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Dowlings in Urlingford, Co Kilkenny & Arles, Co Laois, Ireland

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Dowlings in Urlingford, Co Kilkenny & Arles, Co Laois, Ireland

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Surnames: Dooling Dowling Doolin Dolan Dolin Burke Haughney Whalen Phalen Muldowney Rockford Maley Dunn Kehoe
I believe that Dooling & Dowling are alternate spellings of the same name. Other times I have seen the name listed as Doolin, Dolin, Dolan & Dooley. Here is what I believe about my Dooling/Dowling ancestors. I apologize for it being so long.

Patrick Dooling (b Bet. 1755 - 1785) and Ally Burke (b Bet. 1765 - 1785) had a James (b Dec 3, 1806 in Urlingford Parish, Co Kilkenny; d 30 Aug 1888 at Minersville, Schuylkill, Co, PA).

I believe that James Dooling (1806) moved to Farnans, Arles Parish, Laois. The Arles Parish, Killaban, Laois RC records I found indicated:

James Dowling (b 1806) married Eliza McDonald (b 1810; d Aft 1890 in PA) on Feb 18, 1838 in Arles Parish with Thos Nowlan and Judy Keating as witnesses (townland not noted).

James (1806) & Elizabeth (1810) had the following children:

::Patt was born to Jas Dowling and Betty McDonald on Nov 30, 1838 with Jas Dowling and Anne McDonald as sponsors; townland Farnans
::Mary was born to James Dowling and Betty McDonald on Mar 14, 1840 with Thos Nolan and Beigt McDonald as sponsors; no townland.
::Bridget was born to James Doolin and Betty McDonald on Oct 25, 1841 with James Deegan and Biddy Foley as sponsors; no townland
::James was born to James Dowling and Betty McDonald on Jan 1, 1844 with Mick Brophy and Mar Foley as sponsors; no townland
::Martin was born to Jas Dowling and Betty McDonald on Jan 28, 1848 with ? McDonald and Mary Murphy as sponsors; townland Farnans

James (b Dec 3, 1806 in Urlingford Parish, Co Kilkenny) and Eliza/Betty nee McDonald/McDonnell Dowling/Doolin (b abt 1810) emigrated to Minersville, Schuylkill County, PA around 1850 with 4 of their five children (Patt (b1838), Mary (1840), Bridget (b1841) and James (b 1844) - unable to find Martin (b1848) in the US).

I found these records in at Mike Brennans website:

By 1865 the familly name Dooling started to appear in records for the Dowling/Doolin/Dolan/Dolin/Dooley/Dooling family.

The two sons of James (b 1806) and Elizabeth McDonald (b 1810): James (b 1844; d 27 Feb 1901 at 2528 Parrish St., Phila., PA) and Patrick (b:1838; d: 26 Jun 1904 in Philadelphia or Minersville) moved to Philadelphia.

James Dooling (1844) married a Margaret Haughney (b 01 Aug 1852 at Clonbrook Townland, Doonane Parish, Queens County - Doonane parish borders Mayo and Arles parishes) on 07 Sep 1873 at Assumption BVM Church, Philadephia, PA. Patrick (b 1838) never married to my knowledge.

Margaret Haughney (b 1852; d 18 Mar 1934 at Ridley Township, PA) was the daughter of Michael Haughney (b 1820 in Ireland; d Bef. 01 Jun 1880 probably in Philadelphia, PA) and Ellen Whalen/Phalen (b 29 Jul 1817 Newtown, Queens County, Ireland; d Sep 1882 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Newtown is in the border area of Arles, Mayo and Doonane parish in Laois.

Michael Haughney (1820) was the son of John Haughney (b 1798 in Clonbrock; d 05 Feb 1880 in Pensylvania). John Haughney spouse is unknown. However, he had several children:

:: John Haughney (b 1815 in Clonbrock, Doonane Parish, Queens County) who married Margaret Muldowney (b 1820 in Ireland). John (1815) & Margaret Muldowney (1820) emigrated to Schuylkill Co, PA). Their son, John Haughney (b 02 Sep 1848 at Doonane Parish, Queens County; d Bet. 1880 – 1919 in PA) also emigrated to Schuykill, Co; m: Bridget Kehoe (b 1853 at Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Co, PA; d 1889 at Mahanoy City) who was the sister of Black Jack Kehoe (of Molly Maguires fame).
:: Edward Haughney (b 1820 in Ireland; d abt 1865 at Silver Creek, Blythe, Schuylkill Co, PA) who married Mary Rockford (b 1830 in Ireland); emigrated to Schuylkill Co, PA.
:: Thomas Haughney (b 1830 in Clonbrock, Doonane Parish Queens county) who married Bridget Maley (b 1841 in Ireland); emigrated to Schuylkill Co, PA.
:: Dennis Haughney (b Feb 1835 in Ireland) who married an Ellen (maiden name unknown) (b May 1840 in Ireland);
:: James Haughney (b 1837 in Ireland; d Nov 1880 in Mahanoy City, Schuylkill, PA) who married Catherine Dunn (b June 1840 in PA; d Btw 1900-1906 probably in PA;. emigrated to Schuylkill Co, PA)

Ellen Whalen/Phalen (b 1817) was the child of Daniel Phelan (b Bet. 1750 - 1781) and Margaret Dowling (b Bet. 1760 - 1781).

Regarding the two daughters of James Dooling (1844) & Margaret Haughney (1852): Bridget Dooling (b 1841) married a John Tucker and died on 24 Sep 1893 in Minersville without children and Mary Dooling (1840) never married and ended up a ward of Little Sisters of the Poor in Philadelphia and died 23 Feb 1919.

I found two other families in the Minersville area that MIGHT be related to the above:

According to a grave stone in St Vincent's cemetery in Minersville: Bridget Dooling was born in 1799 in the Parish of Mayo, Queens County (which borders Arles parish and the townland of Farnans). She died on 21 Nov 1859. She had three sons, Laurence, Edward and John (who put up the gravestone). Also buried in that plot was a Mrs Ellen Brennan who died Feb 11, 1914. I don't know the relationship between Ellen and the Dooling family. I don't know the relationship of Bridget Dooling to my Doolings.

Also, according to a biography of Schulykill families: John Dooling was born in 1838 in Queens Co and he died 23 Jun 1911 at Ashland, Butler Township, Pennsylvania. He lived in Minersville at the same time as James Dooling (1806) and Elizabeth McDonald Dooling (1810) AND Bridget Dooling (1759).

John Dooling (b1838) could have been the John who was a son of Bridget Dooling (1799-1859)) and maybe a nephew of James Dooling (b 1806).

John Dooling (b 1838) married a Catherine Delaney who was born in 1846 at Heckscherville, Cass Township, Schuylkill County, PA and she died in 1936 at Ashland, Butler Township, PA. In occupational tax records in Schuylkill Co John Dolen/Dolan/Dooling was first listed as tailor and later a hotelier.

As you can see, I have loads of Laois connections. If any of the people or families sound familiar, I would like to hear about them. Of course, I would be happy to share any details and sources I have.

jay dooling (b 1945; d not yet)

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