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Dennis Bell (View posts)
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Hi Charles:

Here's what I have on Batho/Bather. The Bathers begin with Lydia Batho, below:

William Broom Batho (born Jan. 6, 1786 Benhall parish, Suffolk died Sept. 11, 1845). Married Lydia Forsdike Aug. 14, 1809. He was a shoemaker by profession.
His Wife: Lydia Forsdike (born 1787 died ?)
Their Eleven Children: (out of order)
1. Son - John Batho (born Oct. 15, 1811 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?).
2. Son - William Batho (born 1812 Benhall parish, Suffolk died?). He was a shoemaker, like his father. Married Elizabeth Barker in 1837. Children unknown
3. Daughter - Mary Ann Batho (born July 1, 1814 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?). Married John Taylor in Benhall in 1839.
4. Daughter - Fanny Batho (born April 29, 1816 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?). Married George Moss April 12, 1836.
6. Son - Alfred Batho (born Feb. 15, 1818 died ?)
7. Son - David Batho (born Feb. 13, 1819 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?). Married Catherine Smy Oct. 17, 1848.
His Wife: Catherine Smy
Their Children:
1. Son - Harry John Batho (born Sept. 14, 1865 died Nov. 11, 1957 Los Angeles, California). He emigrated to the United States.

8. Daughter - Lucy Batho (born Sept. 28, 1821 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?). Married George Shepherd in Ipswich in 1845.
9. Daughter - Sara Batho (born Jan. 7, 1827 Benhall parish, Suffolk died 1873). Twice married: Samuel Capon Jan. 14, 1846 in Benhall, nine children with him, he died in 1862; Benjamin Edmonds, four children with him. She died of post-puerperal fever following the birth of her fourth child in 1873 at age 46.
10. Son - Isaac Batho (born 1828 Benhall parish, Suffolk died ?). Married Sabina Smy Nov. 27, 1849. He too was a shoemaker.
11. Son - Henry Batho (born 1830 died ?). Married Elizabeth Hayward July 27, 1849. He was a shoemaker too.
His Wife: Elizabeth Hayward
Their Children: Unknown
5. Daughter - Lydia Batho (christened Feb. 8, 1818 Benhall parish died ?). No father on the birth certificate. She married James Ling in 1849. She is missing from the 1841 census at Benhall, but appears on the 1849 marriage GROs. In the 1851 census, James and Lydia Ling are living in Eyke parish, about 10 miles from Benhall, and nine-year-old Alfred Bather is listed as a visitor. Bather and Batho were interchangeable surnames. In the 1881 census Lydia Ling appears as a 63-year-old widow living in Eyke. The probability is that Alfred and Arthur were born out of wedlock and retained their mother’s Batho surname, altered to Bather.
Her Husband: James Ling (born ? died ? before 1881). He married a woman named Sara first in 1837, had seven children with her, and she apparently died in childbirth. Then he married Lydia Batho in 1849, seven years after Alfred was born to them and two years after Arthur arrived on the scene.
Their Children: (out of order)
2. Son - Arthur Bather (born 1847 Wickham Market died ?). Married unknown woman.
His Wife: Unknown.
Their Children:
1. Daughter - Florence Bather (born ? died ?) She shows as a benefactor “niece” in the will of Alfred Bather.

1. Son - Alfred Batho or Alfred Bather (born Feb. 9, 1842 in Benhall died Nov. 30, 1918). Married Angelina Burnell Sept. 15, 1864 in Buckingham. The name of Alfred’s father on the wedding certificate was William Batho, mason.
His Wife: Angelina Burnell (born ? died ca. 1905)
Their Five Children:
1. Daughter - Helen Louisa Batho (born April 14, 1866 in Buckingham died ?) Married William ?, they had at least one child.
2. Son - Alfred Arthur Watson Batho (born Oct. 1, 1868 in Buckingham died ?).
3. Son - James Harold E. Batho (born April 14, 1870 Buckingham died Sept. 11, 1925 Alfriston parish,Sussex). Married Emma Rose Chapman.
His Wife: Emma Rose Chapman
Their Two Children:
1. Daughter - Evelyn Isabel Batho (born June 30, 1899 Alfriston died ?). Married Reginald H. Hayward Nov. 24, 1926.
2. Son - Charles Alfred Batho (born Oct. 22, 1900 Alfriston died ?).

4. Daughter - Janie A. Edith Batho
5. Son - John Burnell Batho (born April 30, 1875 Dale Park, Singleton parish, Sussex died Jan. 31, 1958 Willingdon, Sussex). Married Minnie Tombs Nov, 2, 1902 in Hatfield. He had a stud for race horses in France and moved there after the First World War. The family returned to England in 1931, but the eldest son, John, stayed there since he had met and married a French girl, with who he had four children.


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