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I didn't see a Charles P Hackney listed under John Hackney and Nancy Vail. Remember though, John had brothers, George, Joseph, Arron, and Jehu. Charles could have been a child of one of them. Below is John and Jane Hackney's descendents. Some of the names on the list below are out of order, that I do know, but the list mentions about every name in the family.

Descendants of John Hackney Sr

1. John Hackney Sr (b.1765/1760/1768-Virginia;d.10 Jan 1843-Russell County,Virginia)
sp: Jane B Vail (b.August? 1768-Delaware;m.16 May 1786;d.6 Mar 1855-Russell County,Virginia)
2. Mary Jane Polly Hackney (b.30 Jul 1787-Russell County,Virginia;d.10 Apr 1889-Kanawha County,West Virginia)
2. John G Hackney Jr (b.17 Feb 1789/1786-Russell County,Virginia;d.8 Sep 1868-Russell County,Virginia)
sp: Nancy Ann Anderson (b.1791/1794-Russell Co.,VA;m.Abt 1812;d.1855-Russell Co. VA)
3. Lucinda Hackney (b.1813-Russell Co. VA;d.Aft 1880)
3. John G Hackney Jr (b.Abt 1820/1825;d.Aft 1900)
sp: Susannah Cooper ? (b.Abt 1826-NC;d.Aft 1900)
4. Jefferson Hackney (b.Jun 1843-Virginia;d.1923)
sp: Lucinda Thompson (b.Jun 1848;m.2 Jun 1866;d.1921)
5. General Washington Hackney (b.16 Jun 1870;d.13 Mar 1962)
sp: Leona M Searles (b.1881;m.11 May 1898;d.1917)
6. Ivy Bell Hackney (b.30 Jan 1906;d.14 Jun 1982-Allen's Creek,Jackson County,West Virginia)
sp: Alonzo Craft (b.25 Jun 1889;d.18 Aug 1984)
5. Cynthia Ann Hackney (b.1872;d.1889)
sp: Abraham Jones (m.11 Nov 1888)
6. Okey Jones
5. Marietta E Hackney (b.1885;d.18 Sep 1914)
sp: William Riley Jones (b.2 Apr 1875;d.18 Dec 1956)
5. George Monroe Hackney (b.21 Jan 1890;d.19 Nov 1961)
sp: Lula Victoria Jones (b.16 Sep 1890;d.4 Jul 1973-Kanawha Co.,WV)
6. Mazie Hackney
6. Estel A Hackney (b.22 Dec 1909;d.8 May 1974-Kanawha Co.,WV)
sp: Mazzie L Ferrell (b.1913;d.17 Apr 2000)
6. Martha Pearl Hackney (b.12 Sep 1911;d.7 Oct 1954)
6. Gatha Hackney (b.18 Apr 1916;d.20 Sep 1925)
6. Carrie Hackney (b.1 Jan 1919;d.11 Sep 1942)
6. Ruthie A Hackney (b.4 Jun 1924;d.10 Sep 1925)
5. Joe Hackney
5. Jeffie Hackney
4. Albert Hackney (b.Abt 1846)
sp: Catherine Smith (m.30 Mar 1868)
4. Mahala Hackney (b.Abt 1848)
4. Mary Hackney (b.Abt 1851-Russell Co. VA)
4. Lucinda Hackney (b.Abt 1854-Russell Co. VA)
4. Nancy A Hackney (b.Abt 1846-Russell Co. VA)
4. Hawkins Hackney (b.(Jan?) 1860-Russell Co. VA)
4. Alfed Floyd Hackney (b.Aft 1860)
sp: Louisa Alice Hackney Anderson (b.Abt 1865-Virginia;m.23 Jun 1886)
5. Floyd Hackney Jr
sp: Terry Haney
6. Norma Hackney
sp: Ray Bay
5. Asa L Hackney (b.1884-Russell Co.,VA;d.1957-Napa,Canyon Co.,ID)Page 2

sp: Victoria Noonchester (b.1888-Virginia;m.Abt 1906;d.1963)
6. Luther Hackney (b.Abt 1907-Virginia;d.Bef 1920)
6. Malva Hackney (b.Dec 1907-Virginia)
6. Ulyses "Eubis" Hackney (b.May 1909-Virginia)
6. Bessie Hackney (b.Abt 1912-Virginia)
6. Bury Hackney (b.Abt 1914-Virginia)
6. Hazel Hackney (b.Abt 1915-Oregon)
6. Liberty Hackney (b.1918-Oregon)
6. Verge Hackney (b.Aft 1920)
6. Arlyne (Orlene) Hackney (b.Aft 1920)
4. Sarah Hackney (b.Aug 1866-Russell Co.,VA;d.7 Jan 1867-Russell Co.,VA)
3. David T Hackney (b.Abt 1821-Russell Co. VA;d.1892/1894-Jackson Co. WV)
sp: Sarah Ann Ray (b.Jun 1831/1832-Kanawha Co. WV;m.18 Oct 1855;d.21 May 1913-Roane Co. WV)
4. Didama Elizabeth Hackney (b.1857-Jackson Co. WV;d.1899)
sp: Morris G Fisher (b.1854;m.1 Jan 1878;d.1917)
4. Ira W Hackney (b.1858-Jackson Co. WV;d.1926)
sp: Mary Harper (b.1861;m.19 Dec 1877;d.Aft 1920)
4. Margarie Hackney (b.1860-Jackson Co. WV;d.1877)
4. Mary Ann Hackney (b.1862-Jackson Co. WV;d.1877)
4. Nancy Ellen Hackney (b.1864/1865-Jackson Co. WV;d.1947)
sp: Elmore Marion Derrick (b.1857;m.28 Aug 1883;d.1934)
5. Frank L Derrick (b.1892;d.1935)
5. Melvin Edward Derrick (b.1895;d.1949)
5. Ezra Island Derrick (b.1897;d.1962)
5. Wilbur Derrick (b.1899;d.1951)
5. Estile Ray Derrick (b.1903;d.1982)
5. Albert Car Derrick (b.1905;d.1937)
5. Joe W Derrick
sp: Vella B Carney
6. Marieda M Derrick (b.1930)
4. John W Hackney (b.1868-Jackson Co. WV;d.1922-Boyd Co. KY)
sp: Williamena Larch (m.24 Sep 1892(Div))
sp: Nettie Allen (m.1913)
4. Rebecca Alice Hackney (b.1869-Jackson Co. WV;d.1957)
sp: Peter F Craft Jr (b.1862;m.20 Nov 1890;d.1945)
5. Alonzo Craft (b.25 Jun 1889;d.18 Aug 1984)
sp: Ivy Bell Hackney (b.30 Jan 1906;d.14 Jun 1982-Allen's Creek,Jackson County,West Virginia)
4. Jasper Hackney (b.1870-Jackson Co. WV;d.1872)
4. James M Hackney (b.1871-Jackson Co. WV;d.15 Dec 1872)
4. Newton McMann Hackney (b.14 Jun 1873-Jackson Co. WV;d.7 May 1957-Jackson Co.,WV)
sp: Louisa Ann Ashby (b.Jul 1872;m.23 Apr 1894;d.6 Aug 1928)
5. Webster Marshall Hackney (b.4 May 1896;d.11 Jul 1983)
sp: Goldie Estilline Parson (b.29 Sep 1898;m.8 Jan 1916;d.17 Sep 1973)
6. Alvie Doff Hackney (b.26 Sep 1922;d.29 May 1979)
sp: Marion Elizabeth Miller (b.24 May 1925;d.4 Dec 1955)
6. Homer Ealry HackneyPage 3

sp: Edith Parsons
4. Newtons twin Hackney (b.4 Jun 1873-Jackson Co. WV;d.4 Jun 1873-Jackson Co.,WV)
4. boy Hackney (b.26 Jun 1874-Jackson Co. WV;d.27 Jun 1874-Jackson Co. WV)
4. Beulah Hackney (b.1875-Jackson Co. WV;d.Aft 1957)
3. Nancy A Hackney (b.1824-Russell Co. VA;d.1893)
sp: James D Goff (b.1822;m.Abt 1847)
4. Louisa Goff
sp: Benjamin Davis
5. J Braxton Davis
sp: Viola E Harper
6. Hersel O Davis
sp: Erma N Jones
sp: Thomas D Ashby Sr (b.1828;d.1924?)
4. John Henry Ashby
sp: Carolina Phina Harris
5. Mary Etta Ashby
sp: Henry Asbury Parsons
6. Dennis Westley Parsons
sp: Iva Hay
4. Thomas D Ashby Jr
sp: Melissa E Harris
5. John B Ashby
sp: Dellie Pearl Moore
6. Garnet Ashby
sp: Charles L Whited
3. Joseph Anderson Hackney (b.1827-Russell Co. VA;d.Abt 1883)
sp: Mary C Polly Adkins (b.1829-Virginia;m.7 Dec 1848;d.Aft 1883)
4. Isabel Hackney (b.1854;d.1950)
sp: Joseph Nooncaster
5. Ada C Nooncaster (b.1882)
sp: Alonzo Ritchie
6. Jeff Benjamin Ritchie (b.1907)
sp: Nannie Lee Wyatt
4. George Hackney
sp: Rachel Nash (m.29 Nov 1882)
5. Pearl Beatrice Hackney
5. Ida Bell Hackney
3. Jane Hackney (b.Sep 1830-Russell Co. VA;d.Abt 1898)
sp: John H Thompson (b.12 May 1812;m.Abt 1847;d.8 Dec 1918)
4. Lucinda Thompson (b.Jun 1848;d.1921)
sp: Jefferson Hackney (b.Jun 1843-Virginia;m.2 Jun 1866;d.1923)
5. General Washington Hackney (b.16 Jun 1870;d.13 Mar 1962) ** Printed on Page 1 **
5. Cynthia Ann Hackney (b.1872;d.1889) ** Printed on Page 1 **
5. Marietta E Hackney (b.1885;d.18 Sep 1914) ** Printed on Page 1 **
5. George Monroe Hackney (b.21 Jan 1890;d.19 Nov 1961) ** Printed on Page 1 **
5. Joe Hackney ** Printed on Page 1 **Page 4

