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Walter Daux of Charles City Co., VA; c. 1650

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Re: Walter Daux of Charles City Co., VA; c. 1650

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I gave you info from an old file. Here is the correct info, sorry for the mistake. Belinda
A.) Richard Daux b. abt. 1600 London, England married 1625 Aunis, C-Mrt, France, had one son- John Walter Daux. Richard was a merchant in London.

A charge was filled against RICHARD DAUX of Stratford-0n-Avon as one of 13 names persons plus 'divers other riotouse and disorderly persons in the number of thirtye' who served a warrent on one William G. Perrye issued by `the right honorable Sir Edward Cooke knight Lord Chiefe Iustice.' While
details of what took place are not clear, RICHARD DAUX was cleared of any wrong doing by Star Chamber, October 22, 1622, and remained an honorable person. He later moved to London where he was living when his son, WALTER DAUX, died (1658) in Charles City County, Virginia." {Original document is on file at the Public Reord Office in London, England under the designation STAC 244/24. Transliteration by Richard Dieterle, son of Margaret (Mrs. Jack W.) Dieterle, 6 Novato, CA 94947. Taken from Vol. III, No. 1, Summer 1980 Issue of Harbour Family Association Bulletin

B.)John Walter DAUX b. abt. 1630 London, England married Mary Ann Feb abt. 1646 in Charles City, Va. Mary Ann Feb b. 1627 in Pays De Aunis, La Rochelle, France married 1st Robert Plaine and had one son John. She married John Walter Daux 2nd and had two daughters- Ann Daux and Susan or Susannah Daus or DAUX. Records show her name as Susan and Susannah, she also spelled her name Daux and Daus. After John Walter Daux’s death, Mary married John Flower.

He married Mary FEB. Mary was born in of Pays De Aunis, La Rochelle, France.(Court orders Charles City Co, VA 1658-1661 Book 1 page 148)
Abstract John Flower married Mary Daux the Relict of Walter Daux deceased. Children of Mary Daux (now my wife) give unto John Plaine the son of said Mary by her former husband Robert Plaine dated 24 May 1658 witnesses John, Stith, Howard Paryse, 25 Jun 1658 Book page 203.
Walter Daukes owned land in Charles City Co, VA, 2 Dec 1664, page 517 page 163 (209). John
Flower gives bond and caution to William Odeon tobacco consigned by Walter Daux deceased to his father Richard Daux of London, Eng, page 549 (356 petition Richard Rawlins and Jon Witt to court to shed light on the matter. Walter Daux who settled Charles City Co, VA Abt 1663 and died
before 1674, two Orphan daughters, Susan Daus married Richard Rawlins; her sister (name not given) married John Witt who probably died in that county. Some years later John and William Witt, grandsons of Walter Daux purchased 300 acres of land on the branches of Tucahoo Creek on the north side of James River near Manakin Ferry (in what is no Goochland Co). Vol 11, Beverly Fleet, Charles City Co, VA Court orders 1658-1661 page 148
John Flower for and in consideration of marriage with Mary the Relic of Walter Daux deceased and in consideration of my love and affection to the children of the said Mary Daux now my wife give unto John Plaine the son of the said Mary by her former husband Robert Plaine, deceased, 2 steers, a bed and other furniture and household stuff also unto Ann Daux 3 cows certain furniture and also to Susan Daux cattle, household furniture, etc. The land descended from Robert Plaine to his heirs dated 24 May
1658 wit John Stith, Howel Pryre signed John Flower dated 24 May 1658 recorded 25 Jul 1658. In 1663 Cavaliers and Pioneers John Stith received land from transpiration of Walt Daux. page 163 Vol Beverly Fleet in John Flower administration of Walter Daux estate Walter Daux had shipped tobacco to his father Richard Daux of London. Indentured made this 14 day of Sep 1715 between Charles Hudson and Mary his wife of the County of Charles City and John Witt and Wm Witt of the came county 300 acres more
or less lying and being the county of Henrico at a place called Tuckahoe and bounded as in said indenture is sold to Jon Witt and Wm Witt taken possession 3 Oct 1715 in Henrico co, VA.
Name appears on 3 different crossings as "headright/immigrant " in 1637, 1655, and 1663. Owned land in shirley Hundred, VA.

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Margaret Mitchel Ayres' "Charles City County Order Book 1676-1679" contains one reference, to a 1678 suit by John Witt and John Turberfield (or Turberville, it's shown both ways) in which they identify themselves as the husbands of the
heirs of Walter Daux, and claim John Flower wasted their legacies. John Flower was apparently dead, as they sued the men who had been justices back in 1658 for failing to require a bond of Flower's administration of the Daux estate.

C.) Ann Daux b. abt. 1645 Charles City, VA married John Whitt 1669 in Albemarle, Charles City, Va. John Whitt was b. abt 1645 Ross on Wye,England, near Birmingham on Welch border. Their children were-John Jr. WHITT, William (Guilliame) WHITT, Richard WHITT, Littleberry WHITT, Edward WITT, Charles WHITT, Sarah Witt. The children spelled the name both Whitt and Witt.

