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Full Collins Shepard

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I think this will help you...Two weeks ago I received my application for the Appalachain Shawnee Tribe...Jane is my 6 great grandmother..The Appalachain Shawnee Tribe found my mother Dianna Lyons Smith..throught the information that she has posted on the net...of coarse the tribe check it all out before contacting us...Dianna's mother was Edith Grogan Lyons and Edith's parents were John and Margaret Shephard Grogan...My mother forwarded this to me..I have not recieved my acceptance yet..but she has..

Straight Tail aka Meaurroway- - Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA – parents unknown, Turtle Clan, 1670 a Pekowi Chief in OH, 1677 band moved from OH-mid-Ohio valley to IN-IL-Miami & Illinois River valleys near Miami & Illinois, about 1680 some of the family/band begin to move to the corner of TN-KY-VA-NC to join the Chalakatha-Mekoche-Kishpoko there, by 1689 the bulk of the band from IL-IN joins Chalakatha, Mekoche-Kishpoko in east TN-west NC-east KY-southwest VA, by 1693 most of band from NC-TN-VA-KY living in Cecil Co MD, by 1697 most of the band living in Lancaster Co PA-Susquehanna valley, 1697 succeeded by his son Opessa/1664 as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, 1709 succeeded by Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1670 as Pekowi Chief in Pechoquealin PA, husband 1650 OH of Pekowi Woman/1635, father of son Wolf/1654, daughter Sewatha/1660, sons Cakundawanna-Sevana/1662, Opessa/1664, daughter Snow White/1666, son John White/1670, Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)/1674-all Pekowi

Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born 1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH - son of Straight Tail-Meaurroway/1630 & Pekowi Woman/1635, Turtle Clan, moved 1677 with band to IN, moved 1680 to IL, 1689 moved with band to TN-NC-KY-VA, by 1693 living in Cecil Co MD, about 1693 a Pekowi Chief under his father in Cecil Co MD, 1697 moved to Lancaster Co PA with band, 1697 succeeded Straight Tail as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, signed Treaty 1701 with William Penn with Lemoytungh & Pemoyajagh, 1706 Council Philadelphia, 1707 Conference at Pequea Lancaster Co PA with Governor John Evans, 1710 Conference at Conestoga PA with John French & Henry Worley, resigned 1711 to move to Sassoonan’s Delaware village-Shamokin PA, succeeded 1711 as Pekowi Chief at Pequea PA by his brother Cakundawanna/1662, 1715 Conference Philadelphia with Sassoonan, 1722 moved to Old Town MD-upper Potomac & replaced his brother Cakundawanna as Pekowi Chief again by 1723, by 1734 moved to AL with band, by 1738 returned to western MD/southeast PA, Aug. 1749 Council Philadelphia, 1750 moved to OH, 1752 succeeded Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1680 as Head Pekowi Chief on the Ohio River, May 1756 Council Tioga Point, Aug. 1760 Council Ft. Pitt, brother in law (through sister Snow White) of Peter Chartier/1690, connected with Poxinosa, White Fish (1) & Okowellos Cornstalk, great-grandfather of Tecumseh/1768, husband 1st by 1684 IN of Margaret Pekowi/1670, 2nd 1711 PA of Polly-Daughter of Sassoonan/1695-Delaware, father with Margaret of children/1685-94, daughter Snow White/1695, sons Tecoomteh/1698, Wawwaythi/1700, Loyparkoweh/1705 & Lawaquaqua-Pride Opessa/1710-all Pekowi, children with Polly unknown

