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A genealogical account of the Mayo and Elton families of the counties of Wilts and Hereford
... By Charles Herbert Mayo


Chapter II. Elton of Hazle in the Parim of Ledbury, in the County of Hereford, with Descendants in

the Hall, Watts, and Prichard Families, and an Account of the Elton Foundation at Brasenose College, Oxford.


The Manor of Hazle, Ledbury,

previously held by the Walwyns,

passed to the Elton family,




Elton Of Hazle 1n The Parish Of Ledbury 1n The County Of Hereford,
With Descendants in The Hall, Watts, And Prichard Families,
And An Account Of The Elton Foundation At Brasenose College,

THE family of Elton, of which an account is given in the following pages, was long settled in the county of Hereford, and was seated at Hazle in the parish of Ledbury, in the latter part of the sixteenth century. The Manor of Hazle had previously been held of the church of Hereford by the Walwyns for nearly 200 years. Thomas Walwyn held it at his death in 1531, and probably his son Sir Richard Walwyn, who died in 1578, was also owner of the lease. The Manor of Ledbury passed into the hands of the Crown in 1559, and Anthony Elton was apparently the first of his family to become possessed of the estate. His descendants continued to hold it for a considerable period, until it was alienated in 1720 to Jacob Tonson, the noted London publisher. The Manor House still exists, and though much altered, and converted into a farm residence, retains the oak wainscoting in the principal room, with the Elton arms and crest above the fireplace, and a staircase of oak with carved wicket-gate and balustrade.

But the earlier home of the family was at Elton in the county of Chester, a scion of which house entered Herefordshire, probably under the auspices of Bishop Booth.

In Ormerod's History of that county, vol. ii., page 22, it is stated that Thomas de Helton was witness to a grant of land in Hapsford along with Peter le Roter, Lord of Thornton, Ranulph Rector of Thornton, and others, about the year 1268. His son Thomas flourished in the reign of Edward II., whose son, another Thomas de Helton, died before his father, leaving a daughter, Felicia, coheiress to her grandfather, and married to William de Frodmam, (Inq: 35 Edw. III.). This family bore Paly of six argent and gules, on a bend sable three mullets of the first.

But it is with the branch of the family settled in Herefordshire that we are now concerned, and the narrative which follows is based upon the Heralds' Visitations of the latter county, continued and greatly extended by extracts from parish registers and other sources of information ; and much help has been derived from the Phillipps MSS. preserved at Belmont Priory, near Hereford.

The pedigree begins with William Elton of Ledbury, " descended of Elton of Elton of Cheshire." The arms assigned to his family are, " Paly of six or and gules, on a bend sable three mullets of the first." Crest, " a dexter arm embowed in armour argent tied round the arm with a scarf vert, the gauntlet holding a scimitar proper, pommel and hilt or."

William Elton married Sybil, daughter of Roger Wilse of Pithouse, in the parish of Dymock, Gloucestershire, and had issue two sons, William and John, whose names have come down to us. Allusion may be made to another son, in "Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic of the reign of Henry VIII.," vol. i., page 845, where mention is made of a pardon for Edward Elton alias Baker, late of Ledbury, Herefordfhire, alias of Hynxsey Hall in the University of Oxford, scholar alias clerk, 15th July, 15I4 (Pat: 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2. m. 7.).

However this may be, one of the sons of William and Sybil Elton was:

John Elton alias Baker, LL.D. This ecclesiastic was presented in 1510 to the Rectory of Marlborough S. Peter, Wilts, by Edmund Audeley, Bishop of Sarum, Elton alia* and in the next year, by the fame prelate, to the Vicarage of Sherston, in the same county. On 18th June, 1511, he was " licentiatus ad incipiendum" at Oxford, and 5th April, 1512, collated to the Prebend of South Grantham in Salisbury Cathedral. The next year he exchanged Marlborough S. Peter for the Wardenship of S. Katherine's Hospital, Ledbury, and on 24th October, 15I4, was made Prebendary of North Grantham in Salisbury Cathedral, of which he was a Canon Residentiary. The year 15I4 saw him further preferred to the church of Myldenhall, Wilts, by Walter Hungerford, Knight.

In 1515 he resigned the Vicarage of Sherston, and on 9th May was made Prebendary of Withington Parva in Hereford Cathedral. In 1517 he was also made Rector of the portion of Netherhall in the Church of Ledbury.

In 1526 he was presented to the Vicarage of Cryckelade, Wilts, by the Dean and Chapter of Sarum. In 1529 he was made Rector of Childrey, Berks, and in 1534 was presented to the Vicarage of Yetminster, Dorset.

On 13th Auguft, 1539, he was collated to the Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral, and on the 22nd of the same month to the Prebend of Grimstone in Salisbury Cathedral, having resigned the Prebend of North Grantham. According to the Phillipps MSS. he was collated to the Archdeaconry of Hereford, 13th Auguft, 1543, but this statement appears to be erroneous. It would also seem that he was sometime Rector of Welford, Berks, and perhaps Vicar of Bifhops Norton, Lincoln. He died in 1547, and the Prebend of Grimstone, vacant by his death, was filled up on the 24th of Auguft of that year.

The beft known act of his life was the foundation of a Fellowfhip at Brasenose College, in the Univerfity of Oxford. By deed, dated 2Oth May, 1529, he gave lands in Stanlake and Duglington, Oxfordshire, and in Kemmerton, Gloucestershire, orford. to the Principal and Scholars of Brasenose College for the maintenance of one scholar of his kin from the Diocese of Hereford or Worcester, and he directed in default of such a person being found, the said scholar to be a native of the Diocese of Sarum, or in default again to be chosen from among the most fitting persons in the University.

The following is a copy of the entry in the Composition Book of Brasenose College, in the posession of the Principal, by whose permission this transcript has been made:—


the Elton Foundation. Elefted. M.A.

25 Sept. 1547. William Stock, Hereford . . . . . . 1552

18 Nov. 1557. Hugh Long, or Lang, Gloucester . . . . 1564

19 Jan. 1565. Thomas Seward, Hereford. ..... 1569

22 Feb. 1583. Gabriel Walwen, Worcester ..... 1594

14 Dec. 1588. Ambrose Elton.

6 July, 1594. Thomas Elton, Hereford ...... 1597

2 Nov. 1614. Richard Hill.

(Bursar in December, 1633.) 6 Nov. 1649. Robert Ridgway.

(Afterwards transferred to another foundation.) 10 Nov. 1650. John Carpenter.

(He had been recommended by the Parliamentary Committee, in September, 1650.)

21 Feb. 1655-6. Jofeph Gwillym, Hereford ..... 1660

17 Oct. 1670. John Seddon, B.A., Shropshire 1672

Eleded. M.a.

20 June, 1679. Robert Cocks, B.A., Gloucester . . . . . 1681

17 Oct. 1696. Benjamin Prichard, B.A., Hereford .... 1699

17 July, 1719. John Prichard, Hereford ...... 1723

20 May, 1740. Herbert Mayo, Hereford ...... 1745

13 Feb. 1765. Houstone Ratclyffe, Lancaster . . . . . 1764

(" In defectu confanguinitatis.")

5 Feb. 1782. Samuel Bethell, Hereford 1780

12 Feb. 1795. John Huish, Hereford ...... 1797

16 Dec. 1799. George Elton, Gloucester ...... 1800

22 May, 1806. Robert Newton, Lancaster . ..... 1806

30 Mar. 1810. Arthur Matthews, Hereford . . . . . 1811

19 Nov. 1840. Henry Rendall, Sarum ...... 1843

Here follows an abstract of Canon Elton's will:— Canon


John Elton alias Baker, Canon Residentiary of the Cathedral Church of Sarum; Wul

17 April, 1547. My body to be buried in the Cathedral Church of Sarum nigh unto Mr. Robert Audeley. To our Lady Church of Sarum one fute of vestiments of redd tissue. To my seven servants £6 . 13.4, and their lyvery of blacke. To Mr. Gyles Hacklayt ,£3.6.8. To the Parifh Church of Ledbury two cenfers of sylver, " so that they deliver unto myne executors too of the worste of theirs." To Thomas Elton of the city of New Sarum ,£6 . 13 . 4. To James Goode, my scholar and servant, £6 . 13 . 4. Forty millings a year for ten years to the poor inhabitants of Sarum. My executors to keep yearly for ten years an obit in the Cathedral Church of Sarum. Forty millings to be distributed among the ministers of the said Cathedral Church, being present at Dirige and Mafia. To William Lewes, my vicer, a gowne. Four gowns to other persons. To the chapel of my Lorde Bishop Audeley in the Cathedral Church of Sarum, my payre of vestements.

