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George Cafarelli Charlotte (Kummer) Cafarelli

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Our greatgrandparents are buried in St. Raymond's Cemetery, here in the Bronx, NY in what we call the old section. Uncle Gene and his first wife Adele are also buried there. Adele was not a well woman and she died at an early age, then our Great Uncle Gene married a friend of his first wife's after her husband died Rita and they were married until his death. (He was hit by a car and he pushed Rita out of the way) He may of had a heart attack because of the accident so we are not sure of the exact reason how he died. I will see if my parents have the exact dates for us. My grandparents are also buried at St. Raymond's in the new section. I don't know anything about Thomas except for what I told you.

Our grandparents brother Peter was killed by a gun that he and some friends found. The story I have been told was the gun was rusty or stuck and the friends played with it until it went off and hit Peter. My father seems to think a friend was with him and if they would have told a grownup at the time Peter would have lived. ( again I have no way of proving this). I am sure the story to some part is true, since my father and grandmother told the story. I always tell this story since guns kill so many innocent people today and I want people to know how long this has been going on, this happened sometime around 1915 - 1925, again I am not positive but I do think he was the second child which would make him born around 1902 since, my grandfather was 1904 and your grandmother was 1906 and Gene was 1900.

As far as the grandchildren:
Stephen is first and he is about 60 his birthday is Feb. 26th, ? He never married and has no children.
Rodger is second and he is 11 months younger than Steve and he is Jan. 23rd or 24th their mother Audrey is the other date. Rodger was married twice and had one (1) son Christoper and he passed away from cancer, he also has three (3) granddaughters, I will ask Rod what their names and ages are the next time I talk to him.
Peter is next and he is Jean's oldest and his birthday is May 26th, 1950.
He was married and now is divorced and has two (2) grown sons Peter and Thomas.

Jean and my father don't speak much so I don't know alot about this part of the family.

Christoper is next and he is Audrey's last child he and I share the same year. His birthday is August 1st, 1951 he is married, but they decided not to have children.

I am next my birthday is Oct. 23rd, 1951 and I am separated from my husband (Peter). I also have cancer of the breast and I an 11 year survivor, I am in treatment right now but everything seems to be stable for the time being.

Next is Jean which is Jeans's second child and her birthday is in Sept. ? either 1952 or 1953. She has two children and is/was married to a New York City policeman Eric and a daughter I don't know her name.

Then comes my sister Teresa and she is married (Tony) and she has two children Eric August 19th, 1977 and Lauren August 16th, 1981. Lauren is getting married this November.

Next is Ann Jean's third child, she was born on Feb. 19th, ? which is Jean's wedding anniv. (hence Ann)

Then it is Thomas Jean's fouth child, I do not know his birth date but I think it is in Nov. 1958.

My brother Tony (George) is next his birthday is March 18th, 1959. He is divorced with no children. I also did not have any children.

Then last is David Jean's youngest and he is about your age, as he was born sometime in the 1960's. We have already moved to this house when he was born.

I think Ann, and David have one (1) child each, but I am not positive.

My Aunt Audrey and Steve live togther in FL.
Rod and most of the rest of us live in the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey.
My Aunt Audrey was divorced from her husband Salvatore and he has since passed away.
My Aunt Jean was still married to my Uncle Peter when he passed away?
My parents are still alive George's birthday is Feb. 18th, 1932 and my mother's birthday is Nov. 9, 1932, her name is Violet.
Aunt Jean's birthday is ? and I am not sure if she is still alive.

I am 50% Scotch my mother side and 25% German my grandmother and 25% Italian our grandparents.

My grandmother was born on Nov. 26th, 1906 (she liked to tell you it was 1907) I have blocked out the day and year she died, but I do know it was in August. (part of my Chemo-Brain)

I know I have the correct spelling our greatgrandparents first names somewhere and I will send them to you. I think I also have greatgrandma's maiden name.

I will keep in touch, bye for now,

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