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Indiana marriages to 1850, Frazier

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Indiana marriages to 1850, Frazier

Carla Frazier (View posts)
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Surnames: Lots of 'em
I thought I'd post these for anyone researching Frazier in Indiana. There's also a few Fraser, Frasier and Frazer spellings. Carla

Indiana Marriages to 1850, Frazier
Last Name, First Name, Spouse Last Name, Spouse First Name, County, Date
FRASER, Peter to PRICKETT, Thirza in Elkhart Co., IN 4-7-1850
FRASER or TRADER, John to MCALESTER or MCCALISTER, Sarah Jane in Fountain Co., IN 2-28-1838
FRASIER, Andrew to TREMEN (or TURNER ?), Catharine B. in Porter Co., IN 4-23-1846
FRASIER, Ephraim S. to SAPP, Elizabeth in Vigo Co., IN 10-16-1840
FRASIER, James to WILLIAMS, Margaret A. in Fountain Co., IN 9-22-1850
FRASIER, John to ABSHAR, Margaret in Spencer Co., IN 9-27-1830
FRASIER, John to HIBS, Elizabeth in Putnam Co., IN 3-28-1831
FRASIER, Rebecca to WILSON, Jonathan in Harrison Co., IN 4-15-1819
FRAZER, Abner to ROBERTS, Nancy Jane in Hancock Co., IN 3-25-1845
FRAZER, Alfred to WOODFILL, Henrietta in Marion Co., IN 6-17-1841
FRAZER, Andrew to BROWN, Merab in Union Co., IN 3-26-1832
FRAZER, Barbara to NORRIS, Isaac in Greene Co., IN 2-27-1845
FRAZER, Caroline to JACKSON, Samuel L. in Randolph Co., IN 6-21-1846
FRAZER, David to LINSAY, Sarah in Vermillion Co., IN 5-29-1828
FRAZER, Elijah to ELLIS, Joanna in Randolph Co., IN 8-2-1849
FRAZER, Elizabeth to COOK, Isaac in Wayne Co., IN 1-23-1840
FRAZER, Elizabeth to MEINERT, Christopher in Fountain Co., IN 2-14-1839
FRAZER, Ephraim Samuel to AUSTIN, Frances Elizabeth in Fayette Co., IN 3-9-1847
FRAZER, Frances Ann to DUNGAN, Jonathan in Fayette Co., IN 2-23-1837
FRAZER, Hannah to HARLAN, James in Randolph Co., IN 11-2-1848
FRAZER, Indiana to HEADLEY, William in Dearborn Co., IN 3-15-1846
FRAZER, Isaac to SPAULDING, Sarah in Jennings Co., IN 6-4-1838
FRAZER, Isaiah to FOREMAN, Mary A. in Henry Co., IN 7-8-1847
FRAZER, Isaiah to WAY, Achsah Ann in Randolph Co., IN 9-12-1850
FRAZER, James to JOHNSON, Ann in Wayne Co., IN 11-17-1841
FRAZER, James A. to FONKS, Sophia in Floyd Co., IN 9-22-1837
FRAZER, James Henry to CURRIN, Frances in Ripley Co., IN 3-25-1843
FRAZER, James S. to DEFREESE, Caroline M. in Elkhart Co., IN 10-25-1848
FRAZER, Jane to HODGEN, Larkin in Wayne Co., IN 8-19-1823
FRAZER, Jane to MURPHY, James in Wayne Co., IN 5-17-1832
FRAZER, Jane to SHOCKNEY, William P. in Randolph Co., IN 3-4-1847
FRAZER, Jerusha to GONNETT, Thomas in Randolph Co., IN 9-4-1845
FRAZER, John to BEARD, Rachel in Wayne Co., IN 4-2-1818
FRAZER, John to SCANLAND, Nancy in Washington Co., IN 6-3-1845
