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1900 Census

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1900 Census

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Surnames: Cusenbary, Cushenberry, Archer, Read, Wickware, Lindsey, Cockrill, Crewdson, Devasher
1900 Census Records (numbers denote the generation)

1-William's Family (William and Francis - deceased)
-2--Rachel Brown - (died in 1856, Richard died before 1850)
---3 & 4---did not trace (does anyone have the names of her children other than William C?)
-2--Ann Archer (died in 1849, David died in 1861)
---3 & 4---did not trace
-2--Kitty [m James Graves] (Kitty died before 1834)
---3 & 4---did not trace
-2--Polly - no info
-2--Dulcena - no info
-2--David - (died in 1849, had never married)
-2--Benjamin - (died in 1846, wife Rebecca died 1898 in Johnson Co NE)
---3---Mary Tilden (m Titus 1849) - d 1890
----4----did not trace
---3---Peter - (d 1897 Johnson Co NE) widow Mary not found, prob Tecumseh NE
from 1st Marriage:
----4----Sarah [m John Cope] no info
----4----Willis W no info
----4----Florence [m 1) unk Holcomb, m 2) Cyrus Egge] (d 1899 Johnson Co NE)
----4----Olive N (d inf 1861)
----4----Martha (d inf 1862)
----4----Mary (d inf 1864)
----4----Harry (d inf 1868)
from 2nd Marriage:
----4----Charles (d inf 1873)
from 3rd Marriage:
----4----Herbert - not found
----4----Edith, Martha, Ethel & Virginia sb with mother - prob Tecumseh NE - not found
---3---William - died in 1834

1-Mary Lindsay (oldest daughter of Moses) have no record of when she died, just a note that husband Nicholas died about 1830 in Edgar Co, IL
-2-- Vincent (died 1862)
---3---William - no info after 1880
----4----did not trace
-2-- William - no info

1-John Cusenberry - not found

1-Elijah's Family (Elijah and Polly - deceased)
-2--Elizabeth [m Samuel Wickware] (Elizabeth died 1834, Samuel died abt 1858/59)
---3---Elijah G [m Mary Ann Hail] (died 1875), widow prob d between 1880 & 1900 (need info)
----4----Cora [m Dr John Cushenberry, son of Harrison & Frances], see Dr. John below
----4----all other children, did not trace
---3---William [no info]
---3---Mary Ann [m Sidenham P Cockrill, son of Biddy] SEE Sidenham, below
---3---Sally (died infant)
---3---Adeline L [m Thomas Burton] (died 1863)
----4----did not trace
---3---Samuel no info
---3---Martha [m Dr Thomas Gibson] prob in Allen or Barren KY, not found
----4----did not trace

-2--Obedience [m 2) J J Cockrill] (Johnson died 1851, Biddie d 1878)
-----children of 1st marriage (Ellis)
---3---Eveline (Ellis) [m Robert F Ficklin] (Robt died 1868, Eveline d 1886)
---3---William Ellis (d 1849)
---3---Richard M Ellis (d 1884 in Montgomery AL)
-----children of 2nd marriage (Cockrill)
---3---Sidenham P - lost them after 1880 when they were in Orleans Ps LA
---3---Elijah M - lost them after 1880 when they were in Simpson KY
---3---Benjamin F - lost them after 1880 when they were in Barren KY
---3---Mary Frances [m T J Read] in 1889 she & husband in Louisville, no info after that
---3---Thomas J (d 1900 in TX?)
---3---Johnson H not found
---3---Lee Ann (m 1st Atwood who died 1854, 2nd McFarland) - not found

-2--Harrison (d abt 1881/2)
---3---Dr John H Crawford KS ED 77 Sheet 1
----4----Lennie age 31, enum w/parents
---3---Elijah M Hopkins TX 1900 Soundex Precinct # 1
----4----William H prob. Lamar TX (don't have)
----4----Enola G (m 1- Boyd Yates, 2- Joseph Profitt) prob. Franklin TX where she married in 1898 (don't have)
----4----all other children enum with parents except Lolla (d infant? no source) and Effie d infant 1882
---3---Alice [m Benjamin Guy in 1863] (he died in 1871, she d 1891)
---3---Alonzo M - not found, may have gone to OK with sister
---3---Mary L 'Mollie' [m Wiggins Sears abt 1871/2] (d bet 1871/1877)
---3---Elizabeth 'Bettie' (m Thomas S Brown abt 1873) Allen KY ED 1 Sheet 16, page 176
---3---Harrison Jr - lost him from 1880 to about 1925 when he turns up in NM (never married, no issue)
---3---Richard - last seen 1897 in Pettis MO after abandoning his wife (no issue)
---3---Susan [m Leonidas Atwood 1885] Allen KY ED 003 sheet 10 page 208
---3---Eugene (d bet 1870/1880)

