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Intrduction to Jacob Burner Sr.

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Intrduction to Jacob Burner Sr.

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In My personel family my mother told me that my national heritage was
German, English, Irish, and Pennsylvainia Dutch. My paternal grand
parents came from Germany in 1894. My maternal lineage therefore
was English, Irish, and Pennsylvainia Dutch.

Mary Long married Abraham Burner on Jan.28, 1841 per La Porte Co.
Marriage Book A, p.289. He was born on Nov.2, 1813 in Shenandoah,
Virginia. His birth date was calculated from his age at death on his
tombstone in the Westville Cemetery. Chapman's history, page 489
lists him born in Virginia and of Pennsylvania Dutch heritage.

So another Burner family refers to Pennsylvainia Dutch as a heritage
besides my own. Remember Pennsylvainia Dutch may be very
important in the Burner / Börner research.

1. JACOB SR.1 BURNER is believed to have been born in Germany,
probably about 1722 give or take 10 years, and died December 30, 1790
in Shenandoah Co., Virginia. It is suggested by some that he married
MAGDALENA "MADLEY" BUMGARNER Abt. 1747, daughter of
JOHANNES BUMGARNER and UNKNOWN. She was born abt 1727,
and died WFT Est. 1760-1828 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia. This
marriage is denide by others, I believe it happened.

My Source of Information
I feel confident that it is correct to a point, there are too many different
people involved, whose information coincide most of the time. I
acquired my information from my mother Dorothy Irene Burner, Miss
Barbara A Burner, World Family Tree CD's, Mary Randall, Lila (Burner)
Houdsen. Also the Internet Programs; Genforum, Roots web,, Family Tree Maker and the LDS (Morman Church
genealogy program) I also have a book written by Mr. Maurice Glick,
concerning his family tree that mentions Jacob Burner.

In the Burner history the earliest that I have learned of are Jacob Burner
Sr and Erhardt Burner, and no others menioned in their generations by
genealogist researchers. It is possible that they are related, as has
been suggested by some Burner genealogists. They lived in the same
time span, 1700-1800, and in the same colony, Virginia. There is a
mountain range (Massanutten) between where they lived, with probably
a three day walk from one family to another, per Barbara Burner who
has been there searching for information. In the 1980's Barbara A.
Burner sent out numerous letters to BURNERS in the white pages of
the phone listing on the internet. My extended family sent information
of their father James Ovid Burner, grandfather Heber Nimrod Burner,
Great Grandfather Abraham Burner Jr. and all of their descendants.
They knew Abraham Sr existed of course, however they did not know
of Jacob Burner Jr or Jacob Burner Sr., Barbara Burner later sent the
information of these gentlemen to my uncle Edward Burner

This I did see in one of my internet searches. Even though I saw it
I failed to copy down th E-Mail Address. I no doubt seen it in a
genealogy program;
1. Title: Crawford County Biographical Illinois History
...Author: Paul Selby, Ed.
...Publication: Munsell Publishing Co., Chicago 1909
...Abbrev: Crawford County Biographical History, 1909
...Page: pg 698
...Text: Henry Burner, born in Licking County, Ohio, September3, 1835,
...a son of Abraham and Barbara (Stover) Burner. Abraham Burner was
...born in Shenandoah Valley, Va., and died thirty years ago, aged
...seventy eight years. He was the son of Henry Burner, while the
...Greatgrandfather of Henry Burner the younger, was Airhart Burner,
...who with two brothers came from Germany and settled in Virginia at early period
... (4- Henry Burner, 3- Abraham Burner, 2- Henry Burner,
...1-Airhart Burner)

Question: Does the above paragraph about Erhardt have accuurate
information in regards to Earhardt and his 2 brothers? I have only
learned of two Burners during this period, would one of these brothers
be Jacob? If so what happened to the third brother? If Jacob and
Earhardt were not brothers could there have been 4 Burners during
this period? If there were why haven't some of the Genealogists
mentioned more than 2 Burners? Why hasn't some records been
found of them?

On Tuesday April 4, 2000 I got another missive from Miss Barbara
Burner, she sent this E-mail out to different people; ..............................

She sent information from Pamela >< who sent a
modern day reconstructed Mennonite Census for the Shenandoah
Valley Virginia. It was constructed by Richard W Davis from
information he and Daniel Bly had acquired. Daniel Bly resists
accepting the Census Printed by Richard W. Davis and say's that it is
not a factual document.

