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William F. Dorton Sr and Elizabeth Watts

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William F. Dorton Sr and Elizabeth Watts

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I am looking for any information William F. Dorton Sr. Below is all I know of him to date.128. William F. Dorton, Jr., born 1750 in Powhatan Co., VA.; died December 10, 1826 in Buried: Dorton Cemetery, Russell County, VA.. He was the son of 256. William F. Dorton, Sr. and 257. Elizabeth Watts. He married 129. Mary Fugate 1778.
129. Mary Fugate, died 1842.

Notes for William F. Dorton, Jr.:
Patriot William Dorton, Jr., along with his brother Edward, fought in the Revolutionary Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780.

Later on, Captain William Dorton, Jr. served under Andrew Lewis, protecting the settlements on the frontier from Indian attack. He was in command of one of the parties that pursued the Indians who were with Chief Benje after he captured the Livingston family. In 1794, this party led by Captain Dorton, overtook one of the Indian parties. The Indians had split in to three seperate groups after capturing some members of the Livingston family and killing others. The Indians did this hoping they could confuse their pursuers and escape with their other prisoners. Captain Dorton overtook one of these groups and killed two of the Indians and mortally wounded another. It is believed that only one of this group of Indians escaped without a wound from Captain Dorton. William, it is believed killed Robert Benge (aka Chief Benge),

William also fought in the Battle of Kings Mt., American Revolution. (See King's Mt. Soldiers information).

Captain Dorton was also a farmer, surveyor, and constable. It is interesting to note that four of his sons married Fugate's. Patsy and Nancy were daughters of Zachariah Fugate. Mary and Edith were daughters of Colbert C. Fugate. Zachariah and Colbert were brothers.

Moses and Jacob, sons of William, Jr. and Mary were twins.

It is almost impossible to pick up a book on the history of Scott County, VA., without finding within, the accounts of the heroics of William Dorton, Jr.

Also, read indentued made the 12th day of February 1825, Deed Book 7, Page 174., Russell Co., VA.

Also read "Dorton's Branch Named for Early Settler."

INFORMATION SOURCES: Scott County, VA., and it's people; History of Scott County, VA., by Robert M. Addington; "Over the Mountains to Kings Mountain", by Omer Addington; Mitzi Dorton Van Schyndel, and Audrey Treu.

Children of William Dorton and Mary Fugate are:
i. Joseph Dorton, born 1780 in Russell County, VA.; died 1850 in Buried: Dorton Cemetery, Russell County, VA.; married Patsy Martha Fugate.

Notes for Joseph Dorton:
Joseph was a farmer in Mendota, VA. Source of information Russell County VAGenWeb.

Joseph Dorton recorded the following Will:

Russell County, Virginia, Will Book 6, Page 328. Dorton, Joseph, dated July 22, 1850; beneficiaries: wife, Martha; children: Zachariah, Oliver, John, Elcanah, Joseph, William, Mary Culbertson, Edward, Unity Osborne; slaves mentioned: Susan and Hannah; executor: John Dorton (brother); signed by mark; witnesses: Wm. B. Aston, Wm. Fugate, John Dorton, probated August 05, 1851, Russell County, Virginia.

INFORMATION SOURCES; Susan Miller, Lexington, KY; FTM # 1 CD; and Barnett McConnell and Paul Addington, with Dorton Cemetery Data.

Notes for Patsy Martha Fugate:
INFORMATION SOURCE: Cemetery Data from Dorton Cemetery, Russell Co., Va., by Barnett McConnell and Paul Addington.

ii. Salley Dorton, married John Ramsey.
iii. John M. Dorton, born February 27, 1788 in Russell County, VA.; died December 03, 1857 in Russell County, VA.; married Nancy Fugate Abt. 1816 in Russell County, VA..

Notes for John M. Dorton:
John was a farmer in Mendota, VA. Death was due to Dropsy.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Family Tree Document by: Susan Miller, Lexington, KY. and Russell County VAGenWeb.

