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1870 Census

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1870 Census

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Surnames: Cushenberry, Cockrill, Tilden, Ellis, Jones, Wickware, Swearingen, Pullen, Sears
CENSUS - More on our census study (also posted on rootsweb site under "Queries"). If you have information about any of the census listings - please let me know, especially the ones I've indicated not having any data!
For the most part, I did not follow female lines into the 4th generation. If there is a line you'd like to see added or filled out in our CushCollection, let me know and we'll track it down.

1870 Census Records (numbers denote the generation)

1-William's Family (William and Francis - deceased)
-2--Rachel Brown - prob deceased
---3---William C Brown, no info
---3---Other children - no info
-2--Ann Archer (died in 1849, David died in 1861)
---3---Samuel Archer (died 1852)
---3---the other two boys, David Jr and John, should both be in Allen, IN - p ?
---3---girls, Sarah, Rebecca & Isabel - no info, I don't know who or if they married
-2--James Graves [m dau Kitty, per Robert, Kitty died before 1834], (1840 James was in Gallatin) - no info
---3---Graves children - no info
-2--Polly - [we lost Polly & Dulcena after 1830, they were not enum. with David in 1840 as I had guessed]
-2--Dulcena - see above
-2--David - died in 1849, had never married
-2--Benjamin - died in 1846, wife Rebecca had remarried twice by now (2nd marriage unconfirmed, 3rd marriage to Israel Venard in 1852?) - not found
---3---Mary Tilden (m Titus 1849) - not found
---3---Peter - not found - unsure of when he moved to Nebr
---3---William - died in 1834
1-Mary Lindsay (oldest daughter of Moses) have no record of when she died, just a note that husband Nicholas died about 1830 in Edgar Co, IL - know more?
-2-- Vincent Clark IL no info
---3---William Clark IL no info
-2-- William - no info
1-John Cusenberry - not found
1-Elijah's Family (Elijah and Polly - deceased)
-2--Samuel Wickware [m daughter Elizabeth] (Elizabeth died 1834, Samuel died abt 1858/59)
---3---Elijah G [m Mary Ann Hail] Robertson TN p ? (have the info, not the page #)
---3---William [no info]
---3---Mary Ann [m Sidenham P Cockrill, son of Biddy] SEE Sidenham, below
---3---Sally [died infant]
---3---Adeline L [m Thomas Burton] died 1863
---3---Samuel [no info]
---3---Martha [m Dr Thomas Gibson] prob in Allen KY, do not have
[note, I did not follow this line past the 3rd generation - if you'd like to see the 4th generation filled out, let me know. The Wickware Association probably has the info, or perhaps Cindy D does]
-2--J J Cockrill [m daughter Obedience] (Johnson died 1851) Biddie was in Allen KY p 151 next to son Thomas J, with son-in-law James B McFarland
-----children of 1st marriage (Ellis)
---3---Eveline (Ellis) [m Robert F Ficklin] Allen KY p ?
---3---William Ellis [d 1849]
---3---Richard M Ellis [no info]
-----children of 2nd marriage (Cockrill)
---3---Sidenham P Orleans Ps LA p 489
---3---Elijah M Simpson KY ?, do not have
---3---Benjamin F Allen p 176
---3---Mary Frances [m T J Read] Allen p
---3---Thomas J Allen KY p 151
---3---Johnson H not found
---3---Lee Ann (m 1st Atwood who died 1854, 2nd McFarland) Allen KY p 152
-2--Harrison Simpson KY p 77
---3---John H Crawford KS p 417
---3---Alice (m Benjamin Guy in 1863) should be in Simpson KY, have not found
---3---All other children enum. with parents