Richard W. Davis listed 41 households in the Strassburg &
Massanutten Areas Of Shenandoah.

I am listing only 2 house holds from this document because of there
physical closeness of two families based on property documents in
Virginia. A Börner household in #37 & a Baumgardner Houshold
in # 38. (Because most Burner genealogist list Magdalena
Baumgardner being married to Jacob Burner/Börner.
ED Ballerstein)

In household 37
Jacob Borner, age 28
Magdalena (Baumgardner) Borner, age 23
Michael Burner, age 2
Jacob Burner, new born
In household 38
John Baumgartner, age 55
Mary Baumgardner, age 19
John, age 16
Elizabeth, age 14
Christian, age 12

A Mr Daniel Bly responded as follows;
"This so-called "census" is not based on some long lost document
which gives names, ages, etc. It is a hypothetical census constructed
by Mr. Davis from data and material he has collected. I provided him
with early land records and information on some families which I had
researched, particularly, Funk, Funkhouser, Hockrnan, Boehm and
some information on Burner. Most of the ages are only estimates
and guesses made by Mr. Davis. There is no proof that Jacob Burner's
wife was Magdalena Baumgartner- but apparently this has been
circulating long enough that most people, including Mr. Davis,
accept it as a fact."

(Mr. Daniel Bly may be correct, I don't think so,but the information
listing the household numbers and surname of residents are
informative. They are based on records. Ed)

POSSIBILITIES and maybe some facts:

A Burner genealogist, Miss Barbara Burner saw two Old Bibles at a
Burner's home in Virginia with a Jacob Börner ( two dots over the
letter o) name in them, also information written in German. I know that
the dots is done in the German language based on some documents I
have of my Aunt Emma and Uncle Herman. Documents from Germany
in 1880's.

During the Revolutionary War, salt was distributed to the counties in
quantity proportioned to the number of their militia. Old Dunmore
County (included part of present days Warren, Page and Shenandoah
Counties) was allotted 174 bushels with a promise of 260 bushels more
in 1776. "Jacob BORNER" was on the list of purchasers of salt at a
price of 5 shillings and three pence per bushel (Virginia Historical
Magazine, Vol. 49, 1941, page 341-345.) There's that name again,
"Bomer". (This information was in Maurice Click book.)

I found on the internet the following;
The E-mail address that I have presented is a Library of Virginia listing
of a BURNER-BÖRNER Bible Record Image. Jonas BÖRNER is born
October 27, 1781, a son of Michael BURNER, who is a son of Jacob
BURNER/ BÖRNER SR. Another source that proves the surname of
BÖRNER originally before being changed to BURNER.

Thats enough to prove to me that my maternal heritage surname was
originally Börner not Burner! (ED).

I belive Jacob immigrated to Philadelphia, and lived for a period in
Pennsylvainia, there is no proof, and I may be wrong. In my history
of Johannes Bumgardner he immigrated to Philadelphia in 1732 as a
single man and I presume he started a family in Lancaster County,
Pennsylvainia Dutch Country. I also believe there is a possibility that
Jacob Börner knew Johannes family there, Pennsylvainia Dutch people.
From Lancaster the County that the appeal for aid after an Indian
raid was written. Lancaster county had 21 Mennonite Churches in
the 1700's and it is believed that Jacob belonged to the Mennonite
Religion. Is there any Church records of that time in Pennsylvainia?
Could Jacob have been involved with a Church in Holland and during
a period before he continued to the Colonies, maybe the church that
the appeal for financial aid was requested from? Maybe this church
if it still exist has records that would satisfy that question one way or

Maurice Click, of Olympia, Washington wrote a ancestral book
"Our Children's Heritage". In this book he has Jacob Burner Sr. listed.
He claims that Jacob arrived in Philadelphia on August 30, 1743 on the
ship "Francis and Elizabeth". He also claims that Jacob bought land in
Virginia July 29 1743, it's unfathomable how Jacob Burner could
purchase land before his ship docked per Miss Barbara Burner. Does
Mr. Click have the dates July 29, 1743 and August 30, 1743 reversed for
docking and purchasing land? I don't think so since Miss Barbara Burner
has seen documents of land purchase dated July 29, 1743, which is
before the ship arrived. Also in the Internet program
<http://genealogy.orgrpalam.ships.htm>; (list of ships to Philadelphia),
the Francis and Elizabeth is mentioned twice. The ship docked once
September 21, 1742 and then later August 30, 1743 in Pennsylvania.
There is no BORNER/Burner listed on the ship manifest of the trip in
1742. I have not been able to find a manifest for the September 1743 trip.
But there was no other reference to this ship, surely it must have made
other trips.

