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George Gibson, b. 1763, NC

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(cont'd.) Please get back to me from time to time and let's work on this together with Lorraine and my cousin Norma, and maybe we can help each other get these people in their lines and improve our trees.
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From: Abstract of Georgia Wills - Warren County:
Signed: February 7, 1827; Probated: July 5, 1830
Daus: Martha Standiford; Sarah Powell, formerly Harris; Elizabeth Veasey; Fannea Culpepper, Sucky Ruching [Rushing?]; Polly P. Heath. Sons: William Gardiner; Elisha Gardiner. G-son: Pryor Gardiner, s/o Sterling Gardiner, dec'd. G-dau: Anna P. I. R., Veasey, d/o Elizabeth Veasey. Exrs: Henry Heath; John Veasey. Wit: Thomas Gibson, Obadiah Gibson; Mary Gibson, Andrew Stewart. Note: Joseph Deason and Redding Lewis to be reimbursed for money advanced on note to Benjamin Standiford, husband of dau Martha.
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family genealogy - gibson Gibson Family Pictures from Collection of May (Gibson) Pearce & Present Day Pictures of Gibson-Kersey-Cox Farm
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family genealogy - gibson Prairie Epic by Mary Eleanor Gibson Pearce, San Francisco, CA Ehlers, Mrs Henry R
family genealogy - gibson, thomas Thomas Gibson Will
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family genealogy - gibson / cade Gibson, W H;
Cade, Alice H sp State Census 1875 Osage Co, KS
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bible - gibson / bartley Gibson, Thos S (1849- ) m 1871;
Bartley, Sarah E (1854- )
bible - gibson / gillwaters Gibson, Maxwell ARthur m 1879;
m/2 Gillwaters, Eliza Catherine (1858-1930) ALSO: GERMAN / HAFF
bible - gibson / hawes Gibson, Abraham (1820-1909) m 1860;
Hawes, Emeline (1836-1903) ALSO: BOLTON / PARCEL / WILDER / PEARCE
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Winter 2001 Biographical Series #1:
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On April 24th, 1863 Union Major Thomas Gibson reported to his headquarters; "I camped at Waterford (Va) awaiting the arrival of Captain Hall, who was sent to catch Mobberly, the guerilla. Mobberly was not found."1

This was but one of many events that indicated Mobberly was more than a nuisance. Mobberly was simply not an easy man to find when he did not choose to be, and he next surfaced during the June 9, 1863 cavalry battle of Brandy Station, Active in skirmishes, and latter claimed $ 800 from the Confederate government for the Loss of his horse, perhaps equivalent to about $ 15,000 by today's standards.
Upon proving his outstanding skills as a scout and raider, he was detailed to raise and lead his own band of partisan rangers. This band of raiders was composed mostly of local farmers, causing union General Phillip Sheridan to report on a skirmish:

"Crooks men killed 5 of Mobberly's men, captured 40 of his horses, and 75 revolvers. Many of these men are citizens who live in this vicinity, and have been selling produce to the Government, and claim to be loyal on this account, they are getting loyalty now, with a prospect of poverty in the future."2