Opessa, Loyparkaweh aka Loapeckeway-Lawpakaway – Pekowi born about 1702 PA-died after 1760 OH - son of Opessa/1664 & Margaret Pekowi/1670, grandson of Meaurroway-Straight Tail, Turtle Clan, in west PA 1711-23 with father Opessa, returned to north MD/east PA area with Opessa 1723, living on the Alleghany River by 1727, a Pekowi Chief in PA by 1732, in 1732-1733-1734 signed letters to the Governor of PA as one of the Chiefs on the Alleghany complaining about the sale of rum to the natives, moved to AL 1734 with Opessa, left a wife & children in AL with relatives/clan members, returned to PA by 1738 sent letter to the Governor with Neucheconner & Coycacolenne protesting the sale of rum, then called a young Chief guided by vice regent Neucheconner, between 1738 & 1744 lived at Chartier’s Town-Alleghany Co PA & Logstown-Alleghany Co PA, apparently moved to OH with Peter Chartier & Neucheconner in 1744-45 for he is living in Lower Shawnee Town OH in 1752 when he sent a letter with 3 other Shawnee Chiefs there to the Governor of PA reporting that they were still loyal to the British though most of their neighbors had gone over to the French, attended Council Philadelphia 1753 after Opessa moved to OH, apparently opposed the Shawnee participation in French-Indian War/1754-60, a minor Pekowi Chief in OH after death of Opessa, husband 1st 1720 MD of Nancy Pekowi/1706, 2nd 1738 PA of her sister Elizabeth Pekowi/1704, father with Nancy of Tecumsapah-Margaret/1724, Sewatha-Sarah (1)/1727, Watmeme-Polly/1730, Nancy-Middle Daughter/1734, Sarah (2)-Younger Daughter/1736 & Metheotashe-Mary/1738-all Pekowi, children with Elizabeth unknown

Opessa, Sewatha-Sarah (1) – Pekowi born 1726 MD-died after 1750 (OH?) - daughter of Loyparkoweh Opessa/1702 & Nancy Pekowi/1706, aunt of Tecumseh, with Pekowi in the west WV/east OH 1750, wife by 1745 PA of Col. Alexander McKee/1725, mother of Tecumpolas-Margaret McKee/1746, Child/1750, Child/1754, Child/1760, Daughter/1764-all ½ Pekowi-Metis

McKee, Tecumoplas-Margaret aka Tecumoplas-Margaret Opessa – 1/2 Pekowi-Metis born 1746 PA-died after 1791 (WV?) - daughter of Sewatha-Sarah Opessa (1)/1726 & Col. Alexander McKee/1725, namesake of her grandmother Margaret Pekowi/1670 & aunt Tecumsapah-Margaret Opessa/1725, a Pekowi in the North, 1st cousin of Tecumseh, wife 1761 WV of Rupert Collins born about 1740-died after 1791, mother of Sarah Collins/1762, children/1764-66, Jane Collins/1768, children/1770-78, Parker Collins/1780 (or 11 children/61-82?) -all 1/4th Pekowi-Metis

Collins, Jane (1) - 1/4th Pekowi-Metis born 1768 WV-died after 1800 (WV?) - daughter of Tecumoplas Margaret McKee/1742 & Rupert Collins/1740, 2nd cousin/niece of Tecumseh, wife by 1790 (WV-OH?) of Lewis Full/1770, mother of Joseph Full/1791, Absalom Full/1795, Andrew Full/1799, Amelia Full/1803, Reuben Full/1806 & 5 more children-all 1/8th Pekowi-Metis-(all 3rd cousins of Tecumseh)

We are descendents of Tecumoplas Margaret McKee and Rupert Collins ;

-- abt 1742 -1823
-- Great-X5-Grandparents --
Spouse -- Rupert Collins b. abt 1740
"The mother of Jane Collins Full is said to have retained her Indian name after her marriage to Mr. Collins." She was born about 1742

Jane Collins
-- Abt 1768 --
-- Great-X4-Grandparents --
Spouse -- Lewis Rubin Full -- abt 1770
Pendleton, Virgina (WV), Lewis Full was the first settler on Fulls Fork (Known as Childers Fork).

Lara Amelia Full
-- 3/16/1803 - 8/27/1876 ?
-- Great-X3-Grandparents --
Spouse -- Samuel Sheppard
-- 3/27/1803 - 3/6/1872
Samual Sheppard was a pioneer preacher. The number of funerals conducted and marriages solemnized by this minister is almost without parallel. Sheppard's Chapel in Jackson County is named for him. He served the Wirt County area as a member of the House of Delegates in 1871-1872.

Lewis Sheppard
-- 1/29/1836 - 7/19/1907
-- Great-X2-Grandparents --
Spouse -- Margaret Enoch
-- 10/27/1836 - 6/16/1875 --
Lewis Sheppard was a member of the West Virginia Legislature in 1881.

Draper C Sheppard
-- 2/12/1867 - 1924
-- Great-Grandparents --
Spouse -- Mertilla Mills 12/1869 - 1955

Margaret Mary Sheppard
-- 10/30/1902 - 10/01/1980 --
-- Grandparents --
Spouse -- John Willam Grogan
-- 06/28/1899 - 05/26/1963 --

My mother forwarded this to me..

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