5. Jeffie Hackney ** Printed on Page 1 **
4. James Alexander Thompson (b.4 Dec 1864;d.May 1933)
sp: Marth Jane Shafer (b.11 Sep 1872;d.28 Feb 1959)
5. Nettie Mae Thompson (b.17 Oct 1888;d.14 Mar 1959)
sp: Curtis Uele Summers (b.15 Jul 1876;d.15 Sep 1947)
6. James Ralph Summers (b.15 Aug 1918;d.10 Apr 1998)
4. Joseph Thompson
sp: Eliza Elouise Harper
5. Henry Thompson
4. Nancy Thompson
2. Sarah Sally Hackney (b.Abt 1790-Russell County,Virginia;d.Aft 1860-Pequea,Pennsylvania)
sp: John Breeding (b.1782;d.1860)
3. Elizabeth Breeding (b.1813-Kentucky)
3. Jane Breeding (b.1812-Kentucky)
3. John Breeding (b.1817-Kentucky)
3. Abner Breeding (b.1820-Kentucky)
3. Isabell Breeding (b.1823-Kentucky)
3. Alfred Breeding (b.1827-Kentucky;d.Bef 1880)
2. Jane Hackney (b.1790/abt1794-New Castle,DE;d.Bet. 1850-1860-Buchanan County,Virginia.)
sp: David Anderson Sr (b.1793/1794-Montgomery Co. VA;m.8 Mar 1812;d.1853-Tazewell Co VA)
3. David C Anderson Jr (b.20 Oct 1816-Kentucky;d.28 Mar 1864)
sp: Amelia "Millie" or Rhonda Justice (b.1819-Floyd Co. KY;m.21 Mar 1838;d.Abt 1919)
4. William "Bill" Harrison Anderson (b.14 Nov 1848-Pike Co.,KY;d.1890)
sp: Emma A "Emily" Williamson (b.1855-Pike Co.,KY;m.30 Jun 1871)
5. John T Anderson (b.17 Mar 1873;d.1960-Grundy,VA)
sp: Rachel Elizabeth Adams (b.Feb 1874;m.26 Jul 1894;d.1951-Grundy,Buchannan Co.,VA)
6. James Anderson (b.Jan 1895-Kentucky)
6. Cora Anderson (b.21 Aug 1897-Morgans Creek,KY;d.1975-Delaware)
sp: James Pugh
6. Kennie Anderson (b.19 Nov 1911-Fishtrap,Pike Co.,KY;d.9 Apr 1973-Milford,DE)
sp: Grace Mae Bertrand (b.27 Jul 1921-McCord,Pike Co.,KY;m.23 Nov 1938;d.15 Nov 1960-Knoxville,TN)
6. unreadable L Anderson (b.Abt 1900-Pike Co. KY)
6. unreadable R Anderson (b.Abt 1906-Pike Co. KY)
6. unreadable B Anderson (b.Abt 1908-Pike Co. KY)
6. Howard Anderson (b.Abt 1910-Pike Co. KY)
6. Anderson (b.Abt 1913-Pike Co. KY)
6. Minnie O Anderson (b.Abt 1917-Pike Co. KY)
6. Corna Anderson (b.Abt 1919-Pike Co. KY)
4. John W Anderson (b.Jul 1858-Kentucky)
sp: Sarah Ann Justice (b.Sep 1868-Kentucky)
5. William P "Willie" Anderson (b.Aug 1885-Kentucky)
sp: Addie Justice
6. Alva Anderson
sp: Gladys Adkins
5. Roland T Anderson (b.Mar 1888-Kentucky)Page 5

5. Davey? Anderson (b.Feb 1890-Kentucky)
5. Milly A Anderson (b.May 1892-Kentucky)
5. Albert L Anderson (b.Jul 1894-Kentucky)
5. Johnnie L Anderson (b.Jan 1896-Kentucky)
5. Grant Anderson (b.Apr 1898-Kentucky)
5. Rosey Anderson (b.Mar 1900-Kentucky)
3. Mary Anderson (b.Abt 1817;d.Aft 1880-Buchanan Co?)
sp: Squire Adkins (b.1818-Kentucky;m.Abt 1837;d.Abt 1837)
4. James Adkins (b.Abt 1839)
4. Nancy Adkins (b.Abt 1842)
4. Celia Adkins (b.Abt 1842)
3. Nichodemus Anderson (b.1825-Lee Co. VA;d.Bef 1900-Buchanan Co VA)
sp: Nancy (b.1827-Russell Co. VA;m.Abt 1846)
sp: Mary Baldwin (m.11 Dec 1866)
3. Nancy Anderson (b.1826-Lee Co. VA)
sp: George Hagey (b.1827-Grayson Co.;m.Abt 1848)
3. Rebecca Anderson (b.1827)
sp: Ison Slone ?
3. Joseph Anderson (b.1829/1832;d.1870/1880)
sp: Ellender Hackney (b.Dec 1831-Russell County,Virginia;d.Aft 1900-Pike County,Ky.)
4. Mary A Anderson
sp: William Reynolds
3. Delima Melanda Anderson (b.1833)
sp: Michael Lee Noonchester (b.1827;m.Abt 1851;d.1869)
4. Mary Jane Noonchester (b.1852)
sp: Silas Deel (b.1849)
5. Lydia Deel
sp: Stuart Thomas
6. Nicey or Nancy Thomas (b.1910)
sp: William Floyd Hackney
sp: Claude Swanson Hackney
sp: John Wesley Davis (m.18 Mar 1878)
sp: Anderson Hackney
3. Elizaabeth Anderson (b.1836;d.Aft 1870)
2. Thomas Hackney (b.1795/1796-Tazewell County,Virginia;d.1875/1878-Mouthcard,Pike County,KY)
sp: Priscilla Drake (b.Abt 1800-Montgomery Co. VA;m.18 Apr 1817;d.1860/1870-Pike Co. KY)
3. Mary Polly Hackney (b.1818-Russell Co.,Virginia;d.10 Apr 1889-Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: John Tike Elswick (b.1809-Kentucky;m.20 Jan 1837;d.Abt 1882)
4. Wiley Elswick (b.4 Jul 1847-Pikeville,Pike Co.,KY;d.1 Feb 1922-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
sp: Mary Polly Looney (b.1851-Pikeville,Pike Co.,KY;m.27 Jul 1868;d.23 Feb 1937-Monarch Ark,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. John Wiley Elswick (b.Feb 1870-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Emma Rachel Rose
5. William Hensley Elswick (b.2 Jan 1869/1870-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.8 Mar 1950-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. Emma Elswick (b.12 Oct 1870-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.28 Sep 1927-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. Mary Elizabeth Elswick (b.20 Sep 1874-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.17 Feb 1956-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. James Harvey Elswick (b.20 Feb 1877-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.13 Aug 1958-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV)Page 6

5. Joseph Elswick (b.18 Mar 1879-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.18 May 1958-Campbells Cr.,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. Victoria Elswick (b.9 Jun 1884-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.6 Dec 1896-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. Almeda Elswick (b.3 Mar 1886-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.2 Apr 1964-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
5. Florence Elswick (b.1 Jun 1887/1888-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.4 Oct 1965-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
sp: Bartley S Spangler
6. Edith Spangler
sp: Proctor
5. Alice Elswick (b.10 Mar 1890/1893-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV;d.10 Mar 1923-Cedar Grove,Kanawha Co.,WV)
4. Tabitha Elswick (b.Abt 1855-Virginia)
4. Lewis Elswick (b.Abt 1858-Virginia)
3. John T Hackney (b.Jan 1818/1820-Russell Co.,VA;d.Aft 1900-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Frances Hurley (b.Jul 1827-Tyner,Jackson Co.,KY;m.21 Sep 1842;d.Aft 1900)
4. George W Hackney (b.1843/1846-Kentucky;d.1883/1900)
sp: Nancy Elswick (b.1842/1844/1848-Virginia)
5. Louise F Hackney (b.Nov 1866-Kentucky)
sp: Isaac Johnson (b.Mar 1862-Kentucky;m.1884)
6. John Johnson (b.Feb 1885-Kentucky)
6. Nettie Johnson (b.Feb 1888-Kentucky)
6. Nannie Johnson (b.Jun 1889-Kentucky)
6. Thomas Johnson (b.May 1894-Kentucky)
6. Charlie Johnson (b.Jun 1897-Kentucky)
6. Sarah Johnson (b.Sep 1899-Kentucky)
6. Kelly Johnson (b.Abt 1905-Pike Co. KY)
6. Lucy Johnson (b.Abt 1907-Pike Co. KY)
6. Eugene Johnson (b.Abt 1910-Pike Co. KY)
6. Bob ? Johnson (b.Abt 1913-Pike Co. KY)
5. Sarah J Hackney (b.Aug 1869-Kentucky)
sp: Jim Harve Childers
sp: Vandalia Francis (b.Abt 1860-Kentucky;m.1883)
5. Oliver Hackney (b.Abt 1883-Kentucky)
sp: Mary E (b.1889-Virginia)
6. Henry Hackney (b.1905-Virginia)
4. Sarah M Hackney (b.1845)
sp: Thompson "Thomas" Elswick (b.1845;m.14 Dec 1865)
5. Frances Elswick (b.Abt 1868)
5. Nancy Elswick (b.Abt 1870)
sp: David Montville
5. Henderson Elswick (b.Abt 1871)
5. George Elswick (b.Abt 1873)
5. Basil Elswick (b.Abt 1875)
sp: Lizzie McClanahan (m.30 Oct 1893)
5. Victoria Elswick (b.Abt 1877)
sp: William Biddle Buchanan
6. James Buchanan
sp: Beatrice Hatfield
5. Lucy Elswick (b.Abt 1878)Page 7

