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Dewayne 'Chris' Christofferson

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Dewayne 'Chris' Christofferson

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Dewayne 'Chris' Christofferson, 65, died unexpectedly Monday, Aug. 21, 2006.

Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association, Dallas, TX

He was a loving, gentle, kind-spirited man who lived his life with a purpose and a smile, always reminding those around him that life is good

He gave all he had to his wife and his five children. He always put others before himself and even when life was difficult, a joke and a smile put everyone at ease.

He spent much of his time puttering in his workshop at his house on Lake Buchannan. He never wasted materials, always knowing one of the kids or grandkids would have a project ready for him down the line. When accomplishing these projects, he was known to remark, 'I love it when a plan comes together!'

While living in San Jose, Calif., he became an avid 49ers fan. He and his family used his season tickets often and he spent many of his Sundays as a Texas resident cheering on his team from the comfort of his living room.

He was a man of routine and order. Every morning began the same: He worked with a sharp number two pencil on a neatly folded crossword puzzle. When his wife joined him in the kitchen for coffee, he would solicit her help in filling in answers that stumped him, never fully giving her a chance to think before asking her for another answer. Always a meticulous man, he saved the neatly folded puzzles he failed to complete. He worked on these bit by bit, not satisfied until they were complete. He met all challenges this way: he worked slowly, but paid attention to every detail. He never cut corners or rushed through a task, but preferred to think through each step in any project and was always assured it was done well.

He could tell a story like no one else. He would deliver the lines in such a way that you never knew if it was a real story or one of his long-winded, but hilarious jokes. It was this constant reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed that he brought to every relationship. This is one of his many legacies.

Along with his sense of humor, his children will forever cling to the wisdom that he bestowed. The principle lessons include his unwavering commitment to family, love and understanding. His entire family felt a deep sense of being unconditionally loved by him. He made a lasting impression on people who knew him, whether it be for 50 years or only a few days. He will be deeply missed by all of the hearts that he touched, and though he is not with us now, we know that he will forever be in our hearts. Anyone who knew him was truly blessed. A soul like his has made the world such a better place and although it will be difficult for those who loved him to move forward, they will always be comforted by his lived example that life is indeed good.

Survivors include his wife, Margie; five children, Catherine, Beth, Laura, Sarah and Christopher; three sisters, Lois, Mary and Nancy; five grandchildren, Mackenzie, Armand, Casey, Ryan and Madeline; numerous other family members; and countless close friends.

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