-2--(Other children of Elijah: Lucinda is not found - anyone have marriage info on her? - Henry and Neil are nowhere to be found - I believe they both died prior to 1840)
1-Vincent Cusenbary (deceased)
-2--Elizabeth Robinson [died 1854, hus. Dudley died abt 1849]
---3---Henry - Logan KY p 339 (as far as I know, Elizabeth and Dudley had only the one child)
-2--Frances Cushenberry (widow of James, who died Dec 1840) Simpson KY p 118 (enum with son-in-law W S Cavett)
---3---Thomas Simpson KY p 40 (next to William D)
----4----all children enum with parents (except those died infants)
---3---Daniel Simpson KY p 40 (enum with brother, Thomas)
---3---Mary [m T J Jones] (died 1854)
---3---Sarah 'Sallie' [m Charley Farley/Faller] - Simpson KY p 31
---3---Robert Johnson MO p 622
----4----all children enum with parents (except Nancy, died infant)
---3---Malinda [m Wllm N Crewdson] Logan KY p ? (did not find)
---3---Matilda [m Henry W Devasher] cannot locate - moved to MO between 1869&1874
---3---Nancy 'Nannie' [m Warren 'Doc' Holcomb] Simpson KY p 45 (per the Holcomb history, they returned to KY from Cass MO due to the Civil War uprisings there)
---3---Mariah Jane 'Jennie' (m W S Cavett 1864) Simpson KY p ? (have info but not page #)
---3---John O (died 1864 Cass GA due to Civil War)
-2--Daniel Cusenbary (died 1864, killed in Civil War related uprisings in Independence MO), widow Celia was remarried to James Funk, Jackson MO p 22
---3---Harrison D Jackson MO p 500
---3---James D - Jackson MO p 284 (note, in 1867 on the AZ Territorial Census in Wickenburg, Yuma County)
---3---Vincent C - not found, should be in Jackson or Johnson MO ?
---3---John W Jackson MO p 284 (note, in 1866-69 on the AZ Territorial Census in Wickenburg)
---3---Benoni prob. died young
---3---George - Dickinson KS p 10 (note, in 1867 with brothers in Wickenburg, see above)
---3---Mary (m James T Funk) should be in Jackson MO, no info
---3---Elijah (from 2nd marriage, enum with mother and step-father)
-2--Rachel & husband Elisha Wickware had both died, children:
---3---Mary Davidson - deceased
---3---Alpheus - no info
---3---John W - no info
---3---James - no info
---3---Vincent - no info
-2--James Oliver [Mary died sometime prior to 1850] - no info on James or children
---3---see note above
-2--Benoni Swearingen [m daughter Nancy, died 1865, Benoni died 1866]
---3---Lemuel V Logan KY p 64 (do not have)
---3---William Briant (m dau Sarah) - Simpson p 105 (do not have)
---3---William C (died 1846)
---3---Malinda P Simpson KY p 36
---3---Benoni O Simpson KY p 105 (do not have)
---3---Mary E Logan KY (died between 1850 & 1865)
---3---Elijah C Simpson KY p 106
---3---Nancy C (died 1850)
---3---Polly Ann (m Wilson Baird 1869) Simpson or Logan KY? (do not have)
-2--James Gilliam [m daughter Frances, died betw. 1860/70] - no info on James or children
---3---do not have children info
2--Albert Jones [m daughter Malinda] - Simpson KY p ? (do not have)
---3---do not have children info
2--William D Simpson KY p 40
---3---James S (from 1st marriage) Logan KY p 513
---3---Eli Logan KY p 314
---3---Robert Logan KY p 314 (enum with Eli)
---3---All other children enum with parents
-2--Elijah Cushenberry (died 1858, widow Nancy Simpson KY p 72 enum with brother Thomas Coghill)
---3---Vincent Wickware (m dau Amanda) no info
---3---Joseph Norwood (m dau Margaret) no info
---3---Thomas - not found
---3---Malinda - not found, no info (poss deceased)
---3---Patsy, Mary & Nancy enum with mother

