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Thanks for sharing. I didn't have this information. I will check this out and get back to you in a week or two so see what else I can find for you. I am also getting some wonderful information from Beverly Loffler. I am going to bring this to her attention to see if she already has more information on this daughter.

Beverly is very professional in her research. She has gone to the expense of ordering public records; such as marriage records; death certificates, etc. These documents would hold up in court as proof of kinship and would be needed if some GANEY family member left an oil well in Texas, and died without heirs. (I say this without joking, because of examples in know of in my STRICKLAND family (WILSON STRICKLAND) and also on another family, connected to my ex-husband's family (PELHAM HUNPHRIES). Only a few of those who claimed family relationship to these men were able to actually "prove" the relationship. Most every STRICKLAND in the U.S., had at least one WILSON STRICLAND in their family line, so which one did the WILSON STRICKLAND in Texas connect to)?

This confirmation by ordering public documents from originals, is very expensive so many of us haven't gone that far because of this. Although these official records contain minor errors sometimes, they are still the most credible source.

Family histories often change over the years and become distorted. Remember the game of a line of people, where the first person whispers something to the next, and it is passed down the line. Then the last person says out loud what the message was, then the first person tells us what was actually said. The message becomes almost entirely different.

Family histories, however, are very important because they are at least partially true. They give us the clues to began out research and provide us names or nicknames of the individuals, etc, and are especially valuable in covering the period between the 1880 census and the 1900 census since to 1890 census records were destroyed. However. they always need to be verified as much as possible with many official records. Even census records have errors so there is a need to collect all of them for consistency and remember that many Census Takers might have gotten information from neighbors in order to save time.

Dates on tombstones are sometimes incorrect. It is especially notable with the death certificate does not match the date shown for death on the tombstone. Usually we don't know when the monument was placed on the grave site. It could have been years later, when the family were able to afford it. For those individuals in Walker and Winston Co., AL, who took the loyalty Oath in 1867 after the Civil War, we have the individuals citing their birthdate and place of birth.
Yet, some of these individuals has a different date of birth on their tombstone.

Also, family bibles are not always credible unless the information was recorded at the time of the event. That is why the year the bible was published is so important to verify the data in a bible was recorded at the time of the event. If the bible shows a later publication date then the recorded data is not proven, it is only useful information.

For example, VILINDA GANEY MUSGROVE's granddaughter, ETHEL VICTORIA MUSGROVE (my grandmother, MINNIE LEE MUSTROVE's Sister, both marrying STRICKLAND brothers), had a family bible. She identified her grandfather as LOUIS MUSGROVE and her grandmother as MELINDA GAINES, instead of VILINDA GANEY). However my grandmother, MINNIE LEE MUSGROVE STRICKLAND, knew that her grandmother was a GANEY. When her youngest son, JOHN HOLLY (he changed it to HOLLIS) STRICKLAND married PATRICIA LOLA GANEY, MINNIE was concerned that they were might be too close kin. Census records show LOUIS V. MUSGROVE's wife was VILINDA, and her age was 14 with her parents on 1850 census, but she was shown as much older that that after marriage in 1860. She was identified as VIOLET in 1870, back fo VILINDA in 1880.

Beverly's validation of her family line by ordering death certificates, by orderly the death certificate of a daughter of LUTHER ROBERSON GANEY and MARY FRANCES RAY, shows her mother was "FRANNIE" (Mary Francis) RAY.
This information reported on her death certificate by WILLIE SHULTZ, probably her son (will need to locate where my records are on the GANEY-SHULTZ line. If this was her son, he would know his mother's parents. However, he erred in naming his grandfather LUKE, as "LUCIOUS" instead of LUTHER. Perhaps this was because LUTHER R. GANEY was identified as LUKE R. GANEY, except on the 1850 census when his parents spelled out his name as LUTHER.

LUTHER ROBERSON GANEY's middle name as ROBERSON was provided to me by BETTY GANEY, now deceased. I don't know if this came from family history or not. I "suspect" that LUTHER ROBERSON was named for a minister by that name who was on the same census in Newton Co., GA, where his parents DORMAN H. GANEY and SUSAN ANDERSON had married.

I have not written a book and all my information is ongoing, subject to corrections and additions. This why I did not submit information to the Heritage Book. Someone else did, without my permission. I was embarrassed when this very old information from my earliest research, which I had shared with others, was published in the Heritage Book. However, part of me was glad because at least this got other's interested in doing more research.

I am not planning to write a book, at least at this time, on the entire GANEY family. I leave this to someone else. Not because I wouldn't like to, but with all my lines, I could write 100 books and I don't have that kind of energy, at 67 years of age. I definitely plan to write one on the MUSGROVE family.

VILINDA GANEY-MUSGROVE's father, DORMAN H. GANEY's name was continued several generations in her line. I don't know what his initial "H" stood for.

I started my geneology research many many years ago, before so much information became available on the internet. I started with what little family history was available on this line. Then I started looking for these individuals on census records on microfilm. I supplemented this with cemetery searches, and other published records, in books, geneological quarterlies, etc. that were available to me in libraries. This was very time consuming, but an inexpensive hobby. Sometimes I traveled to a few out of state court houses to pickup unpublished information.

