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Re: Burba Family 100% Illyrian tree Family origine

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Re: Burba Family 100% Illyrian tree Family origine

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Surnames: Burba
Hello every one.
Im Mateus Burba and i have make a study from my last name in tree origine,sorry for my based eanglish.
Burba last name comes from the autoctonus place Illyrian empire call Apollonia (Bylis) and was a popullation will be half Albanian and half Greece,leater this generation emigre in very contry in europe, Greece,Itallia,France,Germany,Poland,Lithuania,Russia,Argentina,Iceland,USA,Canada ecc ecc. In Albania i have to many historic doccument how telling about rely historik origin of Burba Family tree. There are to many authors who have written about the Burba tribe. They have written and for the characteristics of this people, The tribe of Burba has been a result in the
1. Dilomacy
2. Army
3. Commerce
4. Science
5. Mathematics
6. Music
They have also been similar to each other, for example
1. Hair (Blond)
2. Eyes (open Blue,green)
3. Nose (worn,pointy)
4 Lips (normal)

Are types:
1. Not calm
2. Family
3. Correct
4. Smarter over the average
5. Trustworthy for important positions,etc,etc
Today they are located everywhere around the world,but they origin are still alive in Albania (Illyria). In 1685 It was the first time they were located after a long time and they were converted into tribes Suliotis,but in 1721 many of them from the wars in these areas emigrated and spread to Europe,very few of them remain in autoctonus areas and always kept the same surname BURBA. The Burba part of Suliotis were destined to move to Grecce and was the third distribution to be made to this tribe. And many of them played a first-rate role in the Greek indipendence war starting in 1821. Now we can find Burba Families everywhere around the world,but we must not forget that we are and remain a pure illyrian colony,and in our genes we have a part of the history of the world. For more details
Mateus BURBA
Mateus BURBA Facebook.

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