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John Bull was b. Abt. 1645 in England, and d.1699 in Salem, NJ

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Re: John Bull was b. Abt. 1645 in England, and d.1699 in Salem, NJ

Regina Southard (View posts)
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Surnames: Bull, Buell
Hello JO,
Hi! This is Regina Southard again.I wanted to give you a copy of the part of HISTORY OF BELL COUNTY KENTUCKY
VOLUME 1 By HENRY HARVEY FUSON. It had this in it about John C. Buell and his family.
" I then went up, from James Calvin Hoskins' place, Sam Low Branch about two or three hundred yards and came to where Rev. John C. Buell lives. He is one of the leading Baptist preachers of Hances Creek, and has wielded a strong influence in the community. He gave me much information about his family, which is given in the pages that follow:

"Rev. John C. Buell (he changed the spelling of his name after he was a grown man from Bull to Buell, the family previously going by the name of Bull), born January 16, 1863, married Mary E. Pursifull, daughter of John Pursifull, and they had twelve children: (1) Willia Buell, (2) Garret Buell, Hances Creek, (3) Ellen Buell, who married Benjamin Risner, (4) Maggie Buell, who married Joe Miracle, (5) N. J. Buell, born June 20, 1896,and died November 24, 1915, (6) S. J. Buell, born January 27, 1895, and died August 29, 1917, (7) J. M. Buell, born September 17, 1892, and died November 18, 1895 , (8) Lloyd Buell, Chevrolet, Kentucky, (9) Martha Buell, (10) Debbie Buell, (11) Mossie Buell, who married Judge E. L. Howard, of Harlan, Kentucky, (12) Floyd.

"Brit Bull, father of John C. Buell, married Margaret Pittman, and had four children: (1) Will Bull, (2) Jesse Bull, (3) John Buell, (4) Martha Bull.

"Jesse Bull, who lived on the head of Browney's Creek, married a Daniel. They tell a story relating to Jesse Bull and his voting for Abe Lincoln. While living on the head of Browney's Creek, on election day, all the people in the precinct were against Abe Lincoln with the exception of Jesse Bull. They insisted on Jesse voting as they did, since he was the only one for Abe. They wanted to make it unanimous against Abe. But Jesse told them to vote as they pleased. He didn't care, but he was going to vote for Abe. And did. When the vote was counted only one vote was registered for Abe Lincoln. Their children were (1) Brit Bull (2) Jake Bull (a gun smith), (3) Isaac Bull, (4) Press Bull, (5) Katie Bull, who married Sampson Miracle, (6) Rose Bull, who married Jim Wilson, (7) Nancy Bull, who married a Wilder, (8) Betsy Bull, who married Andy Wilder.

"The father of Jesse Bull lived at Morristown, Tennessee, and it was said that he owned most of the land around that town. The Bulls came originally from England. John C. Buell's grandmother was Jennie Daniels, a sister of Pierce Daniels. Pierce Daniels was thought to be a brother of Polly Daniel who married Andy Lee." This is on page 127.
You can find a copy of this book on this website:

Also, the book states this:
"Sixty families, descendants of the old pioneers who settled in this valley just after the coming of Boone in 1769, lived in this region before Middlesborough was founded in 1889. The families were (1) Jones, (2) Baughman, (3) Campbell, (4) Evans, (5) Powers, (6) Hamblin, (7) Davis, (8) Smith, (9) Rose, (10) Pierce, (11) Henderson, (12) King, (13) Rains, (14) Marsee, (15) Turner, (16) Gibson, (17) Parker, (18) Moss, (19) Hendrickson, (20) Myers, (21) Partin, (22) Lane, (23) Howard, (24) Meaders, (25) Ellis, (26) Chadwell, (27) Browning, (28) Shumate, (29) Southern, (30) Sowders, (31) Renfroe, (32) Collins, (33) Colson, (34) Fields, (35) Frith, (36) Belew, (37) Willis, (38) Carroll, (39) Watson, (40) Teague, (41) Dunaway, (42) Hammock, (43) Burns, (44) Bull, (45) Johnson, (46) Green, (47) Johns, (48) Slusher, (49) Persifield (Pursifull), (50) Burch, (51) Grayson, (52) Carmack, (53) Givens, (54) Bird, (55) Murray, (56) Lee, (57) Hoskins, (58) Burkett, (59) Lamb, and (60) Wilson. "

This is additional information I have about Jesse Bull and his descendents:
1. Jesse Brittain Bull

The parents of Jesse Brittain Bull are:

2. Jesse Bull
3. Jane Daniels

Jesse was born about 1838 at Harlan County, Kentucy.
Jesse and Margaret Pittman were married about 1859 at Harlan County, Kentucky.
Jesse had the following children:

4. i. John C. Buell
5. ii. Andrew Jesse Buell
6. iii. Marha Buell
7. iv. William Buell
8. v. Evelyn Buell
9. vi. Lloyd Buell
10. vii. James Buell

Marriage 2 Elizabeth S. UNKNOWN b: Abt 1835 in North Carolina

John and Mary Elizabeth Pursifull were married January 11, 1883 at Kentucky.
John and Mary had the following children:

4. i. Garrett W. Buell
5. ii. Nancy Ellen Buell
6. iii. LucindaVesta Buell
7. iv. Mary Mossie Buell
8. v. William Buell
9. vi. Martha Buell
10. vii. Floyd Buell
11. viii. Debbie Buell
12. ix. Margaret Buell
13. x. Loyd Buell
14. xi. Nathaniel J Buell
15. xii. Silas J Buell

John died December 24, 1943 at Bell County, Kentucky.
I then went up, from James Calvin Hoskins' place, Sam Low Branch about two or three hundred yards and came to where Rev. John C. Buell lives. He is one of the leading Baptist preachers of Hances Creek, and has wielded a strong influence in the community. He gave me much information about his family, which is given in the pages that follow:
On Hances Creek there were farmers Rev. John C. Buell, Rev. Henry Calvin Miracle, Rev. Abraham Miracle, Henry Risner, Feeling Risner, James Durham, Chesley Thompson, John Durham, Jerry Pittman and others.

Rev. John Buell, of Hances Creek, was a strong preacher, with power to lead a host of followers; Rev. A. B. Miracle, of Hances Creek, was also influential as a preacher and public speaker in his day.

He is buried in Buell Cemetery on Hances Creek. It is located on Rt221 right accross the Page bridge. Make a left up Hances Creek and watch for a sign.

1. Garrett W. Buell

The parents of Garrett W. Buell are:

2. John C. Buell
3. Mary Elizabeth Pursifull

Garrett was born August 23, 1885 at Hances Creek, Bell, Kentucky.
Garrett and Isabell Miralce were married February 2, 1905 at Bell County, Kentucky.
Garrett and Isabell had the following children:

4. i. Otto Buell
5. ii. Abraham Buell
6. iii. Mattie Buell
7. iv. Gladys Buell
8. v. Ottis Buell
9. vi. Andrew Buell
10. vii. Maude Buell
11. viii. Herbert Buell

Garrett died October 24, 1958 at Bell, Kentucky.
He is buried in Buell Cemetery.
Surname Given Name Born Death
Barnett George 11/27/1889 12/24/1926
Berry Blaine 08/05/1885 07/10/1936
Berry Gertrude 03/20/1927 05/27/1945
Berry Josie 10/14/1900 one date
Browning Edward 1889 1972
Browning Vesta 1891 1960
Buell Abraham 05/01/1917 01/14/1979
Buell Garrett W. 08/23/1885 10/24/1958
Buell Grace Lee 11/12/1921 one date
Buell Isabell 1889 06/11/1932
Buell J.C. 01/08/1942 09/29/1944
Buell J.C. 11/27/1920 04/04/1941
Buell Magolene 1922 1965
Buell Robert 11/20/1911 02/08/1914
Buell Woodrow 1922 1983

1. Otto Buell

The parents of Otto Buell are:

2. Garrett W. Buell
3. Isabell Miralce

Otto died April 28, 1994.
Otto was born May 21, 1914.

4. i. J. D. Buell lives in Michigan with his wife Mary.
5. ii. Haroldean Buell lives in Fortwayne Indiana with his wife Jerry. They have two grown children April (who has a son Andrew) and Amy.
6. iii. Dewayne Buell lives in Fortwayne with his wife Barbara (Brock). They have one grown son Steven.
7. iv. Gregory Allen Buell lives in Middlesboro Ky with his wife Charolette (Miracle). They have three grown children. One , Regina who married Harold Southard and has three children Gregory, Ariel and Joshua. They live in New Tazewell, TN. Two, Christopher Buell, who lives in Middlesboro, He is married to Tessa and has a daughter named Alexis Nicole Buell. Three, Stephanie Buell who lives in Middlesboro and she married Arion Delph. They have a son named Brendan Arion Delph.
8. v. Barbara Jean Buell lives in Michigan with her husband Wayne Pillion. They have two grown children named Terina (who has a son named Tristan Jackson) and Jeff.
9. vi. Sally Ann Buell lives on Brownies Creek, Ky. She married Donnie Hoskins. They have two grown kids. One, Donnie Ray Hoskins, he married Amy and they have one son Dylan. Two, Angela who married Pete Brock and they have one daughter named Destiny.
10. vii. Fonda Susan Buell she was born on July 21, 1961 and died of breast cancer on June 1 2001. She had two kids named Wendy Adkins and Sandy Adkins. Sandy has a daughter named Kasondra. They live in Middlesboro, KY.
11. viii. Garrett Buell lives in Pineville Ky with his wife Brenda. He has several grown kids. One, Hannah who has a daughter named Sarah. Two, Matthew Buell. Three, Sylvia Buell.

If you ever get time, email me at I would enjoy hearing from you. Thank You.

He married Hannah Wilson who was born on 03/09/1923. She was the mother of J. D. and Haroldean. She died on 12/26/1946 . He then married Ethel "Becky" Wright. She was the mother of Dewayne, Greg, Barbara Jean, Ann, Susie, and Garrett. He is buried in the Greenhill Cemetery in Middlesboro.

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