5. William Elswick (b.Abt 1879)
5. Birdie Elswick (b.Aft 1880)
5. Thomas Elswick (b.Aft 1880)
4. Andrew Jackson Hackney (b.Aug 1849-Kentucky;d.20 Nov 1932)
sp: Louisa E Thornsbury (b.Nov 1847-Kentucky;m.Abt 1867;d.2 Apr 1903)
5. John Martin Hackney (b.7 Feb 1869-Kentucky;d.26 Jan 1943)
sp: Mary Elswick (b.2 Dec 1873;d.6 Jun 1913)
6. Ken (K.B.) Hackney (b.1892)
6. Malcom "Mack" Hackney (b.1895-Kentucky)
6. Willie "Bill" Hackney (b.1898-Kentucky)
6. Causby Hackney (b.1901-Kentucky)
sp: Ted Stanley
6. Gusty ? Hackney (b.Abt 1904-Kentucky)
sp: Bill Stanley
sp: America Stanley
5. George McClellan Hackney (b.14 May 1870-Kentucky;d.12 Jan 1918-Breaks,Dickerson County,Virginia)
sp: Loretta Ann Epling (b.3 Dec 1879;m.1899;d.12 Nov 1920)
6. Hettie May Hackney (b.1901)
sp: Freddie Edwards (b.1901;m.May 1919)
6. Jettie Frances Hackney (b.Jan 1907-Kentucky;d.20 Oct 1995)
sp: Linden Edwards
6. Bessie Wealtha Hackney (b.23 Apr 1909-Mouthcard,Little Hackney Creek,Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Trigg Edwards (m.2 Aug 1924)
6. Johnnie Park Hackney (b.28 Jun 1914-Breaks,Dickerson County,Virginia;d.13 Jul 1967)
5. Elizabeth Hackney (b.Abt 1873-Kentucky)
5. James M Hackney (b.Abt 1874-Kentucky)
5. William T Hackney (b.Abt 1877-Kentucky)
5. Emry L Hackney (b.Jul 1879-Kentucky)
sp: Nettie Johnson (b.1888;m.1903;d.1995)
6. Fonn Hackney
sp: Glenn Thornbury
6. Louisa Hackney (b.1904-Kentucky)
6. Hackney (b.Abt 1909-Kentucky)
6. Hackney (b.Abt 1910-Kentucky)
6. Hackney (b.Abt 1911-Kentucky)
6. Hackney (b.Abt 1915-Kentucky)
6. Hackney
5. Francis S Hackney (b.May 1882-Kentucky)
5. Viclora P Hackney (b.May 1885-Kentucky)
4. James Hackney (b.Aug 1852-Kentucky)
sp: Pricy (b.Abt 1856-Virginia)
5. General G Hackney (b.1874-Kentucky)
5. Paris L Hackney (b.Abt 1876-Kentucky)
sp: unknown
6. McClellan "Clell" Hackney (b.Abt 1903-Virginia)
6. Stella Hackney (b.Abt 1904-Virginia)Page 8

6. Mahala 'Hale" Hackney (b.1907-Virginia)
6. Maudie L Hackney (b.1901-Buchanan Co.,VA)
sp: Barbara (m.1907)
5. George S Hackney (b.Abt 1878-Kentucky)
5. Eveline Hackney (b.Dec 1879 or Jan 1880-Kentucky)
4. Thomas Hackney (b.21 Mar 1855-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Sarah J Ratliff (b.Apr 1856-Kentucky;m.1868)
4. Elbertson Hackney (b.7 Nov 1858-Pike Co.,KY)
4. Samuel Hackney (b.25 Aug 1861-Pike Co. KY;d.5 Nov 1932-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Frankie Mullins
sp: Melvinia Adkins (b.1860;m.Abt 1882;d.Abt 1900)
5. John Albert Hackney (b.14 Jan 1883-Pike Co. KY;d.27 Feb 1967-Elkhorn City,KY)
sp: Kate Bevins
6. Imogene Hackney (b.24 Jul 1924;d.3 Feb 2004-Elkhorn City KY)
sp: Glenn Crumley
sp: Mary Jane Ratliff (b.22 Feb 1886-Draffin,Pike Co. KY;m.8 Jan 1904;d.3 Jan 1917-Elkhorn City,KY)
6. Otto Hackney (b.9 Dec 1915-Draftin,KY;d.6 Sep 1993-Ocala,FL)
sp: Zella Taylor (b.2 Dec 1915-Pike Co,KY;m.15 Jan 1935;d.30 Jul 1998-Oldsmar,FL)
6. Algie Hackney (b.13 Oct 1905-Pike Co. KY;d.27 Oct 1970-Lee Co,VA)
sp: Rushie Bingham (b.1909;m.1928;d.1972)
6. Opal Hackney (b.9 Feb 1913-Pike Co. KY;d.23 Jan 2004-Camp Creek Wva)
sp: Verdie Ratliff (b.13 Apr 1911-Pike Co. KY;m.20 Apr 1931;d.13 Mar 1962)
6. May B. Hackney (b.27 Dec 1906;d.15 Aug 1993-Goose Creek,SC)
sp: Johnie Belcher (m.1923)
5. William M Hackney (b.15 Jun 1887-Pike Co. KY;d.6 Jul 1923-Elkhorn City KY)
sp: Mellie Caraway (b.19 Jul 1889-Buchanan Co. VA;m.13 Mar 1907;d.6 Feb 1989-Elkhorn City KY)
6. Florida Hackney (b.4 Jan 1908;d.9 Mar 2001-Elkhorn City)
sp: Curtis Hall (m.1926)
6. Otis Hackney (b.25 Oct 1910;d.17 Mar 1965-Elkhorn City)
sp: Maggie Owens (b.Abt 1907;m.1939;d.9 Jan 1961-Pike Co. KY)
6. Roma Hackney (b.7 Jun 1913-Buchanan Co. VA;d.7 Aug 1989-Lexington KY)
sp: John Thornsberry (b.25 Sep 1914-Richlands VA;m.25 Dec 1939;d.9 Oct 1992-Elkhorn City)
6. Eunice Hackney (b.7 May 1916;d.19 Oct 1992-Whitley Co KY)
sp: Otis McCreary (b.Abt 1904;m.1935;d.16 Jan 1958-Elkhorn City)
6. Ivel Hackney (b.9 Apr 1919-Pike Co. KY;d.6 Oct 2003-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Jack E Keisman (b.Abt 1918;m.Abt 1943;d.4 Feb 1971-Pike Co. KY)
6. Virgil Hackney (b.21 May 1922-Pike Co. KY;d.25 Jan 1977-Pike Co. KY)
5. Sarah Hackney (b.Aug 1885-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Henry Stilton (m.1902)
5. Margaret Meg Hackney (b.2 Sep 1892-Pike Co. KY;d.15 Dec 1967-Elkhorn City)
sp: Samual Rowe (b.13 Aug 1884-Pike Co. KY;m.1910;d.12 Mar 1956-Pike Co. KY)
6. Earnest Rowe
6. Flora Rowe
sp: Kendrick
6. Jeanette Rowe
sp: TackettPage 9

6. Lexie Rowe (b.8 Aug 1916-Elkhorn City;d.9 Jan 1981-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Jack Overstreet (b.17 Feb 1913-Elkhorn City;m.Sep 1934;d.19 Jan 1990-Elkhorn City)
6. Elmer Rowe Rowe
6. Ray Rowe
5. Caroline Hackney (b.May 1896)
sp: Orville Rowe (m.1912)
5. James H Hackney (b.Jul 1895)
5. Victoria Hackney
5. Ephraim Hackney
sp: Jane Pharmer (m.1905)
5. Thomas W Hackney (b.Jun 1887)
4. Ephraim Hackney (b.Abt 1863/1866-Kentucky;d.8 Aug 1940-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Matilda (b.Jan 1865-Kentucky;m.Abt 1884)
5. Alven Hackney (b.Feb 1885-Pike Co.,KY)
5. John Hackney (b.Mar 1887-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Oscar Hackney (b.Dec 1892-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Manda Hackney (b.Jan 1895-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Oliver Hackney (b.Jan 1897-Pike Co.,KY)
4. Matherson "Matt" Hackney (b.Abt 1867-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Lucy Ling
5. Bertha Hackney (b.Abt 1912;d.Jul 2000)
sp: Everett Bennett
6. Thelma Bennett
sp: Reese
5. Jack Hackney
5. Ken Hackney
5. Edward Hackney
5. Harve Hackney
5. George Hackney
5. Ell Hackney
5. Mary Hackney
5. Elsie Hackney
4. Victoria Hackney (b.Abt 1872-Kentucky)
3. Charles Hackney (b.1824-Buchanan Co.,VA;d.Aft 1880-Buchanan Co VA)
sp: Mourning Stilton (b.1828/1831-Buchanan Co.,VA;m.23 Mar 1848;d.Aft 1880?)
4. William "Willie" Thomas Hackney (b.18 Jan 1852/1847-Kentucky or Grundy,VA;d.28 Sep 1928)
sp: Delilah Moore (b.18 Feb 1865;d.7 Dec 1922)
5. Thomas H "Tommy" Hackney (b.Nov 1884-Kentucky)
sp: Ruth V Maggard (b.1893;d.1966)
6. Hackney
sp: Otis C Wheeler (b.9 Apr 1921-Lawerence Co.,KY)
5. Charles H Hackney (b.Nov 1886-Kentucky)
5. John Morton Hackney (b.1 Jun 1889-Kentucky;d.1968)
sp: Ollie Nora Ramey (b.Dec 1888-Hood,Lawerence Co.,KY;d.1965)
6. Rufus Franklin Hackney (b.14 Feb 1914-Blaine,Lawerence Co.,KY;d.27 Feb 1943-Clarksburg,Ross Co.,OH)
sp: Erma Jean Johnson (b.17 Jul 1915;d.31 Jan 2000)Page 10

5. Joseph "Joe" Hackney (b.Jul 1891-Kentucky)
5. Stella M Hackney (b.Nov 1896-Kentucky)
sp: Aught Cordle
5. Henry Hubert Hackney
6. Henry Howard (Herbert?) Hackney
sp: Janet
6. Charles Ernest Hackney (b.Abt 1929;d.Dec 2007-London,OH)
sp: Barbara
6. Tom Hackney
sp: Jemima Whitt (b.Abt 1854-Kentucky;m.19 Sep 1870)
5. James B Hackney (b.8 Aug 1872-Floyd Co KY;d.26 Mar 1950-Lewis Co. WA)
sp: Elizabeth "Eliza" J Mullins (b.4 Apr 1885-Nicholas Co. WV;m.15 Jul 1900;d.26 Sep 1963-Lewis Co. WA)
6. Lillian (Lilly) Hackney (b.22 Mar 1901-West Virginia;d.4 Nov 1991-Raymond,WA.)
sp: Oliver F Hackney (b.10 Oct 1891-Virginia;m.23 Oct 1915(Div);d.5 Mar 1984-Montesano,Wa)
sp: Roy Cooper
sp: Woodard
6. Bill (William) T Hackney (b.Abt 1904-West Virginia)
sp: Nina L (b.Abt 1904-West Virginia;m.Abt 1927)
6. Lydia A (Liddy) Hackney (b.Abt 1903/1905-West Virginia)
sp: James "Jim" Monroe Hackney (b.15 Jul 1892-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;m.21 Jan 1920;d.22 Jul 1958-)
sp: Eaton
6. Charles H "Charlie" Hackney (b.1907-West Virginia;d.1990-Lewis Co.,WA)
sp: Alice C (b.1910;d.1988-Lewis Co.,WA)
6. Wilburn Lawerence "Wilbur" Hackney (b.24 Apr 1909-Lewis Co.,WA;d.26 Jun 1993-Onalaska,Wa)
6. Toby B Hackney (b.9 Mar 1911;d.11 May 1971-Randle,Wa)
6. Lucile V Hackney (b.Abt 1914-Lewis Co.,WA)
sp: Scalf
6. John "Johnnie" W Hackney (b.1916-Washington)
6. Emma V Hackney (b.21 Dec 1922;d.6 Jul 2001-Morton General Hospital,WA)
sp: Anton A "Tony" Kauer (b.20 Sep 1909;m.1937;d.18 Jan 1999)
6. Carl C Hackney (b.26 Sep 1924;d.17 Jul 1945)
5. Hezekiah Kar or Kire Hackney (b.30 Apr 1877-Blaine,Lawerence Co.,KY;d.3 Apr 1959-Columbiana Co.,OH)
sp: Cora Frances Tackett (b.5 Sep 1885-Olive Hill,KY;m.1 Jan 1901;d.26 Oct 1966-Highlandtown,OH)
6. Emily Evelyn Hackney
6. Charles Ernest Hackney (b.11 Sep 1918-From Beaver,PA)
6. Dorthy Mae Hackney (b.2 Feb 1905-Olive Hill,KY;d.14 Apr 1995-Highlandtown,Ohio)
sp: Fletcher W Ingram Jr (b.7 Feb 1902-Plummers Landing,KY;m.19 Mar 1924;d.15 Feb 1952-Highlandtown,Ohio)
6. William Henry Hackney
6. Clara Glendora Hackney
6. Thomas Howard Hackney (b.10 May 1910-Olive Hill,KY)
6. Anna Lucille Hackney
6. Marjorie Ester Hackney
6. Garnet Opal HackneyPage 11