Item I forgive to all the Vicars and quoristers of the Cathedral Church all such duties and debts as they are in debt to me, and forty shillings more to be given to the Vicars. To John Woodward forty millings. To Mr. Doctor Tregonwell one nutte gilte with a cover. To Mr. John Ernle the elder esquire a standing piece gilte. To Mr. John Ernle the yonger oon flanding cuppe gilte. To Mr. William Elton my brother too, the bed fakes gilte with a cover. Item I forgive Thomas Elton all such debts which he oweth me. Forty millings for the poor of Welford. Thirty millings to the poor of Myldenhall. Twenty shillings to the poor of Greklade. Twenty shillings to the poor of Chilrey. Sixty shillings to the poor of Ledbury. Twenty-two millings to the poor of Yatminster. Twenty shillings to the poor of Bifhop's Norton Co. Lincoln. To the Lady Church of Sarum two blue copies in discharge and for Mr. Doctor Hille. To Mr. Robert Okyng, one grey amice. To Mr. William Cannynge, the fame. To Mr. John Crayford, the fame. To Mr. Thomas Nelfon, a gown. To Mr. William Hutton, a gown. The residue of my goodes not given nor bequeathed I do give and bequeath to Mr. Doctor Tregonwell, Mr. John Ernle the younger gent., Mr. William Elton my brother, and Mr. Richard Willesen, — my executors,— to dispose of them to the honor of God and the welth of my soul.

In the prefence of Robert Burton Curat of the Cathedral Church of Sarum, Robert Byrde son of Chilmarke, Robert Tyderleigh, and Thomas Elton.

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court, 8 November, 1547.

The other son of William Elton and Sybil (nee Wilse) was William Elton, who was buried at Ledbury, 19 Auguft, 1558, having survived his brother, to whose will he was one of the executors. He is dated to have held lands of the Chantry of our Lady in the Church of Ledbury, temp. Edward VI. He twice married ; first, Margery, daughter of John Carew, by whom he had issue two daughters — 1 . Anne, buried at Madley 22 June, 1591, having been wife of Richard Willasson of Sugwas in Eaton Bistiop, leflee of the Upper Hall in Ledbury, and one of the executors to Canon Elton's will, who died 23 February, 1574, and was buried on the 1 ft of March following, at Madley, leaving an only daughter and heiress, Anne, who was married to Alexander Denton, of Hillesdon, Bucks, and died, 29 October, 1566, aged 18 ; 2. Elizabeth, married to Richard Seaborne, of Sutton, Herefordsure, and buried at Pentridge, 6 May, 1605.

Recumbent figures of Richard and Anne Willasson are preserved in Madley Church, and others of Alexander and Anne Denton in the fouth transept of Hereford Cathedral.

A deed indented, by which Richard Wyllyson, of Sugwas, Efq., and John Seborne, of Sutton, gent., grant to Thomas Wilton, of Ledbury, gent., a parcel of land called Le Crofte, and another called Typplynge pocke, together with a messuage or tenement, all situate in Ledbury, dated 8 December, 17 Elizabeth, is now in the possession of the writer.

William Elton married, secondly, Margery, daughter of William Leighton, of Plam, in Cardington, Shropshire, by Dorothy his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Lacon, Knt., a lady descended from the royal blood.



It may be noted that this Dorothy Lacon was afterwards married to Sir Richard Walwyn, of Hellens, Knt., from whom descends the Shepheard family, of which an account is given in the laft chapter of this book.

The issue of William Elton by his marriage with Margery Leighton were Anthony, Roland, buried at Ledbury, 3rd June, 1576, f.p., Edward, buried 17th March, 1565-6, Sybil, who may be the " Sibill Elton gent." married to Anthony Name, I7th July, 1578, Anne, and Peter, buried 23rd April, 1594, the husband of Ann Norris, whose descendants are recorded towards the end of the present chapter. Ann outlived her hufband, and was subsequently married, 16th February, 1595, to John Hope, gent.

Anthony, the eldest son, who appears to have been the first Anthony, possessor of the Manor of Hazle, was buried at Ledbury, 13th

September, 1587, having married Alice, daughter of John Scudamore, of Kentchurch. He had a numerous family.

I. William, the eldest son, who died without issue, and was buried 26th April, 1593- An " inquifitio poft mortem" was taken at Hereford, 27th October, 35 Elizabeth, before Robert Woodroff, gent., Efcheator, by which it was found that young, William Elton, late of Ledbury, gent., deceased, on the day on which he died was seifed in see tail, as to himself and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, of the Manor of Hafill in the said county, and in one tenement called Halhouse in the said parish, and three parcels of meadow lying in Longmeadow, Chabuorshorne, and Pefebridgefield, in the Parish of Ledbury. That he died 25th April, 35 Elizabeth, at Ledbury, and that Ambrose Elton, gent., is brother and next heir of William Elton, and is of the age of twenty-one years on the firft day of March, before the taking of this inquisition, and before the death of the said William. That Alice Elton, widow, mother of the said William Elton and late wife of Anthony Elton, gent., father of the said William Elton, is now surviving at Ledbury, and has dower of the third part of the premises. That the Manor of Hasill is held of the Queen as of her Manor of Ledbury, by knight service, by the fourth part of a knight's fee, and is worth per annum in all outgoings beyond reprises, eight pounds.

The second son of Anthony Elton was Ambrose II, mentioned in the foregoing Inquisition, of whom an account will presently be given; and next to him came Thomas III. Thomas, a doctor of medicine, baptised at Ledbury, 191h April, 1573, matriculated at Oxford, 14th November, 1589, aged 15 years, from Brasenose College, Fellow on the Elton Foundation, 6th July, 1594, and Master of Arts in 1597. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Aston, Knt., of Tixall, Staffordshire, and was buried 11th Auguft, 1618, in the Abbey Church of Bath. His will was proved in the Prerogative Court, 9th December, 1618, by Jane his relict.

Thomas Elton of the City of Bathe, Somerset, Doctor of Phisick, the last day of July 1618. To be buried near my children where they now lye in the abbye Church of Bathe. I bequeath after the decease of my wife all those moneys now remayninge in the hands of Sir Walter Ashton unto my children equally. My wife whole executrix. Sir Walter Ashton, my Ladie Culpepper, Sir George Ivie, my brother Ambrose Elton, and my brother Thomas Ashton to be Overseers of this my will. Signed and sealed, Thomas Elton; in the prefence of Edward Stirridge, Margaret Edwards her marke.

" for the better explanation of the guiste and bequeft of the some of eight ,. hundred and fiftie poundes, covenanted by me mould be preserved and disposed amongst my children, after the decease of Jane my wife as appeth by an annuety" granted by Sir Walter Ashton to us both during our lives, I therefore say and do give unto Walter Elton my sonne, after the deceafe of Jane my wife, the some of one hundred and fiftie pounds. Unto my sonne Richard one hundred pounds. To my daughter Jane Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Anne Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Bridget Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Marie Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Magdalene Elton one hundred pounds. And to the child now remayninge in the womb of the said Jane nowe my wife the some of one hundred pounds also, if it live; if not, that hundred pound to be divided amongst the rest equally. Item I give and bequeath unto the Poore of the Pish twentie millings."

This child was baptifed in Bath Abbey, under the name of Thomas, 3rd September, 1618.

Other children of Anthony Elton were, Anne, baptised 15th Auguft, 1574, and married 3rd November, 1600, to James Jauncey, of Westhide, who was buried 16th December, 1619 (Ledbury Register).