Also Tobie Harris in GENFORUM states that" The ship the Burners traveled
on may have been the Francis & Elizabeth, 08/30/1743. My grandmother in law
happens to have been a Burner and she picked this up somewhere along the
way". (We need confirmation or complete negation of the possibilities that Jacob
Burner arrived to the Colonies on this ship, on an earlier date....ED)

I suspect some researcher considered another surname on the 1743 manifest
was Jacob Burner, even though it was only spelled close to Burner.

From John Hiner, A Man of the Bullpasture, from the
Catherine Bushman Collection at the State Library of Virginia,
Richmond: "The BURNERS seem to have been here as early
as the Bumgardners, or perhaps earlier."

If John Hiner is correct in his assumtion then Jacob Burner arrived
in Virginia in the 1740's. Did Johannes leave Lancaster County to
arrive in Virginia in the 1740's? But did Jacob meet Johannes
Bumgardner in Pennsylvainia?

Did they know each other in Pennsylvainia, possibly Lancaster,
Coumty? Lancaster the County where the appeal for aid, after an
Indian raid in Virginia, was written and sent to a Church in Holland.
I also believe there is apossibility he lived in Lancaster county which
had 21 Mennonite Churches in the 1700's and it is believed that Jacob
belonged to the Mennonite Religion. Is there any Church records
of that time in Pennsylvainia? Could Jacob have been involved
with a church in Holland in a stay over for a period before
continueing to the Colonies, maybe the church that the appeal for
financial aid was requested from? Maybe this church if it still exist
has records that would satisfy that question one way or another.

Also in the Internet program:
<http://genealogy.orgrpalam.ships.htm>; (list of ships to Philadelphia),
the Francis and Elizabeth is mentioned twice. The ship docked once
September 21, 1742 and then later August 30, 1743 in Pennsylvania.
There is no BORNER/Burner listed on the ship manifest of the trip in
1742. I have not been able to find a manifest for the September 1743 trip.
But there was no other reference to this ship, surely it must have made
other trips. It's possible there were earlier trips, maybe these reports
of the Francis & Elizabeth are factual. I can not bet on it though.

The Pennsylvania Historical Society has a letter, dated September 7,
1758, and signed by Michael Kauffman, Samuel Boehm, Daniel Stauffer
(Stover) and Jacob Burner. This letter was written in behalf of
thirty-nine Mennonite families in Virginia, who were forced to appeal
for aid from their brethren in Holland for Indian raids had left them in
desperate circumstances. In Augusta County records, as early as
1747, there were a number of legal transactions that list these men as
associates especially Daniel Stauffer and Jacob Burner. The historian
Wayland locates these early Mennonites in the present counties of
Page or Warren. This requires more research but evidently the early
Burners must have been Mennonites." (Johannes emmigrated to
Philadelphia in 1732--was Jacob Börner here that early-- if so he may
have been born before 1722 or he immigrated with relatives as a
very young lad-- Ed).

Jacob had 14 children and I don't know who the mother of the first two
are. I believe Magdalena Bumgardner is the mother of the last 12
(ED Ballerstein). Daniel Bly another genealogist mentions a
possibility that Jacob Jr was born before the rest of his siblings since
he (if it is he? per Mr. Bly) that is the only child listed as a grandchild
in Johannes Bumgardner's will. Since John Hiner in his search
believes the Burners were here as early or possibly earlier than
Johannes Bumgardner they knew each other for quite a while. There
are quite a few other genalogists that have both Michael and Ann born
before Jacob. I also believe that with or without a lawyer, a person
writing a will, will remember his children when listing them in the order
of their birth, at least the first 1/2 dozen or so and espeacially his first
child. I believe then, that Jacob had a wife before Magdalena

