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Re: Thomas a' Becket

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Surnames: Absner, Alberhasky, Allegretti, Allene, Allison, Ancell, Anderson, Annet, Atkinson, Bailey, Baish, Baker, Ballance, Bankovich, Bardon, Barker, Bartoe, Barton, Bauman, Bawn, Beachy, Beale, Becket, Beckett, Beeman, Belew, Bernard, Betts, Betty, Bicket, Bick

According to family tradition, the forefathers of the Beckett Family were Englishmen, and were members of The Church of England from the reformation. It is told that a member of this family came to Ireland under King William III and fought at the Battle of The Boyne in 1690. As a recognition for his services, he was given a tract of land in Ballinderry, County Antrim, Ireland, on which he erected a house of limestone with a tile roof in 1692.
Family tradition has it that Thomas Beckett came from Yorkshire or Somerset and was a Captain in King William's III Army. (Place of English origin, as per family member)
Villages of Newfield have been found in England as follows:
Newfield, County, Durham, England, about two English miles, Northwest of Chester-Le-Street, town center, County, Durham and Newfield, County, Durham, England, about one English mile, South of Willington, County, Durham.(Newfield-Keyword)
(Places to look for Thomas Beckett's origin)?
The following was obtained from the listings of a six-volume set of books published
by Francis Edwards Ltd., London, England. Edited by Charles Dalton, F.R.G.S.
English Army Lists and Commission Registers, 1661-1714. Volume III.
Index to commission officers, 13 Feb. 1689-23 April 1694; page 135.

Peregrine, Earl of Danby, to be Col. of a Regt., of Dragoons to be raised
by the City of London. Dated W'hall, 15 July.
(Commissions of the four first troops bear date 15 July and the rest 16 July 1690)


Earl of Danby, Col.
Tho. Paston, Lt.-Col.
Chas. King, Major
Fras. Edgeworth
Evans Jenkins
Philip Bertie
Ric. Cressett
Wm. Hussey
Wm. Congrave
Chris. Billop


Edwd. Jones, Capt.-Lt.
Ric. Williamson
Walter Brough
Ric. Waring
Tho. Beckett
Ric. Hanway
Jno. Wyche
Jno. Dakin
Edwd. Benskins
Lestrange Sims
Wm. Congrave (sic)
Edward Bayly and Richard (sic)


Morgan Barnar (d)
Hen Grimes
Hugh Smith
Henry Smith
Ric. Gore
Ric. Atkins
Rowlin Gwin
Ric. Wise
and Richard{(sic)(Bayly)}

The Battle of The Boyne was fought on July 1, 1690, Old Calender.
Today's calender, July 12, 1690.
William landed at Carrickfergus, Ireland on June 14, 1690, again Old Calender.
Were these dates, the date of "filing" after the Regiment was in Ireland.
In the computer age today: The "government" sometimes has a little difficulty
keeping records in order! In 1690, maybe a shortage of goose quills; fletching for arrows per coming events.
There are a couple of gentlemen who have contacted me in
the past with an interesting note: They seem to believe that
Thomas Beckett ancestor of this family had two brothers who
were already in Ireland and had blocked a channel to impede James II somewhere on inlet from the Irish Sea. These brothers were members of the/a Beckett Family in or near Mayo.

A point of interest: IRISH PEDIGREES or The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation by John O'Hart, 5th edition, and two volumes. Volume two, page 83:

Gilbert Becket came from the same township in Normandy, Thierceville, as Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury, a circumstance that was to favor the admission of his son Thomas into the archbishop's household. Thomas's mother Matilda, one source names her Roesa, that is Rose, native of Caen,
in Normandy. There is no evidence of Saxony ancestry for Thomas. Gilbert Becket was a man of mark,
a merchant. Gilbert held the office of sheriff of London before Thomas was the age of twelve, a royal office in this period of time, rather than municipal. Their children were Thomas, Agnes, Roheise-Rose, Mary and another daughter. Grandchildren of Gilbert and Matilda Becket; Gilbert and Geoffrey, date of birth or from which daughter?

