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1830 Culber(t)son census: deep south states

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1830 Culber(t)son census: deep south states

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Below are the Culber(t)son families that I found in the 1830 census for the deep south states. NOTES by me are not part of the actual census and are subject to error

1830 Greene Co AL
Culbertson, Walter
1m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 3f<5 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f30-40 1f40-50

1830 Jefferson Co AL
Culbertson, W D T
1m5-10 1m40-50 1m40-50 2f<5 1f5-10 2f10-15 1f30-40
NOTE: William Davies Thomas Culbertson (b.1787SC), son of Josiah Culbertson-RWS of SC & IN.

1830 Perry Co AL
Culberson, John
1m<5 2m15-20 1m30-40 1f<5 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f40-50
NOTE: John Culberson (b.1791GA), son of David Culberson & Clara Browning; married 1811 Morgan Co GA to Bethana Heard; see 1850 Union Pa LA.

1830 Arkansas: None

1830 Gadsen Co FL
Culberson, L
1m20-30 1f<5 1f15-20

1830 Leon Co FL
Culbertson, Robert
1m<5 1m10-15 1m40-50 2f<5 1f5-10 1f30-40
NOTE: see 1820 Irwin Co GA

1830 Jasper Co GA
Culberson, Thos
1m<5 1m20-30 2f15-20
NOTE: see 1840-1850 Troup Co GA.

1830 Madison Co GA
Culbertson, William P
1m10-15 4m20-30 1m50-60 1f10-15 1f15-20
NOTE: William Porter Culbertson (1773-184?), son of Robert Culbertson & Elizabeth Porter; married 1800 Oglethorpe Co GA to Aletha Jennings.

1830 Newton Co GA
Culberson, James
1m<5 1m5-10 1m10-15 1m15-20 1m30-40 1f<5 1f10-15 1f15-20 1f30-40

1830 Rabun Co GA
Culberson, Martin
1m<5 1m20-30 1f<5 1f15-20
NOTE: Martin Culberson md 1)1827 Habersham Co GA to Deborah Middleton 2)1840 Chattooga Co GA to Sena McCain

1830 Troup Co GA
Culberson, James
2m10-15 1m20-30 1m40-50 1m80-90 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f40-50 1f60-70
NOTE:James Culberson (1786-186?), son of David Culberson & Clara Browning; married Sarah Morrow Wilkerson. WAs the 1f60-70 Clara Browning-Culberson-Haralson (1765-1841)????

Culberson, David B
1m<5 1m20-30 1m30-40 2f<5 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f30-40
NOTE: Rev David Browning Culberson (1794-186?TX), son of DAvid Culberson & Clara Browning; married Lucy Wilkerson.

Culberson, Green
1m<5 1m20-30 2f<5 1f20-30
NOTE: Green Culbertson took part in the 1827 GA land lottery as a resident of Jasper Co GA.

1830 Upson Co GA
Culberson, J F
1m<5 2m20-30 0-1f<5 1f15-20
NOTE: Jeremiah F Culberson, son of Jeremiah Culberson (b.1783) & Mary "Polly" McAlpin; md 1827 Greene Co GA to Nancy Macon; see 1840-1850 Natchitoches Parish LA; census is not clear: "0" and "1" are both written in the "females under 5" column.

1830 Rapides Parish LA
Culbertson, Thomas
1m<5 1m5-10 1m20-30 1f<5 1f10-15 1f20-30

1830 Mississippi: None

1830 Buncombe Co NC
Culberson, Andrew
1m5-10 1m10-15 1m15-20 1m30-40 1f30-40

Culberson, Orra
1m10-15 1f10-15 1f30-40
NOTE: see 1840 Polk Co TN "Awry" Culbertson--same??

1830 Burke Co NC
Culberson, David
1m<5 1m5-10 2m10-15 2m15-10 1m40-50 2f<5 1f5-10 1f30-40
NOTE: Was he really a Culberson OR a Cuthberson??

1830 Caswell Co NC
Culverson, Hiram
1m5-10 1m10-15 1m15-20 1m40-50 1f<5 1f5-10 1f15-20 1f20-30 1f40-50
NOTE: Hiram Culberson (1786NC-1837TN), son of William Culberson & his 1st wife; married 1806 Caswell Co GA to Nancy Hightower.

Culverson, Mary 1f60-70
NOTE: Mary Browning Culberson, 2nd wife/widow of William Culberson (b.pre.1755-d.1824)-they married 1800 Caswell Co NC.