Children of JACOB BURNER and ??are:
.....i..........MICHAEL2 BURNER, b. 1740's, Virgina; d. September 24,
................1811, , Shenendoah, Virginia; m. MARY MAGDALENE
................GAFFELLER; d. Aft. 1813, Shenandoah County, Va..
.....ii.........ANN BURNER, b. 1740's; d. Bef. April 05, 1785; m. BENJAMIN
................RUFFNER; b. August 14, 1742, Page County, Va.; d. 1808,
................Shenandoah County, Va..... Ann was dead when her fathers will was in 1790 and her children recieved her her share. In Jacob Burner
................SR's will fileded 5 April 1785 he referred to Ann's children since she
................was dead. So its apparent that she passed away before the will was
................filed. In a Ruffner family tree report Ann (Burner) Ruffner they
................have her born in 1742.
Children of JACOB BURNER and Magdalena Bumgarner are:
.....iii.........JACOB JR. BURNER, b. 1750, Shenandoah Co., Virginia; d. March
.................28, 1782, , Beckford Parrish, Shenandoah Co., Virginia; m. ANNY
.................LIVINGOOD STRICKLER. Anny Livingood (Strickler) Burner
.................was Jacobs wife and she had another spouse, who was Thomas
.................Duckwiller. She married Thomas October 20, 1788.
.....iv.........MARY BURNER, b. 1751; d. 1812; m. (1) HENRY SOWERS
.................(SOURS); m. (2) JACOB BOEHM, Abt. 1760.
.....v..........ELIZABETH BURNER, b. 1753; d. 1807; m. PETER JR. RUFFNER. B. BURNER, b. January 23, 1755, , Fredrick, Virginia;
.................d. March 10, 1858, ,Mason, Virginia; m. DAVID G BUMGARDNER,
................April 18, 1786, , Shenendoah, Virginia;
.....vii.......MAGDALENA BURNER, b. 1757, , Dunmore, Virginia; d. 1802;
................m. JOHN HIMER, May 29, 1774, , Shenandoah Co., Va;
.....viii......JOHN BURNER, b. 1759; d. 1802, , Shenendoah, Virginia; m. LIETHA
...............YOUNG, August 25, 1785, , Shenendoah, Virginia.
.....ix........CRISTINA BURNER, b. February 1761; d. February 02, 1854, ,
................Sullivan Co., Tenn.; m. SAMUEL STRICKLER, September 06, 1785.
.....x..........JOSEPH BURNER, b. 1763; d. WFT Est. 1789-1855; m. MARY
................ANN RHODES, March 13, 1783, , Shenandoh Co., Va.
.....xi........BARBARA BURNER, b. 1765; d. WFT Est. 1757-1859; m. JOHN
................STOVER, August 12, 1801, , Shenandoah Co., Va.
.....xii.......FRANCIS "FANNY" BURNER, b. 1767; d. February 28, 1854,
................Union Landig, Lawerence, Ohio; m. PETER BUMGARNER, March
................29, 1787, , Shenendoah Co., Va.
.....xiii......ESTHER BURNER, b. 1769; d. 1806.
................Notes for ESTHER BURNER: Esther Burner did not marry and she
...............took care of her father in his older age.
.....xiv.....SAMUEL BURNER, b. 1771; d. 1827; m. MARY STOVER,
...............December 08, 1801, , Shenendoah, Virginia.

Mr Bly has claimed that Magdalena Baumgardner has not been proven to be
Jacob Burner Sr's wife. He has also suggested that Jacob Jr. (in his opinion)
is the first born in Jacob Sr's family. Jacob Jr has also been suggested as
possibly Erhardt Burner's son by Mr Bly.

The following is what I believe from my own deductions from the accrued
facts produced by others. In studying Jacob Börner SR's, Jacob JR's and
Johannes Baumgardner's Will's: this is what I found;

To indicate the strong probability of my thoughts being true, you must
remember the passing of wealth to children in history:
First, at one time only the first born male recieved money and property.
Second, eventually all males received money and property.
Third, eventually the females were added to the spread of family property.
In Virginia about 1785 a law was passed that all children will be included
in the wills.

I believe Jacob SR had 14 children (there may have been more, if so they died
to young to have children to be listed in Jacobs will.) In Jacobs will he has
2...Ann (Her children since she was dead)
3... Jacob JR
4... Mary
born in this order.

It is probable that a person writing a 'Will', will list their children, first born
first with others in order of birth to last-born. I believe that is a very strong
possibility, in how you will see them in the history of your mind when listing
the names of your children, in line with the time they were born.