V. Margery,baptised 29th January, 157 5-6,and married to Hugh Scrivener, M.D.1

VI. Edward, baptised 26th February, 1576-7.

VII. Joyce, baptised 24th May, 1578, and married 12th Auguft, 1594, to Anthony Northen, of Ledbury.

VIII. Francis, baptised 12th July, 1579.

IX. Richard, baptised 1 5th September, 1580.

X. Roger, baptised 23rd March, 1581-2.

XI. Dorothy, baptised 28th October, 1584, and married to Nicholas Adys, of Gloucester, who was buried in the Cathedral there, 24th December, 1623.

XII. John, baptised 7th February, 1584-5; and

XIII. Alice, who, according to the Visitation of the County in 1634,was married to — Lettice, a Lieutenant in the Low Countries. She was probably baptised at Dymock, I4th April, 1587.

Ambrose Elton, the second son of Anthony Elton, became the head of the family

1 Hugh Scrivener, whose name has been mentioned above, lived at Sherborne in Dorsetshire. The register of that parish has the following entries—

1610. Oft. 19. Phillips silia Hewgo Scrivener sepult.

1611. June 11. Margarety Scrivener filia Hugonis Scri : mcdici, sepulta.
1611. June 30. Ambrose Scrivener filius Hugonis Scri: sepult.

1611. July 15. Jane Scrivener filia H. Scri : sepult.

1611. July 29. Alfe Ilton generofa, sepult.

1611. Aug. 3. fFrancis Scrivener fis Hugo, medici, sepult.

1611. Aug. 4. Edward Elton, generofus, sepult.

1611. Aug. 11. Anthony Scrivener, fis H. S. sepult.

1611. Aug. 21. Willia : Scrivener, fis Hugo S. sepult.

An outbreak of the plague at this time visited the town of Sherborne. In the months of June, July, and Auguft, 1611, so many as 230 persons were buried. During the same months in the previous year the burials had been only 24 in number.

Elton, Fellow of


on the death of his brother William, from whofe " poft mortem " inquisition it appears that he was born 1st March, 1571-2. He matriculated at Oxford, 22nd November, 1588, aged fifteen, from Brasenose College, where he was Fellow on the Elton foundation from 14th December, 1588 to 1594. He afterwards resided at Hazle, was a Juftice of the Peace, and served in the office of High Sheriff in 1618. He married Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Aston, Knt., of Tixall, and fitter of Walter, first Lord Aston, of Forsar, in the Peerage of Scotland. A monument in the fouth aisle of Ledbury Church bears the following infcription :—

" Near this place were intern the Bodies of Ambrose Elton of the Hasel in this Parish Esq. and Anne his wife, whofe virtues and social qualitys justly deserve to be perpetuated. He was born in 1578, and at 12 years of age enjoy'd a fellowship in Brasenose Colledge in Oxford that was founded by one of his family. He was in the Comission of the Peace upwards of fifty years, which trust he executed with great integrity and ability. Anne his wife was daughter of Sr. Edwd. Aston Knight and Baronet, and sister to Walter Lord Aston of Tixall in the County of Stafford, by whom he had three sons and fourteen daughters; and from their own loins they liv'd to see above 120 children. He dyed the 19th of February, 1659. His wife dyed 5th of February, 1660. In memory of whom this monument was erected by one of their great-grandsons, Thomas Levett of the City of Lichfield Esq'. 1753." Arms of Elton impaling Aston.

The children of Ambrose Elton and Anne (nie Aston) now require our attention. These were—

1. Mary, baptised 1ft October, 1601.1

2. Anne, baptised 9th December, 1602, and married 12th November, 1622, to William Unett, M.P., of Castle Frome. He died 22nd August, 1624, and his widow then became the wife of Thomas Cocks, of Castle Ditch, Gloucestershire, ancestor of Earl Somers, and brother of Sir Richard Cocks, Bart.

3. Elizabeth, baptised 21ft December, 1603, and married, 9th May, 1621, to Richard Unett, of Hatsford, Herefordshire.

4. Constance, baptised 16th December, 1604, and buried 13th November, 1653, having been married, 12th December, 1626, to John Skynner, of Ledbury, who died 14th September, 1655.

5. Sufanna, whofe hiftory will be mentioned presently.

6. Margaret, baptised 31st May, 1607.

7. Joyce, baptised 23rd April, 1609, and married to Edward Skynner, of Ledbury.

1 The dates are taken from the Ledbury register.

8. Gertrude, married to Abraham Blackleech.

Their monument, with recumbent effigies, is in the fouth transept of Gloucester Cathedral, and bears the following inscription :—

" To the memorie of Abraham Blackleech gent., sonne of William Blackleech The BiackEfq., a man not onely generally beloved in his life, but deseruedly indeared to Posteritie by rare examples of seldome attained Piety expresled in his Bounty to S. Paules in London, to this Church, to the high wayes about, & the poore in this Citie, who layeing aside the vilenesle of mortality was admitted to the glory of eternity, Novembr. the 30th 1639."

" Gertrude his wife, daughter of Ambrose Elton Esqr. and Anne sister to Walter Lord Ajlon, hath erefted this monument as a testimony of his Fame & her obferuance."

Arms of Blackleech impaling Elton, Elton impaling Aston, and Blackleech impaling Gules, twelve crosles crosslet and a saltire or.

9. Marie, the next daughter of Ambrose Elton, baptised at Ledbury, 2nd February, 1612-13, and married there 17th February, 1633, to Edmond Weaver, of Hereford,—of the Above Eign,—and of the Inner Temple, born at Leighton's Court, 2nd February, 1610, M.P. for Hereford 1640, Administration to his estate was granted 11th March, 1672. From him descended Arthur Matthews, who was The defellow of Brasenose College on the Elton foundation, and whofe ancestry is here Arthu" given. (See volume of " Founder's Kin Pedigrees, R. College of Arms,"


ARTHUR MATTHEWS, Fellow B. N. C. 1810; bom and bapt. at S. Owen's, Hereford 20 Feb. 1788.

10. Dorothy, baptised 3oth October, 1615, and buried 28th July, 1619.

11. Judith, baptised 13th January, 1616-17, and married 7th April, 1634,t0 Vincent Phillips.

12. Ifabel, buried 15th November, 1619.

13. James, baptised 21ft March, 1617-18, and buried 4th February, 1619-20.

14. Hester, baptised 15th Auguft, 1619, and buried 13th July, 1622.


15. Ambrose.

16. John, baptised 29th September, 1624.'

17. Bridget, baptised 30th November, 1628.

Ambrose, Ambrose, just before mentioned, was baptised at Ledbury, 23rd September, 1621,

Ambrose served as High Sheriff, 1647, and married Mary, daughter of Sir Giles Bray, of Elton. Barrington. She was buried at Ledbury, 2nd October, 1671. This infcription is

from Ledbury Church : —

His wife's "To the memory of Mary the wife of Ambrose Elton of ye Hasle, gent., monument. Daugher of Sir Giles Bray of Barrington in the County of Glouc. Knt. descended from ye Ld. Reginald Bray who came in with Henry the 7th. Shee departed this life 27th day of September ao. 1671, aged 53. She had issue 6 children, 3 sons, and 3 daughters." Arms of Elton impaling Bray. His shalt The will of Ambrose Elton is in Ent. 139 (P.C.C.). " In the name of God, Amen.

I Ambrofe Elton late of the Hazell in the parish of Ledbury in the County of Hereford Efq., being in good health and understanding, doe make this my last will and testament, vizt., I give and bequeath unto Gertrude my daughter all my personal estate whatsoever and wherefoever, my debts being first discharged. And I doe hereby make my said daughter sole ex* of this my last will and testament, hereby revoaking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale, this one and twentyeth day of May, Anno Dni millimo sexcesimo octogesimo octavo, annoq : regni Regis Jacobi fecundi Angliae, etc, quarto. Ambrose Elton. Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of Anne Buckenhill, Edward Buckenhill, Jo. Skinner."

This will was proved 11th October, 1689. His children were —

I. Bray Elton, of Broad Risington, Gloucestershire, buried at Ledbury, 31st October, 1698, aged fifty-five, unmarried, his will being proved at Hereford, 10th January, 1698-9, by Anne Lucy, his executrix, wherein he mentions Ambrose, his brother, and Anne, Mary, and Charles, the children of his fifter Anne Lucy.

