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Where is the Claywell name from?

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Re: Claywell Name

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Surnames: clavell
I am sending a page of research performed by the late Charles Clayillie, Jr. I hope it helps.

Volume No 1 May 7, 1992

THE FIRST GENERATIONPeter Clavell the known originator of our Clavell clan was born probably in England. They do not know his exact birth date, but our best guess would make it before 1643. His ancestors remain a mystery because we have limited our research to the United States. However we suspect his predecessors arrived in England in the 12th century during the Norman Invasion. There is a place in Normandy in the Seine-Infrerieure Department (now Seine-Maritime) called Clanville-en-Caux where the Clavell name appears to have originated according to the Domesday Book. The Clavell surname is found today in the English Commonwealth. Probably the most notable is the writer James Clavell, but the name in the English history has been both famous and infamous. For those interested in heraldry, there is a Clavell family Crest assigned to it so we may have a knight or two in our family tree. However, we have some highwaymen too.
The first reference to Peter Clavell arrival in the New World appears on the Certificates and Rights. In 1664 he was an Indentured Servant according to a land patent to Southey Littleton in Accomack County, Virginia. In the 1600's a wealthy man could bring other persons from England to the colony and receive from the King, fifty acres of land for each "head" so transported. They granted Southey Littleton a "Certificate" for 1200 acres for transporting Peter and 23 others to Accomack County. Peter probably did not arrive directly from England. They transported him from Jamestown, Virginia where Southey had purchased or traded Peter's headright from a ship's captain. To pay for his transportation, Peter agreed to work (be indentured) as an unpaid servant to Southey for five years. Among Peter's fellow shipmates were names of families who became the citizenry of Accomack County, Virginia and later Worcester County, Maryland.
Prior to Peter's arrival, there was a Henry Clavill whom they transported to New Kent County in 1657. They transported a William Clavell to Northampton County in 1672 and they transported him in 1673 to New Kent County. No connection was found between Peter and these Clavell's nor their descendants, if any, in the records.
In 1669, Peter's servitude (which probably required Peter to work Southey Plantation as a farmer) to Southey Littleton was over. Littleton may have granted Peter fifty acres for himself as his name appears on the Accomack County, tax rolls (tithable). No record exists of this property holding. On the 19th of February 1677, they now show Peter as a planter when he purchased 200 acres on Timber Creek (Hunting Creek) in Accomack County.
Sometime around 1682, Peter married Elizabeth Selby, a daughter of a large landowner Thomas Selby, Sr. Thomas in 1666, patented 1250 acres in the Bogerernorton Hundred which is now part of Worcester County, Maryland. In 1688, Peter Clavell bought 50 acres of marsh which was part of the same tract he had earlier purchased. On the 8th of August 1691, Peter wrote his Will. To his wife Elizabeth (the executrix) the original 200 acres (plantation where I now live) and later divided between sons Peter, Selbe and Thomas including the marsh he later purchased. He also mentioned the name of one daughter Comfort. By 21st of February 1692, Peter was dead. Elizabeth later remarried a John Onions and had a total of twelve children from both marriages. Thomas Selby, Sr. wrote his will on 28th of October 1701. He bequeathed personality (personal estate or property) to his grandchildren, Selby, Comfort, Rebecca Clavell, Eliza Baker (or Johnson) and John, Thomas and Selby Onions. Thomas Selby, Sr. died before the 24th of October 1702. The question now arises, is this the right family line for Peter Clavell (Jr.)? Selby did not mention him in his Will. They may have omitted him because he had property of his own at the time. He was left the house and plantation in his father's Will. Likewise, they did not name Thomas for similar reasons, but he may have died or left the Eastern Shores. His name has not been found in any record after. Thomas Selby Sr. mentioned two other grandchildren, Rebecca (maybe Peter & Elizabeth's youngest child, maybe married prior to Peter's Will). We may never answer these questions, but hopefully some future researcher will uncover documents proving the true relationship of these Clavell's. The record that we used to connect Peter Jr. to the 1600 Clavell's was a 1708 sale along with Selby of the family plantation on Timber Creek.
So we now have the 1st generation of American born Clavell's, or the 2nd generation of Peter & Elizabeth (Selby) Clavell which we know of to today. There are Peter, Selby, Thomas, Comfort, Eliza, and Rebecca Clavell. Of these children, Peter was the most prolific ancestor. Most Clavell's living today are descendants of this branch of our family tree. We know nothing of the descendants, if any of the other children accept Selby. Through deeds and wills we found Selby to have had one daughter named Mary, who married a William Murray and had a daughter named Esther. For us, Selby line stops here.
Peter, is the 2nd youngest child of Peter & Elizabeth (Selby) Clavell, who was born before 1692 in Accomack County, Virginia. We will outline his life in later Newsletter.
* * * * * *Peter Clavell's Accomack County, Virginia, Will (JR1531 Page 1)
The last Will and Testament of Peter Clavell. Going but in good and perfect memory considering with my self of this Life do and order and dispose of what worldly estate bestowed on me in manor Following but I do and bequeath my soul to God my great Creator and Redeemer what time it shall please him to call me out of this Life and steadfastly believing that he will receive me into mercie the merits of my Savior Jesus Christ. I do and also give and bequeath to my three Sons Peter, Selby and Thomas my plantation where I now live being two hundred acres of Land to be equally divided amongst them; and to my son, Peter, I do and give that part where my dwelling house and Plantation and to his heirs forever, the next part joining to ---- and bequeath to my son Selbe and his heirs forever and other part, I do give and bequeath to my Son Thomas and his heirs forever, ---- my will and desire is that my Loving Elizabeth may and shall enjoy my plantation during her Life for the better support of her self and children anything ---- formingly to ye contrary not withstanding. I do also give and confirm to each of my children wealth they now have and is commonly called theirs and to my three eldest children viz Selbe, Comfort and Thomas one mare colt and all her future Increase amongst them to be delivered to them ---- after my decease. I do also I give and bequeath to my three Sons and heirs forever all and every part of that parcel of marsh that I bought of William Jarman, only my will if that the rest of my children shall have an Equal privileges for their Stock with the ---- they stay with their Mother. And what other estate I have not heretofore mentioned I do give and bequeath to my loving wife Elizabeth of what kind soever and whom by these presents I do and constitute and appoint to be my ---- and whole executrix all which gifts and legacies I do confirm ---- and my hand this eight day of the 8th month called August (16) --
John Drummond Peter Clavell
John Abbott
John Parker
---- Young
The within last will and testament of Peter Clavell proved in open Court February 21th 1692 by 2 ---- John Parker and ---- corporal oath ---- Deed of ye Testator


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