Mobberly however continued to successfully disrupt Federal Army activities and his tactics included having his men disguise themselves in Union Blue uniforms when he wanted to surprise an unsuspecting union unit. One documented occasion Union Army records indicate, "Captain Mobberly, with 25 men, most of them dressed in our (blue) uniforms, attacked them (two wagons with 1 Sgt. And 10 men) between
Between Charlestown and Halltown killing one sergeant, capturing five of the men and the mules attached to the wagons." 3 As these guerilla tactics escalated, and became more terrrifying with a tit for tat mentality taking hold of their logic, Federal Forces began tightening their efforts to establish control over Northern Virginia. These efforts resulted in the capture of "French Bill." William Loge, Alias "French Bill," a deserter from the Union who army who had joined white's Battalion of Confederate cavalry. He was captured after a chase through a snowstorm in Northern Virginia, and "French Bill's" fate is recorded in the Official Records. The following are telegraph records of exchanges between the two officers.
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Montgomery County
1606 -1888 Virginia and Virginians. Eminent Virginians. By Dr. R.A. Brock Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society.
Transcribed by Rhonda Fleming Smith
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MICHAEL GIBSON-son of John and Elizabeth (Kinser) Gibson was born in Auburn district, Montgomery county, [VA], September 5, 1837. His father was born in this county, and his mother has lived here since infancy. His grandfather was of Scotch descent and came to Montgomery county in the early days of its settlement, marrying a Miss McDowell, from Pennsylvania. Michael Gibson was in the Confederate service during the civil war, and had two brothers who served in the same army. At the residence of the bride’s parents, in this county, March 21, 1866, Michael Gibson was united in marriage with Mary C. Harmon, who was born in Christiansburg district, December 5, 1844, a daughter of John and Mary C. (Hall) Harmon. Her parents were natives of Montgomery county. Mr. Gibson is a farmer of Auburn district, and in his home are the eleven children of his marriage. Norwood, born March 26, 1867; Annettie E.L., [b.] May 8, 1868; Minnie S., [b.] June 8, 1869; Allie N., [b.] December 11, 1870; Effie Julia, [b.] April 4, 1874; Ethel Bell, [b.] May 4, 1875; Herbert M., [b.] April 10, 1877; Mary Blanche, [b.] September 23, 1878 ; Gillie K., [b.] April 14, 1880; Bleatie D., [b.] August 30, 1881; Frederick D.G., [b.] October 10, 1883. Mr. Gibson has been three years magistrate and school trustee since 1879. His postoffice address is Lovely Mount, Montgomery county, Virginia.

THOMAS GIBSON, M.D.- son of John and Elizabeth (Kinser) Gibson, was born in Montgomery county, Virginia, December 18, 1840, and married in Campbell county, at the residence of the bride’s parents, George Creasey and Malinda (Arthur) Creasey, to Emma M. Creasey and to them have been born: Ada Lena, February 17, 1869, died February 2, 1883; Eusepius Emmet, July 27, 1871; Cela Thomas, March 14, 1875; Tinie Nestor, November 5, 1877; Piner Edgar, May 20, 1880. Dr. Gibson’s father was born in 1800m and came to this county when a child, and died in 1865; his mother was born in 1802 in Montgomery county, where she still lives. Mrs. Gibson’s parents were born in Bedford county. Thomas Gibson enlisted at the beginning of the ar in Company F, 11th Virginia Infantry, and was promoted to color bearer, but being unable to serve on account of ill health, was honorably discharged after serving two months and twenty-seven days. Dr. Gibson began the study of his profession under Dr. Sheltman, of Christiansburg, with whom he spent one year previous to the war. After leaving the army he again applied himself to his studies, this time under the tutorage of Dr. James P. Hammett, and he had the good fortune to be permitted to use the libraries of Drs. Radford and Figgat. Dr. Gibson’s postoffice address is Lovely Mount, Montgomery county, Virginia.

THOMAS M. GIBSON- is a native of Tennessee, born July 30, 1852, a son of George W. and Nancy (McCauley) Gibson. His mother is living in Washington county, Tennessee, and his father is deceased. At Wytheville, county seat of Wythe county, Virginia, Thomas M. Gibson married Alice Reed, and they have four children: Nannie, William, Jeb S., and Sallie S. Alice , daughter of Gustavus and Nancy (Harold) Reed , was born in Wytheville, and her parents are both deceased. In 1873 Mr. Gibson made his home in Montgomery county, and he is living in Blacksburg, and is engineer at the Blacksburg College.
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The 1864 Federal Draft
Names of Boone County Citizens Drafted

The following is quoted directly from The History of Boone County Missouri by W.F. Switzler originally published in 1882, page 468. Given Switzler notes I have to wonder if anyone showed up as a result of this draft.