II. Ambrofe, mentioned in his brother's will.

III. Frances, baptised 7th December, 1663, and buried 9th April, 1667, at Ledbury.

IV. Anne, heiress to her brother, married to Jonathan Lucy. Monumental inscriptions in the church at Ledbury give the following dates relating to their descendants. Charles Lucy died 27th October, 1764, aged seventy-two, and Elizabeth his wife, 8th February, 1771, aged fixty-nine. Their fons, — Charles died 28th January, 1786, aged fifty-nine; Edward, 7th March, 1812, aged seventy-eight

Martha, wife of John Elton, gent., was buried 10th March, 1649-50. Elizabeth, wife of John Elton, of Hall House, gent., was buried 21st February, 1658-59. John Elton, gent., was buried 9th February, 1662-63. Some of these entries may refer to him.

His wife, Elizabeth, died 27th May, 1814, aged seventy-six); and William, 17th June, 1796, aged fixty. Their daughter Elizabeth (Hall) died 13th December, 1804, aged eighty.

" Sacred to the memory of Charles, son of Charles and Elizabeth Lucy of this town, descended on the grandfather's side from the Lucys of Carlecote in Warwickmire, on the grandmother's side from the Eltons of the Hazel in this Parim. He died Jany. 28. 1786 aged 59 years." Arms of Lucy, with a mullet for difference.

V. Gertrude, buried at Ledbury, 11th September, 1689. Her will was proved 30th January, 1690 (Dyke 88), P.C.C., of which an abstract is here given. The will of Gertrude Elton late of Hazel. To my eldest brother, Br: Ehon Efq, £200. To my God-daughter Sn. Browich a bed and bolster at Mr. Hall's at Redmerly. My coz : Mr. A. Bray. My coz : Jane Cox. My coz : An Jones. My coz : An Bromwich. To the maids at Mainfha and Bro Court each five millings. John Cocks executor.

VI. The name of the sixth child is not known.

It is now necessary to turn back to Susanna, fifth daughter of Ambrose Elton, and Anne (nee Aston). She was baptised at Ledbury, 2nd March, 1605, and died 1Oth March, 1689, aged eighty-four, having been twice married, first to Richard Hall, of Ledbury, 30th October, 1622, who was buried there 3rd November, 1631, i« married and secondly to Sir Richard Cocks, of Dumbleton, Gloucestermire, who was created Richard a Baronet, 7th April, 1661, and served as High Sheriff of his County, 1665. A long but interesting inscription exists in the church at Dumbleton. Richard

" In Memory of Sir Richard Cocks, Baronet, and of Dame Susannah his wife. Bart.6" He was the 2nd son of Richard Cocks of Castleditch in the County of Hereford Esqr., and of Judith his wife, daughter and coheir of John Elliot Efq. She was the Dumbleton. daughter of Ambrose Elton of the Hasle in the County of Hereford Esqre, and of Ann his wife daughter of Sir Edward Aston of Tixall in the County of Stafford. He in his younger days accompanied his uncle Christopher Cocks, (who was honored by King James I with a public character,) unto Muscovy, and after his return he retired into the Country, and was concerned with no publick matters more than the offices of Justice of Peace and High Sheriff. She was a lady distinguished by very great ornaments of mind and body, the visible remains of which continued with her to her last Hour. They kept good hospitality, loved their tenants and neighbours and on all occasions did them all the service they could. He lived peaceably with them and kept them in peace one with another. She healed their diseases and cured their sores. He was a great sufferer for his love to the Royal Family and for his zeal for the laws and Established Religion of his Country. They were indulgent parents, good to their servants, and charitable to the poor. They gave their children good fortunes and liberal education. They had three sons, Richard, Charles, and John;and two daughters Judith and Elizabeth ; — but John (the younger), and Elizth., the relict of Sir John Fuft of Hill in this County Baronet, only furvived them. She out of a juft remembrance and gratitude to so good parents, and believing the memory of them would be grateful to their neighbours, ordered her brother John Cocks to erect this monument for them. He died Sept . 16. A.d. 1684, aged 82. She died March 10. A.d. 1689, aged 84."

Arms of Cocks impaling Elton.

Richard Cocks, mentioned in this monument as having died before his father, married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Cooke, of Highnam, and had a second son named Robert, a doctor of divinity, who held the Elton fellowfhip 1679-1696, and succeeded as third baronet in 1726. The family of Hall, to which Sufanna Elton's former hufband belonged, had for some time been settled at Ledbury. In the early portion of the register occur —

Francis, son of Walter Hall, baptised 24th June, 1571.
Rychard, son of Francis Hall, baptised 25th July, 1571.
William, son of Francis Hall, baptised 6th September, 1573.
According to the Visitation of Herefordshire in 1683, Walter
Hall, a younger brother of the Halls of Grantham, Lincolnfhire, had issue, Richard and Francis, the first settlers at Ledbury.

The will

The will of Richard Hall was proved in the Prerogative Court, 10th May,

1632, by Susanna,

Richard Hall of Ledbury in the County of Hereford, Gent., 24 Oct. 1631. Whereas I doe stand charged by Covenante unto Ambrose Elton Esquire, my Fatherin-law, to secure and settle the benefitt of one hundred pounds to the use of Susan my loving wife during her life for the increase of her joynture, — I will that she shall hold and enjoy all my copie hould lande called Jugge, being pcell of the mannor of Ledbury forren during her life, and bequeath her the two tenements in the Burrough of Bromyard which I purchased of my brother frauncis Hall, together with all sit and advantage that mall arise or accrue out of or for my pte or inteft of the said mannor or Lopp of Ledbury sorren. To my daughter Susan ^200 to be paid her at the age of eighteene years. To my daughters Anne and Dorothy £200 a peece, to be paid them at eighteene. To my son Richard the sum of £50 to be paid him after the death of Ursula Baggeshewe my mother-in-law. To my nephews Richard, William, frauncis, and Edward Hill, and my nieces Millberowe and Elizabeth Hill, my sister Elizabeth Hill's children, 40 millings a peece. " I have received into my hande the sum of two hundred pounds which was settled in the hands of John Webley gent, for the paymt of one annuitye or yearly rent-charge of twenty pound unto Ursula Baggeshawe my mother-in-lawe, during her natural life, and afterwards to be equally divided betweene my sister Hill, myselfe, my brother frauncis, and my brother John Hall, to every of them fiftie pounds a peece according to the last will and testament of my father." My wife executrix. My brothers ffrauncis Hall and John Hall Overfeers. Signed in the presence of John Webley, ffrauncis Hall, and John Hall.

Susanna Elton, by her former husband Richard Hall, was the mother of six children

A. Susanna, baptifed 27th September, 1623.

B. Constance, baptifed 18th December, 1624, and buried 17th February, 1629

c. Anne, baptised 16th January, 1625.

D. Richard, baptised 22nd January, 1626.

E. Francis, baptised 3rd September, 1629.

F. Dorothy, baptised 14th May, 1631.

The name of Francis Hall (e) occurs in the Ledbury register, 28th September, 1653, as a Justice of the Peace for solemnizing marriages. He died 5th August, 1680, and was buried at Ledbury, having married at Lugwardine, 4th September, 1649, Constance, daughter of John Skynner of Ledbury and Constance (Elton) his wife. She died I9th June, 1703, having had issue—

a. Constance, baptised (as were the rest) at Ledbury, 25th December, 1650. and grand She died 28th December, 1706, and was buried at Ledbury, having been married there 15th June, 1680, to Anthony Biddulph, who died 10th May, 1718, aged 60 years. Her monument states that me had lyved in the state of wedlock 26 years, 6 months, and 12 days. Four children of this marriage are registered at Ledbury, viz. Anthony, baptifed 30th June, 1681, Robert, 12th October, 1682, Francis, 23rd November, 1683, and Michael, 2Oth Auguft, 1685.

b. Sarah, baptised 23rd January, 1652-3.

c. Elizabeth, born 3rd September, 1654, and buried 29th July, 1656.

d. Elizabeth, died 23rd November, 1708, aged 49 years, unmarried.

e. Anne, baptised 5th December, 1661.

f. Margaret, baptised 2nd February, 1664-5.

g. Mary, baptised 10th December, and buried I3th December, 1666. h. Sarah, baptised 4th November, 1669.

i. Mary, baptised 7th July, 1672.