Bverley Fleet's "Virginia Colonial Abstracts", Volume III

John married Ann Daux in Charles City, Virginia, about 1669. Ann was born in Of Charles County, Virginia about 1645. She was the daughter of Walter Daux and Mary.
1) ROSS PARISH, Church of England, in Cork County, Ireland created ca 1580's for English settlers in
1580's during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Ross-on-Wye, a place or parish on River Wye in Herefordshire, England; near Bristol, a place apparently designated as "home" for Irish settlers chased out of Ireland several times in late 1580's 90's by angry Irish Catholics (sponsored by Spain, England's enemy in that era). Some settlers remained back in England and others returned to their home sites in Cork.
2) Richard Whitt, probate of his Will, 1627, made at Cork County and Ross Parish. No further info available from either Cork or from the Public Record Office of Ireland in Dublin.
3) John Witts of Ross, Hereford Diocese, (on Wye River) an innkeeper, his will record dated 1 Mar 1621; estate left to his wife Joane and his daughter Joane; will proved 8 Apr 1622.
4) Our proved ancestor John Witt/Whitt out of Ross-Wye (Ross on Wye) Herefordshire, England emigrated to Virginia in 1659. Researchers agreed in the mid-1980's that he was born ca 1645. He lived past 1715, a resident of Charles City County, Virginia (near present Richmond City). Given his approximate date of birth (1645) this John Witt/Whitt would not have been a son of either of the two men mentioned above: Richard Whitt of Ross, Cork, Ireland or John Witts of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England inasmuch as both these men died in the 1620's. These men may be considered as the grand father of our proved John W.!! Remember: The one definite connection we have inthis info is that John Witts )d 1622 lived at site or starting point of this trek to America in 1659 of our Ancestor John Witt/Whitt.
5) In the papers and data I have accumulated on the Witt/Whitt etc in pre-1650 Europe, one item of great interest stands out, that being the baptism date - - 1645 of infant Jon Whyt in Sterling, Kilseth near Edinburgh, a port in Scotland. The father of Jon was Robert Whyt. The surname spelled several ways such as Whyt, Whytt, QWytt, etc. was new in that locale, the first lised there inthe early 1640's Rbt Whytt of Stirling, Falkire in 1643. The names of his relatives near Edinburgh included Thomas Whitt, father of infants Archibald and Bessie in the 1660's. Note these names may be found among descendants of our John Witt of Virginia. Another entry that seems to list students or altar boys in 1653 included John QWhyt in Stirling, Kilseth.
6) References: 1 & 2 British Museum and Library Records. 3. Letter 23 Jan 1986 to Jane C. Whitt from Public Record Office, Dublin Ireland. 4. Letter 4 Mar 1992 to Kathy Whitt from Gen M. Tonkin, Herefordshire, England 5. The Hueguenot No.32 1985-87 by J.C. Whitt. 6. LDS-Scotland, Annandale, Virginia Virginia LDS records room. From Virginia Colonial Abstract 18 re Wm Claiborne: Robert Whytt Accomack County, Virginia 1636. Robert Whytt, Mariner, . . .on ... 5 Sep 1636 (at) Court of Acchowmacke. . . Capt Claiborne "I Wm Clayborne being Sec. of State. Phillip Taylor planter of Acchowmacke compained against Robert Whytt, mariner. . . 2,000 lbs tobbaco. lost by casualty. . .'Isle of Kenty 6 & 20 1636 (s) Wm Clayborne on 5 Sep 1636. Reserached by Jane Chapman Whitt, wife of Samuel S. Whitt, 3332 Glenmore Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22041. Virginia Land Patents 1682-1689-1695 Charles City County, Virginia Indenture 14 Sep 1715 This indenture, made this 14th day of September in the year of our Lord God, One Thousand seven hundred and fifteen, betweeen Charles Hudson and Mary his wife, of the County of Charles Citty of the one part and Jon.

It is worth noting that John Witt was clearly an English citizen. Only citizens were allowed to own land or file suit. Prior to 1680, non-English settlers required an act of the House of Burgesses to achieve citizenship. These acts are well preserved in Hening's "Statutes", and no Witt appears in them. Unless he was made a citizen in England itself, he must have been born in England or one of its colonies.

Welch spelling is Weighth. Witt, White, Whitt and Witt are used as alternative spellings, often for the same person. John Witt went to Barbados first then went to Virginia Early records located of John Witt's name is spelled John Whitt. On 11-20-1670 he acquired ownership of a patent of 600 acres "...beginning at a neck opposite to Dogges Hand" on the Potomac River. This tract became George Mason's land, Now Mason's Neck adjacent to George Washington's Mount Vernon. Source John Witt/Whitt of Charles City County,Virginia and his four sons, By Jane C. Whitt 3332 Glenmore Dr., Falls Church, Virginia 22041

D.) Susan/Susannah Whitt married b. abt. 1648 in Charles City, Va married Richard Rawlins. She died 1694 in Virginia.
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