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Anna Daume and Ferdinand Koch

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Re: Anna Daume and Ferdinand Koch

Linda McDonald (View posts)
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Surnames: Daume Koch

Dear Holger:
Here is the information I have on Anna and Ferdinand's families.

Merry Christmas


1 Johann Friedrich DAUME1
Birth: 1762, Bad Salzdetfurth,Brunswick,Germany1
Death: 13 Mar 1837, Bad Salzdetfurth,Brunswick,Germany1
Occ: shoemaker
Father: Conrad DAUME

Spouse: Johanna Christine Magdalena LEHNE
Birth: 1773, Bad Salzdetfurth,Brunswick,Germany1

Children: Conrad Heinrich (1809-1855)

1.1 Conrad Heinrich DAUME1
Birth: 18 Oct 1809, Bad Salzdetfurth,Brunswick,Germany1
Death: Oct 1855, Dutchtown, MO1
Burial: Oct 1855, Evangelical Luthern Churchyard,Dutchtown,MO1
Occ: teacher, farmer, stone quarry1
Educ: enough to teach school in Germany1
Reli: Evangelical2

Conrad was educated and escaped working in the local sale mines like his older brothers. Due to the constant battle in Hanover and Prussia and a cholora epidemic, Conrad sold his belonging and was helped by his brothers to emigrate. His intent was to settle and send for his brothers; but he died 14 months after arriving in Dutchtown, Cape Girardeau, MO.1

Spouse: Philippine Charlotte STRUBE1
Birth: 1821, Story near Bockenen,Brunswick,Germany1,2
Death: 30 Dec 1869, New Wells, MO1
Father: Johann Carl STRUBE
Mother: Lucinda
Marr: 1836, Brunswick, Germany1

Children: Anna Charlotte (1841-1905)
Charles Fredrick Wilhelm (1845-1932)
August Christian Karl (1838-1920)
Ernst Fredrick William (Bill) (1854-1942)
Johanna Wilhemena (Minnie) (1847-1929)

1.1.1 Anna Charlotte DAUME3,1
Birth: Sep 1841, Hanover,Germany4,5
Death: 2 Mar 1905, Memphis, Shelby, TN6,7
Burial: 10 Mar 1905, Old Lorimer Cemetery, Cape Girardeau, Missouri (next to Ferdinand)8,9
Occ: Grocer4

Sept 6, 2001 Have ordered records from National Archives to see if same family which lived in Cape Girardeau, MO during Civil War
1900 Census indicates had 3 children, 2 surviving which would be Emma and Ferdinand4

Spouse: Ferdinand (Frederick) KOCH10
Birth: 1 May 1839, Brunswick,Germany5,11
Death: 22 Apr 1889, Cape Girardeau,Cape Girardeau Co, MO12
Mother: Caroline (~1817->1880)
Marr: 11 Jul 1861, Cape Girardeau,Cape Girardeau Co, MO13

Children: Frederick W. (Fred,Fredrick,Ferdinand) (1863-1930)
Emma (1865-1914)
Louis Carl (Adopted) (1882-1941) Frederick W. (Fred,Fredrick,Ferdinand) COOK (KOCH)
Birth: Nov 1863, Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Death: 12 Feb 1930, St. Joseph Hospital, Memphis, Shelby, TN14
Burial: 14 Feb 1930, Elmwood Cemetary, Memphis, Shelby,TN15
Occ: Merchant, Grocer
Reli: Catholic

16Grandma said he had owned all property which is now Jackson Ave headed toward Raleigh, but lost for failure to pay taxes. Cook Station may have been named for him.

10Death certificate mentions senile decay even though he was only 66.
5 Census for 1880 shows name is Ferdinand like his father.

Looks like he married boss' daughter.

Grandma told mama that Mary Catherine may be Fred Sr.'s daughter by a woman at the local brothel.16

Spouse: Maggie L. WRIGHT
Birth: Apr 1875, Tennessee17
Death: abt 1960, Shelby Co, TN
Father: J H Wright (John?) WRIGHT
Marr: abt 1892

Children: May or Mary Ethel (1895-~1960)
Loretta LaVerna (1900-1987)
Fred W. (1908-1987)
Mary Catherine (Adopted) (~1924-?) May or Mary Ethel COOK
Birth: Sep 1895, Memphis, Shelby County, TN
Death: abt 1960, Memphis, Shelby, TN

According to Grandma, she was injured in a fall when a small child and became severely retarded and handicapped. Loretta LaVerna COOK*
Birth: 8 Jan 1900, Memphis, Shelby County, TN
Burial: Jul 1987, National Cemetary, Memphis, Shelby, TN
Death: Jul 1987, Memphis, Shelby, TN
Reli: Catholic

Her name was alternately spelled LaVern,LaVerne, and LaVerna

Her children were removed from her keeping by Roy's sisters after they petitioned the court. All but Joe were sent to St. Peter's Home for Children and remained until they were legal age.