On November 14, 1864, there was a draft at Provost Marshal Lovelaces's headquarters in St. Charles, in which one hundred and sixty-four of the citizens of Boone county, some white, some black, drew prizes, and prizes which cost some of them several months' service in the Federal army, and a large number of them from $300 to $750 for substitutes. The apparent deficit of Boone county was 82. To meet this 164, or double the number were drawn. The number to fill the quota of 82 was taken from the list in the order in which they were drawn, excluding of course those whom the examining board might exempt for disabilities, and those who had died, or who since the enrollment, had enlisted in the United States army. The draft was for one year. The following is


Index Name Notes
1 John Adair furnished substitute for one year
2 Robert Henry exempted from draft
3 James Pigg did not report (bushwacker)
4 Peter Palmer did not report
5 Benj. Mead, Jr. did not report
6 Morgan Reams exempted from draft
7 Robert R. McBain furnished substitute for one year
8 John W. Asbury did not report
9 Henry N. Ess tutor in the State University,
furnished substitute for one year
10 Henry Robinett did not report
11 John R. Boulton furnished substitute for one year
12 Daniel Phillips did not report
13 Pollard W. Graves furnished substitute for three years
14 John M. Samuel furnished substitute for three years
15 Alfred Stephens did not report
16 Andrew J. Bryson did not report
17 Azariah Martin did not report
18 George H. Akeman furnished substitute for one year
19 Joel Kirtley
(colored) held to personal service
20 Elias Elliott did not report
21 Lewis Ashbury
(colored) did not report
22 Wm. Barnes did not report
23 Frederick Wilcox
(colored) did not report
24 Wm. Albright did not report
25 Lewis M. Switzler assistant editor of the Stateman,
furnished substitute for one year
26 Wm. H. Barnett did not report
27 John F. Evans furnished substitute for one year
28 Nathaniel Harris did not report
29 David Vivion furnished substitute for three years
30 W.A. Darnally did not report
31 Elijah G. Taylor did not report
32 Clay Ballew did not report
33 Jacob Strawn furnished substitute for three years
34 Riley Christian did not report
35 Samuel M. Jones tutor in the State University,
exempted from draft
36 Milton A. Wiggington did not report
37 James M. Smith did not report
38 Asa C. Nichols furnished substitute for three years
39 Eli Lanham did not report (in Confederate army)
40 H.W. Richardson did not report
41 Stephen Todd
(colored) did not report (later in U.S. Army)
42 Edward Mansfield former foreman in Statesman office,
then in St.Louis or Memphis,
did not report
43 Anthony Clarkson
(colored) exempted from draft
44 Samuel S. Hagan did not report
45 Alfred E. Grubbs did not report (in Condederate army)
46 Lewis Vanhorn
(colored) held to personal service
47 Morrison Powell did not report
48 Isaac Lamme did not report
49 Wm. Beazley
(colored) exempted from draft
50 R.C. Dyson exempted from draft
51 John M. Brown furnished substitute for one year
52 Hiram Cowden did not report
53 John E. Blakemore did not report
54 Wm. D. Oliver held to personal service
55 James Petty id not report
56 Peter Lyons did not report
57 Thomas Gibson did not report
58 Wm. A. Harris furnished substitute for three years
59 Robert T. Sapp furnished substitute for three years
60 Charles Todd
(colored) held to personal service
61 Joseph E. Proctor furnished substitute for three years
62 Thomas L. Burdett did not report
63 David Mead did not report (in Confederate army)
64 Ashby Crump furnished substitute for one year
65 Henry L. Cook did not report
(in Confederate army or in the bushes)
66 Horace W. Gold did not report
67 Pleasant R. Nicholson did not report
68 John E. Woolfolk furnished substitute for one year
69 Wm. J. Simms did not report
70 Harry C. Summers did not report
71 James E. Tucker furnished substitute for one year
72 Wm. T. Shock furnished substitute for one year
73 Levi Hickam
(colored) held to personal service
74 Thomas Milhollin did not report (in Gratiot Prison)
75 Frank Sappington
(colored) held to personal service
76 Thomas Dunbar did not report
77 James R. Hagan did not report
78 Robert Melloway did not report
79 Robert B. Coleman did not report (in Confederate army)
80 John D. Patton did not report
81 Wallace Williams
(colored) did not report (in U.S. Army)
82 James A. McQuitty did not report
83 Robert P. Waters furnished substitute for three years
84 John Rogers did not report
85 Lawson G. Drury furnished substitute for one year
86 Augustus Levi did not report
87 Jesse Claypole did not report
88 James Harris did not report (in Confederate army)
89 Jacob Smith
(colored) did not report
90 Wm. Bestwick did not report
91 Nathan Roberts did not report
92 Frank Thomas held to personal service
93 Creed Conley
(colored) did not report (in U.S. army)
94 Solomon Grindstaff held to personal service
95 Wm. F. Hall exempted from draft
96 Carter Chandler furnished substitute for one year
97 James S. Yeager did not report
98 John N. Ward did not report
99 Michael Speilman furnished substitute for one year
100 James J. Winscott did not report
101 James J. Arnott held to personal service
102 Wm. Allen, Sen. did not report
(reported by letter; very sick at home)
103 Samuel Street did not report
104 Benjamin Jenkins did not report
105 Sydney Hume furnished substitute for one year
106 Abraham Ewing did not report
107 John R. Garth furnished substitute for three years
108 L.W. Hendrix held to personal service
109 Robert Gordon did not report
110 Joseph Hall did not report
111 Edward Bass
(colored) exempted from draft
112 Wm. Hunter exempted from draft
113 James W. Singleton did not report
114 James Slate exempted from draft (later in U.S. Army)
115 Andrew Peyton did not report
116 Henry Grindstaff exempted from draft
117 Joseph Roberts
(colored) did not report
118 Samuel Simms held to personal service
119 Robert H. Woolfolk furnished substitute for three years
120 Wm. H. Crane exempted from draft
(the 6th of our Union Cranes)
121 Ambrose W. Hulen did not report
122 Enoch C. Dooley furnished substitute for three years
123 Squire Searcy
(colored) did not report
124 James Davis did not report
125 Henry Colvin did not report
126 Amos Bartley did not report
127 Benjamin F. Davis did not report
(at medical school, Jefferson college, Philla.)
128 Isaac Henry
(colored) held to personal service
129 John L. Hines did not report
130 Thomas Spillman exempted from draft
131 Robert E. Smith exempted from draft
132 Henry F. Williams furnished substitute for one year
133 Liright Vandiver furnished substitute for three years
134 James M. Dinwiddie furnished substitute for three years
135 Ben. F. Williamson did not report (in Confederate army)
136 Stephen W. Pigg furnished substitute for one year
137 James M. Strode furnished substitute for three years
138 Thomas H. Keene furnished substitute for one year
139 James H. Turner furnished substitute for one year
140 Samuel Clinton held to personal service
141 Matthew Evans exempted from draft
142 Simeon Christian furnished substitute for one year
143 Alonzo Wright furnished substitute for one year
144 Silas Senior held to personal service
145 Joseph Sappington did not report
146 Silas Hudson
(colored) exempted from draft
147 Jacob Palm exempted from draft
148 Harvey Parker
(colored) held to personal service
149 Thomas Ballew
(colored) exempted from draft
150 John M. Shock furnished substitute for three years
151 Columbus Hunter held to personal service
152 James R. Selby furnished substitute for one year
153 Lewis McAfee
(colored) held to personal service
154 John H. Seymour did not report
155 Wm. Fagg held to personal service
156 Samuel Boyd did not report
157 John Conway
(colored) held to personal service
158 Daniel Robinett held to personal service
159 James B. Stansbury did not report
160 Sylvester Dines did not report
161 John F. Cato did not report (in California)
162 Jesse G. Long did not report
163 Wm. Irvin did not report (near Quincy, IL)
164 Jeff. B. Ridgway dead


