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Driggers Timeline

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Driggers Timeline

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Below is a document containing a timeline of all the little bits of info on the Driggers I've found. I prepared this a couple of years ago for myself. When I started out, I spelled the name "Driggers" for consistency's sake. I really should have used the spelling as it appeared in what I was copying.

What I need to do know is add in the family data - births, marriages, deaths - into this timeline.

The other family names are other names in my family tree that relate to the Driggers.

My thoughts about my Driggers line. There were 3 Isaac Driggers of about my Isaac W.'s age (mine in AL, one in GA, one in IL). There was one in the previous generation, and there was his son, Isaac Caleb. I believe the Caleb and Bennett that bought property about the same time as my Isaac W. were his brothers. I think Ephraim Driggers, perhaps the son of Corse Driggers, the son of Matthew Driggers is a good bet for Isaac W.'s father.

1645 May 27 Jane Driggers, one year old, is bond to service of Francis Pott until she is 31 years old; her indenture states that Emmanuel Driggers “bought and paid for to Capt. Robert Shepard”; Northampton Co, VA

1645 Elizabeth Driggers, 8 years old, is bond to service of Francis Pott; listed as “given to my negro “Emmanuel Driggers) by one who brought her up by the space of 8 years...” Northampton Co, VA

1645 May 27 Emmanuel Driggers “Negroe”, slave of Francis Pott, Magotha Bay, Northampton Co, VA, purchased a cow and calf from his master.

1649 Emmanuel Driggers and wife Frances were “assigned as servants to Stephen Charlton to pay Pott’s debt to Charlton; Northampton Co, VA

1652 May 24 Emmanuel Driggers bought Jane Driggers freedom from Francis Pott; Northampton Co, VA

1652 Dec 30 Emmanuel Driggers and Bashaw Fernando clarified as owners of cattle they acquired as servants:“ye said cattle, etc. are ye proper goods of the sd Negroes”Northampton Co, VA

1656 Emmanuel Driggers gives a black heifer to a young slave on a nearby plantation; Northampton Co, VA

1657 Edward Driggers, about 3 years old, is sold to Henry Armitrading; Northampton Co, VA

1657 Dec Ann Driggers, 10 years old, is sold to John Pannell; Northampton Co, VA

1658 Emmanuel Driggers freed by William Kendall, second husband of Potts’ widow; Northampton Co, VA

1661 Emmanuel Driggers married second wife, Elizabeth, who was probably white, since she was not tithable; Northamption Co, VA

1660-63 Manuell Rodrigues head of a household paying three tithes; Northampton Co, VA

1664 Manuell Rodrigues paid tithe only on himself; Northampton Co, VA

Jane Driggers has an illegitimate daughter, Sarah Landum, by Irish freeman, Dennam O’Landum; Northampton Co, VA

1664-67 Thomas Driggers is taxable in Thomas Poynter’s household; Northampton Co, VA

1665 Emmanuel Driggers leased 245 acres for 99 years from former master, William Kendall; Northampton Co, VA

Jane Driggers married John Gussal; Northampton Co, VA

1666 Thomas Driggers is present to the grand jury for the sin of fornication with Sarah King, who he married about a year later; Northampton Co, VA

Frances Driggers taxed in Thomas Poynter’s household; Northampton Co, VA

1666 Apr Jane Driggers is charged with failing to prove John Gussal’s will; Northampton Co, VA

1666 Jun Jane Driggers is married to William Harman (later identified as “Negro” and taxable in the household of William Kendall), who takes care of the Gussal estate problem; Northampton Co, VA

1667 Jane Driggers Harman listed as taxable in the household of her husband, William; Northampton Co, VA

1668 Thomas Driggers’ master, William Kendall, complained to the court that Thomas is still a slave belonging to him and he was neglecting his master, “Negroes” John Francisco and Francis Payne complained that Thomas was abusing them; he is ordered lashed and Thomas’ child, a slave of Kendall’s, is indentured to Francisco until age 21; Northampton Co, VA

Thomas Rodriggus, “Negro” is listed as head of his own household of 4, including wife, Sarah and two other men, apparently in disregard of the above; Northampton Co, VA

1671 Thomas Rodriggus is listed as head of a household of 6, including Sarah; Northampton Co, VA

1672 Emmanuel Driggers assigned the unexpired part of his lease to John Waterson; Northampton Co, VA

1673 Emmanuel Driggers gave horses to his daughters Frances and Ann, who were still slaves, and children Devorick and Mary, who were free.