Spouse: Joseph Roy LEE
Birth: 26 Jun 1899, Memphis, Shelby, TN18
Death: 3 Jun 1937, St. Joseph Hospital, Memphis, Shelby, TN19
Father: Riley LEE (1871-1943)
Mother: Ella T. BRESNAN (1867-)
Marr: 4 Jun 1922

Children: Margaret Ellen (Died as Child) (1923-1927)
Joseph Ferdinand (1924-2000)
Marie (1926-)
Robert Emmanuel (1928-1992)
Loretta LaVerne (Died as Child) (1931-1933)
James Clary (1933-2000)
Thomas (1935-1961)

Other Spouses Fred BOWERS Loretta LaVerna COOK* (See above)

Spouse: Fred BOWERS
Birth: 27 Jun 1889, Nashville,TN20
Death: 24 Jun 1971, Memphis,Shelby,TN21
Marr: 26 May 1951, Desoto Co., MS22

Other Spouses Joseph Roy LEE Fred W. COOK Jr.
Birth: 22 Sep 1908, Shelby Co., TN
Death: 7 Jul 198723
Occ: Chauffeur for private family17

1930 Census shows as Fred T or F Cook

Spouse: Louisa?17
Marr: abt 192717 Mary Catherine COOK
Birth: abt 1924
Death: ?

Spouse: J M FOSTER Emma KOCH
Birth: Oct 1865, Cape Girardeau,Cape Girardeau Co, MO4
Death: 11 Sep 1914, Memphis, Shelby, TN24,25
Burial: 13 Sep 1914, Old Lorimer Cemetery, Cape Girardeau, Missouri24,11,26

Pension record affidavits for Oct 2, 1897 show Emma Koch. Paul also gave affidavit in Sept. same year. They must have married shortly thereafter.12

Census for 1900 shows them living with Anna and married 2 years4

1914 Obit listed brothers Louis Koch and Fred Cook as only survivors24

Spouse: Paul F. KEHSE
Birth: Sep 1859, Germany12,4
Death: 1 Jun 1911, Memphis, Shelby, TN?24,27
Marr: bef 3 Feb 1898, Memphis,Shelby,TN12,28,4 Louis Carl (DAUME) KOCH2,1,4
Birth: 15 Dec 1882, Dutchtown, MO2,29
Death: 27 Jul 1941, Memphis, Shelby, TN30,29
Burial: 28 Jul 1941, Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelby,TN29
Occ: carpenter per 1900 census,unemployed on 1910 census, railroad engineer per death cert29,31

Anna and Ferdinand adopted son of Charles Daume1
listed as brother in law on 1910 census31

Spouse: Mamie17
Birth: abt 1880, North Carolina17

1.1.2a Charles Fredrick Wilhelm DAUME*
Birth: 30 Sep 1845, Germany32,2
Death: 4 Apr 1932, probably Dutchtown MO2
Burial: Apr 1932, Zion Luterhan Cem., South of Gordonville, MO2
Occ: Farmer

Hard quick tempered man1

Spouse: Wilhemina SCHLUE2,1
Birth: abt 1851, Hanover,Germany2,1,33
Death: 21 Jun 1881, Dutchtown, MO2
Marr: bef 1870

Children: Herman (~1875-)
Martin (~1877-)
Wilhemina (~1879-)
Baby Boy (-1881)

Other Spouses Mary Elizabeth EGGEMANN, Mary AMSLER

1.1.2a.1 Herman DAUME34
Birth: abt 1875, Dutchtown, MO34

1.1.2a.2 Martin DAUME
Birth: abt 1877, Dutchtown, MO34

1.1.2a.3 Wilhemina DAUME
Birth: abt 1879, Dutchtown, MO34

1.1.2a.4 Baby Boy DAUME2
Death: 17 Jun 1881
Burial: Zion Luterhan Cem., Hwy 25 South of Gordonville, MO2

1.1.2b Charles Fredrick Wilhelm DAUME* (See above)

