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ROBERT ‘Virte Britto’ GUIBÉ

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ROBERT ‘Virte Britto’ GUIBÉ

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Birthed in Vitrè, Bretagne. It is claimed that he was the son of Adanet Guibè and Olive Laudais. He is also known under the appellatives Guibè, "Vitrè, Britto" (1) and Challand.

Entered the ecclesiastical state and became chantre of the cathedral chapter of Doll in 1475, at the age of 15 yrs old, then Archdeacon of Dinan in 1481.

He was elected Bishop of Tréguier, May 16, 1483; with dispensation for not having yet reached the canonical age; an administrator was named on May 23, 1483. On August 18, 1483, he took the oath before the duke of Bretagne, who sent him at the head of an embassy to Rome in 1485 to pay homage to the newly elected Pope Innocent VIII. Prior of the Benedictine monastery of Sainte-Croix, Vitré, 1490; resigned when he was transferred to the see of Rennes. Abbot commendatario of Saint-Méen, 1493. Prior of Châteaugiron, 1495. At the time of the Synod of Tréguier, June 11, 1495, he had not yet received the episcopal consecration. Returned to Rome in 1499 by orders from Queen Anne in order to expedite the issuing of the bull of election of Guillaume Gueguien as bishop of Nantes; the bull was issued on September 25, 1500. Abbot commendatario of Sainte-Melaine, Rennes, 1501. Transferred to the see of Rennes, succeeding his late brother Michel Guibè, March 24, 1502; the see had been reserved for him since February 12, 1501. Resigned the commendam of the Benedictine monastery of Sainte-Corix de Quimperié at the same time of his transfer to Rennes. Abbot commendatario of Saint-Gildas de Rhuys, 1503. Returned to Rome for the third time; became ambassador of Kig Louis XI of France to Rome and was promoted to the cardinalate at the recommendation of Queen Anne of Bretagne.

Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of December 1, 1505; published, December 12, 1505; received the red hat and the title of S. Anastasia, December 17, 1505. Transferred to the see of Nantes, January 24, 1507; resigned the government of the see in favor of his nephew François Hamon, reserving its denomination, jurisdiction and collation of benefices, May 30, 1511. Ambassador of King Louis XII of France to the Holy See; in 1511, sided with the pope in his disputes with the king; in retaliation, the latter seized the rents of all his benefices; this action reduced the cardinal, who had been one of the richest prelates, to a real poverty; other cardinals had to aid him. Abbot commendatario of the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Victor, Marseille, May 4, 1507. His vicar general celebrated a synod in Nantes, May 27, 1507. Prior commendatario of SS. Trinité de Fougères and of Batz. Rector commendatario of Saint-Julien de Vouvantez. Administrator of the see of Amalfi, beginning of 1510; resigned the post, December 9, 1510. Administrator of the see of Alby, September 30, 1510; occupied the post until his death. Administrator of the see of Vannes, March 17, 1511; occupied the post until his death. Archpriest of the patriarchal Liberian basilica, October 4, 1511. Legate in Avignon after the death of Cardinal Georges I d'Amboise occurred on May 25, 1510. Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals, January 29, 1512 until February 1513; camerlengo again in 1513 until his death. Participated in the V Lateran Council, 1512. Abbot commendatario of the Benedictine monastery of Saint-Julien de Tours, April 17, 1513. Received several benefices in the sees of Sevilla and Tortona, June 16, 1513. Participated in the conclave of 1513. Named by Pope Leo X legate a latere in France; his mission was to induce the French king to condemn the schismatic council of Pisa and to approve as legitimate that of Letran; he died in Rome a few months after the nomination. Administrator ad vitam of the city of Anagni, Campagna, June 3, 1513. Named by the Apostolic See apostolic vicar general of the spiritual and temporal affairs of the city of Avigon and of Comtat Venaissin; and legate to provinces of Vienne, Arles, Embrun, Dax and Narbonne, July 8, 1513. It is possible that he was not able to occupy several of the posts in France to which he was named in the final years of his life due to the conflict between Pope Leo X and King Louis XII of France.
Died on 09 November 1513, Rome. Buried in the church of Saint-Yves des Bretons, Rome; since the burial was temporary, no monument to his memory was built; each year in his anniversary a memorial service is still celebrated in that church. According to his will, his remains were transferred to Rennes and buried in the chapel of Saint-Armel, that his brother had built near the choir of the cathedral; there are two statues of bishops, Michel and Robert, over the sarcophagus (2).
(1) This the Latinization of Bretagne, then still independent from France; it was the equivalent of saying that he was a "Bretton".

(2) According to Guillotin de Corson, Amédée. Pouillé historique de l'archevêché de Rennes, I, 82 and 83, when the tomb was opened in 1756, only one coffin containing one body, that of Michel, the cardinal's brother, was found, with a tablet of lead with the following inscription: HIC JACET REVERENDUS IN CHRISTOPATER ET DOMINUS, DOMINUS MICHAEL GUIBOEUS HUJUS ECCLESIAE, CIVITATIS ET DIOCESIS EPISCOPUS, QUI OBIIT DIE DOMINICA PENE ULTIMA MENSIS FEBRUARII.
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Email me for the links to this Biographical data, in French, pp. 82-83.

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