1673 Sep Jane Driggers Harman is chosen as wet nurse for illegitimate child of Nicholas Silvedo and Mary Gale, both white servants; Northampton Co, VA

1674 Mary Driggers gives birth to an illegitimate child and the parish pays her tax; Northampton Co, VA

1675 Frances Driggers taxed in John Eyre’s household; Northampton Co, VA

1677 Emmanuel Driggers was taxable in John Michael’s Division in his own household on himself; Northampton Co, VA

1677 Jane Driggers Harman and husband taxable; Northampton Co, VA

1678 Frances Driggers recorded her livestock mark in court; Northampton Co, VA

1679 Mar 28 William Driggers and wife Alice, are sentenced to lashing for killing a hog belonging to a neighbor; Northampton Co, VA

1685 Emmanuel Driggers is mentioned in an administration account presented to the court by William Kendall; Northampton Co, VA

1688 Devorick/Derrick Driggers moved to Somerset Co, MD with his sister-in-law, Sarah Driggers; Northampton Co, VA

1693-94 William Driggers, still a slave, dies; Northampton Co, VA

1748 Sep 27 Mark Driggers enters 100 ac in Craven Co on the branches of Swifts Creek and on the south side of Great Swamp, Bladen Co, NC

1758 Oct 19 William Driggars living on Gum Swamp (Richmond, later Scotland Co), less than five miles from both Robeson Co and Marlboro Dist, SC

1759 Winsler Driggers reported in the Cheraw District between 1759 to 1771. He is called “an outlaw killed by a group led by Phillip Pledger” and he served in the French and Indian War. Reported on the Gregg Muster Roll.

1769 Betty and Eleanor Driggas listed at tithables in Craven Co, NC

1769 Sep 10 William Driggers ordered bound as an apprentice to Michael Mason to learn the art of a blacksmith until he is 21 years of age; Marlborough Co, SC

1776 Jul 06 Ephraim Driggers listed a molato on list of taxables

1778 Daniel Driggers enlisted in the SC Fifth Regiment on 10 August 1778 and deserted on 8 March 1779.

1778 Aug 10 Isaac Driggers enlisted in the SC Fifth Regiment.

Johnson Driggers enlisted in the SC Fifth Regiment.

William Driggers enlisted in the SC Fifth Regiment.
1778 Sep 17 William Driggers enlisted in the SC Second Regiment deserted on 4 Mar 1779.

1782 Julius Driggers served in the militia during 1782 under General Francis Marion and supplied beef for militia use; Cheraws District, SC.
Devereaux Driggs received a bounty grant for his services (name also appears as Debrix Driggus.)

1780 Sep 01 Ephraim Driggers a “chain carrier” in survey of land on west side of Ashpole swamp; Bladen Co, NC

1785 May 7 “Catian Drigers duly sworn saith she knew Felish Bowinton (Pelish Bowinton) many years and knows her always to pass for a white woman and believes here to be an English woman & clar (sic) of any Negro blood, Indian or Musti. Sig: Catian (her mark) Drigers before Philip Bethea, JP. Rec. 27 Dec 1805; Georgetown Dist, SC.

1785 Dec 26 Julius Driggars, along with 34 others taken into custody for trespass on land of John Cole Sr (John Bethea, George Sweat, Robert Locklear also involved.) Richmond Co, NC

1788 Dec 21 Ephraim Driggars mentioned as having a patent on land at Bull Branch (about one miles east of the present Bladen-Anson border, part of Anson Co before 1777; Bull Branch is west of Turnout, southwest to Leith’s Creek (now Bridge Creek, just north of Little Pee Dee where it crosses Dillon-Marlboro Co line)

1788 Dec William Driggers filed court papers as administrator of Charles Kiby; Marlborough Co, SC

1801 Jan 13 Thomas Drigars purchases land from John Jackson and his wife Phebe; “100 acres being on line dividing my land & William Jackson’s land then up said line then out towards Caney Branch...; Marion District, SC

1801 Jul 21 Thomas Driggers mentioned in deed grant of John Jackson, identifying property on “northeast side of Catfish”; Philip Bethea is recorder. Marlborough District, Marion Co, SC

1802 Jul 5 Ferebah Driggers is owed 14 pounds 8 shillings 7 pence by the estate of William Cox and 10 pounds 17 shillings 1 penny “for her court costs and damages.” Marion District, SC

1804 Oct 18 Fereby Drigars is owed money by the estate of William Cox. Marion Co, SC

1810 Dec 17 Isaac Driggers and Stephen Williams “all from Marion District, South Carolina” are granted a passport to “travel through the Creek Nation of Indians” by the State of Georgia.

1812 Isaac Driggers appears twice in the muster roll of the 5th Regiment of South Carolina Militia (Keith’s Regiment.) The name appears twice, references 348 and 355. There were probably two men of the same name; both were privates.