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth EGGEMANN1,2
Death: 25 Feb 1883, Dutchtown, MO1
Marr: 28 Feb 1882, Dutchtown, MO1

Children: Louis Carl (1882-)

Other Spouses Wilhemina SCHLUE, Mary AMSLER

1.1.2b.1 Louis Carl DAUME (KOCH)
Birth: Dec 1882, Dutchtown, MO4

See Louis Koch. Louis Daume raised by Anna Koch. Later took Koch name.4

1.1.2c Charles Fredrick Wilhelm DAUME* (See above)

Spouse: Mary AMSLER2
Birth: Dec 1845, Switzerland35
Death: 23 Jan 1930, Zion Luterhan Cem., Hwy 25 South of Gordonville, MO2
Marr: 3 Apr 1889, Dutchtown, MO35,2

Other Spouses Wilhemina SCHLUE, Mary Elizabeth EGGEMANN

1.1.3 August Christian Karl DAUME2
Birth: 30 Jul 1838, Hidesheim,Hanover,Germany32,2
Death: 25 Feb 1920, near Gordonville, MO2
Burial: 25 Feb 1920, Zion Luterhan Cem., South of Gordonville, MO2

Became an alcoholic. The rest of the family could not deal with it.1
He appears on most of the census with Charles' family

1.1.4 Ernst Fredrick William (Bill) DAUME1,2
Birth: 25 Apr 1854, Story near Bockenen,Brunswick,Germany32,2
Death: 8 May 1942, 1 mile S of Gordonville, MO2
Burial: 11 May 1942, St. James UCC, Tilsit, MO2

Spouse: Doretha O. (Dora) SUEDEKUM32
Birth: 18 Dec 1860, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32
Death: 9 Jan 1941, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32
Marr: 28 Aug 1879, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32,2

Children: Henry (1879-)
Josephine S. (1884-)
John W. (1888-)
Charles H. (1889-)
Lucinda J. (1893-)
Mary M. (1896-)
Edward H. (1897-) Henry DAUME32
Birth: Dec 1879, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 Josephine S. DAUME32
Birth: Jan 1884, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 John W. DAUME32
Birth: Aug 1888, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 Charles H. DAUME32
Birth: Nov 1889, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 Lucinda J. DAUME32
Birth: Mar 1893, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 Mary M. DAUME32
Birth: Apr 1896, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32 Edward H. DAUME32
Birth: Oct 1897, Cape Girardeau, Missouri32

1.1.5 Johanna Wilhemena (Minnie) DAUME1,2
Birth: 9 Dec 1847, Germany2
Death: 10 Dec 1929, MO2

Spouse: Henry C. L. JAHNS (JOHNS)1,2
Marr: 22 Jan 1866, MO

Children: Carl August Carl August JAHNS (JOHNS)2
Occ: Butcher in Bloomfield, MO with Forrest Brown2

Said to have lived with Anna Koch in Memphis2

Spouse: Nellie Mae PRESLEY2

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Louisa? spouse of
Mamie spouse of
Mary spouse of 1.1.2c
Fred spouse of
Fred W. Jr.
Loretta LaVerna
Mary Catherine
May or Mary Ethel
Frederick W. (Fred,Fredrick,Ferdinand)
Anna Charlotte 1.1.1
August Christian Karl 1.1.3
Baby Boy 1.1.2a.4
Charles Fredrick Wilhelm 1.1.2a
Charles H.
Conrad Heinrich 1.1
Edward H.
Ernst Fredrick William (Bill) 1.1.4
Herman 1.1.2a.1
Johann Friedrich 1
Johanna Wilhemena (Minnie) 1.1.5
John W.
Josephine S.
Lucinda J.
Martin 1.1.2a.2
Mary M.
Wilhemina 1.1.2a.3
Louis Carl 1.1.2b.1
Louis Carl
Mary Elizabeth spouse of 1.1.2b
J M spouse of
Carl August
Henry C. L. spouse of 1.1.5
Paul F. spouse of
Ferdinand (Frederick) spouse of 1.1.1
James Clary child of
Joseph Ferdinand child of
Joseph Roy spouse of
Loretta LaVerne child of
Margaret Ellen child of
Marie child of
Robert Emmanuel child of
Thomas child of
Johanna Christine Magdalena spouse of 1
Nellie Mae spouse of
Wilhemina spouse of 1.1.2a
Philippine Charlotte spouse of 1.1
Doretha O. (Dora) spouse of 1.1.4
Maggie L. spouse of

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