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Dyce- Ok, I AM WAYYYYY confused...

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Dyce- Ok, I AM WAYYYYY confused...

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Ok, so about 2 years ago I jumped on the DYCE research bandwagon and "gathered" info and pics for sometime, and then frankly got side tracked working on another family name for the last year or so and now an climbing back on board. In doing so, I went over all the info I had from Lauri Petit, Barb Norkavage, Gary Lee, and Robert Thomspon etc along with my personal family info I had and research I have done. With that said.. HELP!!

I need some clarifications please....
I know I must be confusing all of the dang WILLIAM Dyce's!
Anyone hear of using Jr. Sr. The 3rd?- sheesh.

OK, I think we all have James Dyce as the Son of William Dyce and Isobel Bowie. - But there seems to be conflicting info as to his birth date and location...

The LDS IGI records and Gary Lee's compliation states:
Father William Dyce and Mother Isobel Bowie - Children: James Dyce -Christened 11/16/1812 Huntly, Aberdeen Scotland

A descendent report I got from ???? States he was born 9/16/1812 - comments?

Robert Thomspsons info states he was born at the West Tornaveen Parish of Kincardine O'Neil - Comments?

The one I seen most frequently though is the Huntly info, so that is what I have adopted in my records, till someone tells me otherwise :)

I have a note that in the 1881 Canadian Census where he is listed as widowed and living with Walter and Violet - he is listed as bieng born in 1814. - comments? I realize the census dates are usually approx and see Walter is listed as 1851 vs 1850

1881 Canadian Census - Egremont, Grey South, Ontario, Canada - Subdistrict E/Div 3 pg 40 District 154

Walter Dice Male Age 30 b 1851 Scotland. C. Presby. Scottish Farmer Married
Violette Dice Female Age 24 b 1857 Ontario C. Presby. Scottish Married
Elsie Dice Female Age 4 b 1877 Ontario
Ellen Dice Female Age 3 b 1878
Jennet Dice Female Age 1 b 1880
James Dice - Male Age 67 b 1814 Scotland C. Presb. Scottish Farmer Widowed

Comments on these descrepancies anyone ?

Lastly on James, I think I have a photo of him that was being shared around and some one emailed to me, can someone comfirm. I got it from Barb maybe? It is a very old & distressed photo and the man has a "comb-over" and a funky beard UNDER his chin
I forgot to write on the back of it. It is JAMES????

NOW onto.... my headache: WILLIAM (how many are there anyways?)

There seems to be consensus that William Dyce and Isobel Bowie/Buie etc.. are James' father and mother. (with the exception of one descendent report listing an John Dyce & Elspet Mennie as his parents)but there are no birth or death dates correct? (other than the speculation that he died prior to 1841)

Am I correct in my research that William Dyce b 9/161806 (The Artist) is James' BROTHER? If not, please clarify for me. I

at there is a bio on William Dyce that states in Jan 1850 he married Jane, daughter of Mr. James Brand, of Bedord Hill, Surrey. He died 2/14/1864 Leaving 2 sons and 2 daughters. Anyone have info otherwise? I see Colleen Morrison had a copy of William's marriage certificate stating that Wm., a royal Academcian, of St. Pancras, Middx (ie London) married Jane Bickerton Brand in Brixton, Surrey, England on 1/17/1850
So that is looking good. Just trying to figure out where he goes. I swear my grandma always said that James and William were Brother's -

I have that William's (the artist) sister is Isabella Cay? Or possibly Charleet Dyce does anyone else have this info?

Can anyone tell me where William Dyce's cousin Alexander fits in? b. 1798 d. 1869 (literary historian)

I have notes that Charles Andrew Dyce is William's brother also?? Anyone confirm this...

Now, lastly - please help me to understand where
William Dyce and Margaret Chalmers fit in. I orginally thought it was William the artists wife, but then after finding the encyclopedia article, and info stating that William and Margaret married ! 1802 and the artist wasn't born until 1806 :) I knew that wasn't possible! It can't be James' Father William, since he married Isobel... Sooo...where do they fit in?

Of course, I found another William Dyce and Margaret Chalmers that were married 2/8/1798 so what up with that? I WAS pretty certain that this was the artists parents. If that is so, and William and Isobell are James's parents - then they are NOT brothers. How are they related?

Oy, I have a headache. Am I totally off the mark here?

btw - Who is William Dyce, Minister of Behhelvie in 1727?

Help me Obiwan....


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