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Richard F. Coryell's father was a Coddington

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Richard F. Coryell's father was a Coddington

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Surnames: Coryell Coriell Coddington Codington
Richard F. Coryell (1794-1845) and Frances Spencer (1793-1851) of Mt. Horeb, Warren Township, Somerset County, NJ produced at least thirteen children, twelve of whom left descendants. For decades Richard has been a genealogical brick wall. No one has been able to prove who his parents were. Now, the combination of traditional paper research and DNA science is shedding light on this old family mystery.

Traditional paper research proves Richard and his family associated closely with several members of the Coddington family. All of these Coddington associates descend from Isaac Coddington (1729-1776) and they lived in the Mt. Horeb, Warren Township area. Isaac is a direct descendant of Stockdale Coddington (1569-1650), who emigrated to Boston around 1640.

Recently, two direct descendants of Richard F. Coryell completed y-chromosome DNA testing. One man is descended from Richard's son John Coriell (1815-1863). The other is descended from Richard's son Jeremiah G. Coryell (1837-1894). The result: Mr. Coriell matched Mr. Coryell on 45 out of 45 markers.


1. Mr. Coriell and Mr. Coryell share a common ancestor (Richard).
2. Both of their documented lines are valid (i.e., no adoptions or other false paternities occurred in either line all the way back to Richard).
3. Richard's haplotype is known for 45 markers.
4. Richard's haplogroup is I1 confirmed (2008 nomenclature).

Richard's known haplotype was then compared to the known haplotype of Abraham Coryell (see my post from earlier today; Abraham is believed to be progenitor of the Coryell family in the USA). The result: Richard matched Abraham on 9 out of 28 markers.

Conclusion: Richard F. Coryell and Abraham Coryell are not biologically related.

Some time ago the Coddington DNA Project established the haplotype of Stockdale Coddington for 43 markers. When Richard's known haplotype is compared to Stockdale's, the result is a 36/36 match.

So, given the "brick wall" and Richard's close association with the Coddington family, the implications of the DNA results are obvious: Richard's biological father was a Coddington.

Additional DNA testing further supports this conclusion. The Jeremiah G. Coryell descendant and his father currently match the administrator of the Coddington DNA Project on 74 out of 76 markers.

From the historical records found to date, it seems likely that Richard was adopted into a Coryell family and raised as a Coryell. All male Coryell descendants of Richard F. Coryell living today--barring adoption or other non-paternal event along their direct lines to Richard--have a Coddington haplotype. Including myself! We are the "Coddington Coryells."

This investigation is ongoing and may never produce indisputable proof about the identities of Richard's biological and adopted fathers, but my prime candidates are: John Coddington (1761-1844) (a.k.a. "Corrington") and David A. Coryell (1758-1835).

The thirteen known children for Richard F. Coryell and Frances Spencer are:

Sarah Ann Coryell (m. Aaron Coddington)
John Coriell (m. Elizabeth Bush)
Mary Jane Coriell (m. John Wadsworth)
Eliza H. Coryell (m. George D. Boice and Robert McAdams)
Randolph Coriell (m. Mary Jane Hoaglund)
Charlotte Coriell (m. Matthias Giddes)
Elias Coryell (m. Catherine Ann Bush)
Phebe Coryell (m. David Lincoln)
Isaiah Coriell (m. Ann Van Winkle)
Eunice Coryell (m. William Mundy)
Almeda F. Coryell (m. John C. Myers and William Lincoln)
Jeremiah G. Coryell (m. Susan M. Jimerson)
George B. Coryell (m. Mary Ann McNear and Mary Hudson)

Interested persons are invited to reply to this post or to contact me directly. They are also encouraged to contact Jonathan of the Coddington DNA Project at

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