FRAZER, John to WATTERS, Rachel in Gibson Co., IN 10-29-1830
FRAZER, John B. to REAGAN, Sarah in Fayette Co., IN 5-23-1850
FRAZER, Julia Ann to DOYLE, Robert in Tippecanoe Co., IN 8-12-1849
FRAZER, Leah to VEACH, Jesse in Henry Co., IN 2-20-1840
FRAZER, Lydia to ADAMSON, Simon in Warren Co., IN 8-7-1828
FRAZER, Lydia to LUCAS, Edmund in Wayne Co., IN 8-22-1849
FRAZER, Margaret to ROBERTS, Jesse in Wayne Co., IN 10-17-1833
FRAZER, Maria to SAXTON, David in White Co., IN 4-9-1846
FRAZER, Mary to FAUCETT, John F. in Hendricks Co., IN 6-27-1850
FRAZER, Mary to LINCH, George W. in Tippecanoe Co., IN 7-19-1849
FRAZER, Mary to MENDENHALL, William M. in Fountain Co., IN 9-8-1840
FRAZER, Mary to SMITH, Peter B. in White Co., IN 5-20-1842
FRAZER, Mary Ann to HONAKER, William in Dearborn Co., IN 2-5-1849
FRAZER, Mary Ann to MCDOWELL, Oliver in Henry Co., IN 7-26-1849
FRAZER, Mereb to GUILLIANS, Richard S. in La Porte Co., IN 2-24-1847
FRAZER, Moses M. to CASADY, Hannah in Fayette Co., IN 8-23-1846
FRAZER, Nathan to TURNER, Mary in Wayne Co., IN 9-20-1827
FRAZER, Parthena Jane to WOODS, James in Hancock Co., IN 6-23-1842
FRAZER, Paul to LADD, Mary in Wayne Co., IN 3-22-1840
FRAZER, Samuel to FINLEY, Buleran in Ripley Co., IN 3-8-1832
FRAZER, Samuel to HAMMOND, Jane in Randolph Co., IN 11-19-1848
FRAZER, Sarah to COFFENBERRY, Nathan in Montgomery Co., IN 7-13-1826
FRAZER, Sarah to VALENTINE, James in Wayne Co., IN 7-25-1828
FRAZER, Sarah to WILLIAM, James in Monroe Co., IN 6-12-1819
FRAZER, William to PICKENS, Juliann in Randolph Co., IN 6-15-1820
FRAZER, William to VAN GUNDY, Mary Ann in Fountain Co., IN 3-2-1843
FRAZER, Absalom to COPPLE, Barbarey in Clark Co., IN 7-16-1818
FRAZIER, **** to MILLIKIN, William in Henry Co., IN 12-8-1842
FRAZIER, Abi to ELLIOTT, George in Boone Co., IN 5-10-1848
FRAZIER, Abner to MILLIKAN, Mary in Monroe Co., IN 11-2-1837
FRAZIER, Abram to COUCH, Julietta R. in Monroe Co., IN 6-24-1839
FRAZIER, Absalom to BUNDY, Clarrissa in Clark Co., IN 1-16-1826
FRAZIER, Absalom to BURT, Sarah L. in Clark Co., IN 5-21-1850
FRAZIER, Alford to BAIN, Mary in Clark Co., IN 10-23-1826
FRAZIER, Alson G. to REESE, Hannah in Boone Co., IN 1-14-1847
FRAZIER, Andrew to GREEN, Catherine in Randolph Co., IN 3-10-1836
FRAZIER, Andrew to HOUSE, Minerva Jane in Wayne Co., IN 7-18-1839
FRAZIER, Ann to JESSOP, Eli in Randolph Co., IN 12-19-1838
FRAZIER, Ann to JESSUP, Eli in Wayne Co., IN 4-21-1838
FRAZIER, Ann to JOHNSON, Jonathan in Randolph Co., IN 2-9-1821
FRAZIER, Ann M. to WAY, Henry in Randolph Co., IN 3-20-1839
FRAZIER, Anna to GLASS, Henry W. in Clark Co., IN 3-7-1841
FRAZIER, Anne to EDGERTON, Joseph in Wayne Co., IN 11-24-1824
FRAZIER, Araminta to LINDSEY, Elijah in Dearborn Co., IN 4-11-1833