5. Emma Hackney (b.Nov 1879-Lawerence Co.,KY)
sp: King
5. Hackney
4. Elizabeth Hackney (b.Abt 1851)
4. Garrett Hackney (b.Abt 1853)
4. John G Hackney (b.Abt 1854-Pike Co.,KY)
4. Cynthia Hackney (b.Abt 1856)
4. Louvena Catherine Hackney (b.1860-Virginia)
sp: Greenvill Thompson Berry (b.Mar 1854-Lawerence Co.,KY;m.Abt 1888)
5. Hattie Jane Berry (b.4 Dec 1890-Lawerence Co.,KY;d.6 Nov 1991-Louisa,Lawrence Co.,KY)
sp: Samuel Worthington Burton (b.Jun 1885-Kentucky;m.24 Jul 1912)
6. Heyward Burns Burton (b.Abt 1914-Kentucky)
6. Lottie Louisa Burton
sp: Hugh Hilliard Kinsmore (b.6 Jan 1913-Asheville,Buncombe County,NC)
6. Arline Jewel Burton
sp: Howard Skaggs
3. Valey Hackney (b.1826-Kentucky;d.1850/1860-Buchanan Co VA)
sp: Moses Hurley (b.1818/1828-Kentucky;m.10 Jun 1840;d.Bet 1850-1860)
4. Frances Hurley (b.Abt 1841-Virginia)
4. Nancy J Hurley (b.Abt 1842-Virginia)
sp: Jasper Ratcliffe (b.abt 1849?-Virginia;m.22 Aug 1868)
sp: unknown
5. Frances Ratcliffe (b.Abt 1856-Virginia)
5. Amber ? Ratcliffe (b.Abt 1856-Kentucky)
5. Richard Ratcliffe (b.Abt 1867-Kentucky)
4. Samuel Robinson Hurley (b.20 Apr 1844-Virginia;d.22 Apr 1893-Mouthcard,Pike Co.,KY)
4. Sarah Hurley (b.Abt 1847)
4. Charles Mitchell Hurley (b.Abt 1849)
sp: Margaret Lester (m.26 Sep 1878)
4. Eva Hurley (b.Abt 1854)
4. Adam Hurley (b.Mar 1856)
3. Nancy Hackney (b.1831/1832-Pike Co.,KY;d.1860/1870-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Isaac Epling Jr (b.Abt 1828-Pike Co. KY;m.27 Dec 1846;d.Bef 1870)
4. William L Epling (b.Abt 1847-Kentucky)
sp: Lisey Jane Rowe (m.11 Sep 1871)
5. James H Epling (b.27 Mar 1873)
sp: Milley J Slone (b.Mar 1881-Kentucky;m.1898)
6. Berley Epling (b.Dec 1898-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Dora F Epling
5. Montaville Epling
5. Paris W Epling
5. Nancy Epling
5. Harrison Epling (b.Sep 1888-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Ada Bell Epling
sp: Linda (b.Feb 1850-Kentucky;m.1899)
4. Margaret Epling (b.Abt 1853)Page 12

4. James H Epling (b.23 Apr 1855-Pike Co.,KY;d.24 May 1939-Breaks,Buchanan Co.,VA)
sp: Didema Mullins (b.13 Jun 1859;m.8 Oct 1878;d.26 Jun 1949)
5. Loretta Ann Epling (b.3 Dec 1879;d.12 Nov 1920)
sp: Noah M Edwards (m.19 Mar 1919;d.27 Feb 1931)
6. Opal Edwards (b.16 Dec 1919-Grassy Creek,Dickenson Co.,VA)
sp: George McClellan Hackney (b.14 May 1870-Kentucky;m.1899;d.12 Jan 1918-Breaks,Dickerson County,Virginia)
6. Hettie May Hackney (b.1901) ** Printed on Page 7 **
6. Jettie Frances Hackney (b.Jan 1907-Kentucky;d.20 Oct 1995) ** Printed on Page 7 **
6. Bessie Wealtha Hackney (b.23 Apr 1909-Mouthcard,Little Hackney Creek,Pike Co.,KY) ** Printed on Page 7 **
6. Johnnie Park Hackney (b.28 Jun 1914-Breaks,Dickerson County,Virginia;d.13 Jul 1967) ** Printed on Page 7 **
5. Laura Epling (b.1882)
5. Gusta Frances Epling (b.1885)
sp: Morgan T Owens
5. Jess G Epling (b.30 May 1887-KY;d.16 Nov 1982-Pikeville,Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Georgia Mullins (b.20 Sep 1893-Dickerson Co.,VA;m.23 Apr 1909;d.28 Jul 1968)
6. Ellis Epling (b.24 Apr 1918;d.Jun 1982)
6. Albert Epling (b.2 Oct 1920;d.28 Nov 1955)
sp: Bonnie Mullins (m.1942)
5. Jessee Epling (b.20 May 1888)
5. Goldie Epling (b.1894-Dickerson Co.,VA;d.20 Oct 1995-Buchanan Co.,VA)
5. Samson Park Epling (b.1896)
5. Lillie Margaret Epling (b.1897)
sp: Enoch Mullins
4. Sindesta Frances Epling (b.Abt 1856-Kentucky)
4. Richard T Epling (b.Abt 1867-Kentucky)
sp: unreadable (b.Abt 1873-Kentucky)
5. Epling (b.Abt 1895-Kentucky)
5. William Epling (b.Abt 1901-Kentucky)
5. Henry Epling (b.Abt 1903-Kentucky)
5. Mary Epling (b.Abt 1906-Kentucky)
5. Cora Epling (b.Abt 1907-Kentucky)
5. Julia Epling (b.Abt 1910-Kentucky)
4. Pricey Epling (b.Abt 1870)
3. Ephrain Hackney (b.Dec 25 1833/1831/1829-Pike Co. KY;d.2 Jan 1914-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Sarah "Sallie" Elswick (b.25 Mar 1836-Buchanan Co VA;m.18 Mar 1852;d.25 Jul 1904)
4. Nancy J Hackney (b.Feb 1853/1856-Kentucky)
4. John P Hackney (b.Dec 1857-Kentucky)
4. Lewis Hackney (b.Nov 1861-Kentucky)
sp: Lucy (b.Nov 1866-Virginia;m.Abt 1883)
5. America Hackney (b.Jul 1891-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Jessie Hackney (b.Jun 1895-Pike Co.,KY)
5. McKinley Hackney (b.Feb 1899-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Child Hackney
4. George McClelland Hackney (b.Feb 1865-Kentucky)
sp: Cora (b.Feb 1868-Kentucky;m.Abt 1887)Page 13

5. Virgie Hackney (b.Aug 1888-Virginia)
5. Mertie Hackney (b.Aug 1891-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Acif? Hackney (b.May 1894-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Ethle Hackney (b.Aug 1896-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Unis? Hackney (b.Aug 1898-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Child Hackney
4. Winnie Hackney (b.Abt 1867/1868-Kentucky)
4. Nickity Hackney (b.Mar 1870-Kentucky)
4. Henderson Hackney (b.Jan 1878)
sp: Stettie "Stella" (b.Feb 1884-Kentucky;m.Mar/Apr 1900)
5. Mary Hackney (b.Abt 1903-Kentucky)
3. Jane Hackney (b.1835-Pike Co. KY;d.Aft 1860-Buchanan Co VA)
sp: Miles Shortridge (m.23 Jan 1851)
3. Syndestee Hackney (b.May 1836/1838-Pike Co. KY;d.Bet 1910-1920)
sp: William Steward (b.Abt 1846-Kentucky;m.10 Jan 1867(Div))
4. Lindsey Steward (b.Abt 1868-Kentucky)
4. Pricy Steward
4. Fanny Steward
sp: M B Kirby
sp: not married (m.Not Married)
4. William Franklin Hackney (b.Mar 1855-Pike Co. KY;d.1927)
sp: Fair Helen Wallance
5. Sarah Hackney (b.7 Feb 1876-Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: Fred Olmstead
5. James Hackney (b.1877-Kanawha Co. WV;d.25 Oct 1886-Kanawha Co. WV)
5. Henry Paris Hackney (b.24 Aug 1882;d.Sep 1969)
5. George Thomas Hackney (b.15 Jun 1884-Cedar Grove,Wood Co. WV;d.11 May 1943-Columbus,Franklin Co. OH)
sp: Alta Maude Leggett (b.19 Feb 1894;m.12 Apr 1913;d.Apr 1973)
6. Eva Louise Hackney
sp: Eunice Francis Kelly
4. James Jackson Hackney (b.28 Sep 1858-Pike Co. KY;d.11 Sep 1933-Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: Estes Marinda Belcher (b.Abt 1863-Kanawha Co.,WV;m.20 Dec 1885)
5. Calvin Hackney (b.6 Oct 1887-Blount,WV)
sp: May Jarrell
6. Edith Hackney
sp: Truman Rose
sp: Gus Bostic
6. Thomas Hackney
sp: Madeline Wentz
6. Cleo Hackney
sp: Bert Wentz
6. Maywood Hackney
sp: Alma Belcher
6. Ray Hackney (d.1949)
sp: Sirada Ferrell
6. Orville HackneyPage 14

