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Hey there. Unfortunately, I don't think I do. But here's 2 things I learned in my own research:

1) Many, many Galvins came from County Kerry, which is a good place to focus on given that.

2) Here is the Galvin letter I referenced. See if any of it rings a bell for you. I believe this letter was written 40-50 years ago but it talks about events from the late 19th century.

Letter from Martin Dohert (Drumroe Currow) to David Geaney (U.S.)

As regards the history of the Gallivans I do not claim to be an expert
in tracing the genealogy of families and am not to be compared to Coin O
Mahoney who occasionally speaks over the radio. But, a lot of the
information I gleaned I got it from the late Owen Sullivan of Gerah
Farranfore who was a great authority in family matters. As it appears
that Owens mother Kitty Aherne and your grandfather Connie Gallivan were
second cousins As both their grandmothers who were Hogans by name being

To begin with it appears the Gallivans originated from Breahig in the
farm where Andy Leary now resides. The present Andy Leary his mother was
Julia Gallivan as apparently a Leary man got married into the farm his
being I believe from Ballintourig. In some far distant days toward the
end of the eighthteenth century or the early part of the nineteenth
century, a family of Hogans lived near the present Edenburn Sanitorium
in the townsland of Magh in the farm where the O'Neill's now reside. One
of these Hogan girls got married at the early age of sixteen years to a
Gallivan man at Brehig in the farm where the Leary's now live. He was
according to Owen Gallivan either Denny or Jack Gallivan. This Hogan
girl and her husband were the grandparents to your grandfather Connie
Galvin and also to my grandfather Ned Brown of Mullen and I think I
could safely assume they were the ancestors to all the Gallivan and
their lineage around Scartinglin at the present time. This Hogan woman
married to Gallivan had another sister a Mrs. Ahern who lived to the
extraordinary age of 108 yrs. She lived at Scart Gortatlia near Nohoval
School in the place where Mick Ahern now lives. She was the great
grandmother to his father and

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also to Owen Sullivan. The mother of these Hogan girls was a Reidy
woman. Davy Connor of Dromulton who lived to the age of 101 or 102 years
was a great grandnephew to this Mrs. Aherne and a great grandson to her
sister. Long livety runs occasionally in some families or in some of
their members. My mother's grandmother was Johanna Gallivan. She was an
aunt to your grandfather. I never heard my mother say she had any other
sister or I don't think she remembered her. My mother used to say she
remembered old James Gallivan an uncle to her father. He was either an
uncle or the father to your grandfather and was a son to this Hogan

Bryan Connor who had a public house in Castleisland between Market House
and the Railway Gates (Bernie's father) his mother was Norrie Gallivan.
I heard the late Jack McEllistrim the creamery manager say he knew her
well and so did Mrs. McCarthy who lived here at the railway station.
Paddy Groves of Ballydwyer is a nephew to Bryan Connor and a grandson to
this Norrie Gallivan. She told me some years ago her grandmother hailed
from Breahig hence the Owen Sullivans version must be right. This
Norrie Gallivan had another sister Jude Gallivan, she was the mother of
Mike Johnny Fleming of Inch Kilcummin who used to be a member of the
Kerry County Council some years ago. As far as I know but I am not
definite these two Gallivan women were first cousins to your grandfather
and also to mine and nieces to my mothers grandmother. The Kerin family
of Gortglosare sister's children to Mike Johnnie and also the Daly
family of Doonen Kilcummin near Coolick Bridge

I well remember a sister to your grandfather Peg Gallivan (Mrs. Bob
Twiss) of Kishunbarun? She died in June 1915 aged about 85 years. She
had a sister Mary of Mullen who was the mother of Thade Rearden. I
remember a good many years ago now a brother to Wade Rearden paid a
visit home from America. I think his name was Dan. He stayed for a while
at Geoffrey Himings of Currow. I dare say he must be dead long ago.
Thade Readon had five

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sisters whom I knew of the eldest Jude (Mrs. Rahilly?) had a farm at
Maugha in the remote part of Ballymacellighot which they bought some
years ago and where her son is now married. Previous to that, they had
been dairying. She lived to a great age and is now dead only a few
years. Her husband who hailed from Knockshorow ? died in the summer of
1922 as I remember being at his funeral to Kilsarcon. Another sister was
Nora (Mrs. Geoffrey Fleming) who lived in Carrow village. Mary was Mrs.
John Kieffe of Gerah Farranfore, Maggie was Mrs. Mike Somers of
Killeenturna. There was another sister who never married I think her
name was Nell. I believe she died at Killenturna with Mrs. Somers. I am
not aware if there were any others of the Rearden in America but I know
that Mrs. Geoffrey Fleming was there as I heard her say at one time that
she went to the States at the age of sixteen years.

