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Andries Albertsen Bratt

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here are my notes on "Andries de Sweed"

Andries Hansen Scherp
It would be good to confirm documentation:
Pearson in Early settlers of Albany 1883 p. 15 refers to “Andries Hanse de Sweedt dwelling at Kinderhoeck in 1675” without sources.
Actually there is no documented “Andries Hanse de Sweed”
Pearson is known to make errors, years ago serious researcher recommended to verify Pearson’s data ( Dutch L Archives 2002)
Andries Hansen Scherp marr. Neeltje Andries not Gerritge Teunis Metselaer.
The only recorded “Andries de Sweedt” is with Neeltje Andries in church records 1683 (DRC Albany)

Andries Hansen Scherp is recorded such:
28 March 1660 as Andries Hansenmuster roll in Esopus (Genealogy quest)
31 May 1671 as Andries Hansz land in Kinderhoeck (Early records of the city and county of Albany, notarial papers )
20 Dec. 1674 as Andries Hansen Scherp, his mark AH (History bulletin v. 10 by NYSL)
18 Feb. 1680: Court recording trial about disappearance of Hendrick Gerrits Meulen, rec. as “Groot Andries” and “Groot Andries alias Andries Hanse” (Minutes of the court .o Albany… 1675-1680) p. 74-78. Interesting that his friend is called “Dirk de Sweedt” but Andries is named “groot Andries”
2 May 1682 as Andries Hansen Scherp pFt. Orange records 1654-1679 by J. Venema
15 Nov. 1683 deed from Jannetje Powel to Andries Hansen Scherp and Jurian Collier for land at Kinderhoeck (several sources)
8 Sep. 1695 Neeltje Schaap is bapt. Sponsor to child of Johannes Andries Schaap
20 Jan. 1695 Andries Scharp and Aaeltje Jans are bapt. Sponsors to child of Gerrit Jacobs and Elisabath
22 Jan. 1696 Andries Scharp and Neeltje Scharp are bapt. Sponsors to child of Jan Alberts

1697 as Andries Hansen as head of household in Rensselaerwyck (Albany head of households 1697)
1699 as Andries Scherp giving the oath of Allegiance in Kinderhook
5 Jan. 1701 Andries Scharp and Agnietje Jansse are bapt. Sponsors to child of Johannes Scharp 8 Jan. 1704 Gysbert and Neetlje Scharp are bapt. Sponsors tochild of Johannes Scharp.
There is another Andries Hansen” Barheit :marr. Gerritge Teunise Metselaer and Andries Hansen Huyck marr. Catherine Lambertse Valkenburgh.

Jonathan Pearson in Contributions for the genealogies of the first settlers of Albany, 1872 shows these:
“Andries Hanse Scherp 1674084”
“Andries Hanse Huygh 1679-1705”
“Andries Hansen van Sweden (Scherp?) 1663”
“Jan Hanse Barheit 1665-1700”

From Annual report v. 99 by New York State Library 1916:
A recorded land deed for Andries Hansen Huyck has these notes:
'The same as Andries Hansen Huyck; not to be confounded with Andries' Hansen Scherp (Sharp), who bought land in Kinderhook in 1671 and 1683 and who, like Huygh. makes his mark A H, though in a different way, ,Huygh combining the letters in the form of a monogram and Scherp writing them separately. See Notarial Papers, 2:384; Wills, 1:32, 146: Deeds, 4:94, 170; Pearson's Early Records of Albany, 1:281, 483-84: and E. A. Collier, History of Old Kinderhook, p. 47, 07, 99, 531. Pearson, in his Early Settlers of Albany, p. 15, suggests that there may have been yet a third Andries Hansen at Kinderhook, namely. Andries Hansen Barheit, who he thinks may be the same as "Andries Hanse de Sweedt, dwelling at Kinderhoek." in 1675. Mr Collier, p. 100, also mentions Barheit as one of the early settlers and moreover names Geertje (or Gerritje), daughter of Teunis Teunisse de Metselaer, as the wife of Scherp as well as of Barheit, without intimating, however, that they were one and the same person. As a matter of fact, Barheit and Scherp, in spite of the similarity in meaning of their names (Barheit = gruffness), were not the same person and there is no evidence that Andries Hansen Barheit ever lived at Kinderhook. June 8. 1692, he sold his land on "the great flatts neer Coxhachky" to Dirk Teunise van Vechten and in 1699 he is referred to as of "new yorke, yeoman." See Deeds, 4:20, 166, the originals of which, according to the record, were signed Andries Hanse Barheyt (Berheyt), in full.
MY Notes: There is no land sale 8 June 1692, the source “Deeds 4:20” refers to “Pearson: Early records of Albany, deeds 1678-1704” which shows no documentation. There is not entry for 4:20 and no full signature of Andries Hanse Barheyt. It is not feasible that he made a mark in 1660 and wrote his full name in 1692, no originals are known.

J.O. Evjen in his Scandinavian Immigrants to New York 1630-1674
“Andries Hansen of Andries Hansen van Schweden (Sweden) was in New Netherlands as ealy as 1660. We find him at Ft. Orange in that year when he and another Swede, Dirk Hendricksen signed a document. His surname is sometimes given as Scherf,Sharp, Scharf (also Barheit) His name appers in a list of soldiers at Esopus March 28, 1660. On 28 Jan. 1663 Jan Andriesse and Andries Hansen offert themselves as sureties and principals for the presence of Rutger Jacobsen the husband of Tryntje Jans a Danish women. Hansen put his mark to the document
“ +” Signature of Andries Hansen. Andries Hansen was married to Gerretie daughter of Teunis Teunis Metselaer. He made a will in 1685. He had two sons Johann and Gysbert who settled at Kinderhook and h ad large families. In 1683 Andries Hansen was a member of the Church of Christ of Albany”
Sources are Documentary history of New York, XIII p. 153 and Pearson’s early records of Albany p. 281 for the signature part.
I have confirmed the signature + of Andries Hanssen in 27 Aug.1660 in Pearson’s early records of the city and county of Albany and Rensselaerwyck 1656-1674 p. 281. But there is no trace for any recording 28 Jan. 1663, indeed the named Rutger Jacobsen appears at times with Adries Herbertsen
This makes sense as the same Andries Hansen is unikely to be in Esopus in March 1660 and in Ft. Orange in August 1662,

The signature of Andries Hansen “+” in said 1663 clearly does not pertain to signature of Andries Hansen Scherp in 2 May 1682 “being the mark A H of Andries Scherp” Early records of the city and county of Albany, notarial papers 1/2 by Alb. County 1918.

Andries Hanse (Sharp) was in Beverwyck in 1660. In 1671 Ortier and his wife (the widow Powell) sold him land "behind Kinderhook, separated from that of Jan Martense Van Alstyne by a little brook." His wife Gerritje was a daughter of Teunis Teunisse de Metselaer (the mason), and their children were Johannes, Gysbert, and Lawrence.
From A history of Kinderhook from aboriginal to the present time by Edw. A. Collier 1914
There is no further mentioning of Andries Hanse in Kinderhook, he does not appear on original patent of Kinderhook 1686, there is no Kinderhook church recording for Scherp.

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