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Children of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Verwey

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Children of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Verwey

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Surnames: Verwey, Pemberton, Shekkerley, Elleth, Schuyler, Metselaer, van der Heyden
Children of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Verwey -3-
First recorded baptism is 17 Dec. 1694. As there is no marriage record, they could have had children prior to 1694; the recording says “Andries Albertsz Bratt” subsequent recordings say “Andries Bratt”
It cannot be ascertained if the 1694 recording is indeed an accurate transcription from the primary document. Andries Albertsz Bratt was likely born in 1638 (forthcoming article) which would make him ab. 56 years old 1694 and ab. 68 years old at birth of last documented child in 1706.

Most of the marriages of children of Andries and Cornelia remain undocumented, identification of individuals is often not possible.
Marriages to Shekkerly and Van der Heyden are the only ones showing a child Cornelia

“Annetje” 17 Dec. 1694
said marr. David Schuyler in 1720 buried 24 Sept. 1723 (DRC burials)
This is only a possibility. As the baptismal sponsor in March 1723 to child Pieter Schuyler is “Dirk Bratt”
The named “Anna Bratt” can also be “Anna” of Dirk Barentse Bratt and Annejte Teunis Metselaer
bapt. 2 Aug. 1696. (The American Genealogist 4, 24)
Annetje is also said to marry William Shekkerley 17 Oct. 1725 (DRC New York) Again, this is possible but a first marriage at age31 is rather uncustomary. It is possible there was another Annetje born before 1706 without baptismal record (like 1699)
They do have “Andries” in 1726 sponsor is “Albert Bratt” and Elisabeth Shekkerley and “Cornelia” bapt. 6 Mar. 1728 (DRC New York) sponsors not related.

Who is the sponsor “Albert Bratt”?

“Marretje” 1 Aug 1697
Said marr. Jeremiah Pemberton (not confirmed) but likely in 1723. Jeremiah said born 1700 died after 1757. They bapt. “Andries in 1724 sponsor “Albert Bratt and Maria Flensburg” and “Andries” in 1730 sponsor Albert Bratt and Maria Flensburg “Andries” 1732 sponsor “Andries, W.Eckg. Yvie Bratt” again “Andries” 1733 sponsor “Andries and Yvie Bratt” and “Willem 1735” sponsor “Andries and Yvie Brat” (DRC NA)
Only William 1735 survived. There are numerous burial records for the children. Pemberton died after 1751 (People of Albany Stefan Bielinski)
Another “Marretje” bapt. 9 Sept 1701 of Dirk Barentse Bratt and Anna Teunisse Metselaer is not likely married to Jeremiah. The insistent name “Andries” determins this placement.
“Jer. And Marr. Pemlethon” are sponsors to “Anna” of Nathaniel and Margarita Elleth (Ellis?) in 1725.
“Albert and Eva Bratt” are sponsors to “Neth Ethwith of Neth and Marg. Telleth” (DRC Albany) this is completely mangled. The Elleth couple also has Jan in 1727 and John in 1729 sponsor is Elisabeth Bratt (is aka Lysbeth Lansing 1705 marr. Egbert Bratt bef. 1723, Egbert Bratt 1701 of Anthony Barentse Bratt and Willemptje Teunisse Metselaer marr. 1685)
A connection of Marretje Bratt Pemberton to Margarita Bratt Elleth is not established.
Perhaps “Margarita” is daughter of “Albert Bratt”?

Who is sponsor “Albert Bratt” and “Andries and Ivy Eva Bratt”?

“Ifje” 7 Jan. 1700
Aka Effje, Aefge, Ivy all meaning Eva. The baptismal date in the modern calendar would be 1701.
It is not likely that she is baptismal sponsor above, the recording practice at that time was to name
husband and wife with same surname, therefor “Andries and Ivy Bratt” are not brother and sister or otherwise related. There is no further documentation on Ifje.

“Theunis” 27 Jan. 1703
Clearly named after maternal grandfather. He is not “Teunis Bratt” buried 16 Feb. 1722 (this is Anthony Barent Bratt, DRC Albany burials) No further documentation. As he would be 19 years of age in 1722, I believe that he would not be married and considered a minor. Minors were buried as “child/son of” the father.

“Barent” 7 Apr 1706
Likely married 12 May 1732 Anne van der Heyden (Schenectady DRC)., both previously unmarried. This Anna van der Heyden is not clearly identified. She is not Anna marr. 17 Feb. 1695 Poulus Miller (children to 1712) She could be Anna 26 Mar. 1699 (Albany DRC) of Dirk van der Heyden and Rachel Jochemse Ketelhuyn, again it would be a late first marriage for her being 7 years younger than her husband, placement is not likely.
Children of” Barent A. and Anna Bratt”
1) 19 Aug. 1737 “Cornelia” sp. Barent Bratt, Ebbertje van der Heyden (she is Egbertje (Dirkse) Bratt 1692- marr. Dirk van der Heyden 1716) The name Cornelia is the only clue to identification of Barent’s mother, however it could also pertain to Cornelia Van der Heyden ab. 1658-4 May 1725 likely unmarried aunt for Anna van der Heyden?
2) 10 Jan. 1738/9 “Anna” sp. Barent A. and Anna Brad (the parents?)
3) 7 Mar. 1741/2 “Engeltje” sp. Mattheus (brother to Anna?) and Maria van der Heyden (she is Margareta Bratt 1707- of Johannes Barentse Bratt and Maria Ketelhuyn marr. 1693, ONLY wife of Matthys van der Heyden marr. 12 Dec. 1730)
(All Albany DRC)

Logical placement for Albert Bratt
He is not Albert of Andries Bratt and Wyntie Roosa born 1721 marr. Annatje Carel 1743 (NA DRC)
He is not Albert van der Zee marr. 1707 Helletje Lansing or Albert 1725 of Wouter van der Zee. There is no other Albert Bratt known.
Albert Bratt is recorded Rensselaerwijck freeholder in 1720. In order to be a freeholder a man had to own land and either be of age or married. Albert Bratt is recorded in 1727 receiving 7 pounds, 3 shillings and 10 pence for doing carpenter work (Colonial laws of NY v. 24 p. 374)
Albert Bratt is buried in Albany “at the flats” 13 Jan. 1732, no recorded burial to 1757 for a wife or children
He is Albert Andriesse Bratt born before 1694 son of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Verwey.
He appears as baptismal sponsor to children of his siblings in 1724, 1726 and 1730. Albert died 1732.
He married Eva Unknown who died after 1757. He has no recorded children, or children that died after 1757.
The possibility that Albert Bratt was brother to Andries Bratt or halfbrother remains, the most noticeable aspect against this placement is that beofrrre 1720 there does not appear any record of any kind for Albert Bratt.

Logical placement for Andries and Ivy Bratt:
He is not aka Andries Albertsen Bratt born ab. 1638. In 1735 he would be about 97 years old.
He is son of Andries Albertsen Bratt and Unknown wife (buried in Albany in 1666 from Dutch L. archives, rootsweb, P. Christoph) born ab. 1666 marr. Cornelia Verwey ab. 1691. Cornelia died perhaps in childbirth in 1706 and Andries marr. 2) Eva Unknown.
There is no burial record for Andries Bratt and family in Albany 1722-1757

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