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Information on family of Jan Wouterszen van Bosch - Netherlands and Americas 17C

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Information on family of Jan Wouterszen van Bosch - Netherlands and Americas 17C

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Surnames: Van Bosch, Bos, Bosch, Van Bos, Johnson
This Info I got from the book… “Distinguished Families of America: Descended from Wilhelmus Beekman & Jan Thomasse Van Dyke” by William B Aitken, A.M., Ph. D; New York & London; Knickerbocker Press, G.P. Putnam’s Sons-1912

Downloaded PDF Book from Internet Archive

Chapter VI
Jan Thomasse Van Dyke, The Founder
PG 174-234

There were then in New Netherlands besides Jan Thomasse Van Dyke two other representatives of Van Dyke families of Holland : Franz Classen Van Dyke or Dyck, and Hendrick Van Dyke, who was "Fiscall" or State's Attorney under Governor Peter Stuyvesant, and who came to New Amsterdam in 1640. He is the one who raised a disturbance on Broadway which nearly caused the early finish of New Amsterdam. He had a house and orchard just south of where Trinity Church now stands. In 1655 he shot and killed an Indian who was stealing fruit from his orchard.
This hasty action led to much trouble with the Indians and many settlers were killed. He died in 1688, leaving a son Cornelius who was the ancestor of the Albany Van D}-kes and a son Rodolphus Van Dyke who married Elizabeth Oudenade and had a son Rev. Henry Van Dyke, bom in 1740 in Nassau Street, New York City, died in 1688, who married Hulda Lewis of Stratford. An account of this Van Dyke family may be found in Rev. G. Morgan HiU's History of the Church in Burlington, N. J. Tunis G. Bergen, in a footnote to his History of the Bergen Family, says that the father of Jan Thomasse Van Dyke was Thomas Janse Van Dyke of Amsterdam, who married Sytie Dirks, and that they had two other sons, Nicholas Thomasse
Van Dyke and Hendrick Van Dyke. (Why list Hendrick without Thomasse?)

Above states…there were then in New Netherlands three representatives of Van Dyke Families from Holland. I’m not sure if they are ALL related…Nicholas aka Claes/Klaas is a brother to Jan Thomasse. My FTM CD#11 has Jan Thomasse VanDyck, pg. 1567, but no birth year and he came from Amsterdam in 1652. As did Frans/Franz Claeszen VanDyke in 1651; pg. 1565; b. 1604; is Claes-Nicholas Jan’s brother and Thomas’ son? I don’t know since there are NO sons named Thomas. Lastly, we have Hendrick (no son of listed) VanDyck on pg. 1566. Again no birth listed and his emigration is 1640, from Utrecht, Utrecht.

Are they ALL related or not?

The reason I’m looking for the Van Dyck/Van Dyke, etc. is I descend from Pieter Janszen Meet, whose wife Styntje Jacobs was the widow of Rutger Wouterszen. They had two daughters and a son, Maria Rutgers, step-daughter also listed as Maria Pieterse, Weyntje Rutgers is also listed in records as Pieter’s daughter. Styntje Jacobs son, Wouter Rutgers d. before Pieter and Styntje’s emigration of 15 March 1663 as did Pieter and Styntje’s daughter, Giertruit. They are not listed as coming to America, only four children are.

It’s also possible that Rutger Wouterszen and Styntje Jacobs had other children since they married 26 May 1639, Amersfoort, province of Utrecht, Holland, The Netherlands. Maria is not baptized until 1643, a 3 gap and then there’s a 3 year gap from Weyntje/Wyntje 1645 to Wouter birth of 1648. Miscarriages, died in infancy, old enough to stay in Amersfoort, etc.?

What I’m looking for is info on Jan Wouterszen van Bosch/Van der/den Bosch/Bos/Bosch/Bush/Jansen and Johnson. Weyntje Rutgers-Pieterse is Jan’s 2nd wife and I was trying to figure out about the time his 1st wife Annetje Arents died. I was able to estimate Annetje’s death between the years 1667-1668. I was doing this to make sure I connect the right child to the right mother.

I think most likely 1667 is her death, because Pieter Janszen Meet, on 8 July 1667 was granted a confirmatory patent. He purchased about two acres, which were strategically located at the ferry landing. This was the Brooklyn Terminal of the ferry route between New Amsterdam and Long Island. At that point in time, Jan Wouterszen van Bosch is listed as living in Flatbush, Long Island and probably met Weyntje while taking the ferry.

In the process of doing this, so far I’ve found two errors. Jan and Annetje daughter, Sophia, b. 1654, was 4 years old when she came to New Amsterdam with her parents. FTM CD# 11 has her listed as married to Gysbrecht Van Dyck and I’m trying to figure out which line. According to the above book on Jan Thomasse VanDyck, I did not locate this gentleman. Does anyone know his parents?

Also they a confused in baptism records as Sophia Jans/Jansz and Gisbrecht Jans/Jansz van Dyk and Sophia Jans/Jansz and Gybert/Gibert/Gisbert Janszen. The second Sophia, according to FTM CD# 11, pg. 686 happens to be Sophia Jaszen Harmenszen and Gysbert Janszen I have not located his father. What is even weirder, her father, Jan Harmenszen and Jan Wouterszen van Bosch left the same day and on the same ship, 02/12-09 the ship “de Trouw”.

I find only one baptism for Sophia Jans and Gisbrecht van Dyk for a Martha on 27 May 1683 in Flatbush NY Baptisms and listed her father as a Witness. The one listed…1680 Nov 14; Gisbrecht Jansz, Sophia Jans; Gertruyd; Jacobje Jans , is not HERS because Sophia van Bosch had a brother Jacobus, whereas Sophia Harmenszen has a sister Jacobje Jan listed as her Witness.

The children list for Sophia Harmenszen and Gysbert Janszen are Heyltie, Geertruyd, Martha and Harman. So who are the children for Sophia van Bosch and Gysbrecht van Dyk?

Next is Sophia’s brother Lambert Jans/Jansz, who is confused with Lambert Jans/Jansz Van Dyke; s/o Jan Thomasse Van Dyke. Lambert Jansz van Bosch did NOT marry Feytje Barents Blom/Bloom. According to the above book mention and FTM CD# 11, pg. 141, Barent Janszen Blom, his daughter, Feytje/Tytie Barents married Lambert Jansz Van Dyke and they had Ida, Barent, Feytje, Jacob and Jan.

Lambert Jans/Janzs van Bosch married Anna Benham and had Winnefret, Marten, Aafye and Sara…from FTM CD# 179, I have Lambert instead of Marten. So I’m not sure if they are one in the same or they had both, so far. His brother Jacobus married her sister Sarah. I wonder if Jacobus brother Benjamin died young since he names a son after him. Again, I’m not sure if he lived or not or how long Sophia lived.

The confusing problem with the Van Bosch name is they ALL used different surnames. The one used most was Johnson by Wouter, aka Walter Johnson and his brother Rutger Johnson. Hendricks descendants used both the Bush and Bosch surname. Lambert seems to use the van Bos or Bosch; Benjamin, I cannot locate him anywhere and his brother Jan and Jacob I’m not sure of their surname.

So of the 13 children; Annetje Arents 4…Sophia, Lambert, Hendrick and Wouter; and Weyntje Rutgers 9…Rutger, Benjamin, Jacobus, Jan, Judith, Sara/Sarah, Cornelis, Styntje and Antje; I haven’t made a dent in figuring out their spouses and children since I’ve had I had to verify and re-verify the mistakes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Karen L Day

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