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Bobby-Gene Disharoon B. 1928 Tn died 1983 Oil City Pa

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Bobby-Gene Disharoon B. 1928 Tn died 1983 Oil City Pa

Mary Anne Mackey-Wisor (View posts)
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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Disharoon

Descendants of Norma Lena Reinhardt

Generation No. 1

1. NORMA LENA2 REINHARDT (NORMAN JACOB1)1,2,3 was born July 16, 1922 in Buffalo, New York USA4. She married BOBBY GENE DISHAROON4,5,6 December 13, 1956 in Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania 16301 USA7, son of JAMES DISHAROON and BEULAH NEWBERRY. He was born July 01, 1928 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee USA7,8, and died August 08, 1993 in Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania 16301 USA8.

Aunt Norma writes in April 1995: " I can't remember childhood but I do remember we liked to play dolls but mostly we liked to dress the poor cat and wheel him around instead of the dolls. Dorothy was our 'Mother'. She was the one who got us up for school and breakfast and our bath and dressed and out the door! I used to get fainting spells in the morning and she would take me out on the porch in the 'snow' in my pj's and cover me with snow! I would come in blue and freezing. It's a wonder I always had a bad cold. Kitty has all the pictures and things." Norma states that her mother was a great movie buff and went to the movies a lot with her neighbor Mrs. Martin. They called her grandma Martin. One time they took Norma with them to the movies. Norma said that her mother was really very inconsiderate. They had to walk from one side of the city to the other and across a long bridge that had grates where you walked. You could see the river below and the wind blew. They were very poor so Norma had one a thin coat and small boots. On the way home it was snowing and the slush was going down her boots. Grandma Martin kept telling Lena to pick up Norma. After she told her several times she picked her up. Norma says that she would have never done so if grandma Martin had not kept after her.
As a teenager Aunt Norma was in their attic. Gram had a large trunk and had always told the girls that they were never allowed to open it. Aunt Norma opened it and found Aunt Kitty's birth certificate and realized that they were only half sisters. She knew Dorothy was but she thought Kitty was also a Reinhardt. What a divesting discovery in the attic. Before her mother died she tried to talk to her about it. Lena only screamed and hollered and refused to tell her anything about her past.
The graduation announcement of Miss Norma Foskey reads; The class of 1940, Oil City High School announces the Commencement Exercises, Thursday evening, June the 6th at 7:45 o'clock at Drake Theatre.
On 11-12-2001 Aunt Norma told Dorothy Shaffer and Mary Anne Mackey-Wisor that after graduation her mother took her up to Uncle Milton's. She used to sit on the front porch swing with her cousin Donald Strain. But Uncle Milton disapproved and sent him home. She spent a couple of weeks there. Uncle Milton had a cottage on Lake Chautauqua. She would go there. She was in charge of watching her Aunt
Barbara's sister who was mentally retarded. They got along famously. Uncle Milton had a big boat that would come right up to his dock and take them for a ride and swimming. It was amazing because she was so poor.
When Aunt Norma went to apply for her job they sent for the guards because her name was Norma Foskey and her birth certificate said Norma Reinhardt. Old Mr. Hershelman, which ended up being Aunt Isabelle Mackey's father-in-law, came in and told the guards that it was O.K. He knew the family very well and knew that Aunt Norma was to trying to disguise herself. It seems that in World War One there was a famous general on the opposite side named Reinhardt and it was a name that many Americans were afraid of. Mr. Hershelman kept her from being arrested and investigated. Aunt Norma said that she had never thought anything about it because she had gone by Norma Foskey since she started school.Norma worked at the Oil Glass Company in Oil City. She is Presbyterian.
Aunt Norma said that when her mother went to live with Aunt Kitty all the family pictures, obituaries, etc all went to her house. She said that there is a picture of her with her mom and Lee on the front porch on Grove Ave. in Oil City. She would dearly love a copy of that picture.

Graduation: June 06, 1940, Drake Theatre, Oil City, Pennsylvania9
Medical Information: renal failure, severe arthritis, lasting effects from being struck by a truck
Occupation: Oil City Glass Company10
Religion: Presbyterian10

Bob's father went out the door when Bob was only a small boy and never came back. They never heard from him again and thought he had died in a fire in Flordia. Now after all these years Lou has found out that every time we came to visit them in Tennessee ot when they came here they passed the town where he was living all those years. He had rmarried and had children. How about That!! When Mom Disharoon was alive she wouldn't let them talk about him so they never traced him as they weren't alowed. She promised to write and tell me more as her telephone ran out of juice. Isn't life strange.
Uncle Bob has a son Daniel Disharoon who lives in Cleveland, Tennessee. His mother is Beulah Newberry Disharoon who lives in Cleveland, Tenn. He has a sister named June Johnson of 2935 Bobo Ave N.W. Cleveland, TN. 37311. He was a Merchant Marnier an able Seaman. He was a Baptist. His father's name is James William Disharoon. He was in the Navy October 1945-1949 and the Army 1950-1952. The funeral was on August 11, 1993 at 11 A.M. It was held at the Morrison Funeral Home in Oil City, Pennsylvania. The services were conducted by the Rev. Lyle L. Langdon. His final resting place is in Rockland Cemetery. He is buried beside his daughter Nancy Sue and his mother-in-law Lena Foskey.