sp: Della Nelson
5. William H Hackney (b.Abt 1890;d.Abt 1881/1893)
sp: Mary Stone
6. Nellie Hackney
sp: Denzil Blackburn
6. Ruby Hackney
sp: Fred Ulbrich
6. Ruth Hackney
sp: Ernest Ulbrich
6. Gene Hackney
6. Rachel Hackney
sp: Lowell Cradock
sp: Dalmer Hicks
5. Elis V Hackney (b.3 Aug 1894;d.Jul 1978-Blount,WV)
sp: Chloe White
6. Genievie Hackney
sp: Paul Wohl
6. James Edward Hackney
sp: Vivian Proctor
6. Raymond Hackney
sp: Betty Shinn
6. Helen Hackney
sp: Van D Johnson
5. Alva Ervin Hackney (b.23 Jun 1898;d.12 Oct 1983-Blount,WV)
sp: Cressel Louise Blankenship
6. Patsy Ruth Hackney (b.1934-Kanawha Co.,WV;d.1934-Kanawha Co.,WV)
6. Barbara Jean Hackney (b.2 Jun 1937-Charleston,Kanawha Co.,WV)
sp: Gordon G Harper (m.13 Sep 1953)
sp: James Abner (b.1937-Pikeville,Pike Co.,KY;m.1965)
sp: Garnet Sabilla Garten (b.16 Mar 1902-Kanawha Co.,WV;d.18 Mar 1934-Blount,WV)
6. Darrel Lee Hackney
6. Juanita Miranda Hackney (b.21 Jan 1924-Kanawha Co.,WV;d.3 May 1992-Clevland,OH)
sp: Clayton Flowers (d.1976/1977)
sp: Marvin Bubby Curtis Weber (b.17 Mar 1924-Davis Creek,Kanawha Co.,WV;m.Not Married)
sp: Billy Edward Carrow (b.1924;m.Not Married)
sp: George Earl Poster (m.Not Married)
sp: Rufus Spangler (b.23 Nov 1909-Shrewsbury,KC,WV;m.12 Nov 1960;d.29 May 1974-Marment,KC,WV)
6. Acy Clyde Hackney (b.7 May 1927-Kanawha Co.,WV;d.24 Nov 1988-Blount,WV)
sp: Patsy Lee Proctor
sp: Virginia Cantrell (m.1911)
sp: Millie Belcher (m.1919)
4. George Thomas Hackney (b.28 May 1864-Kentucky;d.15 Jan 1940-Cedar Grove,WV)
sp: Celia Hurley (m.1893)
5. Irene Hackney
3. James Issac Hackney (b.Jun 1837-Pike Co. KY;d.Aft 1910-Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: Sarah Elizabeth Ratliff (b.Oct 1843-Kentucky;m.Abt 1865;d.1900/1910-Kanawha Co. WV)Page 15

4. Mary F Hackney (b.Abt 1867-Kentucky)
4. Eliza Jane Hackney (b.Abt 1868-Kentucky)
sp: Lewis Elswick
5. Polly Grace Elswick (b.14 May 1887-Kanawha Co. WV;d.30 Jan 1962-Sanderson,Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: James Lewis Spangler (b.13 Oct 1876-Shrewsbury,Kanawha Col,WV;m.1910;d.23 Aug 1952-Sanderson,KC,WV)
6. Cecil Spangler (b.29 Jan 1902)
6. Pearl Spangler (b.21 May 1916)
6. James Lewis Spangler (b.20 Aug 1921)
sp: Maragiett
6. Willie Woodrow Spangler (b.29 Oct 1925;d.27 Mar 2000-Cedar Grove,WV)
sp: Clara Hearshaw (b.Abt 1934;m.1950)
sp: Leica Sue Nicholes (b.1 Jan 1950-West Virginia;m.14 Jul 1969)
4. Ephram Dock Hackney (b.Jan 1870-Pike Co.,KY)
4. Jasper Tranbo Hackney
4. Annie Hackney
sp: Thomas Hudnall
5. Laco Melvin Hudnall
sp: Alice Hariet Heideman
6. Harold Lee Hudnall
sp: Betty Grace Buckland
sp: Barbara Alice Singleton
sp: Margaret Kathleen Smith
4. John George Hackney
sp: Murial Agnes Loiseau (m.1905)
5. Beulah G Hackney (b.14 May 1904-Ward,Kanawha Co. WV;d.1 Jan 1993-Charleston,Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: K E Higginbotham (m.16 Sep 1922)
5. Hazel Hackney (b.2 Oct 1906-Kanawha Co. WV;d.Mar 1975-Dunbar,Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: William C Hoover (m.29 Jan 1927)
5. Harry Hackney (b.5 Feb 1909-Ward,Kanawha Co. WV)
5. George Thurman Hackney (b.1918-Kanawha Co. WV;d.1961-Kanawha Co. WV)
5. Dorothy Virginia Hackney (b.1918-Kanawha Co. WV;d.1961-Kanawha Co. WV)
sp: Garfield Hackney (m.30 Nov 1941)
5. John E Hackney (b.2 Sep 1925-Kanawha Co. WV;d.Feb 1992-Blount,Kanawha Co. WV)
5. Ivan G Hackney
4. Lilly J Hackney
4. Jerry Calvin Hackney
4. Robert Thomas Hackney
3. Jesse Hackney (b.Abt 1840)
3. Pricey Margaret Hackney (b.1841-Pike Co. KY;d.14 Apr 1876-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Lewis H Elswick (b.1833-Tazewell Co VA;m.25 Feb 1857;d.5 Mar 1900)
4. John Elswick (b.Abt 1861)
4. James Elswick (b.Abt 1863)
4. Ephraim Elswick (b.Abt 1865)
4. joseph Elswick (b.Abt 1866)
4. George Elswick (b.Abt 1868)
4. Miles Elswick (b.Abt 1871)Page 16

4. Mary Elswick (b.Abt 1874)
4. Pricey Elswick (b.Abt 1876)
4. Almandy Elswick (b.Abt 1876)
sp: thomas second wife
3. George Hackney
3. Henson Hackney
3. Ebb Hackney
3. Lewis Hackney
2. Nancy Hackney (b.1795-Russell County,Virginia;d.5 Jul 1875-Russell Co.,VA)
sp: Elias Adkins (b.Abt 1804/1808-Kentucky;m.4 Aug 1824;d.Aft 1850-Tazewell Co VA)
3. Jane Adkins (b.Aft 1820;d.Aft 1900-Cabell County,WV)
sp: William Bishop (b.1820-Kentucky;m.12 Apr 1840)
3. James H Adkins (b.1825)
sp: Nancy Keen
4. Emeritta Jane Adkins
sp: William Harrison Reynolds (m.Not Married)
5. Wyatt (Reynolds) Adkins (b.Abt 1877-Pike Co.,KY)
6. Wyatt Adkins Jr (b.1901-Pike Co.,KY)
3. Mary C Polly Adkins (b.1829-Virginia;d.Aft 1883)
sp: Joseph Anderson Hackney (b.1827-Russell Co. VA;m.7 Dec 1848;d.Abt 1883)
4. Isabel Hackney (b.1854;d.1950) ** Printed on Page 3 **
4. George Hackney ** Printed on Page 3 **
3. Nancy Adkins (b.Bet 1825-1832-Pike Co. KY;d.Aft 1900-Cabell County,WV)
3. Jackson Adkins (b.1834)
3. Sally Adkins (b.1838)
3. Celian Adkins (b.1840-Tazewell Co VA;d.1923-Roane Co. WV)
sp: Esquire Gibson (b.1840-Roane Co. WV;m.1858;d.1891-Roane Co. WV)
3. John Adkins
2. Nichodemus Hackney (b.Abt 1798-Tazewell County,Virginia;d.1860-Buchanan County,Virginia.)
sp: Nancy Jane Hurley (b.1804/1808-Russell County,Va;m.Abt 1825;d.Abt 1860-Buchanan County,Virginia.)
3. Ruel Priest Hackney (b.11 Nov 1829-Russell County,Virginia;d.21 Jan 1898-Pike County,Ky.)
sp: Westina Westeny Adkins (b.Mar/Dec 27 1827-Kentucky;m.8 Mar 1849;d.5 Apr 1870-Pike Co. KY)
4. Clarke T Hackney (b.Nov/Dec 1849-Pike Co. KY;d.25 Oct 1869)
4. William H Hackney (b.Abt 1852-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Diana (Dye ) May (m.20 Apr 1878)
5. Nancy Jane Hackney (b.1879/1880)
4. Causby Hackney (b.20 Jul 1854-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: William Anderson May (m.2 Jan 1873)
4. James Patton Hackney (b.20 Aug 1856-Grapevine,Pike Co.,KY;d.27 Mar 1932-McAndrews,Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Columbia "Lum" May (b.2 May 1861-McAndrews,Pike Co.,KY;m.29 Mar 1878;d.20 Feb-McAndrews,Pike Co.,KY)
5. Morgan Terrance Hackney (b.3 Apr 1879-McAndrews,Pike Co.,KY;d.25 Apr 1972)
sp: Fannie Hall
6. Lass Hackney
6. Josephine HackneyPage 17

6. Jeanette Gwendolyn Hackney
sp: George Brooks
5. Victoria Hackney (b.May 1881)
5. John Dougla Hackney (b.11 Jan 1882)
5. Lundy Hackney (b.5 Dec 1884)
5. Landon Hackney (b.25 Mar 1887)
sp: Josie Hall (m.1912)
5. Benjamin Harrison Hackney (b.17 Nov 1888)
sp: Martha Jane Hall
6. Sadie Hackney (b.13 Aug 1912)
sp: Gilbert
5. Shock Hackney (b.5 Dec 1890)
sp: Orpha Adkins
5. La-Vinna "Vinnia" Hackney (b.19 Mar 1893)
sp: Smith
5. Polly Hackney (b.10 Feb 1895)
5. James Whetsil Hackney (b.10 Mar 1897-Octivia Hollow McAndrews,Kentucky;d.Sep 1958-Gilbert,Mingo Co.,WV)
sp: Pleana Maynard
6. Tennis Hackney (b.14 Jan 1919-McAndrews,Pike Co.,KY;d.16 Jul 1992-South Williamson,Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Virginia Lee York (b.10 Mar 1923-Sharondale,PC,KY;m.24 Dec 1938;d.28 Mar 1978-South Williamson,P,WV)
sp: Judy Ratliff (m.1915)
5. Thompson Phillip Hackney (b.22 May 1901)
5. Sapharona "Frona" Hackney (b.27 Jun 1906;d.1986)
sp: White
6. Boy
5. King Elliot Hackney (b.14 Jul 1899)
4. Nancy Hackney (b.Abt 1858/1859-Kentucky)
sp: William Harrison Reynolds
4. Richard Thompson Hackney (b.9 Aug 1861-Buchanan County,Virginia.;d.23 Jul 1924)
sp: Charlotte Martha Coleman (b.1858-Virginia)
5. Caroline Hackney (b.Dec 1879-Buchanan Co.,VA)
5. John T Hackney (b.1883;d.Feb 1967-Elkhorn City,KY ?)
sp: Cora Mullins (m.1905)
6. Orda Hackney (b.21 Jan 1907-McAndrews,KY;d.29 Feb 1944-McAndrews,KY)
sp: Sarah Small (b.30 Jul 1904-Inez,KY;m.1925)
6. Lena or Leta Hackney (b.15 Apr 1912;d.16 Feb 1937)
5. Simon P Hackney
sp: Martha
5. William J Hackney
5. Dollie Hackney
5. Victora Hackney
5. Hatfield Anderson "Ance" Hackney
5. Nancy Louisa Hackney
5. Richard Thompson Hackney
sp: Matilda May (m.(Div))
sp: Caroline (Amanda?) KellyPage 18

