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Finney DNA

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Finney DNA

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The Finney DNA Project Needs Your Help!

Some DNA surname projects have thrity, forty, fifty, sixty members and more! The Finney Surname only has 18! We need your Help! We need to build a larger database of Finney DNA to assist researchers and to help in the determination of the origin of the Finney surname.

Are you descended from Timothy Finney Botetourt Virginia 1668 - 1755?

The Finney DNA Project has obtained an Y-DNA sample from a descendent of Pleasant Rose Finney. Pleasant Rose Finney was born 1777 in Botetourt, Virginia and married Susanna Manspile. Pleasant Rose Finney also lived in Franklin County, Tennessee and Williamson County, Illinois. We have 37 marker Y-DNA results from one participant and seek another participant to confirm a lineage. Pleasant R Finney is thought to be a son of Timothy Finney of Virginia, born in Ireland. Results are available online.

We also have the DNA results from one of Pleasant R Finney's children’s line as well. Pleasant R Finney's daughter Rachel is thought to have married a Native American Indian. All of Rachel Finney's children carried on the Finney surname. The results from this test revealed this family belonged to Haplogroup I1 and sample was taken from descendent of John B. Finney of Tennessee. We also have the results of another person descended from this Rachel Finney and their Haplogroup is R1bR1b2. This means if the paper documentation is correct for those providing the sample, that Rachel Finney had more than one spouse or mate. The results are available online now.

Are you descended from Robert Finney of Chester Co PA 1668 - 1755?

The Finney DNA Project currently has three participants who have participated in the Y-DNA testing process and results have confirmed DNA matches between these three individuals as a subgroup within the project. Rock solid documentation traces the participants to Robert Finney 1668-1775. The project is now seeking other descendents of Robert Finney for the purpose of ancestral origins research. For many years it has been debated on where this family originated.

Researchers have speculated the Finney family of Londonderry, Ireland, was descended through the direct male line of John, Baron Finis, blood relative of William the Conqueror in the place above mentioned in the year of 1066 and more over Hereditary Governor of the Forts of Dover in the county of Kent, and Custodian And Guardian of the Five Ports In the year of 1083. This information on the ancient Finney name is found on the "Fynney Brass" located in St. Edward the Confessor Cheddleton Church, Leek, Staffordshire, England.

No conclusive evidence of such a claim has ever been presented by a Finney researcher connecting the Irish or Scot lineages of Finney to the English Finney lineages. As I stated above these were the conclusions drawn by researchers in the hopes of explaining a single origin of the Finney surname. Researchers of the past such as Minnehaha Finney, Charles Wesley Finney, and Claire Duane Finney may have come to different conclusions had DNA research been available to them in their lifetime.

DNA results provided by various Finney participants indicates there are no distant or ancestral connections between the Finney's of England and the Finney's of Ireland and Scotland. The Finney DNA project has three participants who have documentation on their lineages back to Jeffery Finney 1542 England. The branch of this family who came to America is known as the "Mother Finney" lineage which was very well documented by Howard Finney.

Comparison of the DNA results between the English Finney lineage and the lineage of Robert Finney shows a 0.00% chance of a common ancestor in the last 24 generations. If we use 25 years as an average for generations would mean there is no match between the two Finney lineages in the last 600 years. If we take the year 2011 and subtract 600 years we end up with the year 1411. We now have scientific data showing no connections between the two lineages. So we are now faced with new questions. Where did Robert Finney 1668-1775 come from? Historic documents (will and church records) tell us that his father was another Robert Finney (ca. 1630-1692) who owned a ship and a warehouse in Londonderry. The small existing sample of DNA evidence hints that he was one of the Scots who moved to Londonderry in the early to mid 1600s. Is that so? And if so, from where? We need a larger DNA database of descendents of Robert Finney as well as historical documentation to reach this goal.

We need your help to answer this question. Please consider purchasing a 37 marker Y-DNA test for male Finney descendents in your lineage from Family Tree DNA and participate in the Finney DNA Project. There is a book written in 1996 on this family called "Finney 1720" and it is based on the research of Minnehaha Finney and Charles Wesley Finney. Contributions were made to the book by Fred Austin Finney, Claire Duane Finney, and Maurine Struthers. Fred Austin Finney is one of the participants in the project and as he stated in an email to me "Sure enjoyed the increase in family information in 2010 and am hoping 2011 brings even more". Fred provided me with an Adobe PDF format digital copy of the book "Finney 1720" and I will provide a copy to every participant who purchases a kit and matches with the Robert Finney 1668-1775 sub-group.

Are you descended from Jeffrey Finney England 1500’s or Mother Finney’s lineage of Plymouth MA?

We have four participants who are descended from this line of Finney’s in England and America. This is one of the oldest line of Finney’s in America arriving in the 1600’s. We would like to build a greater database of Finney’s or Phinney’s who are part of this lineage.

Other Finney DNA Results Available

The Finney DNA project also has participants who have not matched enough Y-DNA markers with other participants to create a lineage. These folks are patiently waiting for other Finney’s from their lineage to purchase a test kit.

William Finney Born 1696 Glasgow Scotland

Fielding Finney Born 1800 in Indiana

Andrew J. Finney Born 1820 Illinois

Louis C. H. Finney Born 1822 Virginia

Nigel Finney

Finney DNA Most Wanted List

The Finney DNA project would like to include the DNA from the following lineages to our Finney DNA Database:

Richard Finney who arrived in Accomack County Virginia in the 1600’s. Descendents moved into Amelia and Henry Counties in Virginia

Capt James Finney of Botetourt County Virginia. Scot Irish line of Finney’s who settled in Virginia.

Capt. Samuel Finney who arrived in Pennsylvania with William Penn in the 1700’s

Fielding Best Finney – Famous Surgeon in England.

Col William Finney of Talbot County Maryland

Rev. Thomas Finney arrived in Virginia around 1660

Rev Alexander Finney arrived in York Co. Virginia in 1660.

Michael Finney arrived in PA in 1734

Samuel Greenway Finney born in England in 1843. Descendents in Tennessee and Louisiana

Greenville Penn Finney born in 1820 in Illinois

Alexander Finney born in Cork Ireland in 1775. Died in Alabama.

The cost of a 37 marker Y-DNA test is $149.00.

Administrators in the DNA projects make no profit and all proceeds goes to and money processing done by Family Tree DNA.

Gerald Finney

Finney DNA Project Administrator

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