Both Noah and his wife are buried at Shoal Creek Church, Hart County, Ga. Judge Noah Looney once lived near Cleveland Ferry, now Knox's Bridge Tugaloo River, South Carolina. Later moved to Franklin County, Ga. at Parkerstown. (This settlement no longer listed in Postal Guide. 1964)

Their children:

Morgan Harbin (5)
George Cleveland (5)
b. 2/6/1836
m. 1 - Maggie Tomlinson
They had daughter Sarah Frances Looney.
m. 2 - Evelyn Camp
Elizabeth (5)
Sarah (5)
(penciled in) Martin Van Buren (5)
(See Cyclopaedia of Georgia, Vol. 2,
page 486; History of Hart Co., Ga.
(Baker) page 138)

Hugh (4) b. Nov. 14, 1782 (Twin of Peter)
Enlisted on Jan. 2, 1814, Pendleton Court House, S.C. for expedition against Creek Indians.
Honorary Discharge at Powellton, Ga., July 20, 1814.
m. Elizabeth E.Russell, Sept. 7, 1817
Marriage performed by Thomas Gibson, Esq.
b. Dec. 14, 1800 (date a bit blurred)
d. August 11, ___ " " "
d. October 8, 1854. They are both shown
in Bibb County and Lawrence County, Ala.
He was appointed Justice of Peace, Bibb Co., Ala. 4/11/1838.