Susanna, the eldest daughter of Richard Hall and Susanna (nee Elton), was buried at Ledbury, 6th Auguft, 1696. . She was married 5th October, 1644, (but, apparently not at Ledbury,) to William Watts, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of to canon Much Marcle, 21ft November, 1636, on the presentation of the King; Prebendary of Bartonsham in Hereford Cathedral, 7th August, 1660, and Canon Residentiary; and Vicar of Upton Bishop, 1671. An entry in the regifter of Much Marcle states that " William Watts Mr of Arts of Trinity Coll. in Cambridge and Balioll in Oxford was inducted into the Parochiall Church of Much Marckle by M' Phillip Tinker on the 23rd. of November 1636, and read his articles on the 27th of the fame." William Watts died in 1679, and adminiftration was granted to his widow, 20th August, 1680, by the Hereford Confiftory Court.

The kttcr A letter written by him to Archbishop Sheldon is preferred among the Tanner watts""" MSS.—xiii. 108—in the Bodleian Library:—

Abp. Sheldon.

" May it please your Grace to accept, By the hands of our most honoured Chancellour Sir Timothy Baldwin, thankful acknowledgments of yor devoted Servant for yor great and comfortable favors, which yor Grace did unto me in my eldest son, whom I had devoted unto God in the ministry before he was born, that in order there unto you were pleased to cast an auspicious ey upon him, and to command him to signify unto me that you wd take him unto yor care to provide some preferment for him, that (under God) in the ground of my hopes that he who is the staff of my hope being helpt up by yor strong hand may helpe to support the great burden of a wife and 10 children that lie upon my aged and infirm body, the frail thread of whofe life being cut asunder they must all immediately be driven forth into the world, the more distressed condition than ordinary and common beggars because of their better breeding, which yet capacitates them to anything but want, from which Good Lord deliver them by the intailed favour of yor Grace upon the heyre of my hopes and their substance, and that upon the most humble and earned request of, most reverend father in God, of yor Grace his most anciently devoted servant,

" Hereford, 25 June, 1674. " William Watts."

William Watts and Susanna (nee Hall) had issue—

The I. Sufanna, who was married at Much Marcle, 23rd November, 1666, to

Son Thomas Head, gent., of Hart Hall, Oxford. This Thomas Head matriculated at Watts. Oxford 29th March, 1661, aged 21, son of Henry Head of London, armiger, and graduated B.A. 13th October, 1663, and M.A. 15th June, 1666. There was a son Thomas the issue of this marriage, who was baptised at Ledbury, 21st November, 1667. Thomas Head was buried at Much Marcle, 29th May, 1673, being then styled " of Hereford, gent." On a flat stone within the altar rails at Much Marcle Church is the inscription, " Mrs. Sarah Winch, widow of Robert Winch of London, daughter of William Sherwell of Plymouth, Esq. Her first hufband was Mr. Henry Head of London, merchant, by whom fhe had an only son Mr. Thomas Head, who lieth here entombed by her. She died 10 May, 1675." Arms in a lozenge, the centre a crofs moline for Sherwell; dexter, the arms of Head;finifter, Argent on a fefs gules three crofles patonce of the first, on a canton azure five fleurs-de-lis or.

A black marble flab once bore the following infcription:—

" Reliquiae Thomae Head, Artium Magiftri et Medicinae Therapeuticae peritiflimi, quern, cum ad Doctoratus gradum provenire debuit, Deus ad celeftem gradum promovit 25° Maii aetatis fua° 36. A.d. 1673."

Arms, Argent a chevron ermine between three griffin's heads erased sable.

II. William Watts, the eldeft son, was baptised, (as were the rest,) at Much Marcle, 1st April, 1647, and matriculated at Oxford 14th March, 1662-3, aged 16, from Brasenose College. He graduated B.A. 6th July, 1666, M.A. 13th May, 1669, B.D. 15th July, 1676 ; was instituted Rector of Abbey Dore 9th January, 1676, on the presentation of Jane Scudamore, widow; became Prebendary of Hinton in Hereford Cathedral 30th April, 1677, and Canon Residentiary; Precentor of Hereford 25th February, 1685-6 ; and Archdeacon of Llandaff. He was buried at Abbey Dore 15th October, 1722. In his will, dated 14th October, 1718, and proved 8th November, 1722, P.C.C. (Marlborough, 227), he speaks of his property already settled by deed, and appoints his " deary wife Mary " his executrix. He married in 1680 Mary Witherftone of Sutton S. Nicholas.

An original document, now in the possession of Herbert-Harman Mayo, records some interesting particulars, and is reproduced in facsimile in the next two following pages.

The register of S. Peter's, Hereford, contains the baptism of William son of Mr. Wm. Watts, clerk, and Mary his wife, 13th November, 1681. A daughter Susanna was married to John Floyer, of Whitehouse in Lantillio Pertholey, Monmouthshire, and of the Middle Temple, London (Mifc. Geneal. et Herald., vol. i., page 124).

III. Elizabeth, baptised 16th November, 1648. " My daughter Elizabeth Watts buried April 30, 1649."—Much Marcle Regifter.

IV. Ann, baptised 29th November, 1649. " George, the fon of Mr William Arney, & Anne his wife, second dr. to Mr Wm. Watts late Vicar of Marcle, was borne March 27th. betwixt eleven and twelve o'clock at night, and was baptised March the 3oth., 1681."—Much Marcle Register.

V. Mary, baptised 2nd February, 1651-2.

VI. Dorothy, baptised 24th October, 1654.

VII. Richard, born 10th November, between 7 and 8 of the clocke at night, baptifed 19th of same month, 1655.

VIII. John, baptised 3rd February, 1656-7, and matriculated at Oxford, 2nd February, 1675-6, aged 18, from Balliol College. He graduated B.A. 27th November, 1679, and was instituted Vicar of Much Marcle, 16th January, 1681, on the presentation of Sir John Ernly. He married there, by licence, in March, 1684-5, Elizabeth Holland, by whom he had Susannah, baptised May, 1686, and William, baptised February, 1690-1, and he again married, at the same place, by licence, 24th

August, 1694, Blanch, daughter of Roger Lingen, of Radbrook, Gloucestermire, and Ann his wife, daughter of Fulk Walwyn of Much Marcle. By this marriage he had three children, baptised there, John, 8th Auguft, 1695, Blanch, 21ft July, 1696, and Joseph, 1ft June, 1699. He was buried there, 10th June, 1700.

IX. Gertrude, whofe history will be presently narrated.

X. Joseph, born on Saturday, 10th August, and baptised Sunday, 18th Auguft, 1661. .

XI. Elizabeth, baptised 29th December, 1663.

Gertrude Watts, " sixth daughter of Mr Wm. Watts and Susanna my wife was borne on Saturday, febr. 19th., and was bapt. on Thursday March the third 1658-9." — Much Marcle Register. She was married to Benjamin Prichard, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders. He matriculated at Oxford 29th March, 1667, aged 15, from Chrift Church, as son of Meredith Prichard, of Hopton Wafers, Shropshire, and graduated B.A. 20th October, 1670, and M.A. 3rd July, 1673. He was instituted to the Rectory of Croft, Herefordfhire, 26th July, 1 676, on the presentation of Sir Herbert Croft; to Sutton S. Nicholas, 26th May, 1678, on the presentation of William Watts, clerk ; to the " Upper Hall " portion of the Rectory of Ledbury,1 24th

his daugh-
ter, is
to Benj.

1 "The Church of Ledbury has two finecure Restors, called Portionaries, because they change their portions of tythes and other returns every third year. They are in the Bilhop's gift, and receive institution and induction, and thole two alternately nominate the Vicar, and to them belongs the Upper Hall House and the Lower, adjoining the Churchyard."—Camden's " Britannia," ed. Gough, 1789, vol. ii., page 456. These finecure Rectories are now abolished, and the patronage vesled in the Bishop.