-2--(Other children of Elijah: Lucinda is not found - anyone have marriage info on her? - Henry and Neil prob died with no issue prior to 1840)

1-Vincent Cusenbary (deceased)
-2--Elizabeth Robinson [died 1854, hus. Dudley died abt 1849]
---3---Henry - not found, prob died prior to 1880?
----4----did not trace

-2--James [m Frances] (d Dec 1840, she d 1882)
---3---Thomas (died 1878) widow Mary enum with son Thomas Simpson KY ED 79 Sheet 8a
----4----Paralee [m Ben Holman] prob Simpson KY (do not have)
----4----Isabella [m John W Powell] (d 1882)
----4----Ella [m David Hatter] prob Simpson KY (do not have)
----4----Malinda (m John W Hatter) Simpson KY ED 79, Sheet 15b
-----5-----children enum with parents
----4----Thomas 'Bud' Simpson KY ED 79 Sheet 8a
-----5-----children enum with parents
----4----all children accounted for - children who died as inf/child. are James (d 1850), Robert (d 1857), Nancy (d 1859), Lafayette (d 1864) and Mary (d 1879)
---3---Daniel (died 1877, never married)
---3---Mary [m T J Jones] (died 1854)
---3---Sarah 'Sallie' [m Charley Farley/Faller] prob Logan or Simpson (do not have)
---3---Robert (died 1871) widow Nannie Johnson MO ED #106 sheet 11 line 52 (enum with daughter Iantha)
----4----Iantha [m Robert Whitsett 1877] Johnson MO ED #106 sheet 11 line 52
----4----William 'J W' Johnson MO ED # 106 sheet 7 line 48
-----5-----children enum with parents
----4----Matilda [m Voltire L Edwards 1883, (he d 1899)] - no info (sb in TN or KY?)
----4----Osten (d 1898 Dallas TX) - no known issue
----4----Thomas D Dallas TX ED 146 sheet 5 line 51
-----5-----children enum with parents
----4----all children accounted for - Nancy d inf 1869
---3---Malinda [m Wllm N Crewdson] prob Logan KY (do not have)
----4----did not trace children
---3---Matilda [m Henry W Devasher] prob Young TX unless dec'd (do not have)
----4----did not trace children
---3---Nancy 'Nannie' [m Warren 'Doc' Halcomb] have no record past 1882
----4----did not trace children
---3---Mariah Jane 'Jennie' [m W S Cavett 1864] found Mariah in 1894 Simpson School census, not found in 1900 (husband had deserted family, prob in TX)
----4----did not trace children
---3---John O (died 1864 Cass GA due to Civil War)

-2--Daniel Cusenbary (died 1864, killed in Civil War related uprisings in Independence MO), widow Celia was remarried to James Funk, who died in 1875 - Celia is enum with son Elijah in Young TX ED #163 Sheet 8 line 16
---3---Harrison D - Oklahoma Co OK ED 161 Sheet 12b
----4----Fannie d inf (unk date)
----4----Sallie M [m Edmund Hughes 1896] Oklahoma Co OK E.D. 161 sheet 13
---3---James D - Jackson MO ED #2 sheet 11 line 95
----4----children enum with parents except William d inf 1876
---3---Vincent C - prob died bet 1874/80 - wife Anna enum with son James Jackson MO ED # 131 sheet 10
----4----Viola C (m Elijah H Coleman 1876) Green MO p ?
-----5-----Julia (m Robert D Stone) prob in Green MO, do not have
-----5-----all other children enum with parents except twins Elmer & Emery who died young (unk year)
----4----George W - Jackson MO ED #131 sheet 22 line 17
-----5-----children enum with parents
----4----James H Jackson MO ED # 131 sheet 10 line 61
-----5-----not married, no known issue
----4----Thomas H D Jackson MO ED 112 Sheet 4 line 23
-----5-----no known issue
----4----Lillie Minnie Mae enum with brother James
----4----all children accounted for, son Joseph d child 1879
---3---John W (died 1872, had never married)
---3---Benoni prob. died young
---3---George K - Yuma AZ ED #72 Sheet 1 Line 21
----4----Hattie [m John B Davis] - no info
----4----John W enum with uncle Elijah Young TX ED #163 Sheet 8 line 16
----4----George C (d child)
---3---Mary [m J. Thomas Funk] (d 1884)
----4----did not trace
---3---Elijah (from 2nd marriage) Young TX ED #163 Sheet 8 line 16
----4----Mary Lounora [m Edward Tankersley] prob Young TX (do not have)
----4----other children enum with parents except Celia who had d inf 1876