End of Page 2 (a)
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Stony Creek Baptist Church
Minute Books

1801 - 1811
1811 - 1814

Fort Blackmore
Scott County Virginia

This copy of what is perhaps the first book of the Stony Creek Primitive Baptist Church,
located on Stony creek, near Fort Blackmore, Scott County, Virginia, was in the possession
of Mr. Scott Beatright of Colburn, Virginia, whose grandfather was once a Minister of this

The book is written on paper and bound between covers made of home spun cloth. The
handwriting is very good and the ink has lasted well.

Copied August, 1966, by Emory L. Hamilton, Wise, Virginia, with a copy filed in
the Archives of the Southwest Virginia Historical Society, at Clinch Valley College,
Wise, Virginia and a copy sent to the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia.



Church meeting held at Stony Creek.
February the 21 day 1803 (Should be 1801)
Brother Giles Lea acknowledged his fault for drinking too much and was restored.
Received by letter Brother Hutchens and T.R. Abbel. Application by Br. Edmond
Pendleton for a letter of dismission for him and his wife. Some objection being
made in the church against it, we have appointed a committee: Br. Wilson, Br. Cock,
Br. Brickey and Br. Leath to make a inquisition of the cause. We agree Sister
Pendleton have a letter of dismission. Agreed a meeting of Church Conference to
be held at Br. David Cock's in this arm of the church. Appointed Br. Hutchens
clerk of this church. Next meeting the fourth Saturday in each month, annually.
Agreed our Pastor to attend quarterly with us. Dismissed in order.

March the 20, 1801
Met in church conference at Br. David Cox's. Br. John Bustard, Moderator.
Agreed to put in the hand of our Deacon for the churches use against the next
meeting. received Mary Cornelius by letter.

April the 23 day (1801)
We met according to appointment. Chose Brother Wilson, Moderator. Agreed that
Br. Cox should provide the minutes against the fourth Saturday in May. It is an
act passed in our church Conference that the church meet together every Sunday in
pray meeting.

May the 23 day 1801
Church meeting at Stony Creek. Brother Joseph Culbertson received by experience
and baptised. Br. Wilson, Br. Cox and Br. Brickey appointed by the church to cite
Mary Jones to attend next church meeting. Nancy Hutcheson received by experience
and baptised.

June the 27 day (1801)
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Received by experience Rachael ______ (illegible).
James Brickey, Mary Marshall, William Steward by letter Joseph Carter and Elizabeth
Carter and Catherine Roberts.

July the 22 day 1801
Met in order. Agreed Brother Culberson to get the elements for the Lord's Supper
and table cloth and napkins. Agreed to meet the first Friday in august to build a
meeting house.

August the 22, (1801)
Met in order. Referred the hearing of Sister Mary Jones till next church meeting:
Brother Jesse Wilson and Br. David Cox to cite her to appear. Received by experience
John Watson, Senr. Baptised Nevel Wayland, Senr., William Marshall Cockrel, Henry
Leath, David Cox Jr., Nancy Wayland, black Rode (Rhoda).

September the 21 day 1801
Met in church conferences. A motion made by Brother Brickey for a Constitution
and prepare bodyguard.

November (1801) church meeting:
Stephen Osborn ) Received by experience and baptised
Jemina Osborn )
Henry Cock )
Sarah Penalton )
Nevel Wayland, Jun'r )
Frank Wayland )
Matilda Cocks )

Church Meeting December 1801
Comfort Osborn received but not baptised. Nancy Gibson received by letter. Valentine
Collins received by experience and baptised. David Cox received by experience and
baptised. Ellender Nelson rec'd by experience and baptised. James Stanfield received
by experience and baptised. Betsy Burton, Mary Stanfield, Susannah Marshall, David Cocks,
Margaret Carter received and baptised.

