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James Biggs 1

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James Biggs 1

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I am putting this info out to let those that are in this line know about the new info that we are delving into in the Biggs mailing list...I do not have the time to keep up with all of the surname lists except mine that I have been doing for over 12 purpose is not to enlist new membership but just to let those know that maybe a member of my list, that they can share the info on these other lists to benefit all!!

James Biggs 1: Some have estimated his year of birth range 1700-1710. This appears to have been done when it was believed he was the son of Thomas Biggs who died about 1705. Now that we know that is incorrect I would like to rethink - who was James Biggs, when was he born and from where did he originate? There are few clues to help determine an accurate estimate of the year of birth. The ones that are there would support a range of 1715-1721. The first record found is of 50 acres of land purchased 29 Dec. 1739 from John Etheridge, Public Treasurer of Currituck, Co,. N. C.. James would have been at least 18 years old at the time. In this deed it was stated that James was a planter of Currituck, Co. which indicated he owned land at the time of this purchase. This is further indicated in his will made in 1767 in which he leaves his plantation which included 200 acres to his oldest son John Biggs. I have not found a record for this 200 acres. He leaves the above 50 acres to his 2nd son James Biggs who is my line. When did James Biggs 1 arrive in Currituck? In 1733 Edward Mosley drew a map which included Currituck. On this map he listed the families who were living there. The Etheridge family and many others who would become James Biggs’ neighbors were listed in and around the Tulle’s creek area but there is no record of James Biggs or any other Biggs family. There is always the chance that James lived in the home with someone of a different family name. There are no clues that lend any credibility to this outside chance. The only thing the clues definitely tell us is that he shows up after 1733 and by 29 Dec. 1739. John Etheridge, Public Treasurer, wrote his will 3 April 1744. In it he named daughter, Sarah Biggs. Research of the Etheridge family shows John came to Currituck as a young single lad with his father about 1714 and would have married there. He married Eleanor Bright who would have been born in Currituck. She was the daughter of Richard Bright and his wife Ann. They are first found in the records 1694. Eleanor, if not born in Currituck, would have grown up there and would have met and married John Etheridge after he arrived in 1714. It is quite clear that Sarah Etheridge was born in Currituck. It is equally as clear that James Biggs was the only adult male Biggs living in Currituck. James Biggs and John Etheridge are neighbors. Sarah was named in her fathers will as Sarah Biggs. If she was not the first wife of James who did she marry? There are no others from whom to choose. Further clues are provided by the use of children’s names by James Biggs1 which include John, Eleanor, and Caleb. Sarah had a brother, Caleb, mother, Eleanor, and Father, John. Not a smoking gun just more clues! John Biggs, son of James 1, was named by Sarah’s brother, James Etheridge Sr, in his 1782 will as one of four individuals to divide and settle his estate. Sarah’s brother, Amos Etheridge Sr. had a son, Amos Jr., whose 1784 will was witnessed by John Biggs. This shows a close connection between the two families. More clues! Based on the above facts and clues one can draw a reasonable conclusion that Sarah Etheridge was James Biggs’ first wife. The real smoking gun is Sarah’s father’s will naming her as a Biggs and knowing there are no other possible Biggs and adding the fact that James Biggs lived next door. This is my view of James Biggs 1 born about 1715 in an undetermined location: Came to Currituck after 1733 and before 1739 as a single young man, met and married Sarah Etheridge (between 1733-1739) daughter of John Etheridge and Eleanor Bright. Fathered at least the first seven children with her, the 7th one being Caleb born about 1755 named after Sarah’s brother. Since the Y DNA tests have come out, it seems to be proven fact that James is not related to the John Biggs from VA. More info as it comes along will come out on the Biggs mailing list,and those that are already members, again may share as they see fit!!! Bev Casey

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