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Matilda Galpin

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My Gipin/Galpin family in So. Ohio, & possibly in NC area.

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Surnames: Waldron, Newman,Gilpin/galpin,Daughtery, Hawk, Jordan,Mullen,Edminstien,Bradney/Bradley
ok, I know this is going to be a long, and some will think an far fetched story. But part comes from my Maternal Grandmother, and the rest from a book of the Thomas Gilpin, 1772, Family of Adams Co.,So. Ohio.

Thomas, 1772, and Nancy Mullen Gilpin were born supp. born in PA or Ireland, (When Mr Franz tried to research them in Ireland, he was told the Gilpin was an unusual name there!)

When I, Linda Juanice Newman, was a young girl, about a Freshman in High School my Mothers Mother, Laura E Ivers-Gilpin, told me about my ancestors.
I am 64 now and I am so happy to have found enough proof of what she said to be sure of all of it!
She said we were Blackfoot or Sioux. Maybe even Shoshone, She was not sure which one, but she said I diffently was Native American.
I never got to see her husband, my grandfather, Calvin Clay Gilpin, 1886, as he died fairly young with TB. He told her the following story. He died near Fawcett, in Ad. Co.,So..,Ohio. 1930

She told me we had an ancestor that went west and was a trapper, or an Indian Agent? and he married an Indian Woman.

She gave me no names, but granfather, had all the features of NA and the darker skin color. In his pics, he looks really dressed up alot, and I wondered how he could afford that. He wore long white sleeves when he worked on the railroad, and as a child, had the short hair and a fancy suite!
first, Thomas Gilpin, late 1772, born Pa., or Ireland? marr. Nancy Mullen, whom may have also been born in Ireland. They were marr. prior to 1811, as per Tom Franz's book.
Thomas Gipin,1772 Nancy Mullen

Henry Gilpin, 1808 wife unknown

George Gilpin 1820,DIED ABT 1897, and his wife Martha Edmisten(The Gold owners)

Henry Gilpin,(1865 or 1829) and he marr Harriet? Matilda Waldron.born abt 1830's(?Harriet is something I have just seen recently.)I always just heard her called Matilda.These dates "do not work"! I wonder if someone changed them?

Henry and Matilda were in Ny awhile, So, I thought she was probaly an Iroquios, or Huednoshoshone. Then I found a print up of them in Pickway Co., Ohio. and some in Adams Co., So Ohio some say they were in Coshockton, Ohio, for a bit of time. This was all done by Ohio Federal Census.

From here on "I got it out of the book from Mr Fanz, in Ky. abt the Thomas Gilpin Family" I personally found alot of errors on my family.

It said my grandfather was killed when hit by lightning, when it fact it was grandpas brother Frank!

This is really interesting here because George had a son named Henry that was supposedly DEAD. But whoever wrote the date was not from So. Ohio, as it stated he died in Sandy Springs Co.(there is no such place!)George had a bro. named Henry also.

Sandy springs, where they built the big house is known as Sandy Springs, there is also on the property Sandy Springs Cemetary,
It has graves,in Mound form, and is also known as MOUND CEMETARY, with half white, and half Indian, buried in the mound.

He would diffently have plenty of money to do whatever he wanted with it! In Fact the Gilpins had plenty of money for several generations! Up until my Mothers generation where she said they had nothing!

She said her Grandmother Sally Gilpin, went to Texas alot to visit Mary Belle Gilpin, who was a sister to grandpa Calvin Clay Gilpin. Mary Belle Gipin wanted my Mother to move to Amarilla with her and her husband, his name was Newsome. She died in Houston, TX.

George and a friend decided to take a trip to California to look for GOLD.
Before he left, he went to the local school him and his friend, and picked out 2 beautiful girls, and told them when they "got rich" and came home, they were going to marry them!
George Gilpin was Born Dec 19, 1819-1820, and in this local book of So Ohio, it states he was born at Cedar Mills, Adams Co. So.Ohio, and George Gilpin died March 22, 1897. In 1849 they started out on thier search for GOLD! It was a long and tedious trip. attended with inexpressible hardships and lots of suffering, but they seen a lot of scenery, and they were Pestered incessently by indians, at night they would put gather the wagons and stay inside, but they had fires. After a time, eduring the indians, they captured one whom it states in the book by Thomas Franz, that they had captured a chief. When the members of thier tribe came to ransom him, offering rewards, and making promises, if they would release him, If we don"t bother you for three days, then you should turn him loose! The Indian was tied to the back of the wagon and walked for 3 days thru hostile Indian Territory. They often found men woman and children, killed, and scalped lying along the trail. The companion who went with George was killed.
George Gilpin lived in California for 3 yrs.he can be found on the 1850 census in Butte Co., Ca.
Acculumlating gold which he kept in bucket or buckets. He decided to leave Calif., and by way of the Isthmus of Panama where he had to cross a country where he traveled by train, it was an outdated train where they all had to get out and push the train up hills!Once on the Eastern Coast of Panama, George took another ship, that landed him on the east coast of the US. He travelled to Pittsburg Pa. and exchanged his gold dust for gold coins.
Soon, He was back in So Ohio, Adams Co. in late 1852. He choose land on the Ohio River Bottom just west of Sandy Springs.Ad Co Oh.
This area was known as the Irish Bottoms. When he approached Eleanor Morrison to see if she would sell her land, she thought he was a Bum., unkept and humourus, when he asked her, she was shocked when he paid in full in gold. After he bought the farm, he found the girl he had promised to marry years before and they were married,March 15, 1853. They built a beautiful 2 story brick home which stood on the property until 1960's. They owned additional property that consisted of 250 acres. Some in Ohio, and some on the other side of the river in Kentucky. It says he had 6 kids
John M.,
Wm R.,
Henry G.,
Eliza A.,
Walter L.,
Elmer W.
My line here is Henry that marr Matilda Waldron,1832? (her Mother was a Daughtery. and her grandmother was Anna Hawk-Brewer,on the Cherokee/Shawnee Siler Rolls. (I have a book that talks abt the white and Indian marriages in NC between the Daughterys and the Gilpins)

On a trip to Colorado, I seen a place called Gilpin Colorado. My husband and I made a delivery of several slot machines to the "Gilpin Hotel & Casino" I found the Historical Society, and inquired about the Gilpin whom this was named for, and he too was born in PA, Just like Thomas was, and he became a politician in Colorado. I wonder now if my family wasn't related to Him? The story granma told me matches up, and the story of the GOLD found was enough to sustain alot of generations???
Could Henry Charles? be mine,JUST WONDERING, I sure look like his daughter(or Step-daughter?)
does anyone have his DOB? I know on here is says that Zoelulu is French and the daughter of Honore Picotte, but her photo looks just like me when I graduated High School!!!!!!!!!
Go to Photobucket, search for Clayhummingbird, and look I think abt page 7 of my photos, and you will see how much we look alike. (I have the BIG HAIR DO!) When I showed it to my husband, he said in shock, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AND WHO IS SHE!"
I have 6 native american lines on mothers side, and 3 on my dads. Were Irish, NA, Germ.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR Help! Anyone who has written to me recently, please repost, as I did NOT get to read them! Thanks again!

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