January 18th 1802
The Brethren collected at Brother Cockses where Brother Jesse Wilson preached his farewell
sermon at night when Sister Susannah Marshal applied for a letter of dismission. Was
granted and given her. The 23 being church meeting day presented Brother Bolling at the
above house. The church was unanimous in consenting to a Constitution. It is agreed upon
that the members of this church put money into the Deacon's hands to defray the expense of
preparing the elements for the administration of last Lord's Supper and likewise to prepare
for next which is intended next quarterly meeting.

February the 27, 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. A Presbytry and helps being appointed to consider
into the state of the arm of the Glade Hollow church on Stony Creek petition for a
Constitution to pronounce them a Church. Sister Philips and daughter Elender, Brother
James Brickey, Brother David Briant and his wife, and Sister Mary Carnell applied for a
letter of dismission and was granted. David Gipson, a backslider received on a relation
of the work of God upon his soul. Dismissed in order.

March the 27, 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother David Briant and Sister Rachael Briant
a letter of dismission. Dismissed in order.

April the 24 day 1802
Church meeting held on Stony Creek. Motion made by Brother Cocks for to petition
Brother Flannary's church for him to attend us part of his time. By consent of the
church Brother Wayland is to get a quire of paper for the use of the church. Brother
Brickey received 6 and four pence to prepare the elements for the Lord's Supper.
Agness Carter received by experience and baptised. Elizabeth Gipson received by
experience and baptised. Thomas Alley received by experience and baptised. Dismissed
in order.

May the 22 day (1802)
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Received by experience Nancy Brickey, Ryly (Riley)
Collins, Mary Large, Rachel Gipson, Thomas Gipson, Beter Gipson, George Gipson, John
Stuart and baptised.

June the 26 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek - ordered that be prepared against next church meeting
to bring tent to the association and that Brother Wayland and that two dollars be
contributed for the support of David Cox, John Brickey brothers appointed to attend
said association. Charles Gipson received by experience. Mary Gipson received by

July the 23 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Rheubin Gipson, Thomas Marshal, Fanny Gibson,
Henry Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Jun'r., Violate Flannery, Vina Gibson, Judith More,
Fanny Gipson, William Nolen by experiences, also Mary Gibson, both from other churches
without letter. David Marshel rec'd by letter. Dismissed.

August the 29 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Nolen counted under censure till next
church meeting in course. Lerecy More, Spicy More, Anny Gibson and Samuel Rany all
received by experience and baptised.

September 22 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Nolen's cause is laid over till next
meeting and ordered from the church that Brother Kitchen and Brother Watson cite
him and Brother David Marshel and wife to attend at said meeting. It is likewise
ordered that Brother Collins finishes Brother Wayland's boards and gather hands to
cover it by next church meeting. Dismissed in order.

October the 23 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. William Nolen excommunicated. An order of
the church that Brother Thomas Marshal and Brother Kitchens cite William Cockerill
to attend next church meeting and also Comfort Osborn for not complying with the
order of the church. Received Nancy Ritchman by experience and baptism.

November the 25 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Henry Gibson excommunicated. Brother Tiny
Collins on censure till next meeting. Thomas Gibson on censure till next church
meeting. Brother Cocks is to cite Brother Thomas Alley to appear the next meeting,
also Brother Brickey and Brother Kitchens is to cite Brother David Gibson to appear
the next meeting. John Ritchman (Richmond) received by experience and baptism.

December 23 day 1802
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Tiny Collins restored. Brother Thomas
Gibson considered under censure. Brother Cocks still to cite Brother Thomas Alley.
Dismissed in order.

January the 22 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Thomas Gibson considered under censure till next
meeting. Brother Joseph Culberson's cause laid over till next church meeting.
Dismissed in order.

February the 26 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Joseph Culberson clear of censure
laid on him by Brother John Buster. Thomas Gibson excommunicated. Sister Vina
Gibson obtained a letter of dismission by letter of recommendation from the Black
Water church. Sister Mary Gibson obtained a letter of dismission. Clary More
received by experience and baptism. Dismissed in order.

