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My Dauphinee Family

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My Dauphinee Family

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My name is David John Hare and I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have spent many hours/days/weeks in the Public archive's in Halifax pouring over records tracing my ancestors. I also served as a missionary, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City while I lived in Utah and spent many hours/days/weeks there also.

I love learning about my ancestors and relatives and what they went through to settle the new worlds (Canada and the US). I celebrate their births and marriages and mourn their deaths. I have dates and places and notes for many of my ancestors that I have found in original sources. BUT, I also rely on the "kindness of strangers" to supply what information they have (second, third, fourth hand, etc.) about the families I am researching (especially Jean Dauphinee's descendants). I currently have 958 Dauphinee's and am looking for more. I am more than willing to share what I have and hope that others are willing to share with me.

REMEMBER: It is very important to verify all information using primary sources. You never know who did the research and where they got their information from.

Anyway here goes.

My parents are:
John Gates Hare
Marjorie Clare Hutchinson

Marjorie's parents were:
George Edmund Hutchinson
Laura Marjorie Dauphinee

Laura's parents were
1 Oswald Dauphinee
Clara Angeline Gibbons

1 Oswald's Dauphinee's parents were second cousins:
2 John George Dauphinee
3 Emily Elizabeth Boutilier

2 John George Dauphinee's parents were:
4 John George Dauphinee
5 Susan Elizabeth Marryat

3 Emily Elizabeth Boutilier's parents were:
6 Jacob Boutilier
7 Anna Sarah Dauphinee

4 John George Dauphinee's parents were:
8 Jean Christopher Dauphinee
9 Mary Elizabeth Boutilier

5 Susan Elizabeth Marryat's parents were:
10 Jean Pierre Nicholas Mariette
11 Mary Elizabeth Vienot

6 Jacob Boutilier's parent's were:
12 John Peter Boutilier
13 Mary Gertrude Menegaux

7 Anna Sarah Dauphinee's parents were:
14 John George Dauphinee
15 Sarah Philips Vienot

8 Jean Chrsitopher's parents were:
16 Jean Dauphine
17 Maria Elizabeth Banvard

9 Mary Elizabeth Boutilier's parents were:
18 Jean Boutilier (end of line)
19 Francoise (end of line)

10 Jean Pierre Nicholas Mariette
20 Etienne Mariette (end of line)
21 Anna Catherine Boutilier (end of line)

11 Mary Elizabeth Vienot's parents were:
22 Christopher James Vienot
23 Catherine Robert (end of line)

12 John Peter Boutilier's parents were:
24 John George Boutilier
25 Elizabeth Catherine Leau

13 Mary Gertrude Menegaux's parents were:
26 Jean George Menegaux
27 Ann BArbara Thiel

14 John George Dauphinee's parents were:
28/16 Jean Dauphinee
29/17 Maria Elizabeth Banvard

15 Sarah Phillips Vienot's parents were:
30 James Christopher Vienot
31 Jeanne Dare

16 Jean Dauphinee's parents were:
32 Jeam Joseph Dauphine (end of line)
33 Marguerite Certier

17 Maria Elizabeth Banvard's parents were:
34 Pierre Banvard
35 Francoise Jean Perrin

22 Christopher James Vienot's parents were:
44 Leopold Frederick Vienot
45 Jean Meliere

24 John George Boutilier's parents were:
48 Jean George Boutilier
49 Catherine Maillard

25 Elizabeth Catherine Leau's parents were:
50 Jean Frederick Leau (end of line)
51 Catherine (end of line)

26 Jean George Menegaux's parents were:
52 Jean Frederick Menegaux (end of line)
53 Anne (end of line)

27 Ann Barbara Thiel's parents were:
54 Erasmus Thiel (end of line)
55 Maria Janson (end of line)

28 see 16 above
29 see 17 above

30 James Christopher Vienot's parents were:
60/44Leopold Frederick Vienot
61/45 Jeanne Meliere

31 Jeanne Dare's parents were:
62 Nicholas Dare (end of line)
63 Susanne (end of line)

33 Marguerite Certier's parents were:
66 Antoine Certier
67 Claudine Humbert

34 Pierre Banvard's parents were:
68 Jean Banvard (end of line)
69 Marguerite Bran (end of line)

35 Francoise Jean Perrin's parents were:
70 Daniel Jean Perrin (end of line)

44 Leopold Frederick Vienot's parents were:
88 Jean Hori Vienot
89 Jeanne Masson

45 Jean Meliere's parents were:
90 Jean Pierre Meliere (end of line)
91 Marguerite Ramey/Ramel (end of line)

48 Jean George Boutilier's parents were:
96 Jean Boutilier (end of line)
97 Sarah Grange (end of line)

49 Catherine Maillard's parents were:
98 Frederick Maillard (end of line)
99 Judith (end of line)

66 Antoine Certier's parents were:
132 Pierre Certier (end of line)
133 Anne (end of line)

67 Claudine Humbert parents were:
134 Jean Jacques Humbert (end of line)
135 Marie Mermet (end of line)

88 Jean Hori Vienot's parents were:
176 Claude Vienot (end of line)
177 Catherine de Thoux (end of line)

89 Jeanne Masson's parents were:
178 Richard Masson (end of line)
179 Jeanne Bouvier (end of line)
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