-2--Rachel & husband Elisha Wickware had both died, children:
---3---Mary Davidson - deceased
----4----did not trace
---3---Alpheus - d 1896 AR
----4----did not trace
---3---John - no info
---3---James W - prob Simpson KY (do not have)
---3---Vincent - prob Crawford KS (do not have)
-2--Mary [m James Oliver] (Mary died sometime prior to 1850) - no info on James or children
---3---no info

-2--Nancy (m Benoni Swearingen) [she died 1865, Benoni died 1866]
---3---Lemuel V (died 1876)
---3---Sarah [m William Briant] (Sarah died 1876, William d 1888)
----4----did not trace, note, though, that son Elijah 'Lige' married Annie Gurley in Sonora TX in 1900. Annie had just divorced Lige's cousin, William H Cusenbary (see below).
---3---William C (died 1846)
---3---Malinda P [never married, no issue] d 1890
---3---Benoni O d 1889
----4----William Wilson - not found, sb in Simpson
----4----Nancy C 'Nannie' - enum with Aunt Polly Baird, Simpson KY, ED 79 Sheet 5a
----4----Mary F (d child 1880)- not found, sb in Simpson
----4----Patterson 'Monday'- not found, sb in Simpson
---3---Mary E (died between 1850 & 1865)
---3---Elijah C d 1890, widow Susan d 1901 in Simpson, did not find
----4----did not trace
---3---Nancy C (died 1850)
---3---Polly Ann [m Wilson Baird 1869] - Simpson KY, ED 79 Sheet 5a
----4----did not trace

-2--Frances [m James Gilliam] (Frances died betw. 1860/70)
---3---did not trace (note, son William Gilliam is the ancestor of Cushenberry genealogist Jean Kent)

-2--Malinda [m Albert Jones] (d 1882) widow Albert enum with daughter, Isabella (see Eli below)
---3---Anna Eliza [m John Baker] - no info
----4----did not trace
---3---Mary E [m Dr. Charles Neely] (d 1895)
----4----did not trace
---3---Isabella (see Eli below)
---3---Clabourn - no info

-2--William D (died 1879, wife Polly died 1878)
---3---James S (from 1st marriage) Logan or Simpson KY - not found
----4----Olive 'Ollie' [m Dr E B Farthing 1896] - not found
----4----William H Cusenbary - not found, may still have been in jail in Sutton TX
----4----James M - Sutton TX ED 70 Sheet 3 line 59
----4----Sarah 'Jessie' [m Levi Thurman 1900] - not found, however, they married in Coal OK
----4----Benjamin T - not found, in 1910 in Coal OK so may have been there with sister in 1900
----4----George Munday - not found, in 1907 married in Coal OK so may have been there with sister in 1900
---3---Eli [m cousin Isabella Jones, dau of Malinda and Albert Jones] Simpson KY ED 78 Sheet 15 Stamped 299A (Eli & Isabella had no children)
---3---William P Coleman TX ED 23, Sheet 3, page 210a, line 31
----4----all children enum with parents except Benetta who d 1883 and Joe, who d 1899.
---3---Robert Simpson or Logan KY not found
---3---Elijah T (d 1897, Chavez NM) - never married, no issue
---3---Daniel B Sutton TX, ED 70 Sheet 13 Line 21
----4----all children enum with parents
---3---Mary [m James Clark 1875] (d 1889)
---3---Thomas E Simpson KY ED 76 Sheet 4B
----4----all children enum with parents except William who d 1897, and 'C C' who d 1894
---3---Nancy E [m John Finch] (d 1895, John d 1893)
----4----no info on any children

-2--Elijah Cushenberry (died 1858), widow Nancy not found, prob deceased
---3---Amanda (m Vincent Wickware) See Vincent above
---3---Patsy (d 1874, never married)
---3---Margaret (d bet 1871/1880) widower, Joseph Norwood prob in Crawford or Reno KS, not found
----4----no info on any children
---3---Thomas - not found
---3---Malinda - not found, no info (poss deceased)
---3---Mary [m W A Harris abt 1878] - not found, no info
----4----did not trace
---3---Nancy 'Katie' - not found, no info

1-Vachel Lindsay (Anna died 1842, Vachel died 1855)
-2-- Nicholas - no info
-2-- Elijah - no info
-2-- Other children ?

1-Zachariah Ross (m Moses' daughter Elizabeth) - have no record of her death, except that it was before Zachariah's. He died sometime after 1845 in Owen Co KY. If living, they should be on the Owen or Henry Co census, which I do not have.