5. Polly Hackney
5. James "Jim" Hackney
sp: Jeanette Ball
4. Celia "Sealey" Hackney (b.Abt 1861/1863-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Absalom Smith (m.21 Oct 1880)
4. Mary Jane Hackney (b.Abt 1865/1866-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Shadrack "Shade" Hackney (b.1858/1861-Buchanan Co.,VA;m.27 Sep 1883(Div);d.Aft 1894)
5. Lillian "Lillie" Hackney (b.Abt 1889-Kentucky)
sp: James Stiltner (b.1894-Virginia;m.Abt 1919)
6. Mary Stiltner Beverly (b.1911-){+West Virginia)
6. Jessie E. Stiltner Beverly (b.20 Jun 1913-){+Tennessee)
6. John R(ufus) Stiltner Stilton (b.9 Nov 1922-Bell Co.,KY)
6. Fannie J Stiltner (b.3 Jun 1920-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Beverly (m.Abt 1910)
6. Mary Stiltner Beverly (b.1911-){+West Virginia) ** Printed on Page 18 **
6. Jessie E. Stiltner Beverly (b.20 Jun 1913-){+Tennessee) ** Printed on Page 18 **
sp: Benny Nix (b.Abt 1892-Tennessee;m.Abt 1925)
5. Henry Hackney Rhodes (b.1888/1890-;d.Virginia;d.26 Jun 1951-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Lurena "Lou" "Ranie" Mefford (b.2 May 1892-Tennessee;m.Abt 1911)
6. Elsie or Elise Hackney (b.Abt 1912-Tennessee)
6. Shade S Hackney (b.16 Jun 1913-Bell Co.,KY;d.Apr 1958)
6. Rosa Hackney (b.Abt 1917-Kentucky)
6. Houston L Hackney (b.18 Jul 1920-Bell Co.,KY;d.May 1977)
6. Maggie E Hackney (b.29 May 1922-Bell Co.,KY)
6. Duff Dorsey Hackney (b.22 Sep 1924-Bell Co.,KY;d.15 Nov 1994)
6. Freddie William Hackney (b.23 Dec 1926-Bell Co.,KY;d.1 Feb 1928)
6. Thompson M. Hackney (b.29 May 1929-Bell Co.,KY;d.13 Oct 1930)
6. Mary F Hackney (b.9 Oct 1931-Bell Co.,KY)
6. Earl F Hackney (b.28 Feb 1934-Bell Co.,KY;d.28 Feb 1934-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: George W Rhodes aka John/George Jones (b.Abt 1842/1845/1850-Bell County,Kentucky;m.3 Mar 1889;d.Aft 1930)
5. Henry Hackney Rhodes (b.1888/1890-;d.Virginia;d.26 Jun 1951-Bell Co.,KY) ** Printed on Page 18 **
5. Lemmie Rhodes (b.Jul 1892-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.3 Feb 1975-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Virgie V Fuller (b.12 Dec 1892-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;m.1910;d.24 Mar 1977-Pike Co.,KY)
6. George Rhodes (b.1911)
6. Gusta Rhodes (b.1913)
sp: Bill Moore
6. Mary Rhodes (b.1916)
sp: Richard R Woods
6. Fannie (Frances) E Rhodes Jones (b.21 Mar 1918-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Charles Ling
6. Alice Rhodes Jones (b.27 Jan 1921-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Huffard Ward
6. Martha Ellen Rhodes Jones (b.16 Feb 1923-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Oliver F Hackney (b.10 Oct 1891-Virginia;m.Bef 1966;d.5 Mar 1984-Montesano,Wa)
6. Lillie Rhodes Jones (b.27 Feb 1925-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: Tony ColemanPage 19

sp: Avery "Buck" Ramey
6. Dock Rhodes (b.1931)
sp: Mildred Owens
6. Roosevelt Rhodes (b.1932/1934;d.7 Aug 1986-Pike Co.,KY)
6. Edmond Rhodes (b.1936)
5. Frances "Fannie" Rhodes (b.May 1894-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Thompson Rhodes (b.May 1897-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Mat Jones Rhodes (b.17 Sep 1902-Bell County?,KY;d.28 Feb 1972-St. Elizabeth Hospital,Dayton,OH)
sp: Frances Broden (b.1908;m.1925)
6. Lillie Mae Jones (b.1 Aug 1926-Bell Co.,KY)
sp: John "Johnnie" Davis (b.Abt 1926;m.Abt 1944)
6. Lena Jones (b.Abt 1926-Bell Co.,KY)
6. Jean Jones (b.Aft 1930-Bell Co.,KY;d.Jun 2002)
sp: McCollough
6. Copeland Jones (b.11 Jun 1934-Valley Creek,Claiborne Co.,TN)
sp: William Boyd Wilde (m.1951)
4. Alexander F Hackney (b.Mar 1870-Kentucky)
4. Josephine Hackney
sp: Charlotte "Charity" Smith (b.26 Dec 1829;m.8 Jan 1871)
4. Rena Hackney (b.1871-Kentucky)
sp: George W Fuller (m.1895)
4. Westeney Hackney (b.Aug 1875-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: James H Justice (b.13 Nov 1871-Pike Co.,KY;m.9 Jan 1895)
4. Elizabeth Hackney (b.1877-Kentucky)
4. Joseph Hackney (b.Aug 1879-Kentucky)
3. Ellender Hackney (b.Dec 1831-Russell County,Virginia;d.Aft 1900-Pike County,Ky.)
sp: Joseph Anderson (b.1829/1832;d.1870/1880)
4. Mary A Anderson ** Printed on Page 5 **
3. Mary Jane Hackney (b.Abt 1832/1835-Russell County,Virginia;d.22 Jul 1905-Dickenson County,Virginia)
sp: Andrew Owens (m.Not Married)
4. George Hackney (b.Abt 1854)
sp: Pricey Fuller
4. Alabama Hackney (b.Abt 1858)
4. Henry H Hackney (b.Abt 1859)
4. Alexander Hackney (b.Sep 1861;d.30 Nov 1943-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Sarah N Compton (b.1876;m.16 Dec 1886)
5. Monroe Hackney (b.1889-Virginia)
5. Albert Hackney (b.1892-Virginia;d.4 Oct 1974-Pike Co. KY)
5. Rufus Hackney (b.Abt 1893-Virginia)
sp: Rosa F Farmer (b.May 1887-Pike Co.,KY;m.1910/1912)
6. Melster Hackney (b.Abt 1912-Pike Co.,KY)
6. Marthy Hackney (b.Abt 1914-Pike Co.,KY)
6. Annie Hackney (b.Abt 1916-Pike Co.,KY)
6. Hackney (b.Abt 1918-Pike Co.,KY)
5. Alabama Hackney (b.1895-Virginia)Page 20

5. Isabel Hackney (b.1898-Virginia)
5. Tinis Hackney (b.1904-Virginia)
5. Mary Hackney (b.1906-Virginia)
sp: Thacker
6. Verlie Marie Thacker
sp: Avery Rush Adams
5. Victoria Hackney (b.1907-Pike Co. KY)
5. Alonzo "Lonzie" Hackney (b.1908/1909-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Jane McClanahan (b.Abt 1882;m.28 Jun 1926)
4. Albert Hackney (b.1861-Virginia)
sp: Nancy Jane Edwards (b.4 Apr 1866;m.9 Jun 1887)
5. Sindustry Hackney
sp: Stacy Edwards (b.17 Jan 1902;m.9 Oct 1920)
6. Gladys Edwards
sp: Joseph Czachowski (b.1916;d.1988)
6. Goebel Edwards
6. Joan Edwards
6. Gaynel Edwards
5. Rosina Hackney
5. Alex Hackney
5. Percy Hackney
5. Maudie Edith Hackney
sp: William O'Quinn
6. Gloria O'Quinn
sp: Clemon Jackson
5. America Hackney (b.18 Dec 1897-Buchanan Co.,VA;d.1994)
5. Floyd Hackney
5. Cora Hackney
5. Claude A Hackney
sp: Lydia Thomas
5. Swanson Hackney
5. Basil Hackney
5. Goldia Hackney
3. Richard Thompson "Thomas" Hackney (b.12 Mar 1836-Russell (Buchanan) County,Va;d.31 May 1916-Paw Paw,Pike Co. Kentucky)
sp: Mary "Polly" Ashby (b.May 1834-Russell Co.,VA;m.18 Feb 1854(Div);d.1915)
4. Pricey J Hackney (b.1857)
sp: Margaret Elizabeth Pucket (b.Abt 1844/1846-Russell Co.,VA;m.1857/1859/1860;d.Nov 1918-Russell Co.,VA)
4. Shadrack "Shade" Hackney (b.1858/1861-Buchanan Co.,VA;d.Aft 1894)
sp: Pricey Fuller (b.Abt 1860-Buchanan Co.,VA;m.13 Feb 1879;d.Abt 1885-MN)
5. Elizabeth Hackney
sp: John Binford
5. Melissa Hackney
sp: John Running
5. Columbus Hackney
sp: Mary Jane Hackney (b.Abt 1865/1866-Pike Co.,KY;m.27 Sep 1883(Div))
5. Lillian "Lillie" Hackney (b.Abt 1889-Kentucky) ** Printed on Page 18 **Page 21

