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Alexander Drumgoole or Dromgoole Indian Agent

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Alexander Drumgoole or Dromgoole Indian Agent

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This was exerpted from the site below:
Kenneth Barnett Tankersley, Ph.D.
Native American Studies Program
Northern Kentucky University
Copyright 2004, 2005

It is important to remember that the dates cited for most 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and some 19th century Cherokee marriages, births, and deaths are, at best, approximations.
Descent, marriage, and residence rules
Cherokee kinship is matrilineal, a unilineal descent rule in which you join your mother's clan at birth, a membership for life. After marriage, it is customary to reside with your wife's clan so your children will grow up with their clan, that is, their mother's family. The clan represents a lineage based on a common apical totem ancestor-Wild Potato (Anigategewi), Blue Paint (Anisahoni), Long Hair (Anigilohi), Red Paint (Aniwodi), Bird (Anitsiskwa), Wolf (Aniwahya), and Deer (Aniahwi). Marriage, mating, or sexual relations with a member of the same clan is taboo and considered incest.

The third wife of Doublehead:

DOUBLEHEAD married NANNIE DRUMGOOLE in the late 18th century. She was the daughter of ALEXANDER DRUMGOOLE and NANCY AUGUSTA and died on July 23, 1850. The children of DOUBLEHEAD and NANNIE DRUMGOOLE include:
7. BIRD TAIL DOUBLEHEAD was born in 1795 in Tennessee and died in the middle of the 19th century. He married TIMSON, born in the early half of the 19th century and died in the early second half.
8. PEGGY DOUBLEHEAD was born and died in the first half of the 19th century. She married WILLIAM WILSON on April 4, 1824 in Madison County, Alabama.

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