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Dever - Philadelphia

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First Generation

1. James Dever.17,201 Born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

James married Fannie Dunn17. Born in Ireland.

They had the following children:
2 i. James Columcille (1867-1929)
ii. Peter200. Peter died aft 1953. Occupation: Tailor.

Peter lived in Dublin, and never immigrated to the United States. James Dever, Jr., remembers Peter visiting Philadelphia in 1938 or 1939. Peter lived at 8 Upper Mount Street in Dublin. He was a tailor and had a leadership role in the tailorÂ’s union activities. The address on Upper Mount Street in now a law office - prior to 1998.

In a letter to his brother, James, Peter wrote that he did not have the nerve to leave Ireland as his brother had done.

Second Generation

2. James Columcille Dever.17,200,204,14,16 Born on 23 Jan 1867 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. James Columcille died in Philadelphia, PA on 5 Jun 1929; he was 62. Buried on 8 Jun 1929 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary, Philadelphia, PA.25 Occupation: Ironworker. Religion: Roman Catholic. Alias/AKA: James E. Dever on death certificate.

James was the Dever family immigrant.

Census taken the 9 10 June 1900
Enumeration District 459, sheet 10, line 32
Address: 3953 Terrace St
Dever, James, head of household, white, male, dob Jan 1867, age 33,
married 1 year, born Ireland, parents born in Ireland,
immigrated 1887, in USA 13 years, naturalized, iron worker,
rents home.

Dever, Matilda, wife, white, female, dob June 1877, age 22, married 1 year,
mother of 1 child, 1 child alive in 1900, pob PA, parents born Ireland.

Dever, Francis J., son, white, male, dob May 1900, age (1/12 of a year)

Cause of death was Carcinoma of Tonsil. Also known as James E. Dever on his death certificate.

abt Jun 1899 when James Columcille was 32, he married Matilda Gertrude McGrady25,17,200,204,173, daughter of Cornelius McGrady Rose Macmee.210 Born on 2 Jun 1878 in Phoenixville, PA. Matilda Gertrude died in Philadelphia, PA on 27 Dec 1947; she was 69. Buried on 31 Dec 1947 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary, Philadelphia, PA.

MatildaÂ’s cause of death was uremia, nephrosclerosis, generalized arteriosclerosis, and auricular fibrillation.

They had the following children:
i. Francis J. (Private)210,17
3 ii. James Columcille (1901-1953)
iii. Ruth Marie25,17,173,14. Born on 28 Aug 1903 in Philadelphia, PA. Ruth Marie died in Philadelphia, PA in Jul 1974; she was 70. Buried on 31 Jul 1974 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary, Philadelphia, PA.


4 iv. Gerald Vincent (1905-1952)
v. Mary17. Born in 1906. Mary died in 1992; she was 86.

Mary married Leo McKernan26.

vi. Neil C.25,17,14. Born on 9 Feb 1910 in Philadelphia, PA. Neil C. died in Pennsauken, NJ on 17 Oct 1991; he was 81. Buried on 21 Oct 1991 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary, Philadelphia, PA. Alias/AKA: Neil.

Third Generation

3. James Columcille Dever Jr.14,17,26,200,215 Born on 18 Jul 1901 in Philadelphia, PA. James Columcille died in Philadelphia, PA on 11 Feb 1953; he was 51. Commited suicide off of the Walnut Street Bridge in Philadelphia at 9:20am. James died of multiple injuries, including spontaneous pneumothorax. His death certificate states that James was "temporarily deranged.". Occupation: Shipping Agent - Rice Unrogh Company.

Lived in a suburb of Philadelphia named Roxboro at 666 Rector Street.

James Columcille married Mary Gallagher (Private)14,17,26,201.
They had the following children:
5 i. Brig. Gen. James Columcille
6 ii. Ann (Private)
7 iii. John Francis
8 iv. Peter
9 v. Mary Frances "Franny" (Private)

4. Gerald Vincent Dever Sr.17,14,16 Born on 28 Mar 1905 in Philadelphia, PA. Gerald Vincent died in Dover, DE on 8 Dec 1952; he was 47. Lady of Lourdes Hospital at 7:16pm. Buried on 11 Dec 1952 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetary, Philadelphia, PA. Occupation: Auto Parts Manager, Chrysler Corporation. Education: High School. Religion: Roman Catholic.

The Dever family is ultimately descended from the Devereaux family. The Devereaux's are decendants of Vikings who couqued parts of France in approximately 850 a.d. Rolf (Rollo) the Granger conquered Evereux in France in 892. In the Treaty of St. Claire Surepte, Charles the Simple recognized Rolf's sovereignty over Normandy. This was concluded in 911. Normandy became a dukedom instead of a kingdom and was still considered a part of the royal domain of Charles. After several decendents, we have our first recognized Duke of Normandy in 933. Eventually we get to Robert Longsward who was crested Comte (Count) D'Evereux, after the town he lived in. Evereux is situated about equal distance between Rouen and Paris, somewhat to the west of both cities. The name Evereux was derived from the tribal name Eburovices, meaning dwellers on the river Ebura or Eure. Comte Longsward became the founder of the family name D'Evereux or Devereux, a 12th century rendition of the name. Some decendants of one Jonathan Devereux of Connecticut, who for some reason began the usage of the name "Devereaux", a French rendition of the name actually. This is also true in more recent years of some of the decendants in Ireland, who also used the "A". Otherwise it is spelled "Devereux.