FRAZIER, Arthur to MASON, Salina in Randolph Co., IN 4-7-1849
FRAZIER, Arthur to WARE, Louisa in Johnson Co., IN 7-19-1838
FRAZIER, Barbara to BOREMAN, James in Dekalb Co., IN 3-12-1843
FRAZIER, Catharine to BERRY, William C. in Perry Co., IN 7-4-1842
FRAZIER, Catherine Emeline to JOHNSON, Wesley in Clinton Co., IN 9-24-1846
FRAZIER, Champion to REEL, Mary in Putnam Co. IN 2-10-1836
FRAZIER, Charlotte to COOK, Thomas in Randolph Co., IN 9-24-1834
FRAZIER, Charlotte to COOK, Thomas in Randolph Co., IN 10-16-1834
FRAZIER, Charlotte to PHILLIPS, Madison D. in Jefferson Co., IN 2-15-1842
FRAZIER, Charlotte J. to CUBBERLY, David P. in Grant Co., IN 7-19-1849
FRAZIER, Clarissa to KNAPP, Nehemiah in Dearborn Co., IN 10-19-1828
FRAZIER, Daniel to EDGERTON, Martha in Wayne Co., IN 9-21-1825
FRAZIER, David to BOOKOUT, Mary in Randolph Co., IN 3-3-1836
FRAZIER, David to CORNFORTH, Elizabeth in Dearborn Co., IN 9-21-1843
FRAZIER, David to MERRILL, Ruth Ann in Clinton Co., IN 4-30-1841
FRAZIER, Dorothy to GRAVES, Enos in Wayne Co., IN 12-28-1837
FRAZIER, Edward to WILLIAMS, Eliza Jane in Parke Co., IN 8-8-1844
FRAZIER, Eli B. to VENARSDALL, Nancy S. in Boone Co., IN 5-27-1847
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to ADCOCK, Travis in Wayne Co., IN 8-27-1818
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to BARR, Samuel E. in Hamilton Co., IN 1-18-1838
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to BROCK, Sherrod in Lawrence Co., IN 2-7-1850
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to CAMMACK, Levi in Randolph Co., IN 8-21-1833
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to CAMMACK, Levi in Randolph Co., IN 9-19-1833
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to GERSHOM, Hendricks in Clinton Co., IN 4-8-1841
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to HILL, Robert in Tippecanoe Co., IN 2-16-1836
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to HOGGATT, William in Randolph Co., IN 10-31-1834
FRAZIER, Elizabeth to PIKE, William in Hendricks Co., IN 10-26-1848
FRAZIER, Elizabeth Melinda to THOMAS, Levi in Fayette Co., IN 10-17-1841
FRAZIER, Ellen J. to LANE, George in Johnson Co., IN 8-1-1838
FRAZIER, Ephraim to MARTHA, Levi in Henry Co., IN 12-13-1832
FRAZIER, Esther to RUSSELL, Calvin in Henry Co., IN 6-21-1832
FRAZIER, Fanny to WHITE, Peter in Boone Co., IN 3-15-1846
FRAZIER, Francis to BEARD, Eunice in Randolph Co., IN 8-14-1823
FRAZIER, Gearhart to WHIELERISLA, Frederica in Jefferson Co., IN 9-1-1841
FRAZIER, George to DICKSON, Elizabeth in Jefferson Co., IN 9-1-1841
FRAZIER, George W. to BRAY, Mahala H. in St.Joseph Co., IN 9-28-1847
FRAZIER, George W. to RIADON ?, Marty Ann in Henry Co., IN 4-15-1841