1815 May 03 Estate of Naomi Driggers estate handled by Gilbert, Benjamin and Solomon Sweat; Marlborough Co, SC

1818 Aug 5 Mark Driggers mentioned as having granted land to Joel Ridgel that Ridgel is selling to John Bethea; this land touching properties of John Swinney, Stephen Gibson, George Clark and Timothy Rogers, the “land taking the run of the branch down to the run of Reedy Creek up said creek to Mill Branch up said branch to the Mill and above the Mill to High water mark to John Sweeny’s line.”

1829 Jan 14 Isaac W. Driggers one of the appraisers at the administration of the estate of Joel Ridgell “of Reedy Creek”(Timothy Rogers also an appraiser). Marlborough Dist, SC

1829 Jan 16 T.S. Driggers a purchaser at the Ridgell Estate sale (along with lots of Ridgells, Rogers and Betheas); Marlborough Dist, SC

1829 May 18 Isaac D. Driggers is administrator of the estate of Mourning Beckwith (mother of Joel Ridgell’s widow); one of the bondsmen is Isaac Driggers.

1829 June 3 Isaac W. Driggers is listed as a purchaser at the Mourning Beckwith estate sale. (Tristram Bethea also listed.) Marion Co, SC

1830 Mar 9 Isaac Driggers apparently being sued in Marion Co by Herod Stackhouse for money owed for the care of Martha Beckwith:

“Mr. E.B. Wheeler, Please pay Herod Stackhouse Esq. the money in your hands that is coming to me from the Estate of Mourning Beckwith. Signed: Isaac W. Driggers.”

1837 May15 Robert Rogers buyes 80 acres of contiguous land in Pike Co, AL about 3-4 miles southeast of Troy, AL.

1837 Aug 15 Isaac Driggers buys 280 acres of contiguous land in Pike Co, AL about 3 miles north of White Water, AL, and about 3-4 miles southeast of Robert Rogers’ land.

1839 Sep 20 Bennett and Caleb Driggers buy 40 acres of land each, contiguous with Isaac’s land. Bennett’s is on the west side; Caleb’s in on the east side.

Robert Rogers buys another 40 acres of land directly north and contiguous to his previous purchase of land.

Noah Rogers buys 80 acres of contiguous land directly south and contiguous to Robert Rogers first purchase of land.

Noah Rogers and James McLendon buy 40 acres of land directly east and contiguous to Robert Rogers first purchase of land.

Robert Rogers buys 40 acres of land about 1 mile east of Noah’s 80-acre purchase.

1845 Jun 01 Fair, Jacob and Joshua Gunter buy (40, 80 and 40 acres, respectively) in Pike Co, AL, in the area northeast of Clintonville and east southeast of Victoria, AL (known as Smut Eye at the time). None of their parcels are contiguous.

1849 May 01 Jacob Gunter buys another 80 acres of contiguous land that is contiguous with Fair’s purchase and north of his own first purchase.

1850 May 01 Oliver H. Buzbee buys 40 acres of land in Pike Co, AL about 2 miles north of Victoria (Smut Eye), AL.

1851 Dec 01 Lawrence Buzbee buys 40 acres of land in Dale Co, AL about 2-3 miles northwest of Rocky Head, AL.

William H. Buzbee buys 80 acres of contiguous land about 1 mile north of Victoria, AL (still known as Smut Eye.)

1852 Dec 01 Joshua Gunter buys 80 acres of land that touch at their corners in Pike Co, AL about 1 mile northeast of Clintonville, AL.

1853 Aug 01 Jacob Gunter buys 40 acres of land touching the land he bought in 1845, northest of Clintonville, AL.

Joshua Gunter buys 40 acres of land about 1.5 miles south southwest of his 1845 purchase in Pike Co, AL.

Francis M. Gunter buys 40 acres of land near Joshua’s above purchase.

Evan Laney buys 40 acres of land close by and southwest of Lawrence Buzbee’s 1851 purchase in Dale Co. AL.

1854 Jul 15 Jacob Gunter buys 40 acres contiguous to Fair Gunter’s 1845 purchase and 80 acres near his own 1845 purchase in Pike Co, AL.

Joshua Gunter buys 40 acres contiguous with his 1853 purchase in Pike Co, AL.
Israel Gunter buys 40 acres contiguous with Joshua Gunter’s above purchase.

Patrick Gunter buys 80 acres that touch at their corners about 1.5 miles east southeast of Joshua Gunter’s 1845 purchase in Pike Co, AL.

1858 Sep 01 Oliver H. Buzbee buys 160 acres contiguous with and south and east of his 1850 purchse in Pike Co, AL.

William H. Buzbee buys 80 contiguous acres touching at the northwest corner of Oliver H. Buzbee’s 1850 purchase Pike Co, AL.

William H. Buzbee buys 160 contiguous acres contiguous with and north and west of his 1851 purchase in Pike Co, AL.

1878 May 4 Charity A. Driggers marries C.C. Ezell in Madison Co, Florida.

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