There were three main branches of this family:

1) Remained in England and was ancestor to the celebrated Robert, Earl of Esses, favorite of Queen Elizabeth.

2) Came to the U.S. in 1630, established the Marblehead, MA pedigree.

3) Settled in Wales, till they became followers of Richard Fitz-Gilbert DeClare, surnamed "Strongbow", on his invasion of Ireland in 1170. A smaller sub-branch of the family landed on Bannow Bay, County of Wexford and is considered one of the most powerful and influential of their time and are still found in abundance today. The family name evolved to OÂ’Deever.

Our family was the one (3) that invaded Ireland. Presumably at some point, probably during the potato famine, they came to the U.S., and the family name was Anglicized to Dever.

Gerald Vincent married Maria "Marie" Philamina Walker17,14,18, daughter of Howard Walker (15 Mar 1882-12 Aug 1917) Anna Conway (1 Nov 1888-28 May 1961). Born on 28 Oct 1906 in Philadelphia, PA. Maria "Marie" Philamina died in Moorestown, Burlington, NJ on 15 Mar 1994; she was 87. Occupation: Homemaker. Education: High School. Religion: Roman Catholic.

After Marie was widowed, she became the secretary of the Internal Order of Police in Philadelphia. This job gave her an entree into the entertainment industry in PA, doing their accounting work.

They had the following children:
10 i. Gerald Vincent Jr. (Private)
11 ii. Barbara Anne (Private)
12 iii. John Charles (1930-1984)

Fourth Generation

5. Brig. Gen. James Columcille Dever (Ret.).200,14 Occupation: United States Air Force.

Brig. Gen. James Columcille married Kathy ?.

They had the following children:
i. Kathy Ann26.

ii. Karen26.

13 iii. James Columcille
iv. Sharon26.

6. Ann Dever (Private).201,14
Ann married Carl Bancroft201,26.
They had the following children:
i. David26 (Adopted).

ii. Mary26 (Adopted).

7. John Francis Dever Sr.14 Occupation: Textiles.

John Francis married Susan ?26.

They had one child:
i. John Francis26.

8. Peter Dever.200,14 Occupation: Golf Professional.

Peter was named for his Uncle Peter Dever, his grandfatherÂ’s brother.

Peter married Patty ?26. They were divorced.26

They had the following children:
i. Peter26.

ii. Cara26.

iii. Matt26.

iv. Meagan26.

9. Mary Frances "Franny" Dever (Private).200,14
Mary Frances "Franny" first married Jan Raynack26.
They had one child:
i. Eryka (Private)200

Mary Frances "Franny" second married David W. Tinker200.
They had one child:
i. Matthew200.

10. Gerald Vincent Dever Jr. (Private).14
Gerald Vincent first married Jean Forest14. Living Person.
They had the following children:
14 i. Karen
15 ii. Bonnie Jean
16 iii. Patricia
17 iv. Barbara Ann

Gerald Vincent second married Loraine Marie Pell (Private)224, daughter of Franklin Vernon Walker (4 Sep 1921-23 May 1989) Marjorie Venita McDaniel (Private).
11. Barbara Anne Dever (Private).201,14
Barbara Anne first married William Noll201,14. Born in Philadelphia, PA. Living Person.
They had the following children:
i. ?14. Living Person.

ii. ?14. Living Person.

iii. ?14. Living Person.

Barbara Anne second married Marcel Vandenais14. Living Person.
12. John Charles Dever.14 Born on 5 Sep 1930 in Philadelphia, PA. John Charles died in New Jersey on 23 Mar 1984; he was 53. "Jack" Dever was 53 when he died of lung cancer. Occupation: Self Employed. Education: High School. Religion: Catholic. Alias/AKA: Jack.

John Charles married Betty ?14. Living Person.

They had the following children:
i. John14. Living Person.

ii. Susan14. Living Person.

Fifth Generation

13. James Columcille Dever III.200,26 Occupation: Attorney.

i. James Columcille200.

14. Karen Dever.14 Living Person.

Karen first married James Forcina14. Living Person.

They had the following children:
i. James Ashley14. Living Person.

ii. Jason14. Living Person.

Karen second married Rick McClellan14. Living Person.

They had the following children:
i. Jessica14.

ii. Meghan14.

15. Bonnie Jean Dever.14 Living Person.

Bonnie Jean married Ronald Call14. Living Person. They were divorced.

They had one child:
i. Amanda14. Living Person.

16. Patricia Dever.14 Living Person.

Patricia first married Douglas Blackburn14. Living Person.

Patricia second married Mark McCue14. Living Person.

They had the following children:
i. Alex Gerald14. Living Person.

ii. Katie Forrest14. Living Person.

17. Barbara Ann Dever.14 Living Person.

Barbara Ann married Michael Amato14. Living Person.

They had the following children:
i. ?14. Living Person.

ii. ?14. Living Person.

iii. ?14. Living Person.

iv. ?14.


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