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Robert & Frances Falwell of Buck., VA & Fra., MO

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Robert & Frances Falwell of Buck., VA & Fra., MO

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Surnames: Falwell Johnson Daniel Musick Lewis Gregory Daniel
1. Falwell, Robert

Born: c. 1792, Buckingham Co., Virginia

Married: c. 1813, Buckingham Co., Virginia

Died: c. Oct 1841. Will dated 19 Sep 1840, proved 31 Oct 1840, filed 11 January 1842, and probated 8 Sep 1843, Lonedell, Franklin Co., MO. Aged about 50. Possibly buried in the Johnson Family and Slave cemetery near Lonedell, where their daughter Martha is buried with her husband, James Johnson. Or more likely buried in the Johnson cemetery about half mile away, where their daughter Mary is buried with her husband Thomas Johnson and their daughter Ann Marie is buried with her husband James B. Lewis. This is a very small cemetery, with no more than a dozen or so tombstones (counting crudely shaped rocks evidently used to mark graves), though perhaps twice as many burials.

Father: Possibly William Falwell of Buckingham Co., VA


Occupation: Farmer, slave owner

___________, Frances [was she a Johnson?]

Born: c. 1796, Buckingham Co., Virginia

Died: Between 19 Sep 1940 (when named in husband’s will as being still living) and 8 Sep 1843 (when husband’s will was probated and it was recorded that she had also died), Lonedell, Franklin County, MO. Aged between 44-47 years. Probably buried with Robert in Johnson cemetery.
Father: A letter written by a descendant says she was French.
Mother: unk
Occupation: Farmwife


1. Falwell, Eliza Jane b. c. 1814, Buckingham Co., VA; m. c. 1833, Buckingham Co., VA, to Henry Daniel (b.c. 1801, VA, son of Daniel & Judith Daniel); d. 1860-1870, Franklin Co., MO. Listed on 1840 census with husband in Calvey Township, Franklin Co., MO living next door to Thomas Roberts, the largest slave owner in the township.
i. Judy F. Daniel b.c. 1834
ii. Robert H. Daniel b.c. 1836
iii. Willis W. Daniel b.c. 1838
iv Augustus H. Daniel
v. Thomas J. Daniel
vi. James M. Daniel
vii. Francis Marion Daniel b.c. 1846 in Boles Township, Franklin Co., MO. Married Mary Frances Disharoon. Died 18 Feb 1882, Boles Township, Franklin Co., MO.
viii. Marcus L. Daniel
ix. Eliza H. Daniel

2. Falwell, Mary Frances b.c. 1819, Buckingham Co., VA;
m.c. 1835, Buckingham Co., VA, to Thomas J. Johnson (1812-1894, son of Christopher and Elizabeth Johnson, brother of James M. Johnson 0; d. 18 Jun 1866, Lonedell, Franklin Co., MO. Buried in Johnson cemetery next to husband.
i. John Johnson, b.c. 1836, Buckingham Co., VA
ii. William Johnson, b.c. 1838, Buck. Co., VA
iii. Martha Johnson, b.c. 1840, Buck. Co., VA
iv. Mary Johnson, b.c. 1843, Buck. Co., VA
v. Viola Johnson, b.c. 1846, Buck. Co., VA
vi. Ann Johnson, b.c. 1848, Calvey Twp., Franklin. Co., MO
vii. Thomas Johnson, b.c. 1849, Calvey, Fra., MO
viii. Eudora Johnson, b. 18 Mar 1853, Cal., Fra., MO
ix. A. (male) Johnson, b.c. 1855, Calvey, Fra., MO
x. David Johnson, b.c. 1858, Calvey, Fra., MO
xi. Edwin A. Johnson, b.c. 1860, Calvey, Fra., MO

* 3. Falwell, Martha W. b.c. 1821, Buckingham Co., VA;
m. 7 Sep 1840, Buckingham Co., VA, to James M. Johnson (1815-1889, son of Christopher and Elizabeth Johnson, brother of Thomas J. Johnson 0; d. 9 Mar 1889, Calvey Township, Franklin Co., MO. Buried in Johnson Family and Slave cemetery near Robertsville, Calvey Township, Franklin Co., MO with husband, grandchildren, and two married daughters with their husbands.
i. Elizabeth J. Johnson, b. 1841, Buckingham Co., VA; m. 1857 to Nathaniel W. Warren.
ii. Martha Isabella Johnson, b. 1842, Buck. Co., VA
iii. Robert R. Johnson, b. 15 Mar 1843, Calvey Twp, Franklin Co., MO; m.c. 1869 to Frances Caroline Thomas; d. 5 Jun 1921. Buried Bethel Baptist Church.
iv. Chapman Johnson b.c. 1845, Fra., Co., MO. May have married a Josephine and lived in Dover, Lafayette Co., MO in 1880.
v. Emily Johnson b.c. 1847. May have married Josiah Wallace.
vi. child? Possibly b.c. 1850.
vii. Mary Ellen Johnson, b. 11 Nov 1852; m. 1884 to William F. Drake; d. 28 Mar 1932. Buried in Johnson Family and Slave cemetery with husband.

