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GWENNAP Family Genealogy Y-DNA & mtDNA Project

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GWENNAP Family Genealogy Y-DNA & mtDNA Project

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Surnames: GEWIN, Guin, Guinn, GUINNIP, GUINNUP, GUINUP, Guyn, Guyne, Guynn, Guynne, GWEEN, GWEN, GWENN, GWENNAP, Gwin, Gwine, Gwinn, Gwinne, Gwinnedd, GWINIP, GWINNUP, GWINUP, Gwthne, Gwyn, Gwyne, Gwynedd, Gwyneth, Gwynn, Gwynne, Ogwen, O'Gwen
For those that research the origins of your ancestry, this is long overdue. This is with

We have officially formed a combined GINN, GUIN, GWIN, GUYN, GWYN (Y-DNA and mtDNA) Project with all similar surnames mentioned below. We also welcome those with Autosomal DNA Test results and will try to help those individuals requiring the need for genealogical assistance.

We started this DNA Project on 11 Jul 2011, ..... and would like to send you our personal invite for participation. This participation has been steadily growing over the past eight months, with 39 current members, which is expected to increase throughout 2012.

We are looking forward to further contact...... Michael A. Gwinn,
***** We want you to notice that specific personal information is "always" kept "Private" *****

Genn, Geuin, Gewin, Ginn, Ginnane, Ginness, Ginnett, Ginnette, Ginney, Ginnity, Guin, Guina, Guinan, Guinane, Guinaugh, Guinaw, Guindollet, Guine, Guinea, Guinee, Guineer, Guinegaw, Guinen, Guinere, Guines, Guiness, Guinessey, Guinet, Guinett, Guinette, Guinevan, Guiney, Guinivan, Guinn, Guinnane, Guinne, Guinnee, Guinner, Guinness, Guinnessey, Guinnessy, Guinnip, Guinnup, Guinot, Guint, Guinte, Guintran, Guintrand, Guintrande, Guinup, Guyn, Guyne, Guynee, Guynes, Guyness, Guynetth, Guyney, Guynn, Guynne, Guynup, Gween, Gwen, Gwenn, Gwennap, Gwin, Gwine, Gwinee, Gwinn, Gwinne, Gwinnedd, Gwinnell, Gwinner, Gwinneth, Gwinnett, Gwinney, Gwinnup, Gwinup, Gwthne, Gwyn, Gwyndaf, Gwyne, Gwynedd, Gwyneth, Gwynetha, Gwynette, Gwynllyw, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gwynned, Gwynnedd, Gwynnel, Gwynnell, Gwynneth, Gwynnett, Gwynnette, Gwyntopher, Gynane, Gynn, Gynnane, Gynne, Gynnet, Gynnett, Gynning, Mac Ginn, Mac Guin, Mac Guinn, Mac Guyn, Mac Guyne, Mac Guynn, Mac Guynne, Mac Gwine, Mac Gwinn, Mac Gwyn, Mac Gwyne, Mac Gwynn, Mac Gwynne, MacGinn, MacGuin, MacGuinn, MacGuyn, MacGuyne, MacGuynn, MacGuynne, MacGwine, MacGwinn, MacGwyn, MacGwyne, MacGwynn, MacGwynne, Magennis, Maginn, Maginnes, Maginness, Maginnis, Maginniss, Mc Ginn, Mc Ginnes, Mc Ginness, Mc Ginnis, Mc Guin, Mc Guine, Mc Guines, Mc Guiness, Mc Guinn, Mc Guinness, Mc Gwin, Mc Gwinn, McGinn, McGinnes, McGinness, McGinnis, McGuin, McGuine, McGuines, McGuiness, McGuinn, McGuinness, McGwen, McGwin, McGwinn, Meginnis, Meginniss, O Guiney, O Guinidhe, O Guinye, Oguin, O'Guin, OGuinan, O'Guinan, O'Guiney, O'Guinidhe, Oguinn, O'Guinn, OGuinness, O'Guinness, O'Guinye, Ogwen, O'Gwen, Ogwin, O'Gwin, Ogwinn, O'Gwinn, Ogwyn, O'Gwyn, Ogwynn, O'Gwynn

Michael A. Gwinn (ret USN) (cell) (575) 403-9654
GINN, GUIN, GWIN, GUYN, GWYN Project Administrator
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