September, 1678, in the gift of the king; to Much Marcle, 29th December, 1679, the patrons then being Richard and Francis Hall; and to Ledbury Vicarage, 5th April, 1682, on the presentation of John Tryft. In the regifter of Sutton S. Nicholas is the entry, " Mr John Watts, Rector, was buried Mar. 14th., to whom succeeded Benjamin Prichard, Mastr. of Arts, 1678." Another entry states that " John Watts Master of Arts of the College consecrated to the Holy Trinity in Cambridge and of the College of Balliol in Oxford was inducted into the Restory of Sutton, 2oth day of February 1661-2." He was ordained in 1627, and was brother of Canon William Watts. On December 26th, 1685, Benjamin Prichard was Prebendary collated to the Prebend of Cublington in Hereford Cathedral. He was buried at for"'" Ledbury, 23rd January, 1701-2, aged 51, and his monument in the fouth aifle bears the following infcription:—

Benjamin " H. S. E. Benjaminus Prichard, hujus Ecclefiz Vicarius, et alter Portionifta,

monument. Rector de Sutton, Ecclefiae Herefordenfis Prebendarius, qui fingulari pietate, humili

tate eximia, omnigenam ornavit literaturam, amicis maximum reliquit fui defiderium, Domini 1701 )

omn1bus exemplum. Om1t anno

Gertruda, uxor ejus amantiffima, ex qua novem habuit filios & quinque filias, hoc marmor M. P. Sub hoc marmore fepulta jacet Gertruda, uxor Reverend! Benjaminis Prichard fuprafcripti, cler. Obiit Martii nono, anno aetatis feptuagefimo, annoque Domini millefimo feptingentefino vicefimo feptimo, in fpem beatae refurrectionis."

On 1st October, 1722, Gertrude Prichard joined with her eldest son, Benjamin Prichard, in the sale of 1-12th part of the Manor of Ledbury. She was buried there, 12th March, 1727-8.

H» The nine fons and five daughters of Benjamin and Gertrude Prichard will now

chii"TM. follow in due order.

His fon, 1. Benjamin, "ye fon of Mr Benjamine Prichard Rector of Croft & Gertrude

^Fefkw' his wife fixth, fifth. [the latter word struck through with the pen] daughter of Mr

ofB. N. c. Willm Watts Vic. of Marcle was baptized May ye 22nd 1679."—Much Marcle

Register. He matriculated at Oxford, 26th May, 1693, from Brasenose College, of

which society he became Fellow on the Elton Foundation, 17th October, 1696, and

graduated B.A. 26th January, 1696, and M.A. 4th July, 1699. He relinquished

his Fellowfhip in 1719, having been inftituted Rector or Portionift of Ratcliffe Stepney, Middlefex, 7th February, 1718. He was alfo instituted Rector of Corringham in Essex, 22nd May, 1725, on the prefentation of Robert Biddulph, which he held for lefs than a year. His will is in the Prerogative Court (Plymouth, 241), and an abftract of it is here given :—

In the name of God, Amen. Benjamin Prichard, clerk, and Rector or Portionift of Ratcliff, Stepney, Middlefex. To my fon Benjamin the 200 pound bond which I have upon my brother Randolph, and what money I have in Mr. Francis Cockaine's hands, and likewise those houses and tenements in Lancashire left to my wife by her father and mother. To my son Thomas the 400 pound bond I have in Mr. Thomas Chefhyre's hands. To my son William the 300 pound bond and the 100 pound note I have in the Rev. Dr. Robert Shippen's hands. Dr. Shippen, my brother Herbert Prichard, and Mr. Francis Cokaine, to assist my executrix in the management of her affairs. To my wife Anne the salary which will be payd after my decease by the Mercers' company, and all my books, household goods, plate and manuscripts. She sole executrix. This twenty— day of May 1726. Benj. Prichard. Witnesses, Joseph Watson, Lucy Minors, W. Coles. Proved 8 November, 1726.

Of the three sons mentioned in his will, Thomas matriculated at Oxford, 9th September, 1739, aged 15, from S. Alban Hall, and graduated as of Trinity College, B.A. 21ft October, 1743, M.A. 17th October, 1746, and was ordained Deacon at Oxford 5th June, 1748 ; and Benjamin, "fon of Reverend Mr Benjamin Prichard, Rector of Stepney, and Anne his wife, baptised31 May 1720," occurs in the register of Ewelme, Oxfordshire. He matriculated at Oxford, 10th April, 1742, aged 21, from Brasenose College, and graduated as of Magdalen College, B.A. 26th October, 1745, M.A. 8th July, 1749, and was ordained Deacon 20th September, and Priest 2Oth December in the year 1747, at Oxford. A tablet on the wall of the north aisle of Ewelme Church has this infcription : "Sacred to the memory of the Revd. Benjamin Prichard, M.A., who died on the 8th. day of November 1777." On another tablet: " Sacred to the memory of Mre Frances Prichard, wife of the Rev. Benjamin Prichard, M.A., who died the 9th. day of October 1776."

Administration of his estate was granted in 1777. (P.C.C.)

The register of Ewelme gives the baptism of Henry, son of Benjamin and Frances Prichard, privately baptised 23rd December, 1747, and received into the Church 2Oth January, 1748, and of Benjamin baptised 10th June, 1749. The former matriculated at Oxford, 10th October, 1767, aged 19, from Brasenose College, and graduated B.A. 5th February, 1772, and M.A. 16th July, 1774, and was ordained Priest at Oxford, 2Oth December, 1772. John-James, son of Benjamin Prichard, clerk, of Hinley, Lancafhire, matriculated at Oxford, 22nd May, 1760, from Brasenose College, aged 17. He may have been another son of Benjamin and Frances Prichard.


2. William, " the son of Mr Benjamine Prichard and Gertrude his wife was borne upon Wednesday the tenth day of November betwixt twelve and one o'clock at noone, and was baptized November the 18th 1680."—Much Marcle Regifter. He matriculated at Oxford, 9th June, 1698, aged 17, from Magdalen Hall, and graduated B.A. 13th November, 1702, and M.A. 4th July, 1720. He was made Rector of Corringham, Essex, 2nd June, 1735, on the presentation of Robert Biddulph, in which living he was succeeded by Charles Mayo in 1743.

3. Joseph, " the son of Benjamin Prichard, Rector of this Parim and Gertrude his wife was baptized and was born on the 25th of December betwixt 10 and 11 at night, 1681."—Regifter of Sutton S. Nicholas.

4. Gertrude, baptised (as were the reft) at Ledbury, 25th November, 1683, and married there, 28th November, 1708. In the fouth aifle of that church is a stone with this inscription :—

"In memory of Mr Caleb Randolph of this town, merchant,who died April the 20th 1741, aged 70. He was very liberal to the poor in his lifetime, and by his will gave them A large Legacy, the particulars of which are entered upon a Table set up in this Church by his Executor. Also in memory of Gertrude his wife, who was eldest daughter of Mr. Benjamin Prichard, Vicar of this Church. She died November the 4th 1709, aged 26 years."

5. Herbert, baptised 13th May, 1685. He matriculated at Oxford, 10th July, 1702, aged 15, from Brasenose College, and graduated B.A. 11th April, 1706, and M.A. 17th February, 1709. He was instituted Rector of Stebonheath, alias Spitalfields Stepney, 1ft June, 1728, and Rector of Chriftchurch, Spitalfields, 10th July, 1729, having relinquished the former benefice. The latter living was again vacant in lefs than a year and a half.

6. Thomas, baptised 16th December, 1686.

7. Robert, baptised 3rd November, 1688, and buried 3rd March, 1688-9.

8. Charles, baptised — February, and buried 22nd February, 1689.

Anne, his 9. Anne, " ye daughter of Benjamin Prichard, clerk, and Gertrude his wife, was

become"' baptized July ye 4. 1691."—Ledbury Register. She was buried at S. Peter's, chlr°e. Hereford, 13th May, 1754, having been the wife ofCharles Mayo. " Mr Charles Mayo, Mayo and M" Anne Prichard were married 24 April 1714." at Ledbury. See Chapter V. in the account of the Mayo family.

10. Catherine, baptised 22nd July, 1693.

11. Lucy, baptised 15th Auguft, 1695, and married 18th November, 1715, to John Minors, junr. In 1739 he is ftyled, " of Clements." She died 18th December, 1776 (Regifter ofS. Peter's, Hereford), and was buried 23rd December at Ledbury, aged 81, " from Hereford."