Jacob Burner's Will---a portion only to prove my thesis in regards to Magdalena
Baumgardner as a wife. Will April 5, 1785:
Codicil to Will---July 19, 1790;
...1...........Michael.............................born 1740's
...2...........Ann Ruffner......................born 1740's
...3...........Jacob Burner.....................born 1750
...4...........Mary Beam.......................born l75l
...5...........Elizabeth Ruffner..............born 1753
...6...........Mattener Hiner.................born 1757
...7...........John..................................born 1759
...8...........Barbary Stover..................born 1765
...9...........Joseph...............................born 1763***
...10.........Christiner..........................born 1761***
...11.........Esther...............................born 1769
...12.........Katherine..........................born 1755***
...13.........Franky..............................born 1767***
...14.........Samuel..............................born 1771

These are the 14 children listed in the will; the birth years posted is the most
reported by genealogist’s entries on the internet. There are four children listed
out of order (out of 14) that is not bad in birth year if what I have listed is

Looking at Jacob SR’s will this is how he listed his children. Mostly his listing
is by age I believe, the oldest first and the youngest last, with four misplaced in
the list, based on genealogists research. We need a definite answer to that
thought to prove my assumptions are definitely right or wrong. He also had
the females mixed in with the males in his will since his will was after the change
about 1785 that all children recieve part of the family wealth. As is evident
Jacob Sr. did not follow the format of males first, females last. If this is correct
then (Magdalena) Bumgardner is probably Jacob SR’s second wife since
Michael and Ann are the first two children born before Jacob JR. It then appears
that Johannes Baumgardner is the grandfather of only one child, Jacob Burner
JR, since he.... passed away before any more were born.

Jacob JR's will list the males and females separately, males oldest first, then the
females the oldest first. Jacob Jr. followed what I believe is the usual format for
those earlier years of our nation.
Jacob Burner JR's Will --- February. 28,1782 just a portion again for my thesis).
The names above are listed in the order they were mentioned in the will. The
number in front of their names is the order they were born, based on genealogists
research. Which I believe was the normal way of writing a will in early days
of our nation before 1785 for Virginia.

A line only from Johannes Bumgardner‘s will; "further that my sons John
and Christian do pay my three daughters Mary, Elisabeth & Madelena and
my grandson Jacob Burner an equal part with the sale in cattle, household
goods or money"....With the boys instructed to pay the girls Mary,
Elizabeth & Modelena and my grandson Jacob Burner ewqual parts, that
indicates to me that Mary and Elizabeth are not married. With Modelena
and grandson Jacob Burner listed the way they were indicates to me that
they were one unit, a family.

The above portion of a statement from the Johannes will, broken down has
listed the males first, females second, and grandson third. The males are listed
by age, oldest first. The females are listed (1 think) in reverse order, oldest last.
(Modelena and my grandson Jacob Burner) with no coma between indicates
to me they are one unit (mother & son). I believe that this was done for
a short and clear will, short since it appears he wrote the will and died the same
day. By having Jacob JR’ name following Magdalena's in that manner without
a comma separation indicates to me she is his mother.

Also in the typed copy of the will Mary, Elizabeth has a comma between
their names. Between Elizabeth & Magdalena’s name in the typed copy that
I have there is an ampersand sign. Regardles if their is a coma between Mary
& Elizabeth (and either the ampersand sign or the word and) between
Elizabeth and Magdalena it indicates a separation of Magdalena and her
sisters tending make Magdalena and Jacob one unit in the will. If Magdalena
were not Jacobs’s mother then it probably would read "do pay my three
daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Modelena, and my grandson Jacob Burner",
(that’s with a coma after Mary, one after Elizabeth and one after Modelena).
If my thoughts are correct, then our Jacob Burner SR., is no doubt a husband
of Magdalena Bumgarner. If Jacob Burner SR listed his children in order of
birth in his will then Michael and Ann were born before Jacob Burner JR.
was born. Jacob SR. I believe must have had a different wife for the birth
of Michael and Ann.

Since Johannes Bumgardner died March 1751. He only listed Jacob Burner JR
as a grandchild. If Michael and Ann Burner were born before Jacob JR. then
Jacob SR must have had a previous wife. Mary Burner was born in 1751
shortly after Johannes had passed away. Therefore Johannes would only have
one grandchild by Jacob Burner Sr.

If Johannes listed the females by age the oldest first, and Magdalena is Jacob
JR. 's mother then this fact would not be obvious with out naming her later as
his mother in the will. That would require an expository statement, which was
not required as the way the will was written. It appears also that Johannes
wrote his will and died the same day per all genealogy reports I have seen, and
he must of kept it short and simple if he was losing strength. Ann Ruffner
second child listed in Jacob SR’s will is said to have been born in 1742 - 1749
per Ruffner genealogy pages. If that is near the truth, then Jacob JR. is
definitely not Jacob SR’s first child.