5. Henry Hackney Rhodes (b.1888/1890-;d.Virginia;d.26 Jun 1951-Bell Co.,KY) ** Printed on Page 18 **
sp: Alty Jessee (m.Jun 1891(Div))
sp: London Fleming (b.1870-Dickenson Co.,VA;m.28 Nov 1893)
5. James Hackney (b.Abt 1894)
sp: Frances Schilling (b.Abt 1870;m.22 Dec 1891)
4. John Franklin Hackney (b.1 Dec 1863-Russell Co.,VA;d.4 Apr 1937-Cowan,Webster Co.,WV)
sp: Etta Rose (b.1884?-Nicholas Co.,WV;m.11 Mar 1922)
sp: Jacie "Jossie" O'Dum (b.1878-Virginia;m.Abt 1899;d.Abt 1947-Giles Co.,VA)
5. Mack Arthur Hackney (b.1 May 1906-Giles Co.,VA)
sp: Margaret "Maggie" Long
sp: Mary Jones
5. Thelma Juanita Hackney (b.23 Feb 1908-Giles Co.,VA)
sp: Virgil Pennington
5. Roy Lee Hackney (b.Aft 1910;d.Bef 1927)
5. Montana Hackney (b.17 Aug 1914-Giles Co.,VA;d.3 Jan 1969-Giles Co.,VA)
sp: Gladys Pauline Long
sp: Mary Ann Hawkins (b.Abt 1863-Russell Co.,VA;m.3 Mar 1885)
5. Charley M Hackney (b.22 Feb 1883-Russell Co.,VA)
5. Myrtle Melissa Hackney
sp: Davis
6. Myrtle Virginia Davis
sp: Westfall
5. Isaac T Hackney (b.31 Mar 1889-Russell Co.,VA;d.19 Sep 1891-Russell Co.,VA)
5. Millie Ellen Hackney (b.28 Oct 1890-Russell Co.,VA)
5. Sarah P Hackney (b.22 Mar 1892-Russell Co.,VA)
5. Mary M Hackney (b.27 Oct 1894-Russell Co.,VA)
5. Melvin G Hackney (b.29 Feb 1896-Russell Co.,VA)
5. J. Willard Hackney (b.4 Oct 1898-Russell Co.,VA)
sp: Mary Jane Anderson (m.Not Married)
4. David Hackney Anderson (b.Abt 1864;d.8 Dec 1931-Pike Co.,KY)
sp: Mary F Ashby (b.Abt 1870-Russell co.,VA;m.10 Sep 1885)
5. Royal J Anderson (b.Jun 1888-Virginia)
5. Rolsson T Anderson (b.Jul 1891-Virginia)
5. Cary L Anderson (b.Mar 1893-Virginia)
5. Ada O Anderson (b.Jul 1894-Virginia)
5. Nelly E Anderson (b.Jul 1896-Virginia)
5. Steller Anderson (b.Jun 1899-Virginia)
sp: Clementine Fuller (b.1887-Virginia;m.10 Mar 1909)
5. Elijah Hackney (b.1910-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Tom Anderson (b.1913-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Odes Anderson (b.1915-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Carl Anderson (b.1916-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Alfred Anderson (b.1918-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Callie Anderson (b.1920-Buchanan Co. VA)
5. Josie Anderson (b.Abt 1922)
5. Albert Anderson (b.1924)Page 22

4. Louisa Alice Hackney Anderson (b.Abt 1865-Virginia)
sp: Alfed Floyd Hackney (b.Aft 1860;m.23 Jun 1886)
5. Floyd Hackney Jr ** Printed on Page 1 **
5. Asa L Hackney (b.1884-Russell Co.,VA;d.1957-Napa,Canyon Co.,ID) ** Printed on Page 1 **
sp: Elizabeth B "Lizzie" Epling (b.12 Oct 1850/1852-Pikeville,Kentucky;m.16 Nov 1866;d.17 Jun 1935-RHiR,WA.)
4. Henry Hackney (b.3 Sep 1868-Virginia;d.6 May 1931-Raymond,Washington US)
sp: Alafair Lucy Epling McClannahan (b.Abt 1877-Virginia;m.20 Mar 1895(Div))
5. Columbus Hackney (b.1897)
5. Marquis De Lafayette "Mark" Hackney (b.Abt 1897-Virginia;d.1920-Raymond,WA)
sp: Elizabeth Lodins (b.1877?-West Virginia;m.Abt 1894)
6. Rufus Hackney (b.1914;d.1917)
6. Tennessee 'Tenne' Ann Hackney (b.3 Sep 1918-Katsburg,Kentucky;d.17 Mar 2002-Raymond,Pacific Co.,WA)
sp: Leonard Lorentsen (m.1935(Div))
sp: Dale Joseph Latimer (b.12 Mar 1919-Calgary,Alberta;m.4 Sep 1959;d.18 Apr 1999-Raymond,Pacific Co.,WA)
5. Richard Thompson Hackney (b.17 Jun 1906/1903-Lower Elkhorn,Pike Co.,KY;d.27 Jan 1981-Sultan,Pacific Co.,WA)
sp: Elizabeth Jeanette Ryan (b.17 Sep 1917-Ohio;m.12 Jun 1934)
6. Robert Enos Hackney (b.12 Oct 1935-Raymond,Washington US)
sp: Jenny
6. Rita Hope Hackney (b.19 Jan 1940-Raymond,Washington US)
sp: Allen Stanley Porter
6. Paul Carl Hackney (b.20 Aug 1942-Raymond,Washington US)
4. ALEXANDER HACKNEY (b.12 Apr 1870-Grundy,Buchanan Co. VA;d.30 Apr 1950-South Bend,Washington)
sp: Emmaline "Emmy" RHODES Jones (b.12 Nov 1875-Bell Co.,KY;m.30 Jan 1890(Div);d.25 Oct 1921-Zillah,Wa)
5. Oliver F Hackney (b.10 Oct 1891-Virginia;d.5 Mar 1984-Montesano,Wa)
sp: Lillian (Lilly) Hackney (b.22 Mar 1901-West Virginia;m.23 Oct 1915(Div);d.4 Nov 1991-Raymond,WA.)
6. Oscar C Hackney (b.29 Mar 1917-Lewis County,WA;d.Bet 1953-1965)
sp: Ardath
6. Robert Ernest Lee Hackney (b.22 Feb 1921;d.29 Jul 1983-Raymond,Washngton)
6. Ruby E Hackney (b.Abt 1923)
sp: Gordon Stine (m.9 Oct 1941)
sp: Martha Ellen Rhodes Jones (b.16 Feb 1923-Bell Co.,KY;m.Bef 1966)
5. James "Jim" Monroe Hackney (b.15 Jul 1892-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.22 Jul 1958-Mineral,WA)
sp: Lydia A (Liddy) Hackney (b.Abt 1903/1905-West Virginia;m.21 Jan 1920)
6. Rose Hackney
sp: Kermit Dewald (b.7 Feb 1920-Chehallis,WA)
sp: Barnhart
6. Marlin M Hackney (b.25 Mar 1923-Raymond,Washington US;d.5 Feb 1959-Packwood)
sp: Beatrice
5. FLORENCE HACKNEY (b.29 Mar 1895-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.10 Aug 1987-Vancouver BC,Canada)
sp: James Edward "Eddie" Mullins (b.4 Mar 1896-Camden on Gauley,NC,WV;m.21 Nov 1913(Div);d.19 Sep 1978-)
6. George A Mullins (b.27 Sep 1914-Randle,Washington US;d.13 Oct 1973-Chehalis,Wash)
6. Burlie Mullins (b.10 Jul 1917-Washington;d.11 Sep 1938-Randle,Washington US)
6. OPAL VELMER MULLINS (b.6 Feb 1919-;d.Randle,Washington US;d.11 Oct 1993-Penticton BC Canada)
sp: ROBERT HENRY LINTOTT (b.21 Mar 1916-Vancouver BC,Canada;m.23 Dec 1939;d.25 Sep 1987-)
sp: Manuel Graff (b.12 Aug 1896-Sparta,Greece;m.3 Jan 1925;d.28 Mar 1975-Vancouver BC,Canada)Page 23

6. OPAL VELMER MULLINS (b.6 Feb 1919-;d.Randle,Washington US;d.11 Oct 1993-) ** Printed on Page 22 **
5. William McKinley "Mack" Hackney (b.7 Nov 1896-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.26 Apr 1990-Centralia,Wa)
sp: Myrtle Mae Mullins (b.Abt 1902-West Virginia;m.6 Jul 1916;d.Apr 1981-King,WA)
6. David Hackney (b.24 May 1920-Onalaska,WA;d.19 Jun 1920-Glenoma,WA)
6. June Irene Hackney (b.9 Jun 1921-Randle,WA)
sp: Joseph William Bivin (m.29 Jul 1939)
6. Bernard Hewett Hackney (b.11 Jun 1924-Randle,WA;d.22 Apr 1996-Centralia,Wa)
sp: Dorothy Booker (m.28 Feb 1948)
6. Emaline Elaine Hackney (b.9 Feb 1926-Randle,WA)
sp: Richard Day (m.8 Feb 1943)
6. Polly Ann Hackney (b.1 Jul 1928-Randle,WA)
sp: Roy Ellison Goble (m.29 Oct 1945;d.14 Oct 1970-Lewis County,WA)
6. William McKinley Hackney Jr (b.26 Feb 1932-Randle,WA;d.1987)
sp: Shirley Hall (m.8 Dec 1952)
sp: Virginia Rounds
6. Gerald Jerry Hackney (b.18 May 1934)
sp: Kathryn Louise Gorrell (b.1 Sep 1939;m.27 Aug 1960)
5. Mellissa Tennessee Hackney (b.17 Jan 1899-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA,US;d.15 Jul 1984-Centralia,Washington)
sp: Mart Mullins (b.17 Mar 1892-;m.Charleston,Virginia;m.28 Jul 1914;d.1 Jul 1976-Randle,Wa)
6. Lee Archie Mullins (b.20 Dec 1915)
sp: Mamie Lorina LaChine (b.25 Aug 1920;m.18 Jun 1938)
6. Lundy Monroe Mullins (b.30 Mar 1917-Randle,WA.;d.16 May 1994-Olympia,WA.)
sp: Jean LaChine (b.26 Apr 1926;m.25 May 1940)
6. John Mullins (b.Feb 1919-Lewis Co.,WA)
sp: Hazel Scaff (b.30 Nov 1927;d.Sep 1977-Randle,Lewis Co.,WA)
6. Cecil George Mullins (b.21 Feb 1921-Randle,WA.;d.18 Feb 1998-Randle,Wa)
sp: Ida Mead (m.Jan 1946(Div))
sp: Helen Kiser (m.22 Jun 1973)
6. Jack J Mullins (b.15 Jan 1931)
sp: Dolly Scaff
6. Cora Alice Mullins (b.28 Aug 1932)
sp: Irvin Scaff
sp: William Workman
6. Virginia Lou Mullins (b.18 Jan 1935)
sp: John Richard Day (b.28 Nov 1922-Elma,WA;d.25 May 1993)
6. Zola Mae Mullins (b.22 Jul 1939-Packwood,WA)
sp: Wesley Edwin "Eddie" O'Dell (b.1 Aug 1932-Forks,WA.;m.11 Sep 1954)
5. Elizabeth Hackney (b.2 Sep 1901-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.13 Aug 1983-South Bend,WA)
sp: Martin Monroe Ragan (b.16 Jan 1903-Alpha,WA;m.11 Aug 1921;d.11 Jun 1987-Seattle,WA.)
6. Johnny Ragan (b.1922;d.1922)
6. Harold Edward Ragan (b.2 Jul 1923)
sp: Linnie
6. James Evans Ragan (b.24 Oct 1925-Chehalis,WA.;d.10 Aug 1983-Oregon)
sp: Della Priscilla Bianchi
6. Junior Monroe Ragan (b.23 Dec 1927)
sp: Shirley Mae Holmes (b.23 Jul 1932-Bernice,Oklahoma;m.18 Feb 1949)Page 24