1.2. Samuel, baptised 26 May, 1697. He matriculated at Oxford, 5th February, 1713-4, aged 16, from Brasenose College.
13. Elizabeth, baptised 25th March, 1699.

14. John, baptised 24th February, 1701. He matriculated at Oxford, 22nd and his May, 1717, aged 15, from Brasenose College, and became Fellow on the Elton Foundation, i7th July, 1719. He graduated B.A. 6th February, 1720, and M.A. I2th October, 1723. He resigned his Fellowfhip in 1740, having been inftituted Rector of Christchurch, Spitalfields, Middlefex, 19th January, 1738. He died 28th September, 1782, unmarried.

In his will, dated 15th November, 1779, with a codicil 27th July, 1781, and proved P. C. C. I5th November, 1782 (Gostling, 556), he describes himself as of Windfor, Berks, and mentions his great nephew Charles Mayo, and his nephews Jofeph Mayo and Benjamin Prichard. Charles Mayo executor.

To render the account of the Elton family complete, the descendants of Peter Peter, (0n Elton and Ann (nee Norris), already mentioned at the thirteenth page, are here Eiton and brought before the reader. The dates, unless where it is otherwise stated, are taken from the Ledbury register.

The children of Peter and Ann Elton were—

I. Edward, of Nether Hall and Munsley, baptised 3rd May, 1583, and buried has issue 22nd December, 1652. He married Jane or Joane, daughter of Thomas Hayward Elton, of of Bodenham, and she was buried 5th May, 1656. Han"

II. Margery, baptised 2nd February, 1584-5, and (?) married to John Buckenhill, 27th November, 1600.

III. Sufanna, baptised 24th Auguft, 1586.

IV. Elizabeth, baptised 6th July, 1588.

V. Richard, baptised 29th April, 1590, and buried 2nd August following.

VI. Elizabeth, baptised 9th January, 1591-2.

VII. William, baptised 2nd September, 1593.
Edward Elton and Joane (nee Hayward) had issue—

1. John, of Nether Hall, and of Paunceford Court in Munsley, baptised 10th of January, 1612. His will was dated 6th May, and proved at Hereford 18th Of Nether' January, 1698, by Peter, his son, executor. He married Elizabeth, daughter Hall>

of Dr. Parker, clerk, of Munslow, where she was buried 10th January, 1688, aged 83.

2. Edward, baptised 2Oth January, 1616-7.

3. Alice, baptised 26th April, 1618.

4. Peter, baptised 4th February, 1620-1.

5. Joane.

hat issue
George, of

and Peter,

of Horn House.

George Elton has a son, George, of Nether Hall, who married his cousin, Eleanor Elton,

John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Parker) had issue—

i. George, of Nether Hall, buried 1 1th January, 1711, who married Elizabeth Beard, of S. Mary-le-Crypt, Gloucester, buried 1st July, 1708.

ii. Peter, of Hom House, in Much Marcle, and of Paunceford Court, in Munsley. He was buried at Much Marcle, I4th June, 1705, and his will was proved 2Oth January, 1705-6, by his son John, executor. He married Eleanor, daughter of Anthony Smith, of Much Marcle, and me was buried there, 10th August, 1715, aged 62. Their children will be mentioned presently.

iii. Richard, buried at Much Marcle, 21st February, 1697, aged 58, unmarried.

iv. Martha, married to Stephen Hopkins.

v. Elizabeth, married to Richard Matthews, of Ledbury.

vi. Mary, wife of — Bullock, of Ledbury, but not named in her father's will.

The children of George Elton and Elizabeth (nee Beard) were—

A. John, baptised 3Oth November, 1674. Administration to his estate was granted at Hereford to his brother George, 25th June, 1719.

B. George, of Nether Hall, baptifed 29th December, 1675. He died 6th November, and was buried 8th November, 1753, aged 78, and his will was proved at Hereford by his fon George, executor, 21ft January, 1754. He married 26th November, 17I4, at Much Marcle, Eleanor, his cousin, daughter of Peter Elton, of Horn House. She died 3rd August, was buried 7th Auguft, 1761, aged 75, and her will was proved at Hereford 28th September following.

c. William, baptised 4th June, and buried 19th June, 1677.

D. Thomas, of S. Lawrence, Milk Street, London, baptised 10th June, 1678. He was buried at Hemsted, Herts, I2th January, 1748, having married Hester Wickham, of London, who died 1st January, 1744, and was buried at Hemsted. Their children were Thomas, unmarried; Hester, married to Joseph Kirkman; Anne, married to James Hammond; Mary, married to Thomas Minors, of Birmingham ; Elizabeth, unmarried; and Catharine, wife of Frederick Comerall, a merchant in London.

E. Elizabeth, baptised 16th January, 1679-80, and married to John Perks, 2Oth April, 1710.

F. Martha, baptised 29th September, 1681, and married to Thomas Jones, I5th September, 1724.

o. Charles, baptifed 15th August, 1683, and buried 13th May, 1740, administration being granted to his son Richard, at Hereford, I4th July following. He married at Ledbury, 18th April, 1715, Mary Fowler, of Worcester, and me was buried 28th June, 1740. Their children were, Richard, baptised 3rd January, 1716, ob. f. p.; John, baptised I4th May, and buried 3rd October, 1719; Elizabeth, baptised 16th March, 1720(she died 6th September, 1795, unmarried); Mary, baptised 9th May, 1723, and married to Christopher Holyland; and Margaret, baptised I3th January, 1726. She died 17th January, 1779, ^d 53, unmarried.

H. Parker, baptised 25th October, 1685. He died 12th June, and was buried 17th June, 1699.

1. Peter, baptised 2nd February, 1687. He died 22nd October, and was buried 23rd October, 1702.

j. Margaret, baptised 18th April, 1692, and married to Richard Painter.

The children of George and Eleanor Elton were—

a. Mary, eldest daughter and at length sole heiress, baptised 15th July, 1716. She died 30th June, 1785, aged 68, having been married at Ledbury, 18th June, 1752, to Michael Powles of Ross, and of Nether Hall "jure uxoris." He died 12th December, 1769, aged 53, having had issue one child, Michael, of Nether Hall, clerk, who died 9th March, 1799, aged 44, f. p.

b. Eleanor, baptised 25th January, 1717. She died 24th, and was buried 26th September, 1759, aged 41. Administration was granted at Hereford to her mother, 25th October, the fame year.

c. Elizabeth, baptised 30th May, 1721. She died 18th March, aud was buried 2oth March, 1727.

d. John, baptised 14th June, 1723. He died 16th April, and was buried 18th April, 1724, aged 11months.

e. George, of Nether Hall, baptised 18th October, 1725. He died 7th May, and his and was buried 9th May, 1756, aged 31, f. p. Administration was granted at Hereford to his mother, the fame year.

It will now be necessary to refer back to Peter Elton of Hom House, who married Eleanor Smith, as already stated. They had issue—

I. John, of Munsley, only son, baptised there 5th May, 1681. He died 31st December, 1765, and at aged 84, was buried at Much Marcle, 3rd January, 1766, as "late of Hom House." He twice married: first, Anne, daughter of Dr. Benson, Rector of Cradley, who died 10th July, 1719, aged 33, and was buried at Much Marcle, f. p.; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Haynes, born in S. Nicholas, Gloucester, married at Oxenhall, Gloucestershire, 26th November, 1724, and buried in Gloucefter Cathedral, 4th January, 1787.