A legend fetched up circa 100 years after the death of Thomas, explaining the charisma of Thomas.
"Gilbert Becket is captured on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem by a Saracen emir, made a slave.
A daughter of this emir falls in love with him, Gilbert escapes returns home. This Saracen maiden, knows only two words of english, Gilbert and London. She crosses the sea, is baptized a Christian, marries Gilbert, bears a son, Thomas"

1. Thomas a' Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. b 21 December 1118, Cheapside, London, England.
d 29 December 1170, Canterbury Cathedral, England.

2. Agnes, died,10 Feb circa 1191
1. John, vicar of Hal stow, Kent
circa 1180

A daughter of Gilbert and Matilda Becket married Harvey Walter.

Butler. (No. 1) In Camden's Britannia, page 462, we find that the family of
"Fitzwalter" alias "Botelere", alias Butler, derive their pedigree
from the dukes of Normandy; as follows:
1. Rollo, of Norway, first duke of Normandy.
2. William Longespee: his son. The second duke.
3. Richard (1), the third duke: This Richard left two sons.
1. Richard, d. A. D. 986.
2. Godfrey, the consul, earl of Bryomy.
Godfrey, the consul, was the ancestor of De Clare (now Clare)
and of Butler, in England and Ireland.
4. Richard (2), the fourth duke: his son
5. Robert: his son; the fifth duke
6. William, duke of Normandy, or William the Conqueror: his son:
the first king of England, of the Norman line.
7. Henry the First: his son; the second king of England, of this line.
8. King Henry the second of England: his son.

Gilsebert the Norman, earl of Eu, came into England with William the
Conqueror; and had four sons:
1.Gilsebert de Clare, earl of Clare, who was the ancestor of Richard
Strongbow, earl of Pembrook, who m. Eva, daughter of Dermod
MacMorough, king of Leinster.
2. Roger
3. Walter
4. Robert who was ancestor of Fitzwalter and Butler.
1.Harvey Walter, who was lineally descended from said Robert,
here last mentioned, married a daughter of Gilbert Becket
(and sister of Thomas a' Becket, the "Martyr," who was
lord archbishop of Canterbury), and by her had issue:
1.Theobald Walter, who with all his family was banished
out of England, on account of disfavor in which Thomas
a' Becket, archbishop of Canterbury then stood with
King Henry II.
1. Thomas
2. Robert Agodeshaft
1. Roger

But soon after the murder of the said archbishop, Henry the Second
recalled from banishment all the archbishop's friends and relatives
and promoted them to great offices and employments, particularly
Theobald, son of the said Harvey Walter, for a time called Theobald
Walter. Henry took him into favor and sent him to Ireland with the title
of "Chief Boteler" of that kingdom. Where by the king's royal bounty,
his own prowess and valiant behavior, he became very eminent and
attained great and large possessions. Some antiquaries are of the
opinion that from his office of "chief botteler" or "chief butler" of Ireland,
this Theobold Walter's posterity took the surname of Butler; but others
hold that the name is derived from Robert (supposed to be "butler to
King William the Conqueror), who in "Doomsday Book" is called
Robertus Pincerna.

3. Roheise-Rose d.1185
2.John, vicar of St. Mary Bothaw, d. circa 1180
4. Mary, abbess of Barking, d. 21 Jan circa 1173-1175

King Henry II was celebrating Christmas in Bures, Normandy. Four Barons, Reginald FitzUrse, William de Tracy, Hugh de Moreville and Richard le Breton, usually called, Brito, arrived from Bures to Saltwood Castle in England on 28 December 1170. Saltwood Castle is about fifteen miles from the Canterbury Cathedral. On 29 December 1170, Baron William de Tracy struck the first blow. He brought his sword down toward Thomas's head, slicing into the crown of Thomas's head, Tracy struck again, Tracy struck
a third time, Thomas fell to his hands and knees. Baron Richard le Breton gave Thomas the deathblow, with such tremendous force; he cut off the crown of Thomas's head and shattered his blade in two
on the floor. Hugh of Horsea, who went by the name of Hugh Mauclerc, Robert de Bloc's-(Baron of Saltwood Castle) chaplain, placed his foot on Thomas's neck, inserted his sword into the wound
and scattered brains and blood over the floor.

Where indeed comes, "Becketts' were Butlers to the King", as Beckett family tradition has
offered for some years. A bit of Tradition though it is!

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