Daniel Bly has communicated:
" However, it has since been pointed out to me that Baumgartner's will mentions
three daughters but not their husbands. He also mentions a grandson, Jacob
Burner JR but does not name the mother of this child. This would indicate that
this child's mother was another daughter, who was by then deceased. So Jacob
Burner was married to a daughter of John Baumgartner, but no where in his will
does it say which one and in all likelihood she was deceased by 1750. In that
case Burner married a second wife (unknown) and had more children. The simple,
fact is- there is no known document mentioning the name of Jacob Burner's wife
or wives." (This is what Mr. Bly believes.)

I have searched John Baumgardner’s life back to the Old Country, back to
Lucios, and then to Rudolf Bumgarner, but I still can only find three daughters
for Johannes Bumgartner as listed by genealogists. It doesn't appear to be
that another Baumgartner daughter was available to be married to Jacob Burner
SR. With the minuscule population at that time, I'm sure everybody in more
than one county would know who Johannes Bumgartner referred to by just
using the girls given name in regards to his will. Besides who was he giving his
wealth to, his children or the children's spouses (if married). We didn't always
need everything encumbered with lawyers as we do today. As for naming
Jacob Burner JR's mother, there is no need to if the will as written indicates
that Magdalena and Jacob are one unit. Also he directed his sons in the will
to spread his wealth with their sisters, just as if they were to young to be

Johannes "Hans" Bumgardner was born in 1712 in Basel, Switzerland, and
arrived 11 August 1732, on the ship "SAMUEL" in Philadelphia as a single
man. Where did he settle in the colonies perhaps the Pennsylvania Dutch area
since I'm sure he spoke a German type language, before moving to Virginia?
When did he purchace property in Virginia?

The previous is what I have found from other peoples knowledge and/or research
and what I believe may be possebile facts. If correct maybe there is some hints
what to look for in the Jacob Börner and Erhardt Burner's story. I certainly
hope so!

(Börner with out the dots in German would be spelled Boerner in the
early days, maybe still today; I saw a lot of Boerner's in the LDS program
while searching for Jacob Börner's. I also learned on the internet that
by adding the letter e it changes the pronunciation of a word just as the
two dot's do. I am guessing that the sound of Börner/Boerner matches
the English sound pronunciation of Burner somewhat. The German
language is more gutteral sounding than the English. Börner was
essentially changed by an English speaking country and probably
spelled it the way it sounded.

"Earhart and Airhart is an Ameicanized version of Erhart and Erhardt,
the German patronymic name from the the elements
era = honor + hard = brave. The name has also been known to be
adopted by Ashkenazic Jews. Erard is the French version." Per
Webmaster at 'Whats in a Name' website.

This is the given name of Erhardt Burner. I don't know if his
surname was originnaly spelled like Jacob Börner's.

I entered the name Jacob Börner in Search Results
er&sx=&prox=1&gsco=3...&... The answer was Jacob Brner...BRNER!!?
(Is that possibly pronounced Burner??)
2 immigrants in Pennsylvainia

I then entered the name Jacob Brner in in
The answer was :
Jacob Brner 1727-76 Pennsylvainia
Jacob Brner 1727-76 Pennsylvainia

The following information was at the bottom of the page:

This data base contains some 30,000 names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French,
and other immigrants in Pennsylvainia from the years 1727 to 1776. It includes
the names of the ships, when they sailed, and their date arrival in Philadelphia.
This database is arranged chronological and contains some historical and
biographical notes, as well as a list of over 1,000 German and French names in
New york prior to 1712. This work was written in both English and German
(Deutsh) and is laid out such that the English appears first with the German
translation right below it.

Ancestry.comImmigrants in Pennsylvainia. [database online] Provo, UT:, 2002 original data: Rupp, I. Daniel. A Collection of Upwards
of thirty thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants
in Pennsylvainia From 1727-76. Philadelphia, PA, Leary, Stuart & Co., 1898.

Thats it!
I have not tried go any further and I have not tried the name of Erhardt Burner
with the surname Börner in this program. I would like to go to
Salt Lake, the LDS Church (Morman) would have this information I believe.

Edwin N Ballerstein

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