Burial: August 11, 1993, Rockland Cemetery, Rockland, Venango County, Pennsylvania USA11
Military service: Bet. October 1945 - 1949, Navy12
Occupation: Merchant Marine12
Religion: Baptist12

Oil City Derrick Newspaper." Miss Norma Foskey married Thursday. Mrs. Lena Foskey of 7 Harriet Ave., Oil City announces the marriage Thursday of her daughter, Norma Reinhard Foskey to Robert Disharoon of Cleveland, Tennessee. The Oil City Glass Company employs Mrs. Disharoon and her husband is employed in the Franklin Division of Borg-Warner Steel Corp. The couple will reside at 7 Harriot Ave."

i. RONALD EUGENE3 DISHAROON13,14,15, b. April 05, 1960, Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania 16301 USA16; m. (1) CATHY DISHAROON; m. (2) TAMMY LYNN HURST16, June 26, 1993, Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania 16323 USA17.

They were married at the First United Methodist Church on Liberty Street in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Their wedding invitation read like this; Like the flames of two candles that unite to form a single flame.
This day I will marry my friend. The one I laugh with, live for, dream with and Love. We ask you to be present at the ceremony uniting Tammy Lynn Hurst and Ronald Eugene Disharoon on Saturday the 26th of June nineteen hundred and ninety-three at four-thirty in the afternoon. First United Methodist Church 1100 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania. Reception will follow at the Knights of Columbus Club 1436 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

ii. NANCY SUE DISHAROON18,19,20, b. September 17, 1966, Oil City, Venango County, Pennsylvania 16301 USA21,22,23; d. August 26, 1981, Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania USA24,25,26.

Nancy Sue Disharoon,15, of 404 W. First Street, Oil City, a sophomore at Oil City High School, died at 4:10 P.M. Saturday is Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh. She was admitted to Oil City Hospital on Sunday September 20, after becoming ill and lapsing into a coma. She was later transferred to the Pittsburgh Hospital. Miss Disharoon was born in Oil City September 17, 1966, a Daughter of Bobby G. and Norma Foskey Disharoon. She was a member of the Oil City High School color guard. While a student at Oil City Junior High School, she was member of the girl's basketball team. Surviving are her parents; two brothers, Ronald E. Disharoon at home and Daniel Disharoon of Cleveland, Tennessee; and her paternal grandmother, Mrs. Beulah Disharoon of Cleveland Tennessee Her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Lena Foskey, preceded her in death. Friends may call after 7 P.M. today at the Morrison Funeral Home where the family will receive friends from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. today and 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. and 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. Tuesday. Funeral Services will be held at 10 A.M. Wednesday in the funeral home with the Rev. Robert B. Smith, pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church, officiating. Interment will follow in the Rockland Cemetery. (This was in the Oil City Derrick Newspaper)
"The cold, winter end of life with its low sun foretelling nightfall's soon descent is but the forward to the Book of Life whose pages open with the burst of heaven's Spring upon a new and glorious world warmed by rays of love from the Sun of Righteousness who is "risen with the healing in his wings".
"Pallbearers were Brent Lockwood, Ron Healy, Robert Sergeant, Michael Blum, James Hosey and Kevin Gensler. Members of the Oliers Marching Band acted as honorary pallbearers. Those who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wallace and June Johnson of Cleveland , Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Pickel of Akron, Ohio;, and Mr. and Mrs. Rick Alinger of Stow, Ohio. She is buried next to her grandmother Lena Golden Foskey.
"Her death was like a knife hitting me in the chest.. It happened so quickly.. I didn't have time with her shortly before she died. I Used to talk, play, tease, pick on, insult, fight with her just like a sister.. We used to be together all the time until I told her I need to be free from her for a while before I was to see her again, and be with her most of the time.. But.. she died suddenly. I wish I could be with her all
the time before she died... Why? Why didn't she tell me... I wonder? Well.. I guess she didn't want to upset me. I was stubborn with her... We were close... Closing my eyes: Tears were coming down on my cheeks, knowing that she's no longer with me here now... But I am glad... For she's now well alive again... not on earth, here though.. She's somewhere beyond the world... I'll always miss my friend, Nancy Disharoon." Sadly missed by a deaf Friend. Paula E. Battin. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all our friends and neighbors for flowers, food and cards and memorials sent at the time of loss of our beloved daughter. Special thanks to the Oil City Firefighters, Ambulance Service, Police, Doctors and Nurses at ICU, Dr. Stuart Shapiro and the Rev. Robert Smith. To the students and teachers of Oil City High School and the Honorary Pallbearers, the Oil City Marching Band, our sincere thanks.
It is such a comfort to know so many people share our loss. The Disharoon Family." This appeared in the Oil City Derrick.
The history of psychic abilities continues in a story told by her mother Norma to Mary Anne on April 1st, 1999. " Norma states that when Nancy was in the Pittsburgh hospital they returned home to Oil City for some rest. While they were there they received a call from the hospital that Nancy was worse and that they needed to come immediately. Uncle Bob was too tired to drive so Ron volunteered. Uncle Bob was very demanding and when he spoke especially to Ron he expected him to obey immediately. Aunt Norma said that this was especially true when they were in the car. They got behind a car that was going slower than Uncle Bob felt it ought to be so he yelled at Ron to go around it. Aunt Norma said that as she sat in the back that she could not understand why Ron would not go around the car, Uncle Bob continued to yell but Ron refused to go around the car. Soon they saw two large headlights coming in the opposite lane, if they had gone around they would have been killed in a head on collision. They pulled off the road and Uncle Bob asked Ron why he did not pass. He simply stated that Nancy had appeared to him and told him not to pass therefore saving their lives." This is how Nancy saved our lives.
She said that Nancy spoke to Ron another time. " Ron was in her bedroom holding her teddy bear when she died. He heard Nancy say to him "Do not worry. I am OK. I am with Gram "
Lot 63 Rockland Cemetery.

Burial: August 30, 1981, Rockland Cemetery, Rockland, Venango County, Pennsylvania USA27,28
Cause of Death: lapsed into a coma and died
Church membership: First United Presbyterian Church
Club: Oil City Band Color Guard29
Sport: Girl's Basketball29


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