1850 Chatham Co NC
Culberson, William
1m5-10 1m30-40 1f5-10 1f30-40
NOTE: William Culberson (1798NC-liv 1880GA), son of Samuel Culberson (d.1817) & Sarah Jones; married 1821 Chatham Co NC to Mary Brooks; see 1850 Chatham Co NC & 1860-1880 Walker Co GA

Culberson, Sarah
1m20-30 1f10-15 1f15-20 1f50-60
NOTE: Sarah Jones Culberson, widow of Samuel Culberson (d.1817)

Culberson, John
1m5-10 1m30-40 1f<5 1f20-30
NOTE: son of Samuel Culberson (d.1817) & Sarah Jones

1830 Mecklenberg Co NC
Culberson, Margaret
2m5-10 1m20-30 1f<5 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f15-20 1f40-50

Culberson, Cathrine
1m5-10 2m10-15 2f5-10 1f10-15 1f15-20 2f20-30 1f30-40
NOTE: were they really Culberson or Cuthberson???

1830 Rowan Co NC
Culbertson, Samuel
1m15-20 2m20-30 1m50-60 1f15-20 2f20-30 1f50-60
NOTE:Samuel Culbertson (1768-1843), son of John Culbertson & Elizabeth McConnell; married Lydia Gillespie

Culbertson, Gillespie
1m<5 2m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f<5 1f15-20 1f20-30
NOTE:Gillespie Culbertson (1800-1845), son of Samuel Culbertson & Lydia Gillespie

1830 Abbeville Co SC
Culberson, Elizabeth
1m<5 1m5-10 1f30-40

1830 Greenville Co SC
Culbertson, William
1m10-15 1m40-50 1f<5 1f20-30

1830 Laurens Co SC
Culbertson, Y J
1m<5 1m5-10 1m30-40 1f<5 1f20-30
NOTE: Young James Culbertson (b.1798), son of James Culbertson (1770) & Nancy Babb

Culbertson, Alexander
1m<5 2m5-10 1m30-40 1f<5 1f10-15 1f20-30 1f40-50
NOTE: Alexander Culbertson (1792SC-1875AL), son of Robert Culbertson & 2nd wife Dolly Pleasant

Culbertson, John
1m<5 1m40-50 1m70-80 1f<5 1f5-10 1f20-30
NOTE: John Culbertson (1789SC-liv 1860AL), son of Robert Culbertson & 2nd wife Dolly Pleasant

Culbertson, James
1m50-60 1f50-60
NOTE: James Culbertson (b.1770), son of Robert Culbertson & 1st wife Elizabeth Porter

Culbertson, John
1m<5 2m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f<5 1f5-10 1f10-15 1f30-40
NOTE: John Culbertson (1799SC), son of James Culbertson & Nancy Babb

1830 Union Co SC
Culber(t)son, Andrew
2m5-10 1m50-60 1f5-10 1f10-15 2f15-20 1f50-60

1830 Henderson Co TN
Culberson, William
2m<5 2m5-10 2m10-15 1m15-20 1m30-40 1f<5 1f15-20 1f30-40

1830 Madison Co TN
Culberson, Lawrence
2m<5 1m30-40 1f<5 2f5-10 1f30-40
NOTE: There was a James Culberson who lived in Chatham Co NC; apparently between he moved to Warren Co TN just after the 1820 census and died there by 1824; an 1824 Chatham Co NC deed shows that James Culbertson of Montgomery Co NC bought of Joseph Culberson of Warren Co TN (Joseph being attorney for Wm. Andrew, Joseph, LAWRENCE, Aaron & Jonathan Culberson all of Warren Co TN) 350 acres on Fall Creek, Chatham Co NC. Is this Lawrence and the Andrew, Aaron & John below in 1830 Maury Co the children mentioned in this deed??

1830 Maury Co TN
Culberson, Andrew
2m5-10 2m20-30 2f<5 1f5-10 1f20-30 1f30-40

Culberson, Aaron
2m<5 1m20-30 1f20-30

Culberson, John
2m<5 1m20-30 1f5-10 1f20-30

1830 Montgomery Co TN
Culberson, Jessee
1m<5 1m5-10 1m10-15 1m30-40 1f5-10 1f10-15 1f30-40

1830 Rhea Co TN
Culberson, John
1m30-40 2f<5 1f20-30

1830 Robertson Co TN
Culbertson, Thomas
1m20-30 1f<5 1f20-30

Culbertson, James
1m15-20 3m20-30 1m50-60 1f15-20 1f60-70
NOTE: James Culbertson (1775NC-1849TN), son of John Culbertson & Elizabeth McConnell of Rowan Co TN

1830 Williamson Co TN
Culberson, Benjamin
1m5-10 2m15-20 1m40-50 3f10-15 1f40-50
NOTE: Benjamin Culbertson (1786NC-liv 1860), son of John Culbertson & Elizabeth McConnell of Rowan Co NC

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