6. Daniel Martin Ragan (b.6 Mar 1931)
sp: Charlene Ruby Mullen (m.(Div))
sp: Ozie Ann Mullen (b.28 Dec 1938;m.25 Jun)
6. Harry Coleman Ragan (b.7 Aug 1932-Onalaska,WA;d.29 Oct 1994-Yelm,WA.)
sp: Marilyn Joyce Travers (b.10 Nov 1932-Hoquiam,WA.;m.23 Jul 1954(Div))
6. Chester Douglas Ragan (b.15 Sep 1935-Onalaska,WA)
sp: Eugenia Irene Lesiteko Tate (b.3 Jan 1935-Portland,Oregon;m.Sep 1952(Div))
sp: Vivian Renee Henderson (b.28 May 1945;m.(Div))
sp: Julie Ann Hackman (b.24 Jun 1949-Orville,CA;m.29 Oct 1994)
5. Cora Alice Hackney (b.11 Nov 1903-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.3 Jan 1969-South Bend,WA)
sp: Claude Frank Nichols (b.3 Nov 1895;m.9 Oct 1925;d.20 Jul 1975-San Antonio,TX)
6. Arland Nichols (b.1926)
sp: Mary Kinze (m.1948)
6. Gerald Nichols (b.18 Oct 1939;d.12 Nov 1987)
sp: Maxine Ford
5. Richard Thompson "Tom" Hackney (b.9 Dec 1906-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.Jun 1971-Morton,Wa)
5. Lowell "Otto" Hackney (b.19 Oct 1909-Big Rock,Buchanan Co.,VA;d.26 Apr 1945-Montesano,Grays Harbor Co.,WA)
sp: Pearl Rochester
6. Viola Daisy Hackney
6. John R Hackney
6. Lowell Hackney Jr
6. Henry D Hackney
5. Charles Robert Hackney (b.14 Feb 1914-Forest,WA.;d.28 Sep 1914-Chehalis,Lewis Co.,WA)
4. Child Hackney (b.Aft 1900;d.Bef 1910)
3. Alexander Hackney (b.Sep 1845-Russell County,Va;d.Aft 1900-Pike County,Ky.)
sp: Mary M Reynolds (b.Jan 1856;m.21 Dec 1871;d.12 Sep 1949-Phelps (Coleman),KY)
4. Roma Hackney (b.Abt 1875-Virginia)
4. Andrew "Andy" Hackney (b.Nov 1879-Virginia)
sp: Juda (b.May 1886-Kentucky;m.1899)
4. Bitha Hackney (b.Sep 1882-Kentucky)
4. Albert Hackney (b.15 Feb 1885-Kentucky;d.23 Sep 1971-Pike Co. KY)
sp: Ida Coleman
5. Bertha Hackney (b.1913;d.1962)
sp: Ralph Dotson
5. Ralph Hackney (b.1924;d.1983)
sp: Ann Dotson
6. Jean "Jeanie" Reda Hackney
5. Andy Joe Hackney (b.1927)
sp: Pauline Stiltner
6. Jack Hackney
6. Jake Hackney
6. Albert Hackney
6. Mary Jo Hackney
6. Wilma "Leight" Hackney
sp: Hart
5. Hazel HackneyPage 25

sp: Smith
5. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hackney
sp: Smith
5. Milda Hackney
sp: Stump
5. Nancy Hackney
sp: Justice
5. Turner Hackney
5. Fred Hackney
5. Alexander Hackney
4. Elizabeth Hackney (b.Sep 1887-Kentucky)
4. Harrison Hackney (b.Mar 1890-Kentucky)
4. Sarah J Hackney (b.Aug 1892-Kentucky)
4. Marcelia Hackney (b.Aug 1892-Kentucky)
4. Matilda Hackney (b.May 1897-Kentucky)
4. Jessie Hackney (b.May 1900-Kentucky)
4. Hackney
2. Joseph Lee Hackney Sr (b.Abt 1804-Russell County,Va;d.Aft 1870-Russell County,Va)
sp: Eunice Amelia "Melia" McElroy (b.1 Dec 1804-Lee Co. VA;m.Abt 1825;d.29 Jun 1884-Lee Co. VA or North Carolina)
3. Archibald McElroy Hackney (b.Sep 1826-Russell Co. VA;d.Aft 1900-Roane Co. WV)
sp: Susanna (b.Abt 1830-Ash County,South Carolina;m.Abt 1850)
4. Victoria Jane Hackney
sp: John Hamon Smith
5. Virgil Lee Smith
sp: Martha Ann Kiser
6. Joseph Clarence Smith
sp: Ruth Elizabeth Thomas
4. John Archibald Hackney (b.1861;d.1923)
sp: Louisa Kersey (b.1856;m.5 Oct 1884;d.1934)
5. Charles Joshua Hackney
sp: Mary Alice Snodgrass
6. Richard Lee Hackney
sp: Winona Ruth
4. Mary Frances Hackney
sp: Henry Hendrix Payne
5. Hurley Payne
sp: Nancy Gae Davis
6. Joseph Payne
sp: Grace Rosalie Parsons
sp: Elizabeth J Hart Vickers (m.Abt 1858;d.1866)
sp: Margret F Ferrell (b.1844;m.16 May 1867;d.16 Sep 1927)
4. Mary Frances Hackney
3. Jane Hackney (b.1829-Russell Co. VA)
sp: James S Edwards (m.23 Jul 1850)
3. Elizabeth Hackney (b.1830-Russell Co. VA)
sp: Robert L Williams (m.13 Mar 1851)Page 26

3. George W Hackney (b.Abt 1832-Russell Co. VA;d.Abt 1860)
sp: Catherine Gilmer (b.15 Jul 1838-Russell Co. VA;m.2 Jun 1857)
4. Samuel G Hackney (b.Abt 1858-Russell Co. VA)
4. Joseph Hackney (b.Dec 1859-Russell Co. VA)
3. Mary Hackney (b.Abt 1834-Russell Co. VA)
sp: James M Lee (b.1832;m.8 Oct 1856)
3. John W Hackney (b.1838-Russell Co. VA;d.Abt 1869-Russell Co. VA)
sp: Sarah Bond (b.1838-North Carolina;m.1860;d.Aft 1870-Russell Co. VA)
3. Joseph Lee Hackney Jr (b.3 Jun 1840-Russell Co. VA;d.24 May 1923-Texas)
sp: Mary Helen Porter (b.15 Apr 1850-Russell Co. VA;m.5 Mar 1866;d.9 Oct 1906-Hunt County,TX)
4. John W Hackney (b.Oct 1873-Lee Co.,VA)
sp: Nancy "Nannie" Arey (m.13 Aug 1899;d.7 May 1906)
3. Widerson (Samuel) Hackney (b.Abt 1844-Russell Co. VA)
3. Amelia "Meiia" Hackney (b.1846-Russell Co. VA;d.30 May 1870-Scott County,Virginia)
3. William Hackney (b.1856-Russell Co. VA)
2. Valia Hackney (b.1807/1808-Russell County,Va;d.Aft 1860-Russell County,Va)
sp: John Ashby (b.1795-Pike Co. KY;m.1832/1836)
3. Synda Ashby (b.1834)
3. Martha Ashby (b.1838)
sp: William Reynolds
4. Hopkins "Hop" Reynolds Ashby (b.Abt 1871-Kentucky)
sp: Vandalia Francis (b.Abt 1860-Kentucky;m.Abt 1896)
3. Mary "Polly" Ashby (b.May 1834-Russell Co.,VA;d.1915)
sp: Richard Thompson "Thomas" Hackney (b.12 Mar 1836-Russell (Buchanan) County,Va;m.18 Feb 1854(Div);d.31 May 1916-)
4. Pricey J Hackney (b.1857) ** Printed on Page 20 **
sp: Jonathan Skeens (m.22 Aug 1868)
4. Martha E Skeens
sp: William Matison Hunt
5. Louisa Hunt
sp: J E Lee Bertrand
6. Grace Mae Bertrand (b.27 Jul 1921-McCord,Pike Co.,KY;d.15 Nov 1960-Knoxville,TN)
sp: Kennie Anderson (b.19 Nov 1911-Fishtrap,Pike Co.,KY;m.23 Nov 1938;d.9 Apr 1973-Milford,DE)
4. Lewis Skeens
4. Mary Skeens
4. Thomas Skeens
4. Mose Skeens
4. Ephraim Skeens
4. Melvina "Mollie" Skeens
sp: Alford "Alf" Justice
5. Cora Justice (b.16 Jan 1901)
sp: Ab Hackney (b.10 Jun 1890)
5. Willie Justice (b.22 Mar 1903)
sp: Cora Ramey (b.1913)
5. Stella Justice (b.19 Feb 1909)
sp: Ellis "Ed" Pugh
5. Philip JusticePage 27

5. Sadie Justice (b.26 May 1913)
sp: Connie Booker (b.28 Mar 1907)
3. Sarah Elizabeth Ashby (b.Abt 1841/1842)
sp: Elihue Skeen (m.14 Aug 1860)
3. Logan Ashby (b.1844;d.Aft 1860)
3. Joseph C Ashby (b.5 Feb 1840;d.8 Feb 1936)
2. Hackney (b.1811/1820-Dickensonville,Russell Co.,VA


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