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Fried Family Lutheran Records, Germantown, PA, mid-1700's to early-1800's

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Fried Family Lutheran Records, Germantown, PA, mid-1700's to early-1800's

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Surnames: Fried, Freed, Friedt, Heiberger, Roffel, Linensheet, Wonner, Denon, Benner, Moore, Nils, Gharit, Dasselin, Weiser, Smith, Beringer, Graf

Records of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church of Germantown (now a part of the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County) Pennsylvania are shared below (1). They include several marriage, birth/baptismal, and death records for the “Fried” family, many of whom were later probably known as members of one or more Freed families. Comments about these records are referred to by numbers in parentheses and are found at the end of this report. (2)

Johannes Fried to Sara Roffel - 1770+ ? (3)
Margreth. Fried to John Linensheet - 3 Oct. 1779
Anna Fried to Michael Wonner - 8 Nov. 1768
Lydia Fried to Johannes Denon – 29 Dec. 1801
Sara Fried to Isaac Benner – 16 Dec. 1810
Henry Fried to Elizabeth Moore – 9 Apr 1818

Georg. Jacob Fried – b. 13 May 1756; bp. 18 July 1756
Parents: Georg. Jacob Fried and Anna Marie Catharina Fried
Sponsors: Jacob Fried and Margaretha Nils
Jacob Fried – b. 8 Oct. 1757, bp. 16 Oct. 1757
Parents: Jacob Fried and Catharina Fried
Catharina Fried – b. 23 March 1766; bp. 25 May 1766
Parents: Jacob Fried and Margaretha Fried
Sponsors: Johann Gharit and Catharina Gharit
Johannes Fried – b. 2 Nov. 1776; bp. 29 Dec. 1776
Parents: Johannes Fried and Sara Fried
Sponsors: Jacob Fried and Margaretha Fried
Maria Catharina Fried – b. 6 July 1778; bp. 16 July 1778
Parents: Johannes Fried and Sara Fried
Sponsors: Jacob Fried and Barbara Christine Fried
Elizabeth Fried – b. 14 June 1779; bp. 25 July 1779
Parents: Johannes Fried and Sara Fried
Sponsors: Jacob Fried and Elizabeth Dasselin
Catharina Fried – b. 1 June 1792; bp. 28 July 1792
Parents: Jacob Fried and Elizabeth Fried
Sponsors: Johannes Fried and Catharina Fried
Charles Fried – b. 8 June 1804; bp. 21 June 1818
Parents: John Fried and Elizabeth Fried
John Fried – b. 2 Feb 1812, bp. 21 June 1818
Parents: John Fried and Elizabeth Fried
Margaret Fried – b. 17 Oct. 1813; bp. 21 June 1818
Parents: John Fried and Elizabeth Fried
Sarah Fried – b. 16 June 1819; bp. 18 Oct. 1821
Parents: John Fried and Elizabeth Fried
Philip Fried – b. 22 March 1821; bp. 1 July 1821
Parents: Henry Fried and Elizabeth Freed

Johann Fried – son of John Fried and Sara Fried
Buried 25 Aug. 1777 (9 mo/ 3 wk/ 1 day)
Mar. Catharine Fried – dau of John Fried and Sara Fried
bd. 21 July 1778 (2 wk.) (5)
G. Fried – bd. 24 Dec. 1795 – 95 yrs old (6)
Georg Fried – bd. 15 March 1800 – 2 years old
Henry Fried’s child – bd. 21 Jan. 1819
Sara Fried – bd. 10 Oct. 1787 (28/5/1) (7)
Margaretha Fried – bd. 21 Sept. 1802 – 78 yrs. old – widow
Sarah Fried – bd. 22 Oct. 1821 (2/4/5)
John Fried – bd. 2 Sept. 1822 (37 years old)
Elizabeth Fried – bd. 18 April 1823 (30/6/3)
Catharine Fried – bd. 31 Aug. 1828 – 82 years old
Old Mr. Fried – bd. 21 Nov. 1828


(1) The records of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church have now been published: “St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church Germantown (now in Philadelphia) Pennsylvania”, by Frederick S Weiser, and Debra D. Smith; Vol. 1, 1998; Vol. 2, 2000. Picton Press (Rockland, Maine).

(2) Background: These records were sent to me, (James M. Freed), by Dr. Charles A. Heiberger in February 1985 to be included in the second volume (1985) of “Freed Family Facts”, the first volume (two issues) of which I printed in 1984. Because of increasing family and professional responsibilities, I was not able to publish additional volumes and these records were filed for future study and not found until September 2009. Unfortunately, Charles died of brain cancer September 13, 1985 (according to a January 7, 1986 letter from his wife, Delores M. Heiberger). His major genealogical publication was “The Fried/Freed Family; Descendents of Johannes Friedt (1682-1744)” [of Aspisheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; immigrated to America, ca 1720; Mennonite], privately printed in 1984. [Heiberger’s mother, Carrie Estelle Freed, was in the 7th generation of this Fried line in America.] In his professional life, Dr. Heiberger was the co-editor of “Encyclopedia of PVC, Second Edition: Compounding Processes, Product Design”. He lived in Princeton, NJ, USA. Dr. Heiberger also sent to me a manuscript (in two parts) on the family of Samuel Fried of Lehigh County, PA. This Samuel Fried or Freed is the son of Johannes Fried/Freed and Margaretha Graf Fried/Freed and the grandson of Philip Fried or Freed and Anna Regina Benner, of Montgomery County, PA. [This Samuel Fried family is NOT Heiberger’s Freed family, showing his interest in all Fried/Friedt/Freed lines.] As time becomes available, current plans are to share this manuscript online.

(3) This information given here about the Johannes/Sara marriage is almost an exact quote as shared by Heiberger. Searching online on “Sara Roffel” provides the information that Johannes Fried and Sara Roffel were married 13 Feb. 1776, by Rev. Schmidt.

(4) The given name of the persons baptized did not include a surname on Heiberger’s list and in most cases the surname of the parents was not provided. I have assumed and added the surname of “Fried” to all the given names in this list of baptisms. Consequently, web searchers will be able to find the given and surnames together. Abbreviations: b = birth date and apparently the abbreviation of “bp” represents “baptism date”.

(5) Presumably, the abbreviation “bd.” refers to the burial date.

(6) Comment added by Charles Heiberger himself: “George, born ca 1700, may be the Hans Georg. Fried/Frid, who immigrated, arriving in Philadelphia on 24 Sept. 1737, on the Virtuous Grace, John Bull capt., from Rotterdam via Cowes. Ref: Strassburger & Hinke -Vol. I, pages 175-8.” Comment by Jim Freed: Charles suggested to me (many years ago) that perhaps this George Fried is the father of Philip Fried (Friedt, or more commonly spelled “Freed” for many of his descendants, including myself) of New Hanover Twp., Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, who married Regina Benner in 1749. (Montgomery County was formed in 1784 from Philadelphia County.)

(7) Presumably, 28/5/1 refers to 28 years, five months one day

(8) At the conclusion of these lists, Heiberger added the following: “Another item of possible interest is a baptismal record from the Lower Milford Reformed Church in Milford Twp., Trumbauersville, Bucks Co. –Johannes Fried and Margaretha Fried had a son, Heinrich Fried, b. 13 Feb. 1793; bp. 16 Nov. 1794; sponsors George Beringer and wife. Could this be Johannes and Margaretha Graf Freed of New Hanover, naming a son after his brother?”
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