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Blankenship Families in Choctaw Nation, I.T./Does anyone know these families?

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Blankenship Families in Choctaw Nation, I.T./Does anyone know these families?

sarah williams (View posts)
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There were several Blankenship families living in the Choctaw Nation, I.T. OK in 1900 and 1910. I am looking for any relatives of Willliam Blankenhsip b. about 1850-70 in TX (I am not positive he WAS born in TX, he may have been born elsewhere and just lived in TX before moving to Tx and then I.T.). I know nothing else about these families, but if you think there might be a connection, please reply. Thanks. *A special thanx to Kathye!*

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/ED 75/10 Twp North/HH 266-271
Blankenship, Jack/HH/wm age 39 b. Jun 1860 Ar/Tn/Ar m. 20 yrs
Blankenship, Suana?/wife/wf age 41 b. Apr 1869 Al/Ms/Ms/4 of 8 chn lvg
Blankenhsip, Andrew J./son/wm age 13 b. Jun 1886 Ar/Ar/Al
Blankenship, Lizzie E./dtr/wf age 11 b. Jul 1888 Ar/Ar/Al
Blankenhsip, Albert T./son/wm age 07 b. Jan 1893 Ar/Ar/Al
Blankenhsip, unnamed/son/wm born Apr 189? IT/Ar/Al

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/ED 73/Twp 9 North Range East/Oak Lodge/220-222HH
Tillery, Columbus/HH/wm age 30 b. May 1870 Ar/Ga/Ga/ m. 4 yrs
Tillery, Susan F./wife/wf age 22 b. Feb 1878 IT/Tn/Tn
only child lvg
Tillery, Minnie/dtr/wf age 03 b. Jun 1896 IT/Tn/IT
Blankenhsip, Joseph/brother-in-law/wm age 20 b. IT/Tn/IT

1900 Choctaw Nation IT/ED 117/Twp 6 Range 19/HH 275-275
Blankenship, Henry/HH/wm age 32 b. Jun 1868 Al/unk/unk/m. 10yrs
Blankenhsip, Josie/wife/wf age 31 b.May 1869 Al/Al/Al
5 of 7 chn lvg
Blankenhsip, Pearlie/dtr/wf age 8 b. Jun 1891 Al/Al/A;
Blankenhsip, Ida/dtr/wf age 7 b. Dec 1892 Tx/Al/Al
Blankenship, Carrie/dtr/wf age 5 b. Dec 1894 Tx/Al/Al
Blankenship, Susan/dtr/wf age 2 b. Feb 1898 IT/Al/Al
Blankenhsip, M_/dtr/wf b. Feb 1900 IT/Al/Al

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/Ed 117/Twp 6 Range 20/HH 277-277
Blankenship, D_/HH/wm age 56 b. Feb 1844 La/WV/SC/m. 38 yr
Blankenhsip, P?R?B?M/wife/wf 57 b. Mar 1843 La/Ga/Ga 9 of 9 chn lvg
Blankenship, D M/son/wm 21 b. Jul 1878 Al/La/La single
Blankenship, C J/son/wm 17 b. Oct 1882 Al/La/La single

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/Ed 117/Twp 6 Range 20/HH 290-290
Blankenship, Mabry/HH/wm 22 Al/Ga/Ga m. 2 yrs
Blankenship, Winnie/wife/wf 17 b. May 1883 IT/IT/IT
no chn

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/Ed 89/Kennady 6 Twp N. Range/HH130
Blankenship, Horace E./HH/wm 40 b. Nov 1859 Mo/Tn/IN widow
Blankenship, William R./son/wm 10 b. Nov 1889 Mo/Mo/Mo
Blankenship, Lillie J/dtr/wf 6 b. Apr 1894 Mo/Mo/Mo

1900 Choctaw Nation OK/Ed 75/9 Twp Nth./HH64-66
Blankenship, Spencer HH/wm 44 b. Oct 1855 Tn/Tn/Tn m/ 19 yrs
Blankenship, Belle wife/wf 34 b. Jun 1866 Ill/Al/ENG 7 of 8 chn lvg
Blankenhsip, Vaunnie? son/wm 18 b. Feb 1882 IT/Tn/Ill single
Blankenship, Willie son/wm 15 b. Sep 1884 Ar/Tn/Ill
Blankenhsip, Ella dtr/wf 13 b. Apr 1887 Ar/Tn/Ill
Blankenship, Carruth?/?/ 10 Ar/Tn/Ill
Blankenhsip, ?? son/wm 8 Ar/Tn/Ill
Blankenship, Frank son/wm 5 b. Jul 1894 Ar/Tn/Ill
Blankenship, Oscar son/wm 01 b/ Jul 1898 Ar/Tn/Ill

1910 Pittsburg Co Ok/ED 292/Ward 1/McAlister/HH/pg 108a
note- working in coal mines- his family lives elsewhere
Blankenship, Henry C./lodger/wm age 52 Tx/Ky/Tx 1st marr= 27yr

1910 Pittsburg Co OK/ED 212/Bucklucksy Twp/HH 101-101
Blankenship, Walter T wm age 33 Tn/Tn/Tn/1m=10 yrs
Blankenship, Narcissa wife/wf age 30 Tn/Tn/Tn/1m/1 child lvg
Blankenship, Datson son/wm age 08 Tn/Tn/Tn

1910 Pittsburg Co OK/ED 212/Bucklucksy Twp/HH 221-221
Blakenship, Henry C. wm age 50 Mo/Un/Un/1m=12 yrs
Blankenship, Mary wife/wf age 40 Mo/Mo/Mo 2m/2 of 3 chn lvg

1910 Pittsburg Co OK/Ed244/Ti Twp/HH 161-162
Blankenship, R F wm age 81 Ok/Ky/Ky
Blankenship, HK son wm age40 Tx/Ok/Ar single

Any info on any of these families is greatly appreciated.
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