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Hey Mark can you help me, am i asking for help the correct way? keith

I am Keith from Phoenix, below is a letter I just sent to Damien and Dennis Gurley, Dennis has a family tree. I also have a family tree from a book from the Gurley's in Mississippi, but it covers Gurley's from around the area, i.e. all the states and then some. Tell me some more about you and maybe I can pinpoint some additional info for you. Nice meeting you cousin. Let me know what you think and your additional info.


From: Keith []
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 10:58 PM
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Subject: FW: Gurley Family Tree and DNA info....
Importance: High

Forgot to tell you I think my dad may be between 58 and 80 I am guessing of course based on my age of 45 now.

From: Keith []
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2008 10:46 PM
Subject: Gurley Family Tree and DNA info....
Importance: High

Hello Dennis, Damien,

My name is Keith Lipman, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am searching for my father. Damien told me to contact you about the family Tree. below is my story and if you can ask around to any other Gurley Relatives and see if they can help I would be eternity grateful.

I was conceived in February or March of 1963, by a Male with the last name of Gurley and My biological mother Sharon Jean Klemow (she has since passed on) After the "incident" Sharon was sent to Chicago to fulfill the pregnancy and give me up for adoption. I was adopted out to a wonderful family and was raised by a single woman in the city of Chicago and Skokie, Il.

being adopted was fine with me, but there was always that emptiness, that part of me that was missing, who was I, where do I come from, what is my medical history, etc.. I never looked like my family, I have blue/grey eyes, they have brown, I am 6'3 and built like a linebacker, and the rest looked like little Europeans. I had a great life, don't get me wrong, I just felt like an outsider looking in and trying to fit in with everyone.

It was 1980, I was a sophomore in high school. One day my adopted mom Renee pulled out some papers telling me that my name was changed about a year after I was adopted and showed me the court documents. Turns out when I was born, I was named Stephen Scott Klemow, My search began.

Back in 1980, there were no cell phones, no internet, nothing like today and 411 was free, so from a payphone at school I proceeded to call every major city in every state and the UK to find anyone with the last name of Klemow.

on my 15 try I thought I had enough names to start out with I had 8 total, 7 here in the US, one in the UK, 3 of the names were women, 1 was Annette Klemow in Beverly Hills, one was Annette Klemow in Ft. Worth, and one was Sharon Klemow in Houston. I went home from school (this was a Friday) and gathered up all my change and brought it to school with me on Monday and called Sharon in Houston. Jackpot! My first call was to Sharon jean Klemow of Houston, Texas, She was a hair dresser and her salon happen to be closed on Mondays, and just so happens that her dad was visiting her from Ft. Worth that week.
She answered the phone; I said I am looking for my biological mother who gave me up for adoption in 1963. She panicked and dropped the phone in a bucket of paint, meanwhile her friend grabbing another phone picked up the phone and started yelling at me and thought I was harassing her. After a few minutes Sharon got back on the phone and we started talking. I made her validate my birthday to make sure it was her and she did. That night we called her from my house with both my mom Renee on one phone and we talked to her and her dad for a good 2 hours. Filling them in on my life and finding out there life. This is where I found out I had a sister named Annette. .

Sharon came up on Mothers day in 1980 to meet my family and from then on I have had a good loving relationship with them, My sister, My Birthmother and my Birth grandparents, sure there were ups and downs, but that is with any family. Now my sister is the only one left, she is 14 months younger then me, she has 2 great girls and a wonderful husband. Over they years they accepted me into their family and made me feel as if I was never given away for a better life. . I was part of weddings, births, funerals and everything any family does. Now there was one piece of the puzzle missing.. my dad. Sharon told me lies over the years, My sister was lucky enough to find her father, and they at least met and has a small relationship before he passed, but for some reason Sharron never would tell me the truth. She gave me 4 different names over the years, and a dozen different excuses, for some reason she did not want me to know, maybe she thought I would be hurt or mad or angry, I don't know I could never tell with her, but in her eyes I was to never know and that's where we ended our relationship. Sharon passed about 16 months ago.

