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Key issues uncovered in the documents the history of the Goths and Germans and other nations are coming from Europe and Asia.

The year 594 BC in Babylon pasture and later return of the Jews with the prophet Nehemiah and Ezra to Israel. Expelled min. Gutaj Ammihud son. Omri, Imri .... Judah son of Jacob in the translation of the Serbian Orthodox Bible. In our translation (Polish) is the latency. Serbian translation is about 100 years earlier. If we assume that this is the ancestor of the Germanic Goths and his sons and daughters conajmiej by three generations bore the name of the father-Gutaj.Spowodować or could it possible to manage the names in its original language, and changed its forms to the present day in France, England, Italy, , Lithuania, Bulgaria, etc.
Returning home from exile in Babylon described in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah Gutaj is already in another tribal affiliation, the son of Bani (the head of the family-the equivalent of the Duke). This episode requires more detailed research. He returns from exile about 1/3 of Israel, the rest of obcoplemiennymi women pożeniona zostaje.Tylko small part of this group survive in Babylon as the Jewish people, some returned to Israel from Nehemiah and Ezra, the remaining assimilates and some of it migrates to north, west and east to Europe and Asia.
Today, their descendants are the residents of most countries in Europe and Asia, and certainly Germany English, French, Irish, Danes Austrians the Serbs. The Mongols, Cossacks, Armenians, Afghans .. inni.Naturalnie earlier migrations and the northern tribes of Israel from the territories already occurred around 800-900 BC by King Omri, called inter-tribal fighting and the necessity of finding a better space życiowej.Omri Gutaja grandfather who is considered the ancestor of all Germans.
Translations of the Old Testament was about 150 roku.Z the same year come the records of ancient scholars and historians on the history of the Goths as described below ("the seven dark Gutaj not very tall men are called who came to Płw.Skandynawski about 150 years, and were afraid that someone did not recognize them ").
The longest line in the Jewish genealogy with inherited his father's name for 1000 years moved from Rosh Galuthią Gaonowie at the helm. Is it a coincidence that almost all mutations of the oldest names Gutaj (Guth, Guti, Gut, Gut, Gutai., Gutay,) can be created from a combination of letters of Galuthia?
There is evidence that "in memory of" tribes originating from the Dana leave no traces in the form of geographical names, names of countries, rivers, etc. For instance, Denmark. Dunabe-Dunaj.Dniepr. Donietsk, ... etc. At Jutland (Gutlandi what is read from the Hebrew Dżutlandi) Jutajowie lived. They settled also in Angli.Czy Jiutaj town and found there the name Gutai, China has a random name?
Gutaj also left its traces as above. how old? I know in part, for sure more than 500 years. The name occurs more than 800 years in the breed and genealogical England and France. Name Gutaj is the oldest name among Germans Yugoslavian, and tzw.Donau-Schwabe (countries of the Danube), Gutay - the oldest among the Saxons and Normans - also in England), and the nobility that comes from the Goths in the south of France with the Prince of the Goths, Goitainem including and the names of dozens of varieties of Gautier. In practice, constantly discovering new documents and information over the last 2000 years. . The truth of the Bible translation and the information contained therein is, in my opinion najwiarygodniejszym source of historical knowledge, which is confirmed by various scientific studies including archaeological sites.

Living several hundred years before Christ, David and Samolon had wives in about 1000 of which approximately 400 Jews and 600 obcoplemiennych. How many today after 2800 years of people come to them in a line of male and female will leave the reader to assess.
One of my friends made a family tree back 300 years, it turned out to be related to all technical colleagues coming from his native village. Name Gutaj due to the fact that it is very old, found in over 30 nationalities. Among them are representatives of all major races and religion. We can assume with high probability that much of the representatives of these nations is derived from the various permutations of the family genealogy and other Gutaja may be recorded in history, and the Old Testament.
I present the most important facts and documents that I received in various ways during the 11 years of searching, as to the veracity of which I have little doubt:
The year 150. In Scandinavia there are seven people were called GutajPodstawą this description is research and online discussion two professors (from Sweden and Spain). Famous ancient historians on which they rely, and professors of the history of titles dealing with the issue of Goths - the authors of this information and do not raise my objections to their authenticity.
Year 850 - 900th Gutej-champion of Buddhism .. Jadi or Judi).
Year 800-1200. History Gutay names in Normandy and England Saxons. Telling the family crest Gutay in England, a lion, on the roof and top of the cap on the left and right side after a lion. Is not this a symbolic representation of the house with a combination of two houses (two (ancestral line) in one?. Such a combination, eg two lines in one family had the first of the rulers of Ireland-Heremon. Heremon was the grandson of Pharaoh, he married a princess - one of the the last living of the two sisters of the house of David. Lions are an eloquent symbol of the coats of the oldest aristocratic English and French. Name Gutay the Norman-Saxon nobility of England and France. name changed along with the English language, today there is dozens of varieties of this name among the descendants scattered around the world. description is in the breed history of England and the Normans and Saxons.