FRAZIER, Hannah to GORDON, Joseph in Knox Co., IN 4-27-1825
FRAZIER, Hannah to THORNBURG, Isaac in Randolph Co., IN 4-10-1847
FRAZIER, Harriet to CAMPBELL, John in Tippecanoe Co., IN 3-12-1835
FRAZIER, Henderson to FRASURE, Temperance in Putnam Co., IN 1-15-1834
FRAZIER, Hiram D. to HALL Elizabeth in Perry Co., IN 2-7-1847
FRAZIER, Isaiah to ELLIS Fanney in Randolph Co., IN 12-17-1838
FRAZIER, James to AKERS, Nancy A. in Putnam Co., IN 11-1-1832
FRAZIER, James to CANADY, Sarah in Henry Co., IN 8-3-1837
FRAZIER, James to GEORGE, Mary Ann in Warren Co., IN 9-15-1850
FRAZIER, James to HARVEY, Nancy in Henry Co., IN 11-24-1842
FRAZIER, James to HILL, Minerva in Henry Co., IN 12-15-1842
FRAZIER, James to NICKOLS, Polly in Randolph Co., IN 4-22-1832
FRAZIER, James to OWENS, Mary in Wayne Co., IN 11-18-1841
FRAZIER, James to SMITH, Phebe in Randolph Co., IN 8-15-1850
FRAZIER, James N. to SIMPSON, Cornelia in Putnam Co., IN 8-24-1848
FRAZIER, Jane to CANIDAY, Charles in Henry Co., IN 3-29-1838
FRAZIER, Jane to JACKSON, Reese in Hendricks Co., IN 10-9-1845
FRAZIER, Jane to MILLIKEN, William in Henry Co., IN 1-5-1846
FRAZIER, Jane to MITCHELL, Samuel in Fountain Co., IN 9-5-1838
FRAZIER, Jane to STARKEY, Thomas J. or S. in Fayette Co., IN 9-2-1843
FRAZIER, Jeniza to HARMON, Lewis in Gibson Co., IN 10-5-1848
FRAZIER, Jesse to MONTGOMERY, Malissa Ann in Clinton Co., IN 8-25-1839
FRAZIER, John to HIBBS, Minerva in Putnam Co., IN 12-3-1844
FRAZIER, John to RATCLIFF, Hannah in Clinton Co., IN 8-5-1845
FRAZIER, John to SMITH, Elizabeth in Clark Co., IN 12-19-1819
FRAZIER, John D. to KNAPP, Nancy in Dearborn Co., IN 4-14-1850
FRAZIER, John W. to SHOCKNEY, Sarah A. in Randolph Co., IN 11-7-1847
FRAZIER, Jonathan to MOORMAN, Agnes in Orange Co., IN 10-23-1828
FRAZIER, Joseph to SWAIN, Narcissa in Randolph Co., IN 11-14-1833
FRAZIER, Josiah to MILLIKAN, Rebecca in Henry Co., IN 9-12-1849
FRAZIER, Josiah to PATTEN, Mary H. in Tippecanoe Co., IN 2-17-1845
FRAZIER, Judah to REYNOLDS, Thomas in Switzerland Co., IN 10-6-1848
FRAZIER, Julia to RASSICOT, William in Knox Co., IN 10-1-1849
FRAZIER, Julian to MCCRAREY, Elizabeth in Clinton Co., IN 4-25-1837
FRAZIER, Levi to PUGH, Sarah Jane in Warren Co., IN 8-8-1851
FRAZIER, Levina to CRISTY, Lewis in Putnam Co., IN 3-3-1831
FRAZIER, Levina to LINCH, Thos. in Clinton Co., IN 11-4-1838
FRAZIER, Lucinda to TAYLOR, Hugh in Owen Co., IN 9-25-1847
FRAZIER, Lucy Ann to DOWDEN, John H. in Dearborn Co., IN 7-30-1843
FRAZIER, Luther F. to KIRKPATRICK, Jane in Gibson Co., IN 8-17-1842
FRAZIER, Lydia to OZBURN Ellwood in Randolph Co., IN 11-16-1831
FRAZIER, Malinda to CAMPBELL, John in Fountain Co., IN 6-9-1835
FRAZIER, Malinda to COPELIN, Wickliff B. in Putnam Co., IN 2-12-1845