4. Falwell, Joseph B. b.c. 1824, Buckingham Co., VA; m. Unmarried; d. Between Sep 1843 and Dec 1844, Calvey Twp, Franklin Co., MO. Joseph is named in his father’s will and mentioned in the probate papers as being under 21 years of age in Sep 1843. He was deceased by the time the estate was settled on 26 Dec 1844. There were a number of deaths in the neighborhood about this time.

* 5. Falwell, Ann Marie b. 12 Aug 1826, Buckingham Co., VA;
m. 1st c. 1842 in Franklin Co., MO, to Haliard Musick, son of Ephraim Musick; m. 2nd 25 Nov 1844, Franklin Co., MO, to James B. Lewis, son of Daniel & Abigail (Brown) Lewis; d. 22 Aug 1869, Lonedell, Franklin Co., MO. Buried in Johnson cemetery next to husband.
Child by Haliard Musick:
i. Marvel Musick, b.c. 1843, Fra. Co., MO.
Children by James B. Lewis:
ii. Abigail Frances Lewis, b.c. 1845, Fra. Co., MO; m. 1868 Silas Green Harrington.
iii. Daniel Robert Lewis, b.c. 1848, Fra. Co., MO; m. 1868 to Permelia Williams; d. 1885
iv. Sarah Jane, b. 1850, Fra. Co., MO; m. 1866 to Michael Silas McKay; d. 1918.
v. James Woodson, b.c. 1852, Fra. Co., MO; m. 1873 to Eliza Jane McKay; d. 1888.
vi. Mary Ann Rebecca, b. 1857, Fra. Co., MO; m. Nathan M. Pierce; d. 1945.
vii. Edwin John, b.c. 1859, Fra. Co., MO.
viii. Martha Ellen, b.c. 1861 Fra. Co., MO; m. Thomas M. Pierce.
ix. John Chapman, b. 1864, Fra. Co., MO; m. 1885 to Maria Ella Taylor; d. 1923.

6. Falwell, Sarah B. b.c. 1827, Buckingham Co., VA; m. 31 Oct 1843, Franklin Co., MO, to Thomas J. Gregory; d. ?

7. Falwell, William b.c. 1830, Buckingham Co., VA; m. Unmarried; d. Between Oct 1840 and Dec 1844. According to family researcher Fern Hunt, William was alive when his father made his will in Oct 1840, but deceased by the time the estate was settled on 26 Dec 1844. There were a number of deaths in the neighborhood about this time.

8. Falwell, Augusta b.c. 1832, Buckingham Co., VA; m. unk if married; d. ?. This name supplied by Mrs. Fern Hunt.

Robert & Frances were both from Buckingham County, Virginia (as were the Johnsons, the family which two of their daughters married into). Robert, at least, couldn’t read or write or even sign his name. According to a tradition passed down in the family, Frances was from a French family; however, there are hints that she may have been a Johnson. The name Chapman is passed down through both a daughter married to a Johnson (after an uncle, Chapman Johnson) and through a daughter who did not marry a Johnson.

Unfortunately, the Buckingham County courthouse burned to the ground shortly after the Civil War and there are few records left, but the ages of Robert and Frances’ children show they were probably married by 1815. In 1820, they were listed on the Buckingham Co., VA, census:

1820 Buckingham Co., VA, census, page 56 (34?)

Robert Falwell
one male aged 27-45 (Robert)
one female aged 27-45 (Frances)
one male aged under 10 (died before 1830?)
two females aged under 10 (Eliza Jane and Mary)
no slaves

Their family continued to grow. By 1830, they had five children:

1830 Buckingham Co., VA, census, page 293

Robert Falwell
one male aged 30-40 Robert
one female aged 30-40 Frances
two females aged 10-15 Mary F. & Martha W.
one male aged 5-10 Joseph
one female aged 5-10 Ann Marie
two females aged under 5 Sarah
no slaves

Sometime probably between 1836 and 1840 , Robert and Frances brought their family west to Calvey Township (near Lonedell), Franklin Co., MO. They were not listed on the special 1836 census of slave owners in the county, so either they hadn’t arrived by that time or they still had no slaves. Along with them came their eldest daughter, Eliza Jane, who had been married about 1833 to Henry Daniel, and their children. Henry and Eliza settled down next door to the Thomas Roberts family, who had come from Charlotte Co., VA in 1831. Thomas Roberts was the biggest slave owner in Calvey Township, owning 12 in 1836, out of a total of only 20. 3 more were owned by Uel Musick, brother of Ephraim Musick. Robert and Frances Falwell left behind in Virginia their married daughter Mary Johnson, wife of Thomas Johnson, and apparently also their daughter Martha, who would marry Thomas’s brother, James Johnson, in 1840.

Robert and Frances settled down as next-door neighbors of the Musick households. By 1840, only four years after the special census, there had been a large increase in the number of slaves in the township, due mostly to Thomas Roberts bringing in more until he had 37 (out of the new township total of 59). Robert and Frances, with nine, were the second largest slave owners. The Musicks no longer had any.