II. Elizabeth, eldest daughter, married 24th November, 1698, at Much Marcle, to James Baggett, and died without issue.

III. Margaret, second daughter, who was buried at Munsley, 2oth June, 1722, and married at Much Marcle, 17th June, 1709, to Francis Jauncey, of Munsley (buried 31ft December, 1731), and had issue Francis, born 1710; Eleanor, born 1711, and married to Harry Skinner of the Napp, in Pixley; Anne, born 1716, and buried 1763, f. p.; Martha, born 1718, and buried 1765,f.p.; Francis, born 1719; and Margaret, baptised at Munsley, 26th August, 1714, and died 14th September, 1763, aged 49, wife of Thomas Mayo of Moorend, in Munsley, who died 1st March, 1787, aged 8 2. The children of Thomas and Margaret Mayo were William, Thomas, who married Elizabeth Spencer, John, Francis, Margaret, married to WilliamShayle, Elizabeth, Ann, the wife of John Smith, Martha, and George, styled of Upleadon, gent., who died 14th November, 1834, aged 76, and whofe wife, Elizabeth, died 26th April, 1836, aged 72, both being buried at Munsley. The arms of this family of Mayo, from the monument in Munfley Church, are Per pale indented gules and argent, two lions rampant

IV. Martha, third daughter, married at Ledbury, 8th June, 1719, to Thomas . Sheriff, of the Thorn.

V. Eleanor, married to George Elton, of Nether Hall, her cousin, as before stated.
The children of John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Haynes) were —

1. John, eldest son, baptifed at Much Marcle, 21ft October, 1725, and buried

at Newent, 11th January, 1779. He married at Upton on Severn, 18th April, 1758, Elizabeth, daughter of William Gwynne, of Much Marcle. She was buried at Newent, 9th July, 1788.

2. Peter, second son, of Hallen in Much Marcle,died 13th April, and was buried there 16th April, 1781, aged 53, f. p. His will was dated 7th March, and proved 15th June, 1781, at Hereford. He married Elizabeth Matthews, of Much Marcle. She died 6th July, and was buried there 9th July, 1783, aged 56. Her will was dated 13th June, and proved 8th November, 1783, at Hereford.

3. Edward, third fon, of Burley Hill, in Lanfamlet, Glamorganshire, born at Stonehouse, and baptifed at Much Marcle, 28th June, 1731. In 1766 he purchafed the manor of Tibberton, in Gloucestershire, from his mother, who inherited it by the death of her brother. He then resided in Gloucefter, and probably acquired money in commercial enterprise, and died at Swansea, in 1807, aged 77. He married at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter, 25th June, 1772, Hefter, daughter of Benjamin Burroughs. She died 20th March, 1799, and was buried at S. Nicholas Church. Their children were—

i. Gilbert, born at S. Nicholas, Gloucester. B.A., 18th June, 1795; M.A., 24th January, 1799, of C. C. C., Oxford.

ii. George, second son, born 2Oth September, and baptised 31ft December, 1777, at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter. B.A., 26th October, 1797; M.A., 12th June, 1800. Fellow of Brasenose College on the Elton Foundation, 1799. He died 10tn April, 1806, and his monument is in the north aisle of Gloucefter Cathedral.

iii. Hester, baptifed at S. Nicholas, Gloucester, in March, 1776.

4. William, fourth son, married Mary Carpenter, and had issue, Mary, Peter, and Edward.

5. Elizabeth, married at Much Marcle, 16th July, 1749, to Percival Lloyd, of Ingftone in Foy, Herefordfhire.

John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Gwynne) had issue—

i. Elizabeth, eldest daughter, baptised at Newent, 19th September, 1760, and buried there, from Gloucefter, 21 ft October, 1842, aged 82, and unmarried.

ii. Mary, second daughter, baptised at Newent, 15th November, 1762, and buried there 10th March, 1766, aged 3 years.

iii. Susanna, third daughter, born 5th July, and baptised 18th September, 1765, hasa at Newent, and died 15th October, 1790, aged 25. She was married at Newent, by licence, 12th December, 1785, to John Coles, of Gloucester, merchant, who was buried in the parifh of S. Nicholas, having had issue Sarah, who died 19th February, 1790, aged 2 years; Eliza, who died 1st March, 1791, aged 14 months; and Susanna, who died at Barton Street, Gloucester, in 1811, the wife of John-Mervin Her Prower, Vicar of Purton, Wilts, and Hon. Canon of Briftol, who died in 1869, leaving an only child, John-Elton-Mervin Prower, of Purton Manor Houfe, Major in the R. Wilts Militia, J.P. and D.L. for Wiltfture, and High Sheriff in 1862, formerly Captain 67th Foot. He was baptised at S. Nicholas, Gloucester, in the autumn of 1811, and married in 1844, Harriet, daughter of William Payn, Esq., of Kidwells, Berks, and has issue.

iv. John, son and heir, born 18th April, and baptised 24th April, 1768, at Newent. He married at Longtown, in September, 1804, Mary Ann, daughter of — Sparkes, clerk, who was buried at Newent, from Hucclecote, 27th September, 1836, aged 61. John Elton resided at Hucclecote, near Gloucester, and died there, 17th July, and was buried at Newent, 23rd July, 1812, aged 44, f. p. On his monument in Gloucefter Cathedral he is described as " Last male heir of the family of Elton of Ledbury."

v. William, baptised at Newent, 2oth September, 1771, and buried there 21ft August, 1788.

The arms of some of the families mentioned in the foregoing pages. Arms of

Aston. A. a fefs S. in chief three lozenges of the fecond.
Biddulph. V. an eagle difplayed A. armed G.
Blackleech. Barry of fix S. and O.
Bray. A. a chevron between three eagles' claws S.
Cocks. S. a chevron between three attires of a ftag fixed to the fcalp A.
Flayer. S. a chevron between three arrows A.

Hall. A. a chevron between three talbots' heads erased S. langued G.
Lacon. Quarterly per fete indented ermine and Az.
Lcighton. Quarterly per fefs indented O. and G.
Lingen. Barry of fix O. and Az. on a bend G. three rofes A.
Lucy. G. feme"e of crofles crofflet three luces hauriant A.
Scudamore. G. three ftirrups leathered and buckled O.

Seaborne. O. on a fefs G. between three parrots V. a rofe of the firft between two fleurs-de-lis A.

Tome Elton matches.
Skynner. S. a chevron O. between three griffins' heads erafed A.

Unett. S. a chevron ermine between three lions' heads couped A.

Weaver. O. on a fefs Az. between two cottifes G. as many garbs of the field.

Willajon. S. a chevron A. between three lions rampant O.

Witherftone. Az. a Catherine wheel O.

ts The Ledbury register records the baptism of the following children of Arthur family, " Elton, who is supposed to have been an illegitimate offmoot of the family:—Anthony, 28th September, 1572 (buried 13th November, 1572); Edward, 1ft April, 1576; Peter, 5th January, 1577-8; Isabel, 30th October, 1579; Joane, 29th September, 1581; Richard, 10th March, 1582-3; Ann, 14th February, 1584-5; Margaret, 20th Auguft, 1587 (buried 17th February, 1587-8); Maude, 20th July, 1589. We also find Arthur Birte alias Elton marrying Anne Drewe, 30th June, 1572 ; Ann, wife of Arthur Elton, buried 30th August, 1573; Johann, wife of Arthur Elton alias Birts, buried 28th September, 1619 ; Arthur Elton, buried 1st December, 1619 ; Edward Elton marrying Elizabeth Langford, 3rd February, 1607, and buried 26th December, 1621. At Hereford is the will of Arthur Elton of Ledbury, "Taylor, proved 4th December, 1619, who mentions his wife, Johane, deceased, and his children Edward, Peter, and Maude, wife of Thomas Stocke. At Hereford is also the will of John Elton of Ledbury,Innholder, dated 6th March, 1683, and proved 22nd May, 1684, who mentions his brother Thomas Elton, his fon Charles, and his daughters Elizabeth Childe, Susanna Hankyns, Dorothy Driver, and Anne Randolph. The following entries may relate to his family:

John Elton married Anne Garners, 29th November, 1640.

Richard Childe married Elizabeth Elton, 22nd May, 1662.

William Hankins married Susanna Elton, 5th November, 1664.

Ane, wife of John Elton, buried 22nd January, 1676.

Charles Elton, buried 5th October, 1688.

The following entries in the Ledbury regifter have not been accounted for in the foregoing pages :

John Bucknill married Elizabeth Elton, 13th November, 1559.

John Evans married Anne Elton alias —, 7th Auguft, 1572.

Thomas Willis married Anne Elton, 29th September, 1572.

William Love married Joan Elton, 23rd November, 1584.

Thomas Gardiner, of Paynfwicke, married Ann Elton, gent., by licence, 27th June, 1603.

Elizabeth Elton, buried 17th November, 1639.

Richard Elton, buried 2oth January, 1661.--
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