FRAZIER, Malinda to WESTERFIELD, Samuel in Fayette Co., IN 10-20-1836
FRAZIER, Margaret to FORRESTER, James in La Porte Co., IN 9-17-1835
FRAZIER, Margaret to HALE, Ezra in Henry Co., IN 12-18-1845
FRAZIER, Margaret to JOY Henry W. in Randolph Co., IN 2-22-1832
FRAZIER, Margarett to BUCK, Michael in Henry Co., IN 5-19-1827
FRAZIER, Maria Elizabeth to MITCHEM, Westley in Benton Co., IN 9-16-1852
FRAZIER, Martha to GOUGH, Luke in Henry Co., IN 1-19-1837
FRAZIER, Martha E. to PEMBITON, Michael in Fountain Co., IN 12-18-1849
FRAZIER, Mary to HODSON, William in Randolph Co., IN 3-4-1830
FRAZIER, Mary to LUCAS, Richard in Jackson Co., IN 12-4-1847
FRAZIER, Mary to MITCHELL, William in Jefferson Co., IN 3-27-1822
FRAZIER, Mary to STITT, Robert in Miami Co., IN 9-27-1848
FRAZIER, Mary A. to DOUGHERTY, William W. in Orange Co., IN 9-20-1848
FRAZIER, Mary Ann to DECKER, John in Allen Co., IN 11-11-1849
FRAZIER, Mary Ann to GRAHAM, John in Randolph Co., IN 3-10-1836
FRAZIER, Mary Ann to HONAKER, William in Dearborn Co., IN 2-5-1849
FRAZIER, Mary Ann to MILLER, John in Wells Co., IN 7-4-1847
FRAZIER, Mary Ann toYOUSE, William in Union Co., IN 12-30-1823
FRAZIER, Mary Jane to HUTSON, Azariah in Henry Co., IN 10-22-1845
FRAZIER, Mathew to HAWKERS, Margaret in Johnson Co., IN 8-18-1840
FRAZIER, Matilda to CORSBIE, John M. in Hamilton Co., IN 3-11-1847
FRAZIER, Matilda to CORSBIE, John M. in Boone Co., IN 4-7-1847
FRAZIER, Melinda to SHEFFER, Jacob in Wayne Co., IN 9-11-1828
FRAZIER, Minerva Jane to FINLEY, John in Miami Co., IN 1-1-1846
FRAZIER, Minerva Jane to HUME, David H. in Miami Co., IN 7-29-1849
FRAZIER, Minta to FENIMORE, John in Dearborn Co., IN 9-10-1833
FRAZIER, Nancy to HOPKINS, Ambett in Putnam Co., IN 11-21-1839
FRAZIER, Nancy to KEPLER, A.L. in Madison Co., IN 2-26-1857
FRAZIER, Nancy to MICHAEL, Eli in Decatur Co., IN 4-16-1836
FRAZIER, Nancy to SAILS, John in Putnam Co., IN 4-11-1843
FRAZIER, Nancy to YOUNG, George in Fountain Co., IN 10-22-1846
FRAZIER, Nancy A. to WHINERY, Thomas M. in Warren Co., IN 9-28-1851
FRAZIER, Nathan W. to BOOTS, Martha in Grant Co., IN 8-18-1841
FRAZIER, Patsey to NOE, William in Jackson Co., IN 4-12-1843
FRAZIER, Polly to JOHNSTON, Francis in Wells Co., IN 3-10-1839
FRAZIER, Polly Ann to ALLEN, Calvin in Putnam Co., IN 1-17-1846
FRAZIER, Rachel to BOUCHE, Laurish in Knox Co., IN 1-16-1843
FRAZIER, Rachel to ELLIS, Jesse in Orange Co., IN 10-31-1833
FRAZIER, Randall to HAMER, Elizabeth P. in Dearborn Co., IN 10-1-1835
FRAZIER, Randall to HAYMAN, Elizabeth in Dearborn Co., IN 10-1-1835
FRAZIER, Rebecca to CLEAVLAND, B.J. in St.Joseph Co., IN 1-9-1837
FRAZIER, Rebecca to FLEEK, Philip in Tippecanoe Co., IN 1-1-1843