Year 1120 The Secret History Czingiz Khan-name occurs in rodznie Targutaj and Gutaj-bel. In the vicinity of where the story began, I found Czingiz Hana town called Gutaj. Czingiz han gathered a dozen tribes of different origins.
Year 1250 and earlier to about 600 name Gutaj the Norman-Saxon nobility of England and France. The name has changed along with the English language, now occurs several variations of this name among the descendants scattered all over the world. Description is in England and the breed history of the Normans and Saxons.
From the year 600 to date, the name coming from Goitaine, Gautier Goitier, Guth, Guti, Goth. Goti Gotaj Gati, Gautiaj ... they itp.Występują ever ready aristocracy of southern France.
Year around 1420 Gutaje-aristocratic surname in Malta. Today, there is now the name of the name Gutajar, Lithuania Gutajtis, Italy Gutaini, lists of Jews and inne.W Gutajner rabbi Abravanel autobiography published at the University of Madrid, the author refers to - "Maestro de la Gutaj" (he lived about 1500, )
About 1 500 years-town Gutaj and Kohan at Zabajkalu in Buryatia. The town was conducted by researchers at the American and Russian folklore studies. I got information from them that the village has a conajmiej 500 years and was settled by Buriaków and some Turkish tribes. At the same time in Japan, art group was founded by the famous Taoist Gutaj that works artistically geographical today: Gutai Sinzalai-Ghar mountain in Shan-Pakistaniem Gutai mountains in China, Gutay, Gutai, Gutaj-place in the Buryat population of Zabajkalu, Bahk-Gutai mountains in Pakistan, Gutai-channel in Slovakia, Gutai Sinzai Kar-up in Pakistan. etc ... Each of these provisions requires a separate study to determine the origin and history of the origin of these names.
Ok. 1730 Family Gutaj-Budapest.
Gutaj 1745 in Gerona Spain
Ok. Gutaj 1845 Ferdinand-my great-grandfather was born. In Pernau (in Wels, Austria, now or in Bavaria.
Basil Gutaj-my grandfather was born. 1891 K. In Tarnawa Dobromila-now in the Ukraine not far from Przemysl. His sister Maria (Gerl) and Anna (Kurc) married for the Germans and went to Germany before the war. Anna is listed tzw.galicjan-german pedigree).
Requires a thorough examination I discovered last year an interesting triangle of Atlas Asia (Mongolia, the Gobi desert. Buryatia). The first side of the triangle comprises some 1472 km, and its exact straight line is in / in place just Gutaj, then, Gaoan, Gaotaj, Jiutaj District Changchung-Gutian, galut. The other side of the triangle leads to the south desert Gogi, and is also 1472 km. If these names were created 500 years ago, it was not then so accurate measurement methods. As has been measured and determined?, Or is it so many coincidences, which may be in the triangle? Is there something hidden? Subject requires detailed research. A striking fact is striving to reach in that direction Viking boat (coming from ready), who searched for something. A few years before I found the name Gutai near the village of Jiutaj among the Chinese was in Changchung (secretary of the party in a car factory). Name Gutai is probably also in other parts of Chin.Główne 3 lines of genealogy and found the names are: Rosh galut. Uthai (Gutaj) Gaon, Jutaj, is compared with those names do not see a startling similarity in names. ?.
I found the name of the town Gutai (Gutaj-Gutay) in Iran, and the name Gutai mountains and mountain passes in Romania geographical names in Buryatia, Zabajkalu, Buryatia Slovakia, Hungary, China, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Russia. This word occurs in the oldest languages ​​and linguistic research: Indo-Germanic languages, Hebrew, Irish, English, Syrian kaukazko-Germanic, and others. In the course of the expansion of online resources, more and more new evidence fills the missing story cards ready (Gutajów as well). Urge to collect these informacji.Mile Seen sponsor for the organization of a gene bank for the names Gutaj-to document a common ancestor.

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