March the 20 day 1803
Thomas Gibson excommunicated. Dismissed in order.

March the 26 day 1803
Brother Rheuben Gibson and his wife obtained a letter of dismission, also Sister
Frances Gibson and two daughters obtained a letter of dismission.

April the 23 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Culberson and Brother Thomas
Marshel is to site Brother Giles Lea to appear at the next church meeting.
Henry Leath laid over till next meeting. Brother Charles Gibson and wife obtain
a letter of dismission. Brother Valentine Collins and wife to receive a letter
of dismission. Dismissed in order. Brother John Brickey, Moderator.

May the 26 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Giles cited by Brother Relby to next
meeting. Brother Henry Leath is laid over till next meeting, in course.
Dismissed in order.

June the 23 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Giles Lea is laid over till the next
meeting in course. Brother Henry Leath is laid over till the next meeting in course.
Dismissed in order.

July the 23 day 1803
Church meeting held at Stony Creek. Brother Henry Leath restored to his place in
the church. Brother Giles Lea obtains a letter of dismission for him and his wife
Sarah. Dismissed in order.
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Stephen Gates, son of Stephen and Anne (Veare) Gates, born in Hingham, Norfolk, England, 1634; died in Acton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 23 October 1706; married in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, about 1664, Sarah Woodward, daughter of George and Mary (Gibson) Woodward, born in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 3 February 1643; died in Stow, Mass., after 1707.
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Nathaniel Gates, born in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts, about 1675; died intestate in Stow, 1731; married Mary B. Gibson. Administration of his estate was granted to his son Stephen, 6 December 1731. See Torrey, NEHGR 120:168.
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Rebecca Gates, born in Marlboro, 23 July 1682; died in Stow, 21 January 1754; married Deacon Timothy Gibson (His niece, Mary, married Rebecca's brother, Nathaniel. See NEHGR, 37:389)
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From: Lorraine
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 22:55:03 -0700
To: Annadella

Thomas's line goes to York, South Carolina and then gradually moves on to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
Descendants of Thomas Gibson.

Annadella's Note: several Gibsons are still blank for their children, if any, spouses, etc. Several possible links could be in those missing people.

1 Thomas Gibson d: Bef. June 04, 1769
. +Catherine Demorce b: in Baltimore Co., Maryland m: December 22, 1761 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
....... 2 Matthew Gibson b: November 22, 1762 d: May 07, 1805 in York County, South Carolina
.......... +Elizabeth Kerr b: November 03, 1772, d: January 01, 1861 in Jasper, Mississippi?
................ 3 Thomas P. Gibson b: January 01, 1791 d: August 22, 1841 in Selma, Alabama
................... +Pamela Carson
................ *2nd Wife of Thomas P. Gibson:
................... +Katherine D. Cain b: August 31, 1809
................ 3 William C. Gibson b: November 27, 1792 in South Carolina
................... +Jane C. Thompson b: Abt. 1814 in South Carolina
................ 3 Catharine P. Gibson b: December 16, 1795
................ 3 Matthew R. Gibson b: May 18, 1801 in York County, South Carolina
................... +Esther Campbell b: December 15, 1801
................ 3 John C. Gibson b: December 25, 1803 in South Carolina
................... +Matilda b: Abt. 1807 in South Carolina
....... 2 ? Gibson b: Unknown
....... 2 ? Gibson b: Unknown

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
from: Annadella
to: Lorraine

Well, as far as George Gibson (b. 1700s - in another
of our old family Gibson lists, it shows him b. 30
Dec. 1763, in NC, d. 23 Aug. 1836, in NC. It says he
moved his family from NC to Giles Co., TN, in 1810,
where they lived for many years, and it says all their
children were born in Guilford, NC, except for Joseph,
who was born in SC while they were visiting relatives.
It says that George Gibson, his children all grown
and gone, went back (with Ann?) to NC (from TN), where
he died in 1810. The two other papers, Gibson Family
History and Family List shows the same death dates,
but not where Ann and George died and were buried.

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