken one hundred sixty nine years for the Hasleys of America to return to the mountains of the Hotzenwald and I can assure you that it was party time. Last Sunday, the Häßle family gathered from miles around the home of Thomas and Diana Häßle. There were meats and cakes and cheese and old folks and dogs. When I stood and said, "Mien name ist Andy Hasley von America… Ich bin ein Junholzer!! They went nuts, the beer flowed, the kids danced and we swore we would never part.

I love you,
Your Brother, Andy Hasley
1411 8th Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403 USA
Phone 319-364-2870
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