It is so much easier now by being able to supplement research available on line. However, It is best to go to original documents to veryfy information. There are many transcription errors in this internet records on CD's and on line. The CD's on marriage records come to mind. Often they list the wrong county where the marriage took place, and transcribed the name incorrectly; or made typing errors on the dates of the marriage. I had to order DORMAN H. GANEY's official marriage records because his first name was transcribed so incorrectly. I ordered a copy of the original marriage which showed his first name as DORMAN, very clearly (to me). Names on old documents as handwritten are difficult to read in many cases, especially to transcribers who do not know the family.

Again, any information needs to be verified with official records and when you have to order them, this is quite expensive.

For anyone planing to do a book on the GANEY family, I recommend that they wait until some of the confusion clears up now that there are more researchers involved, and collective research makes for faster progress as we can catch each orther's mistakes and discuss how to obtain more accuracy for each of us. It would be good for our descendents of this family to have as accurate information as we can collectively provide.

I am not a descendant of SOLOMON RAY, so I haven't done as much research on him as some others. At first I tried, only because at that time, I didn't know of anyone else researching this line. I was interested in this line because two of VILINDA's siblings married into this family; and my uncle, JOHN H. STRICKLAND, a son of JAMES THOMAS STRICKLAND and MINNIE LEE MUSGROVE, married his third cousin, PATRICIA LOLA GANEY (twice). They were divorced and later remarried. He was her first and her third husband). She was a descendant of LUTHER ROBERSON GANEY and MARY FRANCES RAY. No issue. However, I became interested and will continue researching all of these lines because it is fun and sometimes these families connected a few generations earlier. I enjoy sharing information.

I regret any misleading information that I have provided.
which was based on my initial research and was prematurely published by someone else.

I am still making errors. I welcome information to correct then. I had rather get my records corrected to reflect accuracy and have enough self confidence to admit my errors, which we all know is easy to do.

I said in above message that BARBARY RAY married DAVID GANEY "before" the Civil War. Apparently this was an error. Have to go back to my FTM file and see the age of all her children for an estimate of when she married each husband; . This is exactly why I refer to my research as "ongoing research" which is subject to corrections. I should have verified this before I provided my comments.

Tract records in Winton Co., AL, suggests that she was a widow before she entered her own land as "BARLARY STIVENDER" on 10 April 1860. (Before the Civil War). Her land was in Section 15, ot Township 12 South, Range 7 West, 40 acres, NE 1/4 of SE 1/4, Certificate 32006. The Certificate number would be the same as the Patent number once the President of the United States, or his designee, signed the patent.

Her father, SOLOMON RAY enter 80 acres, in Section 12, same Township. This was the NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 and the NE 1/4 of NW 1/4. Entry dated 24 Aug 1859, Certificate 39611.

Her brother-in-law, LUKE R. GAINEY entered 80 acres on 1 Nov 1860, in Section 13, next to father-in-law, SOLOMON GANEY, SW 1/4 of SE 1/4 and SE 1/4 of SW 1/4. LUKE also had land in Walker Co., AL, bordering this location. He was already married to MARY FRANCES RAY before 1860.

Note: The above was land records from a transcribed copy, not the original document. This was abstracted from book, "Winston: An Antebellum and Civil War History of a Hill County of North Alabama", by Donald B. Dodd and Wynelle S. Dodd, which was reprinted by Congressman, Carl Elliot in his book, "Annals of Northwest Alabama", Volume IV in 1972.

In this same book, page 262, THOMAS J. ABLES, Pvt. Co., D, 19th Alabama Infantry was on a list of Confederate Soldiers of Winston Co., AL.

Even recently, I had discovered that I had confused LUTHER R. GANEY's two daughters, MARY ALICE with MARY ELLEN spouses. I had the wrong sister married to the other's spouse. Thanks to Beverly Loffner for permitting me to correct this

I have no family bible on my Musgrove-Ganey line other than the information shared from my great aunt ETHEL VICTORIA MUSGROVE-STRICKLAND. VILINDA GANEY and LOUIS V. MUSGROVE's oldest son, JOHN FRANCIS ASBURY MUSGROVE, deserted his family. He was not around when they grew into adulthood so family history on the GANY and MUSGROVE family was scarce. ETHEL was the youngest daughter.

I know of no BART STRICKLAND, who would have a family bible on this. My father was CARTER BARTLY STRICKLAND, "Carter". have a son, GUY BARTLY GRAINGER, "Bart" and another named CHARLES EDWARD GRAINGER, JR. "Chuck". I can truthfully say, neither own or owned an old bible. I say this because someone has alledged that I made this claim about a BART STRICKLAND.

I do not even know how that person got this idea. I own up to my errors, but this was not one I made. I say this not to demean anyone, but because I want to clear up confusion and misunderstandings. I am sure this person has a lot of other good information to share. They just made a mistake in this case, like we all are prone to do, especially me.


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