64 iv. William F. Dorton, born January 1792 in Russell County, VA.; died March 22, 1859 in Buried: Dorton/Morrison Cemetery, Rye Cove, Scott Co., VA.; married Mary Fugate Abt. 1813.
v. Elizabeth Dorton, born 1795 in VA.; died Unknown in VA.; married John Wesley Meade Abt. 1817.
vi. Mary Dorton, died 1862.
vii. Jacob Dorton, born 1798 in Russell Co., VA.; died 1865; married Edith Fugate.

Notes for Jacob Dorton:
Jacob was a farmer in the Dickensville Township of Russell Co., VA.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Family Tree Document by Susan Miller, Lexington, KY.; and Cemetery data from Dorton Cemetery, Russell Co., VA., by Barnett McConnell and Paul Addington

Notes for Edith Fugate:
Cause of Edith's death was Flux.

Source of information: Russell County VAGenWeb.

viii. Moses Dorton, born September 10, 1799 in Russell Co., VA.; died October 22, 1886 in Buried: Dorton Cemetery, Russell County, VA.; married Jemima Smith December 15, 1825 in Russell County, VA..

Notes for Moses Dorton:
Moses fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Moses was robbed and killed during the Civil War. This inscription is on his Tombstone: There is rest in Heaven.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Family History by H. T. Dorton, Martha, Ky., dated June 18, 1935; Ricky Dorton, Pineville, KY.; Barnett McConnell and Paul Addington with Cemetery date from Dorton Cemetery at Russell Co., VA.

ix. Edward Dorton, born 1801 in Russell County, VA.; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Unk..

Notes for Edward Dorton:
INFORMATION SOURCE: Cemetery data from Dorton Cemetery, Russell Co., VA., by Barnett McConnell amd Paul Addington; Family History by H.T. Dorton, Martha, KY., dated June 18, 1935; and Ricky Dorton, Pineville, KY.

x. Priscilla Dorton, born 1807; died Unknown; married Thomas Brown.

Notes for Priscilla Dorton:
Thomas Brown and wife Priscilla Dorton on March 07, 1827 sold 197 acres to Edward Dorton on Copper Creek in Russell County. On the same date, they sold 25 acres on Copper Creek to Moses Dorton. On September 06, 1833, they sold interest in her estate - Jacob Dorton.

Generation No. 9

256. William F. Dorton, Sr., born 1730 in VA.; died May 09, 1783 in Washington Co., VA.. He married 257. Elizabeth Watts in VA..
257. Elizabeth Watts, born Abt. 1725 in NC; died 1790 in Russell Co., VA..

Notes for William F. Dorton, Sr.:
The earliest known record of William and wife Elizabeth was given by their son, Edward. He stated in his application for a Revolutionary War Pension that he, Edward, was born in 1751 in Powhatan County, Virginia, by his fathers account.

Many believe that the family originated in England, but it has been unproven at this time. The parentage of William, Sr. is yet unknown.

There has been much speculation that Elizabeth Dorton may have been the Elizabeth Watts that was the niece of the Chief of the Eastern Cherokees, Chief Corntassel. Chief Corntassel's sister married a certain John Watts (Crunk), Sr., who was a white man stationed at Ft. Loudon. They had two other known children. John Watts, Jr. (A famous Chickamaugan leader) and Big Rattlingourd. Once again this is unproven at this time, but it has been recorded by many of that period that William, Sr. spent some time with the Cherokees.

Edwards Pension states: there was a son Jacob, born 1752/53, was killed and kept by the Indians in August of 1777, during his Company's scouting of the area between the North Fork of the Holston River and Powell's Valley.


Will of William Dorton, Sr. from Will Book 1, Page 40 at the Washington County Court House in Abingdon, Virginia:

In the name of God Amen, I, William Dorton, Sr. of the County of Washington and State of Virginia, being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory. Thanks be given unto God and calling to mind, the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make this my last Will and Testament, that is to say principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul to God, who gave it and my body to earth, to be buried in decent Christian burial at the direction of my Executor, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as discharging such worldly estate, wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, demise dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First, I give and bequeath to Elizabeth, my dearly beloved wife, the plantation we now live on; containing two hundred acres of land and all the plantation tools and household furniture, as long as she lives single and at her decease falling to my son Edward Dorton. Likewise I give to my son William Dorton, ten pounds that he was owing to me that I do discount. Likewise I give to my son, Moses Dorton, two hundred acres of land lying between my line and my son William Dorton's line, likewise two horses and three head of cattle. Likewise I give to my son, Edward Dorton, two head of horse beasts four head of cattle. Likewise, Sally Dorton, my daughter, I give two head of horse beasts four head of cattle, and likewise a childs part to my wife, two head of horse beasts and three head of cattle and at her decease this is to be divided among them all. I revoke all Wills before named, willed and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this Twenty Ninth day of March, One Thousand and Seven Hundred and Eighty Two, signed, sealed, published, pronounced, and declared by the said William Dorton as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have herunto subscribed our names.


John Damron
Wm. Dorton, Jr.
18th of May, 1783


INFORMATION SOURCE: Family History of Sullivan County, TN., Volume 1; Scott County, VA. It's People; History of Scott County, VA., by Robert M. Addington; Annals of SWVA Part II; Va Genealogical and County Records, Volume 2; Mitzi Dorton Van Schyndel; Lars Colbert Dorton, and the Will of William Dorton, Sr., by Mary Lou Meade Newman in Cincinatti, OH.,(


Elizabeth Dorton was married first to a Benge and had a son named Benge. Elizabeth was suppose to be of Cherokee descent. She and William Dorton lived near the Indians in Rowan County, NC., from 1761 to 1772 before coming to Russell County, VA.

Benge was a noted Cherokee Chief and raider of the upper Holston settlements. Chief Benge's father was Jphn Benge, a white trader who lived with the Indians for most of his adult life. LDS records gives an Elizabeth Lewis as a wife of a John Benge. Benge's birthplace was given as Albermarle Co., VA. and year of birth as 1760.

It was Benge's half brother William Dorton, Jr. who was a scout with the party commanded by Col. Andrew Lewis that pursued Benge in 1794, when Benge was killed by a Lt. Hobbs. William, Jr. when questioned about why he did not shoot Benge, replied, "I couldn't. He was my brother.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Mary Lou Meade Newman in Cincinatti, OH. (


Capture of Ann and Mary Bush and Killing of William Dorton

By Emory L. Hamilton

From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, pages 84-85.

James Fraley in his Revolutionary war pension statement filed in Floyd Co., KY, says:

In April, the date has escaped him, 1780, he enlisted for one year, in the County of Washington and State of Virginia, as an Indian Spy, under Col. Campbell, Capt. Snoddy and Lt. Cowan, to spy in the same section. Early in June the Indians made their appearance in his quarter of Washington county (later Russell Co.). They first stole many horses. In July they killed one Dorton and stole two girls, to-wit: Ann and Mary Bush, and made off for Canada. They succeeded in getting down on the waters of Sandy with them as far as Jenny's (1) Creek in Floyd County, about twelve miles from the courthouse. At that time there was not a single white person living in Floyd County (Ky). It was certainly an Indian country then. Our company came up to the Indians when they were in the act of skinning a buffalo they had just killed. Our men fired on the Indians and they retreated to the camp about 200 yards distant, and as they ran by they tomahawked Ann Bush. Mary jumped down the bank and escaped any violence. Ann Bush got over it (the tomahawking) and was afterwards tomahawked again and still survived.

Ann and Mary Bush were the daughters of James and Mary Bush of Castlewood, Russell Co., VA. Ann Bush married Henry Neece, and by him had the following children: James, Henry, Jane, Austin, Jacon and John. That she was dead before October 4, 1825, is evidenced by this order of the court of Russell Co. (2): "Ordered that it be certified to the Registrar of the Land Office, Mary Bush, devisee of James Bush, deceased, and Polly, James, Henry, Jane, Austin, Jacon and John, who are all the heirs at law of Ann Neece, deceased, devisee of the said James Bush, deceased, are entitled to the land mentioned in the last will (3) and testament of James Bush, deceased, which have been surveyed, but not patented in this county."