1840 Franklin Co., MO, census, Calvey township, page 232

Robert Falwell
one male aged 40-50 Robert
one male aged 15-20 Joseph
one male aged 5-10 William
one female aged 40-50 Frances
two females aged 10-15 Ann & Sarah
one female aged 5-10 Augusta

one female slave aged over 54
one male slave aged 24-35
one female slave aged 10-23
one male slave aged 10-23
three males slaves aged under 10
three females slaves aged under 10

An unusually large number of people in the neighborhood died in the years 1843-1844 and Robert, although only about 48 years old, found some reason to make out his will, a thing that was not usually done until a person thought they were dying. Perhaps his health was failing. His will shows that he was unable to write or even sign his name; nevertheless, he was careful to provide for the education of his children. He probably died in the summer or fall of 1841, as his will was proved in Oct 1841.

Robert’s will:
Will dated19 Sep 1940, proved 31 Oct 1841, filed 11 Jan 1842.

State of Missouri, County of Franklin, Sept the 19th day AD one thousand eight hundred and forty.
I, Robert Fallwell of the county and state aforesaid doe make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows.
First, that my body be decently interred and all my funeral expenses be paid together with my just debts.
Second, that all my estate be left in the possession of my beloved wife Frances Fallwell during her natural life, and that my son Joseph Falwell is hereby appointed my sole manager.
Thirdly, that all my estate, real and personal, be kept together until my youngest child or heir becomes of age.
Fourthly, that all my legal heirs that are now under age shall have a common education out of my estate. Also that all my children be kept together until they marry or become of lawful age. Also that all my daughters that are now married, to wit, Eliza Jane Daniel, Martha W. Johnson, & Mary F. Johnson, that the legal heirs of their bodies shall share an equal part with all the rest of my legal heirs after the death of myself and my beloved wife Frances Falwell.
And lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my said wife and Joseph Fallwell, my son, to be the executors to this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament, in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.
Signed, published, and declared by the Robert Falwell (his mark) above named Robert Fallwell and for his last will and testament in presence of us who in his presence have signed our names as witnesses to the same.
(his mark X) Robert Falwell
(signed) David A. Davidson
(signed) John Jones

State of Missouri, County of Franklin
This day personally appeared before John Jones and David Davidson before me the clerk of the County Court within ??? for the county aforesaid who being duly sworn states upon their oaths that the instrument of writing now produced to the Clerk of the County Court of ??? ??? purporting to be the last will of Robert Falwell, deceased, was signed by him as his last will and testament by his mark, that he was of sound mind at the time of the execution thereof, that they subscribed their names to said will in the presence of the said Robert Falwell, testator, and in the presence of each other. Sworn and subscribed to before me the Clerk of the County Court of said county this 31st day of October 1840. (signed) C.S. Jeffries
(signed) John Jones
(signed) David A. Davidson

Robert Falwell in his last will, appointed Frances Falwell & Joseph Falwell executors. Frances Falwell having departed this life and Joseph Falwell under age of 21 years, the court appointed Haliard D. Musick and Marvel M. Musick Administrators of estate, 8 Sep 1843.

As shown by the settlement of Robert’s estate, Frances had also died by Sep 1843. So had both of Robert’s and Frances’ sons, Joseph and William. Joseph was still living when Haliard Musick (by then their son-in-law, as he had married their daughter Ann Marie) was appointed one of the administrators of Robert’s estate, but both the boys were deceased by 26 Dec 1844, when the estate was finally settled. It seems likely that little sister Augusta had also died, as the will specified that the estate not be settled (and the house and land probably sold) until the youngest child had either reached majority or married. Daughter Ann’s husband, Haliard Musick, died only a month after he took over administration of Robert’s estate, leaving her a widow with an infant boy.

After settlement of the estate, in 1846, Robert and Frances’ daughters Mary and Martha Johnson arrived from Virginia with their husbands Thomas J. and James M. Johnson, brothers. It seems likely that they came to take their inheritance in land, although I have still not had an opportunity to check land records.

A possible place of Robert and Frances’ burial is in the Johnson cemetery near the present day Valley Drive off Highway N a couple of miles from Lonedell. Their daughter Mary Johnson was buried there when she died in 1866 on her family’s land, and it’s possible that she was buried with her parents and younger siblings. Their daughter Ann Marie Lewis died just three years later and was laid to rest in the same place.

Another possibility is the Johnson Family and Slave cemetery about a half mile away on the west side of Highway N. Daughter Martha Johnson and her husband James settled on this land and were both buried there in 1889. At least two of their grandchildren had been buried there in the 1870s or 1880s, and two of their daughters and sons-in-laws would also be buried there. This cemetery is unusual in that both whites and blacks are buried together; the Johnson family plot in the center (in 1913 partially enclosed with a cement wall) and the slaves and other blacks and possibly poor whites in the surrounding cemetery. One of James and Martha Johnson’s daughters is buried outside the wall with her husband, Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Johnson) Warren. Also probably buried outside the wall are their son Robert’s parents-in-law, Griffith and Caroline (Strickland) Thomas.

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