FRAZIER, Rezin to GODDARD, Juliann in Tippecanoe Co., IN 9-10-1837
FRAZIER, Robert to HODSON, Mary in Orange Co., IN 11-24-1831
FRAZIER, Robert to PERKINS, Mary in Henry Co., IN 4-2-1846
FRAZIER, Rollin T. to RONALDS, Mary in Dearborn Co., IN 12-22-1831
FRAZIER, Rose Ann to SPAULDING, Wm. in Clinton Co., IN 7-2-1843
FRAZIER, Ruth to ASHLEY, John in Jefferson Co., IN 10-22-1836
FRAZIER, Sally to HUSSEY, Joseph in Fayette Co., IN 2-8-1838
FRAZIER, Sally to MAHALA, John in Monroe Co., IN 2-5-1831
FRAZIER, Samuel to COOK Mary in Randolph Co., IN 8-13-1819
FRAZIER, Samuel to EVANS, Martha in Marion Co., IN 5-9-1831
FRAZIER, Samuel to GROVIER, Elizabeth in Delaware Co., IN 3-26-1846
FRAZIER, Samuel to THOMPSON, Mary Ann in Carroll Co., IN 3-11-1840
FRAZIER, Sarah to ELLIS, Levi in Orange Co., IN 7-22-1830
FRAZIER, Sarah to HODSON, Annual in Randolph Co., IN 3-1-1827
FRAZIER, Sarah to VAN SANT, Enoch in Tippecanoe Co., IN 7-29-1835
FRAZIER, Sarah E. to JONES, Jonathan in Putnam Co., IN 6-21-1846
FRAZIER, Sarah Elizabeth to PUGH, Nerr in Warren Co., IN 3-23-1851
FRAZIER, Sarah M. to MERINE, Ira in Randolph Co.,. IN 6-17-1843
FRAZIER, Seth to BLIZZARD, Caroline in Randolph Co., IN 8-14-1833
FRAZIER, Simeon to VALENTINE, Rebekah in Wayne Co., IN 11-19-1826
FRAZIER, Simpson to PEARCY, Julia A. in Clark Co., IN 4-1-1841
FRAZIER, Solomon to HARVEY, Mary in Henry Co., IN 11-23-1843
FRAZIER, Solomon to POWELL, Cynthia Ann in Wayne Co., IN 1-3-1839
FRAZIER, Stephen to JOY, Anna in Randolph Co., IN 1-17-1833
FRAZIER, Susan to CORBEY, Calvin in Vigo Co., IN 1-24-1850
FRAZIER, Susana to CONNOR, William in Wayne Co., IN 9-24-1818
FRAZIER, Susanna to HODSON, Irwin in Randolph Co., IN 7-17-1828
FRAZIER, Susannah to FINNY, George W. in Henry Co., IN 11-14-1833
FRAZIER, Susannah to MILLICAN, Allen T. in Boone Co., IN 3-22-1849
FRAZIER, Susannah to WALDEN, Milton in Warren Co., IN 4-30-1846
FRAZIER, Thomas to MCRACKEN, Ruth in Randolph Co., IN 11-13-1833
FRAZIER, Thos. to MABBIT, Susan in Clinton Co., IN 3-14-1839
FRAZIER, William to BUNDY, Eliza M. in Henry Co., IN 7-28-1836
FRAZIER, William to CARROLL, Eliza in Henry Co., IN 2-3-1843
FRAZIER, William to MCCLELLAND, Patsy in Wayne Co., IN 12-20-1816
FRAZIER, William to NORRIS, Elizabeth in Vermillion Co., IN 1-28-1844
FRAZIER, William to SNOWDEN, Elizabeth Ann in Vermillion Co., IN 6-20-1839
FRAZIER, William to WALKER, Elizabeth in Hancock Co., IN 12-19-1844
FRAZIER, William to WILLEY, Elizabeth in Boone Co., IN 11-24-1842
FRAZIER, Wily to BISHOP, Patsey in Putnam Co., IN 7-19-1840
FRAZIER, Zerelda to COOK, Jeptha D. in Clinton Co., IN 7-6-1843
FRAZURE (or FRAZIER), Sarah to SLEETH, Caleb in Fayette Co., IN 5-9-1826

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