Mary, the other daughter of James Bush, who was captured by the Indians, was born in 1765, married a Mr. Turner, and was still living in Russell Co., VA, with her son, Hugh Turner in 1850 (4), at the age of 85 years.

The "one Dorton" whom James Fraley says the Indians killed, was probably old William Dorton, who built Dorton's Fort, about one mile southeast of Nickelsville, VA, in the present Scott Co., on what was later known as the Combs Farm.

The will (5) of William Dorton is recorded in Washington Co., VA, but the date of will or probation is not shown. He leaves his estate to his wife Elizabeth, and his children, William, Moses, Edward, and Sally. One the 17th of June, 1783, the will of William Dorton was produced in court and proved by the oaths of John Damron and William Dorton, Jr., and ordered to be recorded. That William Dorton was dead prior to 1782 is proven by the fact that his widow Elizabeth Dorton only appears on the 1782 tithable list of Washington Co.

William Dorton, Jr, was one of the party who went in search of the Indians led by the half-breed Benge when they murdered and captured the Livingston family, the last raid on the Virginia frontier in 1794.

(1) So named because Jenny Wiley crossed this creek after her escape from the Indians in 1790.
(2) Russell Co., VA, Court Order Book B
(3) Russell Co., VA, Will Book 1, page 41, dated June 20, 1801. Probated August 2, 1808.
(4) 1850 Census of Russell Co., VA.
(5) Washington Co., VA Will Book 1, page 40.

This file contributed by: Rhonda Robertson

Washington County, VA Survey records abstracts 1781-1797 Part 2 of 5 (pages 101-200) Submitted to the USGenWeb archives and copyrighted by Rhonda Robertson Page 158- William Dorton...155 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on both sides of Moors Creek, branch of Copper Creek, waters of Clinch River...Beginning on the north side of the creek...May 9, 1782 - William Dorton, Jr. assignee of Amos Allen, assignee of Samuel Gordon...200 ac...on the water of Copper Creek, include improvements, actual settlement made in 1775...September 1, 1781
Washington County, VA Survey records Page 183 - William Dorton...300 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the waters of Copper Creek, south branch of Clinch River...Beginning corner to the place he now lives on...on the north side of the onion knobb...May 9, 1782 - William Dorton, assignee of Phillip Lanob Chuothy...300ac...on Copper Creek...116 ac surveyed for John Stanch on April 7, 1774...actual settlement made in 1773...August 31, 1781.
Washington County, VA Survey Records Page 183 - William Dorton...232 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on a branch of Copper Creek, waters of Clinch River...Beginning on the north side of the onion knob...on John Blacks line...May 9, 1782 - William Dorton, assignee of James Bush, assignee of John Ligliss...300 ac...on Copper Creek, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772...August 31, 1781

Children of William Dorton and Elizabeth Watts are:
128 i. William F. Dorton, Jr., born 1750 in Powhatan Co., VA.; died December 10, 1826 in Buried: Dorton Cemetery, Russell County, VA.; married Mary Fugate 1778.
ii. Edward Dorton, born March 19, 1750/51 in Powhatan Co., VA.; died November 25, 1849 in Powhatan Co., VA.; married Mary Molly Johnson.

Notes for Edward Dorton:
Information from Russell County VAGenWeb:

Grantor Grantee Date Page#
Edward and Mary Dorton William Moore 20 Oct. 1798 1

Edward Dorton William Nancy Tabor 5 Mar. 1802 315

iii. Jacob Dorton, born 1752; died August 1777.
iv. Moses Dorton, born 1755 in Rowan Co., NC; died 1826 in Bell or Clay Co., KY., Buried: Wallsend Cemetery; married Laodecia Robinson March 08, 1782 in Abington, Washington Co., VA.

Notes for Moses Dorton:
Read Dorton's Branch named for Earl Settler, published by Middlesboro News.

Moses foutght at the Battle of King's Mt., American Revolution. (See King's Mt. Soldiers Document).

Moses was robbed and killed during the Civil War.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Family Tree Document by Susan Miller, Lexington, KY.; and Middlesboro Daily News, Middlesboro, KY.

v. Salley Dorton, born 1757; died Unknown.

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