1-Vachel Lindsay (Anna died 1842, Vachel died 1855)
-2-- Nicholas - no info
-2-- Elijah - no info
-2-- Other children ?
1-Zachariah Ross (m Moses' daughter Elizabeth) - have no record of her death, except that it was before Zachariah's. He died sometime after 1845 in Owen Co KY. If living, they should be on the Owen or Henry Co census, which I do not have.

1-Daniel Cusenberry (Daniel and Sally - deceased)
-2--James Allen KY, p 163
[I list him here because he is probably Daniel's son]
---3---Aaron Perry (m dau Rebecca) - Allen KY p 155
---3---John Parks - Allen KY p 155
---3---Hiram (died 1859, widow m George Springer, prob in Adams IL)
---3---children by 2nd marriage, William and James are enum with parents
1-Rachel Pullen [husband John died abt 1833] - prob deceased, not found
-2--Henry Sears [m oldest dau Ann, died abt 1850] no info
-2--Vincent - Jefferson MO, p 384
-2--James - prob Jefferson MO, not found
-2--Other children - no info


As before, the ones where I have indicated a location without data are generally because they are verified as being in that area from tax records or some other source - it would be nice to have their census as well! If you have copies of any of the above (where I noted "do not have" or "no info") I would love to have copies - will reimburse for any cost to copy & mail.

UNKNOWN C's on the 1870 Census (in order by state & county):
1870 J Q Cushenbury Washington AR p 218 Fayetteville
1870 Sylva Cushingbury Douglas KS p 380 6 w Lawrence
1870 Eliza Cushingberry Ballard KY p 451 Lovelaceville
1870 Harriss Quesenbery Christian KY Hamby
1870 Charity Cushenberry Franklin KY p 46 sub dist 150
1870 F Cushingberry Fayette KY p 144 Pct 6
1870 Minerva Cushingberry Fayette KY p 177 1 w Lex
1870 Margret Cuenberg Larue KY p 10 Buffalo PO
1870 Emily Cushenberry Logan KY p 470 Russellville
1870 James Cushenberry McLean KY p 272 Sacramento
1870 Eddy Cushenberry Ohio KY p 462 Fordsville
1870 Mary Cushenberry Ohio KY p 461 Fordsville
1870 Robert Beusenberry Owen KY p 143 Graty Pct
1870 Charity Cushenberry Simpson KY p 46 Sub Dist 1 (cut off)

* 1870 Edmond Cushenburry Simpson KY p 11 Franklin
1870 Jim Cushingbury Trigg KY p 170 Walloma
1870 Peter Cushingbury Trigg KY p 170 Walloma
1870 Alfred Cushenberry Warren KY p 238 Bristow
1870 Alonzo Cushenberry Warren KY p 238 Bristow
1870 Eliza (Elijah) Cushenberry Warren KY p 238 Bristow
1870 Clay Cashenberry Warren KY p 165 Goshen
1870 John Cushenberry Warren KY p 165 Goshen
1870 Sally Cushenberry Warren KY p 165 Goshen
1870 M. Cushinberry Warren KY p 220 Lucus Pct
1870 Thomas Cushenberry Warren KY p 268 Woodburn
1870 Edward Cushenberry Ascension Ps LA p 123 Donaldsonville
1870 Lewis Cushenberry “ “ p 123 “
1870 Willis Cusheonberry Richland Ps LA p 264 Girard 3rd Ward
1870 Ann Cushingberry Caldwell MO p 125 Hamilton
1870 Louisna Cushionbery Johnson MO p 629b Warrensburg Twp
(domestic worker in the home of John Thompson)
1870 A Coosenberry Pemiscot MO p 233 Gayoso
1870 S A Coosinberry Pemiscot MO p 235 Gayoso
1870 Henry Cushenberg Warren MO p 696 Charette Twp
1870 Morris Cushingberry Wilkinson MS p 244 Woodville
1870 Nathan Cusbury Cuyahoga OH p220
1870 Tillman Cushenberry Maverick TX p 530 Ft Duncan
1870 Allice Cushenberry Augusta VA p 318 Dist 2
1870 Elizabeth Cushenberry Augusta VA p 318 Dist 2
1870 Francis Cushenberry Augusta VA p 318 Dist 2
1870 William Cushenberry Augusta VA p 318 Dist 2
1870 Washington Cusenbury Appomattox VA p 64 Southside Twp
1870 Abner Causenbury Appomattox VA p 64 Southside Twp
1870 Malinda Cushnberry Appomattox VA p 64 Southside Twp
1870 Malinda Cushnberry Appomattox VA p 50 Southside Twp
1870 Washington Cushnberry Appomattox VA p 50 Southside Twp
1870 Celina Cushenbury Campbell VA p 35 Eastern Div
1870 Thomas “ “ VA p 33 "
1870 Thomas “ “ VA p 35 "
1870 Willie “ “ VA p 17 "
1870 Harris Cushberry Nelson VA p 384 Massies Mill Twp
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