Another family of Gallivans lived in Bawnaglanna. He was Johnnie
Gullivan a brother to your grandfather. I knew him quite well. His wife
was Peg Dennehy . He had only one son Con who is now dead a long time
but there were five or six girls in the family. One was Mrs. Bill
Brosnan of Knockaderry Farranfore. Another was Hannie who was married to
Michael Oconnor of Bawnaglanna. Maggie was Mrs. Fred Dwyer of Lyne
Currow. Another was Mrs. Tom Reidy and the youngest was Mrs. D. Fleming,
their last two being living at Currow Ross.

About the Gallivans up at Scartaglin there was Con Gallivan of Mullen
whose wife was Hannah Kelliher from Direen. He had three daughters and a
son, the son died when about ten years of age, one of the girls also
died when young. He had two sisters married here at home. One was Mrs.
Tom Hugh Brosnan of Killeenturna and the other who had no family was
married to Tom Looney of Glounthane. Con Gullivan also had two other
sisters And two brothers in America. One sister Biddy who my mother knew
well in America and was a pal of hers was married to an O'Donnell man.
The other sister Mary was a Mrs. Fleming 0ne of the brothers James who
was never over robust died rather young in America. The other brother
was Denny who was married to a Daly woman from Tureengarrive near
Ballydebmond. The father of the Mullen Gallivans was James Gallivan a
first cousin to your grandfather and also to mine. I remember many years
ago an O'Donnell boy accompanied by his uncle Con Gullivan called to
see my mother. He said she was the only person in Ireland he knew (gap
of word or two). There was also John Gallivan who had a shop near
Adrville Bridge his wife was a Herin woman one of his sons was the late
P. P. of Brosna. He had another brother Denny who was in America for
some time. He was married to one Maine (?) Reidy who was also in the
States they had no family. John Gallivan of Adrville had an aunt Mary
who was the mother of Bell Connell and David O'Connell also of Adrville.
I think there were some sisters of the O'Connells in America also. I
believe all the friends, Browns, Connors, and Gallivans in America were
almost together in Waterberry. Den Prendiville an old I.R.A. man who
now lives in the top of the town near Heartnetts Hotel was born and
reared at Breahig. He told me some time that three or four families of
Gallivans lived at Breahig at one time but it must be long ages ago. I
think I am now gone fairly well into the history of the Gallivan family
and have nothing more to add as far as I know.

You may also like to know who were the descendants of this other Hogan
sister who lived to the remarkable age of 108 years. As I mentioned
already she lived at Scart Gortatlea near the present Nohovall School.
She was the great grandmother to Mick Aherne's father. The late Jim
Calleghan of Kilfeilm Currans, his mother was Betty Aherne. She also
Page 5

was a granddaughter to this Hogan woman while the grandfather of the
present Mick Aherne of Kilfeilm of Kilfeilm who was the brother to Mrs.
Callaghan was a grandson. Old Joe Murphy of Ranaleen who lived on the
road Kilsarcon was a brother to Fr John Murphy by one time P.P.( Parish
priest K M ) of Firies. His (unlegible) the grandfather to Joe Connor
who lived at the cross as you go to Edenburn Hospital. This Joe Murphy
was married twice, his first wife was an Aherne woman, a sister to Mrs.
Callaghan. She only lived twelve months after her marriage as apparently
she may have died in childbirth.

The mother of Owen Sullivan was Kitty Aherne. She was not a sister but a
first cousin to Mrs. Callaghan. She could have been reared near
Nohovall School as she was an aunt to Jack Aherne and a great aunt to
the present Mick Aherne and his brother Jack who has the garage in
Castleisland. I forgot to mention that your mother's grandmother was
Jude Brosnan . I heard my mother say a few times she knew her quite
well. She died with her daughter Peg at Lisheenbawn and I believe but I
am not quite definite that her husband died there also.

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