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Was the Bradt family once Stone-breakers?

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Was the Bradt family once Stone-breakers?

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Surnames: Bradt, Bratt, Pootman, Putman
I have in interest in the Bratt name as my early ancestor was Cornelia Bratt who married Johannes Pootman. I’ve found that the Y-DNA of the Bratt and Pootman families are somewhat close, and both are of the I1 haplogroup.

The name Pootman seems to mean Pitman, and I find it interesting that the Pootman family in Y-DNA terms is close to the Bray family. The English word bray comes from break. says that the surname Bray means marsh in French, which is distance away from Norway.

The Pootman family Y-DNA is very close to the Vom Broich family of Germany whose name means a declivity in the ground possibly a break in the ground or a marsh. "Oi" I understand in German sounds like an "a".

It also seems that the Pootman or Putman Y-DNA is lose to that of the Gravey family whose surname may mean digger or in Danish graver a delver or grubber.

A “graver” is a miner. A “grabearbeiter” is a form of pitman.

I think the notion is that the surname “Bratt” comes from today’s Norwegian word “brat” that means cliff or something steep. People generally understand that the surname Bratt to mean dweller by a cliff.

The Dictionary of the Dano-Norwegian and English languages—1897—indicates that “Braette” means steep as a steep road, however, “breatte” also means to break, which seems to be the origin of the word.

A "braethammer" is a mason’s hammer a breaking-hammer.

“Braet” means to break, rent, crack, or frangle. Frangle means to fragment or break.

The Dano-Norwegian words “brude”, “brod”, and “brudt” also mean to break or fracture.

A “stenbrud” means a stone pit or quarry.

The I1 haplogroup is called the Stone Masons, and I think we see evidence of the quarry worker in the surnames Pootman and Bratt. An early form of Pootman may have been de Puteo meaning the person of the pit.

In the above dictionary, a “stenbraet” means stone-break , saxifrage, or the herb called stone break.

The Bratts and Pootmans were Anglo-Saxons. Saxon seems to come from Latin “saxum” meaning rock or a fragment of rock.

Bratt seems to mean one who lives or works on land that is fragmented or broken.

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