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The Darling and Putman families of Early New Jersey

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The Darling and Putman families of Early New Jersey

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I have a suspected John Putman and Ms. Darling marriage about 1735 in New Jersey.

According to the traditional way Dutch named their children, David Janse Potman of Potterstown, NJ, would have named his first son Johannes Davidse Pottman after David’s father Johannes Pootman of Schenectady, NY.

David Janse Pottman had an unnamed child baptized October 24, 1714, at the Old Brick Church in Marlborough, NJ, which was also known as the Reformed Church of Freehold and Middleton.

This child may have been David's first son who would have been named John Davidse Pottman/Putman.

There was a gap between 1714 and 1721 where there were no children of David Pottman baptized.

Possibly those children born in 1714 or before were by David Pottman’s first wife and assumed Helena Van Gelder and possibly David married second about 1720 a second wife an Elizabeth Beeckman.

Since a likely daughter of Johannes Davidse Pottman was Elizabeth Putman Swayze, who married Samuel Swayze, John may really have been a son of David Janse Pottman and Elizabeth Beeckman and was born after 1714.

In the 1744 Census of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., NJ, Samuel Swayze was listed next to Christopher Vought who married Cornelia Pottman a daughter of David Pottman, so there was a closed proximity between the Potman, Voght, and Swayze families in 1744.

The Swayze family reportedly lived in Chester, Morris Co., NJ.

Elisabeth Putnam and Samuel Swayze, III, removed to Adams Co., MS, and had the following children: John, born 1763; Daniel Darling, born 1765; James, born 1767; Samuel, born 1769; and Elizabeth, born 1771.

The names Daniel Darling and James seem not to be traditional Swayze or Pottman names, so it may be that these names came from Elizabeth's maternal side of the family particularly the name Darling that seems to be a surname.

John Pottman’s father-in –law would seem to have been then a Daniel or James Darling.

There was a Darling family that lived in NJ at an early date beginning just before 1700.
They lived in the vicinity of New Providence, Union Co., NJ, and Long Hill, Morris Co., NJ.

Later parts of this family would remove to Hanover, Morris Co., NJ.

In 1788 on the Tax List of Hanover, Morris Co., NJ, a William Putmon was listed.
Hanover is just northeast of New Providence and Long Hill and just above Chatham, NJ.

There was a Thomas J. Sheldon from this general area who married a Ms. Putman and had a son born in OH in 1815 named William Putman Sheldon.

There also from the dates of about 1816 to 1818 in the tax records an Ivory and Jeremiah Sheldon from Hanover, NJ, and in the area today is a street called Sheldon Ct., which may have been the site of the early Sheldon Family homestead.

Since the names Daniel and James Darling are not recorded in early Morris Co., NJ, but the names Thomas and William Darling are mentioned, it would appear that John Davidse Pottman married a daughter of William Darling, and John Pottman then had a son named William John Putman.

This would mean that John Davidse Pottman likely removed from Potterstown to the area of Long Hill and Sterling [Valley], NJ, where John had married a Ms. Darling.

It appears that a Thomas Darling arrived just before 1700 in Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ, and had sons William and Thomas Darling, Jr.

A daughter of William Darling then married John Putman and had William Putman of Hanover, NJ.

William Darling likely the son of Thomas Darling, Jr. lived “where Isaac Meeker” lived east of Sterling Valley and near New Providence, NJ.

Also east of Sterling, NJ, lived Philemon Dickerson who married Johanna Swayze the daughter of Judge Samuel Swayze, I, and Penelope Horton.

Judge Samuel Swayze and Penelope had a daughter Johanna Swayze who was married Philemon Dickerson and who was the aunt of Samuel Swayze,II, who married Elizabeth Putman the assumed daughter of John Pottman/Putman.

So was a very close connection between these families.

Philemon and Johanna Swayze Dickerson had a daughter named Hannah who married Lot Darling who was the son of William Darling, who I assume as a son of Thomas Darling, Jr. and
who was a nephew of William Darling.

Also, I think it very interesting that David Janse Pottman had a second son named Victor Pottman who appears to have had a son name Peter Potman/Putman who married Sarah Canaan also known as Sarah Kinnan.

I have determined as best as I now can that Sarah Kinnan was a daughter of John Kinnan a son of Thomas Kinnan of Long Hill, NJ.

This means both sons of David Janse Pottman, John Putman and Victor Putman, had connects with Long Hill and Sterling Valley, NJ, and the Putman, Swayze, Dickerson, and Darling families have lived very close to one another east of Sterling, NJ.

John Davidse Pottman/Putman also had a son it appears named John Putman who married a lady by the name of Sina and lived in Hardyston, Sussex Co., NJ.

Descendants of John and Sina Putman married into the Littell Family.

Daniel Littell had a son named Robert Littell who married Rebeca Cosad the daughter of William Casad and lived in Sterling Valley, Morris Co., NJ, and who had a daughter named Catherine who married William Sheldon whose ancestry may be also connected with the [Stering and] Hanover, NJ, Sheldon’s.

William John Putman of Hanover seems to have had a daughter whose given name is unknown who married a Sheldon and was the father of Thomas Sheldon born in 1789 in Morris Co., NJ, and who married Huldah Tharp/Thorp the daughter of Asher Tharp.

Thomas and Huldah Sheldon had a son named William Putnam Sheldon. Thomas Sheldon by a second wife also had a son named Isaac Putnam.

William and Catherine Littell Sheldon had John Sheldon born in 1791 and William Sheldon born in 1795 in NJ.

Children of John Davidse Pottman/Putman and an Unknown Ms. Darling daughter of William Darling:

1. William Putman. He was born about 1737 and lived in Hanover, Morris Co., NJ.

2. Elizabeth Putnam. She was born about 1741 and married Samuel Swayze, III, of Chester, NJ. They removed to Natchez, Adams Co., MS.

3. John Putman. He was born about 1745 and lived in Hardyston, Sussex Co., NJ.

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