Well one day while I were visiting my sister and I went into Sharon's mothers room and Fay, Sharon's mother was laying on her bed dying. She only had months to live if that and Annette and I climbed into her bed and Annette being Annette pressed nana for the answers. Fay told us. She and Sid (my grandfather) went on vacation for a few days to California to see family. She told Sharon No Boys, No parties while they were gone. Sid not ever trusting Sharon decided they would come home early and sure enough there was Sharon with a boy. This would have been in February or March of 1963. Well about 1 month later Sharon missed her period and Fay took her to a doctor, and I guess back then the rabbit died. The next few weeks must have been hell for Sharon as they prepared to send her to a home in Chicago to fulfill the pregnant and give birth to me, which is what happened. in 1963 girls had the baby and were sent away most of the time and Ft. Worth was a small town so she dare not be pregnant there. We did find letters later on from Sharon to her dad, from the home in Chicago telling him how she missed and loved Robert, we did not know who Robert was or could not ever find a clue to that name, for all we know it could have been her dog or cat.

During al this time, I was lucky enough to work as a Personal deputy for a court House Judge. We became good friends and after time I felt I could trust him and likewise. I told him my story and I asked him about my original Birth Certificates and he took it upon himself to order it opened from the locked up personal documents in Springfield, Il. The day he handed me the envelope my heart raced, here was my chance to find my dad. I was shaking so badly I opened the envelope and BAM it was like a slap in the face, No father listed! That was the last thing I could have expected. I was so sad after that day, I think it pushed my quest even further.

Ok on to present day:

I bought randy and I for Christmas the National Geographic DNA testing kit. It is a program run By National Geographic to trace the origins of man, for sub-Saharan Africa to Europe to the states and the send you a map and detailed explanations of your Haplo groups migration. We did the test's and about 6 months later received the results, Not to exciting except when I saw on the website that you can transfer your DNA results to the site for free.

I began the transfer and really shortly after I received the email that I had matches. I matched very closely to Ted Michael Gurley, Walter Douglas Gurley, Jr., Thomas Brook Gurley, and Walter Allen Gurley along with a few others listed below as well, But I matched so very closely on all the tests and had a unique marker of Null 425 with Walter Doug Gurley, I call him Doug.
I tried to make contact with all of them, ted and I emailed a couple of times and he was supposed to get back to me with Gurley Info, but it's Doug who had taken the lead and really extended his arm as family to me and who is currently helping me with this quest. Doug has sent me photos and even a 100 page book written by a family member about the Gurley's. I do look like them and even his wife said I looked like his brother more then his real brother.

Ok, to sum this up I am looking for my father, he would have be in or around Dallas/Ft. Worth in Feb or March of 1963. He is a Gurley due to the DNA tests and most likely does not know I was born. he may be connected to the Gurley's of Mississippi again due to the close connection of my DNA. If you would please ask around and let me know if you may know something.

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate this, One thin I have come to say is "If I had only one wish in the world it would be to know my father,"

The others on the list I found that match me closely on

Elsmore Beach Cooper
Mr. David Bronson Eccleston
Mr. Philip Roberts Scott-Smith
Christopher William Braund
Mr. Kenneth Earl Lutz, Jr.
Wallace Keith Lutz

One side note: it has been a relief knowing my mother side of the family and finding out my heritage on that side, now I want to complete, I need to complete the circle and know my fathers side. I need to know who I am.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully help me out. I would love to get a copy of the family tree you placed together if it has anything to do with me.

Sincerely, Keith Lipman

Keith Ira Lipman - 12/17/1963
325 E. Mitchell Drive. Phoenix, Arizona 85012
HOME: 602-595-9090 - CELL: 602-708-6881

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Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2008 6:42 AM
Subject: Gurley Family Research

I saw your post on ancestry and was wondering what new information you might have on this line???? I have been at a stopping point for so long! :-) Look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Gurley

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