1-Daniel Cusenberry (Daniel and Sally - deceased)
-2--James (I believe he died between 1870 & 1880 - does anyone know?)
[listed here because he is probably Daniel's son]
From first marriage:
---3---Rebecca [m Aaron Perry] (d 1884, Aaron d 1885)
----4----did not trace
---3---John Parks (d 1884) widow Lucinda Allen KY, ED 004 Sheet 7 Line 130
----4----Margaret Ella [m William Stephens 1886] prob Allen KY, not found
----4----Fannie A (d child 1862)
----4----Mary Alice [m Plutarch Welch] prob Allen KY, not found
----4----Riley E 'Em' - Allen KY ED 004, Sheet 8
-----5-----all children enum with parents except Mary Ruth who d child 1899
----4----John E 'Ed' - not found, may have been in Allen KY or possibly already in OK
----4----Lillie E [m Samuel J Read] - Allen KY, ED 4 Sheet 7 Line 128 (apparently had no children)
----4----William R - Allen KY, ED 004, Sheet 7 line 133 (next to mother) - listed with 2nd wife Bettie, no mention of their daughter Wyvonna
----4----Serena J 'Rena' [m John Spencer 1894] - Allen KY (dau Minnie was born there in 1900), not found
----4----Georgia R (d inf 1873)
----4----Herschel H - enum with mother
----4----Minnie - enum with mother
---3---Hiram (died 1859, widow m George Springer, who d prior to 1880, widow d 1899)
[note, there is mention of an undocumented 1st marriage for Hiram, with two children John and Elizabeth. I have found nothing to substantiate this, although the source says that John & children came to stay with them at one point]
----4----James T - Barber KS ED 10 Sheet 2b
-----5-----both children enum with parents
----4----Mary (m Andy Kimery) - prob in Kansas somewhere, not found
----4----Charles S - Barber KS ED 1 Sheet 4b
-----5-----all children enum with parents
From second marriage:
---3---William A - Allen KY, both parents enum with son, Richard
----4----Richard - Allen KY, ED 003 Sheet 10
----4----Louella [m Albert Mays 1892] - prob Allen or Barren KY, not found
----4----James W 'Bud' - not found, I believe may have died as a child - anyone know?
----4----Hiram Casey 'Harry Clay' - Allen KY, enum with brother, Richard
----4----Garnet 'Garny'- Allen KY, enum with brother, Richard
----4----Vada Mae- Allen KY, enum with brother, Richard
---3---James S - prob Allen KY, not found

1-Rachel Pullen [husband John died abt 1833] - deceased (anyone know when she died?)
-2--Ann (m Henry Sears, he died abt 1850) no info
-2--Vincent (died between 1871 & 1879)
-2--James - (died between 1863 & 1879)
-2--Other children - no info

As always, the ones where I have indicated a location without data are generally because they are verified as being in that area from tax records or some other source - it would be nice to have their census as well! If you have copies of any of the above (where I noted "do not have" or "no info") I would love to have copies - will reimburse for any cost to copy & mail.


Howard Gilbert Cushinberry's family (I have not found him on earlier census records,
according to Phyllis Downing he should have been in Kansas as early as 1870):

-1- Howard Gilbert - should be in Kansas, not found
--2--Ida - b 1879, not found
--2--all other children very young, should be with parents


OTHER C's on the 1900 Census (in order by state):

William Cushenberry b June 1850 Graham AZ
Charles Cushenbery b July 1876 El Paso CO
Cushenberry, John W b March 1883 Simpson KY
Cushenberry, Edna b May 1886 (enum with grandfather) Simpson KY (black)
[Edna is part of Victoria and Adrian's family, have not found the rest of the family in 1900]
John Cushionberry b Nov 1860 Dallas MO
Mary Cushenbury b Apr 1869 Jackson MO
James Cushinberry b Feb 1850 Ripley MO
Jessie Cushenberry b May 1874 Camp TX
Prince Cushingberry b June 1864 [unknown county] TX
Joseph W Cushenburry b Jan 1851 Brown TX

Odds and Ends

1891 Tennessee Voter Lists:
1891 Peter Cushenberry Montgomery TN p162 dist 12
1891 Cap Coosenberry Wayne TN p 105 dist 4
1891 E N Coosenberry Wayne TN p 001 dist 3
1891 male voters Harris Cushingberry Wilson TN NPL
1891 male voters Henry " Wilson TN NPL
1891 male voters Hugh L " Wilson TN NPL
1891 male voters Jack " Wilson TN NPL
1891 male voters James " Wilson TN NPL
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